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Sex & Nudity

  • There's a scene where a couple is making out, their shirts are off but she's wearing her bra, they lay down on her bed and continue to kiss, there's no moaning or actual sex, this last about 4 seconds, then in the next episode its still happening but while they're kissing something else is happening, this is nothing too sexual
  • A woman's shirt is lifted up, revealing about 90% of her breasts. Nipples must have been edited out because they are not see
  • These a lot of kissing between Eleven and Mike in Season 3.
  • In season 3, Billy makes a sexual flirt about swimming, and asks Mikes mom (who happens to be 40 years old), what strokes she knows. After she answers with only "not much", Billy says "Free style, butterfly, and 'breaststroke'" as a flirt.
  • Season 3: Two boys in the mall watch an aerobics class from behind. Women are seen from behind in tights & leggings, including one with a thong leotard over it. Women are shown gyrating their hips to music, with a close-up shot on their butts.
  • Season 3 forces on the main characters sexual relations, mainly kissing.
  • A teenage boy and a teenage girl kiss for about 5 seconds in the bathroom fully clothed this scene isn't meant to be sexual
  • Season 2: No nudity and implied nudity. Baby nudity, implied nudity of a man being rinsed off with a hose and two scenes of a woman in the bath tub.

Violence & Gore

  • Keep in mind this at first starts about as a PG-13 show/ light R show but ascends into heavy graphic violence in season two and season three.
  • A few punches here and there, mainly Hopper when he needs to get passed a guard, two fights between two men
  • 1 episode in season 2 and 2 episodes in season 3 reach a TV-MA level of violence, but because the show is on Netflix they can get away with its TV-14 rating
  • In season 3, a man is beaten in his office. First, his head is pushed and slammed into the door, breaking his nose, and he is then repeatedly punched (we only hear this from outside the locked door) and then is thrown over his desk. After this, his finger is forced into a cigar slicer and the person beating him pushes down on it almost cutting his finger, but stops after his answers are given. He is then taken hostage, but not further hurt. His face is bloody all throughout the episode.
  • In season 3, people and rats melt or explode into graphic puddles, and a man is dismembered in a rotating blade (brief; blink-and-you-miss-it blood and gore shown)
  • The violence and gore of the seasons goes from "ooh thats a bit interesting" to very quickly "this is extremely graphic".
  • Season 3: Episode 5: In a hospital, there is a chase scene which is pretty gory. A man is stabbed with scissors. When taken out blood spurts out. One man's nose is broken, but the blood is black. At the end, their skins melts into chunks of blood.
  • This show is known for suddenly escalating violence and gore to an "R" or TV-MA rating, despite the overall lower rating of the show.


  • Season 3 is almost intense with cursing, 78 uses of shit, 2 uses of Fuck, 1 said by Will in s3 e3 (not audible), 1 said by Billy in s3 s4, 12 uses of dick, 1 unaudible use of cocksucker, 30+ uses of ass, 1 very very hard to hear use of cunt, it is wayyyyyyy worse than 1 or 2 with swearing
  • Frequent uses of "shit", "bitch", "dick", and "asshole". A few uses of "god damn" and "Jesus Christ".
  • 1 use of "fuck" in Season 3
  • Godd**n is only used in season 3 and 2 times that sound like it in season 1 but aren't
  • D**k is used 3 times in season 1 2 times in season 2 and 2 or 3 times in season 3 all as insults

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Will's mother, and Hopper always smoke cigarettes. Teens are also seen smoking
  • Heavy smoking by multiple characters; adults and teens.
  • In Season 3, two characters are drugged and begin acting euphoric (basically the same effects of MDMA)
  • A character is asked if he is drugged and say he doesn't do any drugs besides a little marijuana every now and then
  • Seasons 1 & 2. Considerable use of alcohol including minors getting drunk or being served alcohol both illegally and in excessive amounts. Numerous minors drinking to severe drunk stage and sickness is depicted at a party. An adult and two high school students drink vodka in a couple scenes in an episode during season 2.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • By the end of Season 2 the setting turns from TV-14 moderately frightening to more intense. Without providing spoilers, it goes from "curiously interesting" level to "cover the kid's eyes". Younger viewers (and some adults) may find it shocking to the point of nightmare-inducing. There is no warning in the show intro that the mood would change to such a great extent in that episode.
  • In all the series is more suspenseful rather than outright violent.
  • Rated TV-14 for sequences of horror action violence, frightening images, thematic elements, suggestive content, language, smoking throughout, and some teen drinking.
  • A girl threatens her step brother with a spiked bat telling him to leave her and her friends alone. When he doesn't listen she swings it at him but misses (she meant to miss).
  • The monster from season 3 can be pretty frightening. He is by far the scariest monster in the series.
  • Out of all of the episodes in season 3, episode 5 is the episode where you want to cover your kids eyes at the end. It is intense, it is gory, someone is stabbed in the throat with scissors and then they start melting and you see their blood and gore moving across the floor to ad more onto the monster which you finally see at the end.
  • A character is sprayed in the eyes with hairspray (used as a slight jump scare) but this will very likely make you laugh.
  • Best age for this show is 14-15+ because of the frightening imagery,language,smoking,and some thematic content
  • Season 1 centers on a boy who has been kidnapped by a mysterious creature and includes many scenes of high-tension, scary scene involved a nightmare-like landscape called the "upside down" and there are occasional jump-scares. The creatures can be frightening to younger audiences.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Sex & Nudity

  • Season 1: Overall, there isn't any nudity in the series. Only occasional references to sex, with teenagers making out, in the third episode two teens have sex. The Sheriff makes infrequent jokes about sleeping with other people's wives and mothers. It is implied that he has had past sexual relationships with several different women. A main character is shamed for having supposedly cheated on her boyfriend even though she really has not.
  • Mike and Eleven share two kisses, one in Season 1 and another in Season 2.
  • Lucas and Max kiss once at the end of season two. It is brief and lasts about three seconds.
  • In season 3 episode 7, when Steve and Robin are in the bathroom they have a conversation and Robin comes out and you know that she is a lesbian.
  • 2 characters begin to kiss and it is implied they ended up having sex (nothing is shown). A third character later asks "how was the pull out?" He's referring to a fold out sofa but is clearly trying to make the couple feel awkward as he knows they had sex.

Violence & Gore

  • In Season 1 there are many disturbing and violent scenes involving an alien monster. However, while these scenes are frightening, they are typically handled in a PG-13 manner. There are scenes involving copious amounts of blood splatter after people have been killed in an attack, but not the attack itself is not shown. Government agents menace the main characters and at one point kill an innocent man by shooting him in the head and faking his suicide. The shooting itself is not shown, but the aftermath is shown and is somewhat graphic. The story frequently puts children in peril from the alien monster and government agents. On several occasions, viewers are led to believe that children have been killed off screen. In one instance, a main character turns out to be still alive. However, one young character dies after a monster attack. She is dragged away and shown later to have been used as a food source by the parasitic monster. The alien monster is shown graphically eating a deer it has killed at one point.

    Call outs for Season 1: a decaying corpse is shown in very graphic detail. A child or animal (not clear) is seen being devoured by a monster. A dead deer with bloody wounds is seen for a few seconds.
  • A man is eaten by a group of monsters. You can see blood spurting from his neck and stomach. The creatures feast on his body for a few seconds after he is killed (graphic). This cuts off after a rather long time and shows again briefly. This can be very emotional.
  • Every time Eleven uses her powers in season 1, her nose bleeds. In season 2, she learns to control her powers better yet still has some nosebleeds. In one of the final scenes, Eleven pushes the monster back in the gate. Bloods oozes out of both her nostrils. None of the nosebleed scenes are graphic or gory.
  • Steve and Billy get into a fist fight in the season 2 finale. Steve has the upper hand at first but Billy soon gets it and repeatedly punches Steve in the face. Max then gets involved and sedates Billy. He removes the syringe and eventually falls to the ground. Ultimately, Steve and Billy end up being fine. Except with Steve recovering first.
  • In one scene, Eleven uses her powers to cause a group of government workers to bleed from their eyes and noses, eventually crushing their brains. Somewhat graphic.
  • Demidogs get inside a hospital elevator full of people and attack and feast on them (the actual attack is not shown but you see the aftermath with a lot of blood and dead bodies when the elevator arrives at the next floor) this scene can be skipped as you can see it coming (Season 2) (episode 8? It's near the end of the season and most of the episode takes place in a hospital)
  • The Violence in season 3 is way more severe than the last 2 seasons, this includes melted human beings, and (spoiler ahead) a man getting brutally chopped by a machine in the last episode of season 3
  • In season 3, a large monster bites a young girl's leg. It is later realized that a small part of the monster stayed inside her leg. Someone attempts to slice it out with a hot knife. This is fairly graphic and the girl screams loudly.
  • Billy sacrifices himself to save Max. He is impaled multiple times by the monster. He is screaming throughout the scene and blood seeps through his tank top, blood also spurts out of his mouth. This scene is extremely bloody and emotional.
  • In the first scene of the first episode of season 3. A machine malfunctions and melts and burns a couple of men's bodies. This is shown in graphic detail and slow motion.
  • In the final act of season 1, the monster is attacked with all manner of weapons. It is clubbed repeatedly with a bat with nails, caught in a bear trap, shot repeatedly with various weapons, and set on fire. It is eventually destroyed by the sacrificial act of a main character, which causes them both to vaporize in a cloud of black matter.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • In season 1 there is a scene when hopper sees what he thinks it is a character (a kids) dead body the body looks real but he cuts it and figures out it's a stuffed body this is episode 4 in season 1 and you know when this is about to happen
  • Season 3 has the most intense scenes of the series to that point. The new creature is significantly more intense. And multiple people are affected by it, which can be very intense.
  • In Episode 4, during the fight between Eleven and Billy, the lights strobe/flicker for multiple minutes. This may affect those with light sensitivity issues. There is a warning at the beginning of the episode.
  • A character dies in front of his sister. This is very emotional.

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