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A film for those who love Suffolk
annemgould19 February 2016
Suffolk is much-lauded for its glorious scenery, picture-postcard villages, big skies and special seaside. With Love From Suffolk shows the country just as it is,complete with genuine local accents through a series of quirky stories about "love"in its various guises. It's gentle, it's witty and observes the extraordinariness of chance and human interactions. Created for less than the cost of small new car, with actors, writers and professional crew giving up their time as part of a collaborative project, this film is a triumph for Film Suffolk and the producers, Matthew McGuchan and Julien Mery. If you love Suffolk - you'll love this film.
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Beauty & the budget!
gimmeani5 June 2016
I have just seen this in the cinema and awarded it an extra star or two after hearing it was made for hardly any money.

It is an interesting mix of stories with some funny,some poignant and some slightly clunky moments. There are both excellent and not so good acting performances in there but it's certainly a great effort by all concerned and showcases Suffolk nicely (can't really fail on that score!)

I didn't quite get some bits of it but then that's normal for me watching most films

I believe it's being shown at indy cinemas across Suffolk this summer so recommend it to anyone who loves the county or is interested in seeing what can be achieved on such a small budget.

Definitely worth a watch.
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A warmhearted regional romcom
mmcguchan-110 February 2017
Made by over 200 people from the East of England as a love-letter to their county and a showcase of their talents, this micro-budget romcom punches far above its weight and went down a storm at its dozen or so cinema screenings round the region last year. It's a portmanteau with eight themed stories, all with love at the centre of their narratives. There's a wide range of likable characters, from a teenage footballer to a florist to one man and his dog, and it's a really nice mix of romance, feelgood stories and humour. It's available on DVD and all the profits from this will go into the next FILM Suffolk project so I really hope people will seek out and watch this film, show it the love it deserves and keep supporting filmmaking and creativity outside of the capital!
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An excellent thought provoking film, made on a shoestring. Head and shoulders above many multi million efforts at entertainment.
philrech11 July 2016
An excellent thought provoking film constructed from eight intertwined individual mini movies. Lovely soundtrack including Beautiful Place by Tom and Paris. High quality film in overall terms. Miraculous considering it cost only £7k! A showcase for both young (and occasionally mature!) talent together with the glorious subtle beauty of Suffolk and its coastline. Some first class aerial shots utilising drone technology Far superior to many big budget offerings. Some quite challenging themes, but full of gentle humour. Despite the odd loose end here and there, this film represents British film making at its best. Go and see it.
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