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Sex & Nudity

  • A girl gets in bed with a guy and kisses him. The scene ends there. No sex or nudity.
  • Only some of the episodes in the series have kissing scenes.
  • In Season 1, someone mentions that they heard their friends having sex.
  • Lots of kisses between teens and between adults
  • A girl makes a remark that two kids "Have been having sex since 7th grade."
  • Max says the word "happy screams" referring to sexual moans
  • A teen wakes up shirtless lipstick on his cheek, sex is heavily implied.
  • Some teens imitate moaning after a sex scene. This is meant as a joke.
  • Some humorous references to sex, ex. two teenage characters discuss 'liking boobies', terms like 'screwing' used, an adult man asks a teenage boy how his 'pullout' (couch) was but he thinks about his sex with a girl.
  • A character owns pornographic magazines and posters throughout his bedroom. No graphic nudity is shown, all just women in revealing swimwear/undergarments.
  • Steve tells Billy "Yes it's me, don't cream your pants"
  • No nudity in the entire series. However, there are few sex references and romantic talks. None of them are particularly in detail or graphic.

Violence & Gore

  • A man is eaten by a group of monsters. You can see blood spurting from his neck and stomach. The creatures feast on his body for a few seconds after he is killed (graphic detail obscured). This cuts off after a few seconds and shows again briefly.
  • Demodogs get inside a lab elevator full of people and attack and feast on them (the actual attack is not shown but you see the aftermath with a moderate amount of blood and dead bodies when the elevator arrives at the next floor).
  • A man is beaten in his office. First, his head is pushed and slammed into the door, breaking his nose, and he is then repeatedly punched (we only hear this from outside the locked door) and then is thrown over his desk. After this, his finger is forced into a cigar slicer and the person beating him pushes down on it almost cutting his finger, but stops after his answers are given. He is then taken hostage, but not further hurt. His face is bloody all throughout the episode.
  • Lots of characters are killed throughout the series, occasionally quite brutally but most of it is of moderate quality.
  • In a hospital, there is a chase scene which is somewhat gory. A man is stabbed with scissors - blood spurts out. One man's nose is broken, but the blood is black. At the end, their skins melts into chunks of blood.
  • In the early season 1 there is a monster with an appearance which is slimy and sticky but not gory.
  • In season 3 two men die with their bodies melting and all their guts and blood moving by them self to form a monster. This can make any squeamish people watching feel very disgusted and horrified. Most of the show is nowhere near this gory though.
  • Season 3 and 4 are the goriest seasons.
  • A character is shown with a bloody nose frequently throughout the series.
  • A man is stabbed in the neck with scissors. Not too graphic.
  • Monsters are pretty creepy and frightening
  • Monsters in season 3 are made out of guts and blood and can be seen as disturbing and graphic
  • In season 3 a character has a very graphic wound on their leg. Another character then cuts into the leg and movies his hand around under the skin. This is shown in detail and is quite graphic and pretty gory/bloody, but is mostly shown in brief glimpses with half of it focusing ont the characters reactions.
  • In season 3, a character is thrown into something and is turned into bloody pulp. Brief but easiy seen
  • Seasons 1 and 2 are milder in terms of brutality, and definitely less frequent in terms of violence. However, season 3 and 4 are much more violent. There are some gory and uncomfortable scenes as the series progresses.
  • Season 4 is definitely the most violent. It includes 4 different people lifted up into the air by a supernatural force, and their body parts move in all different directions with the sound of bones breaking and eyeballs suddenly disappearing. This is a bit more graphic than usual for the show, but is more weird and frightening than outright gory.
  • A monster attacks a group of men in a prison as they try and fail to fight back. Most of them are killed and while the deaths are quick, some are quite bloody.
  • Season 4 is the scariest season by far and maybe the most violent. Several children are murdered by floating into the air before all their limbs snap and their eyes bleed before dissapearing with blood coming out of their sockets. The combat and shooting this season is much more intense and realistic as well.
  • In season 4, hopper and some other Russian prisoners battle the demogorgan, it is quite brutal because the demogorgan bite their heads off and a fair amount of blood is shown.
  • People are electrocuted in slow motion, and a pile of blood and flesh is shown. Not too graphic though.
  • The lab massacre scene in season 4 is the most bloodiest scene in the show so far.
  • Eleven kills several people using her powers, you see blood coming out of their eyes. Not too graphic but quite disturbing.
  • In the season 4 finale, a teenager is shown being melted in half briefly. He screams in agony and the shot pans away
  • A group of jocks plot to murder one of the characters due to conspiracy that he killed one of the jock's girlfriend. They arm themselves with guns and assorted melee weapons to do so.
  • In Season 4, 4 teenagers have their bones snapped, limbs broken, mouth fractured and eyes bleeding before their eyes get forced back into their brain.


  • Frequent use of "shit" Infrequent uses of "dick", bitch, ass, hell, damn, etc. A majority of it is said by the kids.
  • In Season 3 there is a use of "fuck," in which is "I'll fucking gut you!"; and is hard to hear and is used in a extreme manner from an adult character to a 14 year old.
  • Frequent use of "son of a bitch" by Dustin
  • Season 1 includes the word "slut".
  • Season 4 has some middle fingers, even starting from episode one.
  • 15-30 shits an episode. Pervasive language, but keeps a PG-13 standard

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Two characters are drugged and begin acting euphoric (basically the same effects of MDMA)
  • A few teens are seen underage drinking beer in one of the first few episodes
  • A teenager is seen chugging a barrel of beer, it is brief, but may be somewhat shocking since he is underage.
  • References in conversation to marijuana, cocaine and illegal pill use. Brief and no usage is ever shown of hard drugs
  • In the first season hopper always smokes cigarettes and drinks beer. He also pops prescription pills frequently throughout and it's implied he may be addicted
  • Hopper is a chainsmoker and Joyce smokes occasionally. Billy, who is a teenager, also smokes in nearly every scene hes in.
  • Use of weed and heavy narcotics in season 4
  • Drugs are mentioned and referenced even mentions of drug dealing but the drug use itself is always hidden or off screen. One instance implies 2 people are hot boxing in a van but all we see is the smoke no joints shown. We see a baggie full of weed once and it is implied 2 characters are high throughout season 4 but it isn't gone into much detail.
  • The Surfer Boy Pizza delivery dude is the official pothead of Season 4 and at a point where he makes an error in judgment he blames it on the high wearing off then he vows to fix it meaning that he's gonna get high again
  • A main character in season 4 is a drug dealer.
  • Another main character in season 4 is frequently high on marijuana
  • Joyce and hopper are seen smoking in nearly all episodes. Some scenes they do drink
  • Occasional use of alcohol including minors getting drunk or being served alcohol both illegally and in excessive amounts. Numerous minors drinking to severe drunk stage and sickness is depicted at a party. An adult and two high school students drink vodka in a couple scenes.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Seasons 1 and 2 are more suspenseful than violent, but season 3 basically flips that, choosing to show much more violence and gory imagery. Season 4 follows suit of season 3, but in a more violent way.
  • The monster from season 3 can be pretty frightening, but the scariest monsters come from season 4.
  • The final episodes of each season are always very intense.
  • Season 3 comes with a warning mentioning frequent use of strobe lighting throughout the season. Viewers sensitive to this type of lighting and imagery may feel uncomfortable as flashing lights of all sorts are used quite a bit.
  • Multiple emotionally intense seasons throughout and particularly towards the end of each season.
  • The ending of the season 3 is extremely emotional and melancholic.
  • The monsters can be very frightening to younger viewers. Especially the one in Season 3
  • Many intense scenes where people are about to die which can put you on edge slightly. In other words, it may be funny, but it's not a light-hearted show.
  • Flashbacks of Eleven being kept captive by a man she calls "Papa", she is used for experiments, brainwashed and locked in windowless rooms by herself, this may be sad or disturbing to some viewers.
  • The main character, El, is severely bullied in season 4. Not so frightening, but can be distressing and upsetting to some. Especially, the skating scene in season 4 episode 2.
  • Season 4 definitely has a darker tone and is a lot more horror focused than the first 3 seasons. Both the monster and it's backstory are quite unsettling.
  • The episodes of season 4 contain a various amounts of triggers, mentioning suicide for example. The first death catches the viewer off guard and it can be shocking. The creatures' appearances are very detailed and scary, nausea can also be caused. The murders are very detailedly shown, people's body are severely injured and snatched which can remind the viewers of exorcism. Nightmares can be caused or flashbacks due to the possibility of getting traumatized by watching.
  • Season 1 centers on a boy who has been kidnapped by a mysterious creature and includes many scenes of high-tension, scary scene involved a nightmare-like landscape called the "upside down" and there are occasional jump-scares. The creatures can be frightening to younger audiences.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Sex & Nudity

  • In season 3 episode 1 Mike and Eleven can be shown making out for a few seconds.
  • In episode 9 of Season 4, Joyce and Hopper undress to their underwears. Panties and cleavage can be seen.

Violence & Gore

  • There are many disturbing and violent scenes involving an alien monster. There are scenes involving copious amounts of blood splatter after people have been killed in an attack, but not the attack itself is not shown. Government agents menace the main characters and at one point kill an innocent man by shooting him in the head and faking his suicide. The shooting itself is not shown, but the aftermath is shown and is not that graphic. The story frequently puts children in peril from the alien monster and government agents. On several occasions, viewers are led to believe that children have been killed off screen. In one instance, a main character turns out to be still alive. However, one young character dies after a monster attack. She is dragged away and shown later to have been used as a food source by the parasitic monster. The alien monster is shown eating a deer it has killed at one point.
  • Every time Eleven uses her powers in season 1, her nose bleeds. In season 2, she learns to control her powers better yet still has some nosebleeds. In one of the final scenes, Eleven pushes the monster back in the gate. Bloods oozes out of both her nostrils. None of the nosebleed scenes are graphic or gory.
  • Steve and Billy get into a fist fight in the season 2 finale. Steve has the upper hand at first but Billy soon gets it and repeatedly punches Steve in the face. Max then gets involved and sedates Billy. He removes the syringe and eventually falls to the ground. Ultimately, Steve and Billy end up being fine. Except with Steve recovering first.
  • In one scene, Eleven uses her powers to cause a group of government workers to bleed from their eyes and noses, eventually crushing their brains (heard but not seen). Not graphic.
  • There is an extremely violent and gory scene where a teenager stabs a hospital scissors in a guy's neck and on the other side they show his girlfriend banging a fire extinguisher in a guy's head both the guys fall down and their bodies melt in fire and blood and you can see goo and they and they both combine with each other, Kids and sensitive adults may find this disturbing, gory, slimy and frightening. Season 3 is a bit violent & gory at times but the rest are fine.
  • In season 3, people and rats melt or explode into graphic puddles, and a man is dismembered in a rotating blade (brief; blink-and-you-miss-it blood and gore shown)
  • In season 3, a large monster bites a young girl's leg. It is later realized that a small part of the monster stayed inside her leg, and someone attempts to slice it out with a hot knife. They slit her leg open and insert their hand into her leg, feeling around for the monster. This is fairly graphic and quite hard to watch.
  • Billy sacrifices himself to save Eleven and the kids. He is impaled multiple times by the monster. He is screaming throughout the scene and blood seeps through his tank top, blood also spurts out of his mouth. This scene is somwhat bloody and very emotional.
  • In season 3, a machine malfunctions and melts and burns a couple of men's bodies. This isnt very graphic.
  • In the final act of season 3 the monster is attacked with fireworks being thrown at it. Sparks from the fireworks are seen flying everywhere as the creature screeches in pain. This is only to distract the monster. Not graphic but starts very suddenly.
  • A decaying corpse is shown in very graphic detail. A child or animal (not clear) is seen being devoured by a monster. A dead deer with bloody wounds is seen for a few seconds.
  • In one of the final episodes of season 3, a character is shot in the chest. The scene doesn't show a lot of Gore but you can see him bleed out after a character gets 2 others and he passes away shortly after. The scene is very emotional.
  • A couple gory scenes in season 3 where people melt into blood and guts and it forms a monster.
  • A main character gets slaughtered by a new monster called VECNA. Her body twists and distorts and her eyes fall into the back of her head. Photos of her body are later shown in full detail at the character's autopsy.
  • In season 4, the main monster of the season, Vecna, kills 4 people.
  • In retaliation to angela bullying her, El grabs a roller skate (used to skate on a rink of course) and full force pounds angela in the face smashing her head open and causing a lot of blood to spill down her face/nose. Due to the aforementioned bullying viewers will likely see this as deserving.
  • At several points throughout Season 4, people are killed by a threatening monster. These people are suspended in mid-air, their bodies contort, their bones snap and their eyes are gouged out.
  • Before the start of season 4, you're greeted with a little recap of season 3 (you can skip it if you want). But before it plays, there is a block of text that says this: "We filmed this season of Stranger Things a year ago. But given the recent tragic shooting at a school in Texas, viewers may find the opening scene of episode 1 distressing. We are deeply saddened by this unspeakable violence, and our hearts go out to every family mourning a loved one."
  • Vecna kills a cheerleader and a basketball player that are still in highschool by lifting them up in the air telepathically, snapping their limbs , jaw and finishing by popping out their eyeballs.
  • The deaths of Chrissy, Fred and Victor Kreel's family can be disturbing and upsetting.It is implied that Victor Kreel cut his own eyes out after his family was killed by Vecna.He is humming and crying which may be disturbing.Throughout season 4, characters are lifted into the air, contorted and their eyes popped.Lots of blood as well as 1 killing multiple children and a few minor characters getting shot.
  • A swimming pool fills with blood,very reminiscent of The Shining's blood elavotoe
  • In season 3, the monster uses human bodies to create his earthly form. He does this by controlling their minds the. Causing them to melt into a bloody mess of gore and bones. The slime from all these people then comes together and forms a giant red bloody monster. Not quite as bad as it sounds here but still pretty gruesome and gory.
  • In season 3 hopper has multiple fights with a russain man involving guns .
  • Several scenes throughout the series show a bloody massacre at the Hawkins Lab, especially in season 4. Most unsettling might be the ones which show the children... bloodied... lying lifeless. Viewers of any age should beware that these scenes are gruesome and therefore may be troublesome.
  • A cat is killed and eaten by a demodog. The actual kill isn't shown but the aftermath is. The cat's torso is half eaten with the demodog chewing down onto the flesh. Detail of the cat's insides are blocked by the demodog's head. Disturbing and may upset cat lovers.
  • Season 4 of stranger thing has to be one if not the most bloodiest season the lab seen is very bloody and there's a few very graphic kills.
  • In season 4, how Vecna kills a person is he broke their arm and leg bones-also the fingers-he dislocates their jaw, and munch their eyes. It's very sadistic.
  • In the new season a disturbing scenes are shown of young kids graphicly killed offscreen and bodies shown. A warning is showed.
  • Hopper fights the Demogorgon in Russia with a sword. He starts by slicing off it's arm (onscreen) and then decapitating it (onscreen). It then rolls onto the ground and towards the camera, you can also see the bones and veins (onscreen).
  • Vecna goes to kill Max Mayfield in Volume 2, but whilst doing so, he is flung across the room by El. Because of this, Max falls to the floor and it shows Lucas picking her up and into his arms. You can see her right leg and left arm broken and in a weird position and her eyes, white, with blood dripping from her eye sockets.
  • In the finale, a monster gets its arms and head sliced off in great detail, very graphic and gory
  • As the four gates open into one in the final episode, a character who's body is between them, gets split in half. No blood and not very graphic although you can see their bones, it's not very obvious
  • A girl (Eleven), grabs a roller skate, and hits her bully (Angela), so hard that it gave her concussion, her gash can be seen and blood is seen dripping down from her forehead.
  • Season 4 is arguably the most graphic season. In three instances, teenagers are shown being lifted into the air in a horror like fashion. Their bones begin to snap and crack in all sorts of directions in a grotesque way. The first instance happens in episode one and is shown in great detail. The final shot of the episode, her eyes cave in and we can hear squelching. No blood is shown until later episodes when the other two victims are shown. This becomes a common theme
  • In season 4, it is mentioned multiple times (and hinted at) that Eleven injured and brutally killed all of her fellow lab mates. A shot of a room full of bloodied corpses and blood patterns on the floor and wall are seen clearly. Eleven turns around and the viewer can see blood streaming from her eyes and nose. Very dark and potentially disturbing for squeamish viewers
  • Eddie's death isn't very graphic, but is very upsetting. Bat like creatures swoop down and bite and claw at him while he screams in agony. He is later shown bleeding from the mouth and chest while Dustin screams in terror
  • Max's death in the season 4 finale is stressful, disturbing, and emotional. She is elevated off of the ground and her legs and arms are shown snapping. However, unlike the other victims, she is rescued before her neck is snapped. She wakes up and is breathing heavily while Lucas tries to keep her alive. She is shown bleeding from the eyes and she expresses that she can't feel anything before she dies. She is later revived and is shown recovering in the hospital
  • In S4E9 A teen is disintegrated in half by an opening portal. Flesh and organs melt away as the teen is screaming and the camera tracks over the exposed rib cage.
  • In Season 2, a demodog is seen feasting a cat half
  • In the final act of season 1, the monster is attacked with all manner of weapons. It is clubbed repeatedly with a bat with nails, caught in a bear trap, shot repeatedly with various weapons, and set on fire. It is eventually destroyed by the sacrificial act of a main character, which causes them both to vaporize in a cloud of black matter.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • There is a drug deal between Eddie and Chrissy
  • A lot of smoking throughout but not much drug action. Alcohol is seen very often. No drug action until season 4, where characters smoke weed, a drug deal takes place, marijuana is referenced and seen in a bag, cocaine is referenced and a drug called "Special K" is named. Hopper, Russians, Eddie, Joyce and others smoke a lot. Vodka is seen being consumed. Underage teenagers (including Lucas) drink in season 4.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Season 3 has the most intense scenes of the series to that point. The new creature is significantly more intense. And multiple people are affected by it, which can be very intense.
  • A character dies in front of his sister. This is very emotional.
  • While season 1 and 2 had happy endings. Season 3 and 4 has a more bittersweet ending. With many characters left dead and others with their fates unknown. This may cause viewers to cry.
  • Elevens leg is cut open and we see it and a character gets stabbed through the chest. We also see people explode briefly with some blood.
  • The season finales are all very intense and emotional, with a lot of strobe light. The most intense one is the season 4 finale.
  • In season two, Bob is chased by demodogs and ends up getting killed. Joyce's reaction is very dramatic and emotional.
  • The monster (Vecna) in season 4 kills his victims by first putting them in a dream state in which they face horrific things of their past, before they rise off the ground and their bones proceed to snap and twist, whilst their eyes burst. The whole sequence is shown, which can be scary for some viewers.
  • Season 4 is the most horror we have got in this show and is very clearly based on Nightmare on Elm Street. Characters levitate and are contorted, their bones snapping and their eyes disappearing. A character also gets attacked by demobats in this season and some deaths caused by Vecna are unsettling, disturbing and upsetting.
  • The character of Peter Ballard appears nice at first however as time goes on and his true identity is revealed. His appearance also changes significantly (bloodshot eyes) as his voice is also very menacing.
  • In season 4 a character named victor creel is seen with his eyes gouged out, the act is not shown.
  • It is implied in a flashback that a man is accidentally responsible for a baby being burned alive. The baby is not shown but a basinet is shown engulfed in flames and we hear the baby screaming. Not graphic but extremely upsetting. This event is shown 3 more times.
  • Jason Carver's presence in most scenes are very eerie as some viewers may believe that he could do something dangerous. But that isn't really the result.
  • Peter Ballard/Henry Creel/001/Vecna is a very demonic and frightening character. He has an appearance that will definitely frighten viewers and while is backstory is very crowd-pleasing, its also very upsetting to hear.
  • The hospital scene in season 3 is very graphic and intense and there are lots of bodies and lots of blood
  • Papa and his lab of children may be frightening for some people

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