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Captures that '80s magic
cherold22 July 2016
There is no reason, in terms of story, for Stranger Things to take place in the '80s. But the '80s atmosphere - the dial phones, the chain smoking, Winona Ryder - are there to clue you in on the inspiration for this movie, which is pretty much every supernatural movie from the 80s with a focus on kids. E.T., Poltergeist, that sort of thing.

The wondrous thing is how dead-on this tribute. It's not just the clothes and hair, but the style of acting, the scripting approach, the structure, all hold true to their inspiration. You've got the young nerdy kids, the horny, unsure teenagers, the monster, the mysterious one with the power, the bad science/government people, the conflicted investigator, the tearful mom.

You could argue that this entire season is simply a pastiche made up of recycled elements, and I wouldn't disagree, but it really feels less like a copy and more like something of that era, as though the writers had fallen into a coma in 1985, woke up and got to working.

While it doesn't have the high style of the Spielberg films that are a primary influence, it does have the likability. The story is consistently engaging and fun, the acting is excellent, and the movie has sufficient laughs and tears to satisfy.
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Never judge a book by its cover.
Sleepin_Dragon9 January 2018
I am one of those people that was put of by the thought that this was a kid's drama, from the advertising you'd swear this was aimed at a 4 o'clock after school transmission time, the reality is far from that. It's quite intense drama, thoroughly absorbing, the kind of show you can't help but binge watch. As someone that grew up in the Eighties, I can appreciate the detail that's gone into the production, it's like they slipped back and filmed it live, it is incredibly well made. I utterly love the music, it is so fitting, takes me back to wonderful eighties shows. Quality in both season one and two, I like the build up and tension that is abundant in the first. It's like the Goonies meets The Quatermass Experiment.
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A nostalgic callback to the stories from my youth - but also a beautifully shot supernatural tale with charming performances and great production values
gogoschka-123 January 2018
There were two dominating forces in the eighties that had a lasting effect on my cinematic taste for ever after and also resulted in my undying love for fantasy, sci-fi and horror stories: Steven Spielberg and Stephen King. I guess it isn't an overstatement to say "The Two Steves" probably influenced and shaped the imagination - the dreams AND the nightmares - of an entire generation.

The main factor why I loved their movies and books was that kids roughly my own age figured so prominently in many of them. King wrote 'Firestarter', 'It' and 'Stand By Me', and Spielberg either directed or produced (via his company Amblin) 'E.T.', 'The Goonies' and 'Gremlins'. Those were stories where the young protagonists encountered aliens and monsters or where they themselves had supernatural powers - or where they just went on an adventure (to find a body or a long lost treasure) with grown-ups largely out of the picture. Now if you've seen 'Stranger Things', that should sound pretty familiar, right?

Of course it does: because 'Stranger Things' deliberately pays homage to all those stories - and it does it very, very well. And it's not a rip-off, it's a love letter. The show emulates the themes and a certain style from those eighties treasures, and while it is a (for me) very welcome callback to some of the favorite stories from my youth, it's also very much its own thing. I won't give away the plot here (I guess you get a pretty good picture what it's about from what I wrote above), but I would like to mention that it's beautifully shot, the effects and generally the production values are top-notch, and the period-inspired music is fantastic. The biggest shout-out, however, has to go to the ensemble of actors, especially the kids who play the protagonists: their charming performances are the key to why the show works as well as it does.

To sum it all up: If you're an eighties kid like me, this show is a must. For everyone else, it might depend a bit more on whether you're a genre fan or not, but if you do like supernatural stories, 'Stranger Things' is a treat. I'd rate it eight stars out of ten, but with an extra star for nostalgia, that's a 9.

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Never fails to satisfy
magnoliacream22 June 2022
Season after season, this always leaves me feeling amazed, exhilarated and fully satisfied. There is an element of familiarity, even cliche, about the stories involving aliens, monsters, lab experiments, orphans and family relationships, yet the way they are presented is both nostalgic and magical.

It's definitely one of the best series on Netflix.
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I get the hype now
cc007710 July 2022
I just finished the last episode of season 4 and that was QUITE THE EXPERIENCE, I was shocked by how long the episode was but every second of it was entertaining. Season 3 was personally my favorite because I think that season had the most comedic scenes, and it just felt very vibrant in general. I LOVED HOPPER AND JOYCE and I'm so excited to see them in future seasons as well. So excited for season 5!!
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Good sci-fi series!
Supermanfan-1315 June 2021
Stranger Things absolutely lives up to all the hype! This worldwide phenomenon has been one of the most talked about shows since it came out and for good's terrific! Not all but most of the negative reviews are coming from either bots from competing streaming services, that rate everything that Netflix does bad, or from people who go out of their way to rate all the shows people like negatively. Some people just don't like it, which is fine, but there are people who are just miserable and like to troll. 99% of their reviews are negative. Who goes out of there way to comment on something they don't like? Personally, I only review shows I like. Obviously, season 1 was the best but the others are not far off. All are absolutely worth watching and I can't wait for the new season!
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Nostalgia, horror and sci-fi in one great series
Tweekums1 February 2020
This series is set in '80s Hawkins, Indiana. As it opens twelve year old friends Will Byers, Mike Wheeler, Dustin Henderson and Lucas Sinclair are playing Dungeons and Dragons. Shortly afterwards Will vanishes; he has been taken to 'The Upside Down'; a dark parallel universe. Around the same time a mysterious girl, known as Eleven (shortened to El), turns up. It later becomes apparent that she has telekinetic powers and is being looked for by workers at a secretive facility. As the story progress's Will's friends befriend El and she helps them try to find him. His mother is convinced that he is trying to communicate with her.

I've only described the basic plot of season one; the second and third seasons follow on with new, but related stories with most of the same characters and some new ones.

I really enjoyed this series from the start of the first season to the end of the third. Perhaps it was because I was in my early teens in the early eighties I really enjoyed the nostalgia factor despite the fact that I was growing up in rural Oxfordshire not small town America... of course I was watching American films like ET and late '50s set 'Stand By Me'. The group of friends in this particularly reminded me of the boys in the latter of those films. The story provides some good scary moments and a great atmosphere with threats that are a combination of fantasy and sci-fi... creatures beautifully mirroring the Dungeon and Dragon monsters in the game the boys play. The characters are great; most obviously the boys, Eleven, Will's mother Joyce and Jim Hopper, the town's sheriff. The cast is really good; the youngsters are really great making their characters believable even during the most fantastical of scenes. Millie Bobby Brown particularly stands out as Eleven; a character that is both vulnerable and at times potentially dangerous. The adult cast is impressive too. The effects, an impressive mix of CGI and physical effects, impressively bring the more supernatural elements of the film to life. Overall I'd certainly recommend this series to fans of the genre... I can't wait for season four.
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What A Watch Must See!
BrnzReviews19 July 2022
Stranger Things was an amazing surprise upon watching it I had no idea what kind of adventure was ahead of me. The best way to put this show is a love letter to the '80s classics that captivated a generation. 'Stranger Things' is set in 1983 Indiana, where a young boy vanishes into thin air. As friends, family and local police search for answers, they are drawn into an extraordinary mystery involving top-secret government experiments, terrifying supernatural forces and one very strange little girl.

I loved everything about this show, the cast were absolutely breathtaking, If I started to note on each one I liked we'd be here all day but some really did stand out to me like Joe Kreery as Steve Harrington, by far my favourite from start to nearly finish as we have one more round to go.

I highly recommend watching this, I absolutely loved it! Bring on season to 5!
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Steven Spielberg meets Stephen King
slayerjmk9515 July 2016
Stranger Things is the newest foray into Netflix's original programming, of which brings us their most impressive- and strange- production to date. When a young boy named Will Byers goes missing, his friends, mother and the town are thrust into a conspiracy involving a mysterious girl named Eleven and something even more sinister hiding in the woods of Hawkins, Indiana.

From the get-go, you can tell this is an homage to classic '80s Spielberg, drawing on E.T. and Close Encounters, as well as JJ Abrams' Super 8. But, as the show progresses, it becomes more and more like a twisted Stephen King story set in a Spielberg movie. It becomes a dark and twisted ride into an even darker and more disturbing world where the stakes feel higher than anything before it.

I can't go into great detail because spoiling even just a bit of the story takes away from the greater mystery, but I can say, it's one of the most thrilling and intense series to be on TV, without being on TV. If it were to continue, they have to pull the same punches they did with the first season, because they took a great many clichés, and somehow made them fresh and surprising, save for just a couple that they purposefully left cliché.
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Definitely a favorite.
bmasdhs3 July 2022
The monsters. The 80s nostalgia. The pacing. This show is so well done. It keeps a solid pace and it makes sure to keep everything correct to the time, even the food packages. Definitely recommend watching.
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Two very different seasons (EDIT: A few words about Season 3)
Kevin-4227 October 2017
I guess plenty of people have said a lot of things about all the movie and TV references this series has and how it recreates the eighties in all their faults and splendor. I will not add to that.

With the release of the second season I'd simply like to advise that both seasons are very different animals. Think of it as the difference between the original Alien movie and the Aliens sequel: Whereas the first season was more about an unknown and unseen horror and the mystery behind the backstory, the second has more in-your-face action and horror laced with character development arcs which feel nice but sometimes sidetrack the series a bit.

Consequently, a fan of the show should probably watch the second season as a separate work of fiction rather than a true continuation of the first season in tone and spirit. The writers move the story forward and we get a very good piece of entertainment but the new season has to be judged on its own merits.

EDIT: Season 3 turned out to be a huge change in tone for the series. Maybe it's really hard keeping up the mystery if much of the "world" of Stranger Things already yielded many of its secrets but the overall "feel" of the series went into a different direction. Maybe the writers simply ran out of 80' templates to rip off. Season 1 was very much inspired by supernatural horror as in "Poltergeist". Season 2 took many cues from "Creature Features" like "Gremlins" or "Aliens". Season 3 now uses elements of 80' zombie flicks and low budget gore horror with a little bit of spy comedy mixed in (and fight scenes which feel straight out of "Die Hard"). All those genres didn't really mix well in the 80' and this strange cocktail sure doesn't work today. That doesn't mean that Season 3 is bad. It simply relies on characters who were established in previous seasons which used very different 80' story elements and tropes. It's almost like seeing Darth Vader in an Indiana Jones movie. Both work on their own but not together.

Basically, Season 3 is an all too transparent attempt to plough a fresh nostalgia field but it doesn't work in the context of previous seasons.
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Myriads of 80's pop culture done in an amazeballs way.
Fella_shibby12 March 2022
I was not interested in seeing this but my daughter made me sit with her cos she wanted explanation about each n every thing associated with the 80s.

And to be honest, after completing the first 3 seasons, i can definitely vouch that fellas who were kids in the 80s will enjoy this.

Some amazing homages : Stand By Me, Firestarter, The Blob, Back To The Future, NeverEnding Story, The Thing, The Goonies, E. T., Ghostbusters, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Gremlins, IT, Risky Business, Star Wars Episode V, The Evil Dead, Day of the Dead, Fast Times at Ridgemont High, The Woody Woodpecker Show, Halloween 2, They Live (alleyway fight), Invasion of the Body Snatchers, The Terminator, Scanners, Aliens, Karate Kid, Jaws, The Predator, Poltergeist, Indiana Jones, The Mist, Cujo, etc.

But the best homages were the arcade games n the vhs store.
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Turning the world upside down
TheLittleSongbird17 April 2018
Having heard nearly nothing but good, actually great, things about 'Stranger Things', despite it attracting some criticism (like a lot of popular shows do these days, interest was high watching it. Due to being so intrigued by its concept and various ideas and tones.

'Stranger Things' on the most part is deserving of the love it has, for me its lack of originality was not a problem because it executes so much of everything else so wonderfully. It is not perfect and not an even in quality show, but when it was good, as shown in a quite excellent first season, boy was it more than great. Along with 'The Crown' and 'House of Cards' in its prime, 'Stranger Things' is one of the best Netflix has done and in well above their general standard.

Do agree absolutely that Season 2 is not near as good as Season 1. There are still a lot of elements present in Season 2 that was especially good about the first season and part of the show's appeal, but somehow the writing didn't always feel as tight, focused or rounded and some of it was a bit forced and obvious.

Also felt some of the effects weren't as refined either. While the acting is great from almost all the cast, Winona Ryder's melodramatic over-acting did feel at odds with everything else.

Everything else is executed so well. A vast majority of the time, apart from the lack of refinement of some of the effect in the second season, the production values are just great. Very stylish and atmospheric, with some truly beautiful images that one can't believe such high quality comes from a Netflix show. The music is haunting and nostalgic.

Writing is thought probing and has a lot of brains and heart, with some nice gentle humour that doesn't overpower, some truly poignant drama and tension. The story is rich in atmosphere and even though the story ideas are not original and have been understandably described as derivative, it's the execution and telling of these ideas that makes one look past that. The suspenseful mystery elements, the inventive and intriguing sci-fi elements and dark and disturbing horror elements are beautifully balanced and handled adeptly on their own. With an emotional core and nostalgic homages added as well.

Characters are compelling and it's the chemistry and interaction and how the relationships are written that makes 'Stranger Things' work so well. Excepting Ryder, the acting is terrific. The standouts being Finn Wolfhard and particularly Millie Bobby Brown (such an expressive actress in a beyond-her-years subtle way), if they continue to act this way and be wise with their career choices they are very likely to have big careers.

Overall, very good show and at its best excellent. Do wish that Season 2 was as good as the first though. 8/10 Bethany Cox
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Ellembee6 August 2022
I cannot sum up this series in a few sentences, it's just impossible. Just go and watch it, seriously, you will not regret it. Thrilling, gripping, gory, suspenseful, action-filled and just plain brilliant.
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Superb series
grantss7 April 2018
(Review updated after Season 4).

Hawkins, Indiana, 1983. A young boy, Will Byers, goes missing near a top secret government laboratory. On the same night, a strange young girl appears at a diner in the town. She has telekinetic powers and is on the run from the laboratory. The laboratory is researching supernatural phenomena and may have unwittingly unlocked a gateway to another dimension.

Superb series. I am generally not into science fiction, fantasy, supernatural or horror movies or TV series but this is different. Had me hooked from the start and never let go. Incredibly intriguing: the mystery surrounding Will, the girl's background and powers, how all these hang together and what forces are at work. Very well thought-out plot, superbly executed.

Very engaging too - many likeable characters, all given decent depth. The relationships between all the main characters and how these evolve make the series. If it wasn't for these it would be just another horror series.

Many of the concepts aren't overly new - I was reminded of The Cabin In The Woods, Stand By Me and Cloverfield - but the way everything is brought together is.

Good performances. David Harbour is excellent as Sherriff Hopper and the kids do incredibly well: good casting. Winona Ryder, the only big name in the cast (until Sean Astin and Paul Reiser appear in Season 2) is a bit irritating as Joyce Byers, though that might be the fault of her character (and thus the writers and directors). The hysteria is laid on a bit thick...

After an excellent Season 1, Seasons 2 and 3 are just as good. Season 4 feels a bit bloated though, with several sub-plots on the go at the same time, some of which are peripheral to the main plot. The movie-length episodes don't help either.

S4 comes together quite well in the end though and at least shows that the writers haven't run out of ideas (which is always a worry, that a show keeps going even though the originality has dried up). If anything they've got too many ideas and need to work on editing and condensing them.

Season ratings: S1-3 10/10, S4 8/10.
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Nice universe, ambience, relationship, mysteries.
AvionPrince1618 August 2021
That tv show have a very good 80's vibes, some relationship that can get us entertained because some of them are funny and some mysteries all along the seasons. Love the change each season. Very well made monsters. Dont know what to say else. Its worth w tching for sure.
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The series is beyond the ideas of the other world!
SoverniX5 July 2021
The 8 episodes of the First season flew by unnoticed in the extraordinary film atmosphere. The creators managed to shoot a unique work, in which the motives of famous books and films of previous years are guessed. The sci-fi character sets the main tone for the entire tape, but high-quality directing does not give even a second to get bored. An exciting plot, a cool game of actors, diversity and retrospectives, coupled with fascinating music, immerse the viewer in a world that you do not want to part with. This is a film that is interesting to reflect on, discuss with friends and even draw parallels with your own realities. Each episode is a new batch of intrigues and impressions, secrets and solutions, almost always unpredictable. The ending of the first season leaves a lot of questions... To the delight of everyone who has managed to fall in love with Stranger Things, the release of season 4 is expected soon, which has been postponed many times due to the pandemic! In the meantime, there is time to reflect on what he saw, and maybe watch the series again in the company of interesting people. I think this film will also appeal to modern teenagers, for whom the entourage of the 80s with its games, customs and traditions will appear in a new light. Everyone in this film will be able to find a favorite hero, according to their ideals and preferences. In particular, I would like to note the highly professional game of Finn Wolfard, who played Michael. His character is an example of a kind, truly bright boy who knows the value of friendship. To be honest, throughout the season I often caught myself thinking an annoying thought - why wasn't I like this as a child? There was also a place for tears, which it was sometimes impossible to restrain (although I am not so sentimental). The film is really addictive, as if you are experiencing events, joy and pain together with the characters. A movie for a wide audience with meaning and a great plot!

And who has become your favorite hero for you? And if you haven't watched the first season yet, then don't hesitate and call your friends!
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Back to the eighties!
deloudelouvain4 August 2016
Netflix did it again with Stranger Things. It's a very pleasant and easy to follow series to watch. It's like a time warp back to the eighties. A mixture of The Goonies meets The X-Files meets Close Encounters Of A Third Kind. I watched the whole first season in just a couple days. You immediately get hooked on this show. I don't know if the makers will add another season to it and if they do I'm already very curious what it will be about. Will it be a complete other story or will it just continue where the first season ended? It doesn't matter to me, I just want more seasons like this one. The cast is very good. All the actors fit perfectly well in the story. There is enough suspense to keep you interesting all the time. Watch this one, you won't regret it.
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rexcapritarius3 July 2022
Not only did Ryder play the perfect role for this series. The plot and sequences played to a awesome playback to Generation X. Plus the soundtrack is great.
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Netflix Nails it again.
From_the_Future15 July 2016
It can hook you immediately, everything seems fitting , the setting , the acting , the direction. Just as it should be. Bringing out the perfect blend of 1980s nostalgia. It gives mixture of taste of big 80's movies.

You immediately get hooked with the story , which is amazing because it takes time for me to get invested in a story.

I have been a fan of David Harbour Since the Newsroom , and he is just amazing.

You're scared , Intrigued , you're completely invested. With perfect setting.

I am really looking forward to where this goes from here on in.
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S1=9, S2=7, S3=4
Crystal_Dive19 July 2019
S1= secret agencies, mysterious experiments, physic powers,the dark subject matter of the abuse of these subjects to exploit such powers, and the thrilling escape from these nefarious machinations.

S2= we get to explore the other world, foreboding air of danger throughout, development and growth of the gang. Similar tone as the 1st season and closes it well.

S1+S2 fits and works together.

S3=budget feels halved, core group split up for nearly the whole season, big CGI monster that looks at home in Resident Evil 2 or The Evil Within 2 video game, contrived setups , poor consistency , cheap guard costumes and lazy jokes.

Even worse thing is that they somehow made the characters flat one-note archetypes, with romances shoehorned in. It's quite sad for what S3 has turned out to be.

Guess it could be summed up as if it was made cause fans wants a new season (naturally since S1 and S2 was good) , and the producers and creators decide to chase the money that comes with that. Rather then working at it until they have something interesting to show, they just went with a hackjob of various 80s cliches.

And of course in analyzing why the drop in quality is so dramatic, we also need need to look at the pressure the suits must be pressing on the showmakers. Imagine an even greater fall in Netflix stocks if S3 was not made in time .....
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One of my favourites
personalhonor23 September 2020
Awesome characters, great story, great balance between drama and action, love the humour in the series.... In my opinion it is a must watch.
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Season 4 is surprisingly good!
glide78 July 2019
Talk about a return to form. After the disappointing season 3, my expectations for season 4 were quite low but I have to say this is the best after the first one. It surpasses season 3 in every possible way: better story, better acting, less dull moments, and the revelation in episode 7 (which I won't give away) is excellent. I can't wait to watch the rest.
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frostytheth5 August 2022
One of the best shows I have ever seen. The acting is amazing the graphics and visuals are stunning. Lots of different emotions and you get very connected to each character. Nothing more needed.
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Engaging, Tense, Outstanding!!
Sudarshan_Pawar4 November 2020
Season 1

This series sets environment right from the start of its first episode. The plot of the series is very interesting. Storyline keeps you engaged. The Duffer Brothers has directed the series so well. Each and every scene looks completely new. As the series progresses the environment becomes so tense and scary. It keeps you at the edge of your seat.

The acting is outstanding from the entire cast. Each character has portrayed its role with absolute perfection.

The background music is excellent. Visual effects are also good. In the tense and scary scenes background score makes your spine chill.

Overall, "Stranger Things" is a must watch series!

Season 2

Second season is a good continuation of the first season. Storyline is good this time also. In second season bond between characters is shown beautifully. There's much time given for character development so we feel more connected to the characters this season. Last few episodes are very tense and you will be thrilled by the climax.

Season 3

Despite being Netflix's most streamed series (65M+ views for the third season), I wonder why people criticise this third season. Strange things get on a bigger level in the third season. Problem is now bigger to face. This season is very interesting to watch. Waiting for the fourth season...
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