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Soulless ( i'm being kind)
kalinp10 September 2020
Well... this is what happens when you give 200 million dollars budget and a great cast to the wrong director! Or probably it was the producer... You could at least give us some nice soundtrack... but noooo, you had to destroy it all at once
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Disney... you brought shame upon your family
jaka60526 September 2020
This is probably the worst movie I have seen in the last two years. And mind that Mulan still is one of my favourite cartoon movie, so thats quite something to achieve.

Let me put it simple, every time the script diverged from the cartoon it was for the worst. They left out the best parts and added the most ridiculous nonsense you can imagine.
  • The Witch: Why add this character? How lazy do you have to be as a screenwriter to only be able to make the story "work" by adding a character that can morph into any other character? Betrayal? Complicated motives? Multilayered characters? No - it was just the witch who took over the Kings servant.
  • The Phoenix: Absolutely useless trope. I would argue that the story of Mushu in the cartoon was written better that the whole Mulan 2020 script. This dumb phoenix from the ashes metaphor has been done a thousand times, please for gods sake can these people have one original idea?
  • Loyal, brave, and true. These three words appear like 10 Times through the movie yet absolutely nothing comes from it that wouldn't naturally appear in a Mulan story. Its like making a Harry Potter movie and have the word "Magic" appear on every item. Yeah we know, it's a movie about bravery - we have all seen the cartoon.
  • Scenery: The landscapes are beautiful, if this would be a documentary. Did anyone tell the director that the landscapes in a movie need to make sense? I felt like I'm watching an old spice comercial: I'm on top of a mountain, now I'm in the desert, look back to me I am now inside a vulcano.

In Summary the movie had three very strong virtues. But I'm not talking about "loyal, brave, and true" the three words that come to my mind are "ridiculous, dumb and lazy". So yeah, don't watch, don't buy. Just watch the cartoon another time.
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Not Mulan
lagunaedm17 January 2021
If they had named this movie something else then it would have been one or two stars higher, but this is not Mulan.

If you go into this expecting them to have made a live action that is similar to the original, then you will be disappointed.

It's not a terrible movie, but they were banking on calling it Mulan and playing off the original, they are nothing alike.
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The Chi Awakens
eldinhomehic14 September 2020
They turned Mulan into a Rey clone; that's all you need to know. Why bother creating a flawed and vulnerable character that gains the viewer's respect through hard work, perseverance and resourcefulness when you can just tack on magical plot-solving heritage and thus cut out the middleman entirely? Worked well with Rey, didn't it?

Also, remember how in the original, Shan Yu didn't care one bit that Mulan was a woman? All that mattered to him was that she was responsible for destroying his army and he took her as seriously as any other enemy. Well it would seem that was just way too progressive for modern audiences because Mr. Khan over here can't go 5 minutes without reminding you how much he hates women...because, you know, overcoming segregation matters more than overcoming your enemy through skill and ingenuity.

A 200 million dollar female power fantasy -- that's what this is.
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An Insult of Culture and Shame
wangbin1518-237-18244014 September 2020
"Do you believe they are actually picking a Chinese girl to play the role as Mulan in the new real-person Disney remake movie?" I can still remember the question from an ABC girl and the excitement on her face when she was asking the question back in 2017. And after all these years of waiting, it turns out to be a complete disappointment.

A 3-star is probably the best rating that I can give here. Yifei Liu is absolutely the ideal cast for the character of Mulan. It looks astonishing on that reflection of Mulan in the sword poster. And that wins the movie one of the stars. Some of the scenery in the movie are beautiful especially with IMAX 3D. Mountains and skyline of the capital city are breathtaking, which earns the second star. It is probably a half star if not with IMAX. As for the third, since IMDB won't allow me to give a ZERO star for the worst movie of all time, it is basically a buy-2-and-get-1-for-free star.

Mulan's story has been told to all the Chinese of their childhood for over a thousand years. And thanks for Disney, the story is told to all the world with their great cartoon movie in 1998. The spirit of Mulan has been encouraging generations of people, including her bravery, loyalty and most importantly her filial responsibility. (Well, that's true, Chinese people thinks highly of their filial duty.) However, all the spirits above are but of words engraved on the sword, and the director really wants to tell that little story about a girl seeking for her true-self, which could be any other story but Mulan's. Despite of that, the whole story line is not logical, well, at all. * Avoiding to face the true-self as a female? Is that true? * Hiding family Kungfu from the troop? Is that necessary? * Taking off all armor and helmet to run for a war fight? Cannot be more logical. * A troop of well trained soldiers counting the Emperor's life on and only on a little girl? Best strategy ever. * Such an easily provoked Emperor that would rather get himself into a one on one fight to a berserker? Trump wouldn't do that for sure.

If you want to make a good Chinese history based movie, the least thing you have to do is to do some real study on it. But all I can see from this movie is prejudice from westerners to Chinese traditional culture and a soulless Disney drama. * Praying to phoenix for safety and peace? We don't ever do that in China. * Concubines with pale white faces and bloody red cheek makeups? That's what Japanese Geishas do. * A mind-controlling or transforming witch? Okay, Valar Morghulis. * Phoenix Vs Eagle metaphor? What's that for? Basically, not a single culture is presented precisely from where they come in this movie. If you can read Chinese, you can learn more mistakes that are made about the culture, history timelines, etc, where the ratings goes all the way down to 4.9 after 3 days of the release. If you can't, don't bother, and just remember the mistakes are much more than you can even imagine. The director successfully made a contribution to alienate the understanding between the westerners and Chinese. Westerners may think this another movie that is made for Chinese in order to please the Chinese market, while Chinese people are actually feeling INSULTED by all these cultural bias. Niki Caro shows us a great example how to make a movie and offend both side of the audience.

In the original Mulan folklore, there are no characters like Mushu, the cricket, and all the funny souls of ancestors. But who would possibly complain about a cute funny dragon especially when it comes from Disney? But when a silent, helpless and do-not-know-what-to-do phoenix is taking Mushu's place, it just let people doubt if this 2020 remake is actually a Disney movie. Besides, Mulan is made a superhero with great talent when she was very young. And of course, a heroine cannot have a boyfriend, potential one, as a general or something. That adaption sounds not feminist at all.

All in all, this movie is simply a waste of a good legend, passion from Disney fans, 2 hours of your life probably, and above all, 200 million dollars. Good job Niki Caro!
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Trust the Bad reviews
AbhiSh4ke5 September 2020
Everything that made Mulan great has been dropped the charming side characters, the humour, the character development all of it in favour of this bland cringey Cliche be yourself girl power lunacy. Just don't waste the 30$ on this believe me you will thank me later.
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No music according to Niki
anthonyjcox7 September 2020
No music because when charging into war, "you don't press pause and start singing cause it isn't realistic" says Niki. Yet, in one of the most emotional and amazing war scenes in Lord of the Rings Return of the King starts with Pippin singing as Faramir charges towards the Orcs - and that film won 11 Academy Awards.
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What Was That?
Impartial-Critic7 September 2020
A Chinese girl disguises herself as a male warrior in order to save her father...this is mainly the plot and Nothing Else!

The new wave of - Marvel/Disney and DC's - Origins and reboots are such a drag, easily spotted as a cash grabber and what's worse is they lack the means to fool the average audience to think that there's a point there, with out any care for a solid plot, interesting story telling, decent acting or even a POINT for telling a story to being with. Just colorful CGI and wrap it up and throw it out there as people eats everything big companies throw at them. Mulan follows the same disfigured recipe for failure with a boring story, lame non relatable characters, disfigured shadow of the old classic and a drag when it comes to acting.

Overall a pointless continuous disaster for the money driven reboots that is not worth wasting time.
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It's not a remake, it's a re-imagining of an EPIC story
emilie-lamb5 September 2020
I am frustrated with the reviews here that only talk about the fact that this movie was not a comedy or a musical like Mulan (1998). I love the first Mulan movie and in fact Mulan is one of my favorite Disney characters. I still sing songs from that movie to my children each night. But if I wanted to watch Mulan (1998), I would just watch the original.

This movie is not meant to be a re-make, it is meant to be a re-imagining of a deeper story. A legend. A story about a woman who wants to be TRUE to herself but still respectful of her family, her culture, and her country. I think that the comedic relief of the Mushu character would have taken away from the important message that we can all stand to learn from this legend. Mulan learns that what she has within her is NOT something to be hidden away, but a gift that she can share with the world. I also thought the score of this movie was beautiful and the subtle references to the original brought tears to my eyes.

If you want to watch Mulan (1998), then watch that movie and don't pay the $29.99 to watch this movie. But if you want to watch a movie with beautiful cinematography, music, and a story that any person across generations can learn something from, then I suggest you try this one.
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Not worth $30
vijeetchandorkar-7259510 September 2020
This movie is garbage. Not even close to the original classic animation. Utter waste of time.
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petarjovanchevic10 September 2020
This is one High Quality disappointment. Inferior to the original Disney Animation in every way conceivable. Dishonor on you! Dishonor on your cow!
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300 million dollar mess not even worth 3 dollar
vikrammaan-4475512 September 2020
Disney can't make anything original same old story of remaking classic animation in live action didn't paid off. Bad action, choreography, screenplay is very dull and boring. Changed history of characters to make movie work. Really bad action and costumes look cheap. I was lucky I didn't paid 30 dollars watch it at friends place. Felt like walking out halfway thru the movie.
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Stop ruining my childhood
buddhafulbelle026 September 2020
Just stop. This Mulan is devoid of all the fun and charm of the original. I don't want to waste too many words on this, just don't bother watching it.
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How did this go so badly?
studrake26 January 2021
I understand and accept that it's a REIMAGINING and NOT A REMAKE. That's fine. I was on-board and fully prepared to not compare to the original and to treat it as its own work.

The story was choppy and spent lots of time developing certain elements, and rushed through what should have been main plot points. The acting was mostly terrible. Mulan and a few of her fellow soldiers were fine, but everyone else greatly disgraced their families.

Don't make the same mistake Disney did by giving this the time of day.
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If you like huge, lavish, vivid, fiery and indeed... truly ~{ " atmospheric " }~ productions, then this is your " MU-vie πŸ’ƒπŸ’₯πŸ€Ίβ—β—" .

" Loyal , Brave , True " πŸ”₯ . ______________________________________________________

OK, so.... ~{ Yes }~ I'm prepared to " -Readily- " admit that the Up-And-Coming Kiwi Director Niki Caro πŸ’Ž ( -of "The Zookeper's Wife" acclaim- ) Blockbuster-Offering "Mulan" has enough holes in its story -( As Well As )- within its cumulative plot devices and assorted machinations, to make the whole thing feel a bit like Swiss-Cheese ... but then again .... as it turns out ... once in a while ~{ Even }~ a little 'Cinematic Swiss Cheese' can be quite a " Pleasantly Surprising " treat 🍿 , every once in a while . In the twenty-two ARDUOUS years between Christine Aguilera's -Dual- and ~{ Genuinely πŸ’™ Gorgeous & Soul-Stirring }~ renditions of " Reflection " ( from 1998's Animated "Mulan" ; & the current 2020 'Live-action' version, respectively ) .....Disney has ~{ Unequivocally }~ come a Long, Long, Long Way .

The Man... er, I think I mean "Woman-Of-The-Hour" Yifei Liu 🌠 performs ~{ Spendidly }~ in what can only be described as a "Head-splittingly" challenging role for a Lady to play, from the very get-go. ~{ To complicate matters even more, she's a ( -Seriously- ) Pretty Lady ( - at that - ), making the transition from DECIDEDLY attractive female to 'Just-one-the-boys'... 'that' much harder to ( -Believably- ) pull off }~ . And if -{ That }- wasn't impressive enough, well, get this : she ~{ Also }~ performs a Whopping 90% of her own stuntsπŸ‘πŸ’₯. Furthermore, the whole picture's been Beautifully Acted by -Most- , -If Not All- of the Principal Players, of whom the following ~{ Really }~ stood out for me. Tzi Ma ( Mulan's father 'Zhou' ), Xana Tang ( Mulan's sister 'Xiu' ), Gong Li ( the Sorceress 'Xianning' ), Donnie Yen ( 'Commander Tung' ), Jet Li ( The Chinese Emperor ), Jun Yu ( Mulan's chubby, & "Delightfully" bumbling friend 'Cricket' ), & finally Yoson An who plays 'Hongh', ( one of the 'Other', although "Slightly-less-major" Swashbuckling Heroes of the film.

Now, just to give you a ~{ Small }~ example of one of those "holes" that I briefly mentioned in my Introduction .... well, I suppose I was probably a bit bothered by the following { πŸ‘‡ } fact from the movie, because it created a sense of ~{ Palpable }~ " Imbalance βš– β›” " within the story for me ; rendering a film that Disney 'officially' billed ~{ Sheerly }~ as "Action, Adventure, & Drama" fare, as more of a confused sort of "Neither-here-nor-there" ~{ " fantasy-Lite " }~ .... sort of picture { πŸ˜Άβ”} . Caused by the fact that the film's -Only- ( & recently referenced ) 'henchwoman' : in the form of the, er ..... -( how do I best say this without giving anything away❔)- ..... πŸ‘‰{ " At First -Seemingly- ( nothing πŸ”΅ ) more than " }~πŸ‘ˆ super-diabolical and bloodthirsty Killer-Witch Xianning ; has this truly Phenomenal "Yet Utterly Ominous" ~{ Supernatural 😱 }~ ability to not only shape-shift into a myriad of ( -Equally- ) vicious attack-birds, but to -Also- ...literally... enter & 'Occupy' other living humans in her vicinity. Here's the only problem with that : πŸ‘‰{ No One Else }πŸ‘ˆ , & I well & truly mean No-One-Else.... { -Counting- of course, the -Otherwise- "Exceptionally Gifted" Mulan , -( As Well )- , as her dearly revered & Beloved "Benevolent-Phoenix" conjuring father } ; possesses Powers that even come ~{ Close }~ to Xianning's ....hence creating a ( - particularly❗- ) " Glaring " IMBALANCE within the movie's fundamental structure .

However , πŸ‘‰ In Retrospect πŸ‘ˆ , and ~{ Other-than }~ the point I that just addressed above , ~{ And }~ a few other ( strangely ) 'less bothersome' aspects..... ~{ like how Mulan survives for weeks, ( perhaps even -Months- ) on end : without being -Exposed- as a GIRL 🌹; in a clearly large, Very sweaty & ( -Overwhelmingly- ) Boisterous -Male - dorm }~ .....I think I very likely 'thoroughly' enjoyed the film ~{ " In-the-moment " }~ , that is, & for the 'Most Part', anyway , ~{ Even❗}~ wishing it had been Longer. So in closing , Well , just make sure to look out for the "Unmistakably" Atmospheric Scene, ( -about- ) halfway thru the film, of a profoundly 'Solitary & Meditative' Mulan, that marvellously captures -Her- overarching mood , -As Well- as the Film's , at a certain ( intensely poignant ) moment in the narrative arc, when she's depicted way up in the Chinese mountains ( at some point in her quest ) ; as she ( appears to ) utterly " Revel " a ~{ VIVIDLY ❗}~ Awe-Inspiring Sunset Vista πŸŒ„ " , altogether "Immersed" in that ( ever so familiar ) sun kissed " Rich & Spectacular Crimson-Gold Aura Of Sheer Visual-Ecstasy " . { Not to mention the accompanying 'Soaring & Exquisite' Score that gives the scene its mind numbingly beautiful Cinematic " Wings πŸ•Š " } .

Summary : I " Lucidly " remember the -( Aforementioned πŸ‘† )- scene, as the point in the film at which I felt a certain inexplicable sense of asurance that I was going to leave the theatre ~{ " Beaming " }~ ...and indeed ; after the ( Final fifteen minutes ) of the picture had completely "Sealed-the-deal" by working their " Soul Stirringly " Uplifting Movie Magic 🌠 on me ...I totally ~{ Did }~ . An Unabashedly Heartfelt 8.50 Marks Out Of 10 πŸ˜ƒ πŸ’₯❗.
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Not Sure What People Wanted
Steeler9213 September 2020
I've never seen the cartoon version but my daughter has and she loved ir. I promised I'd take her to see this when it came out in the theater. Well, that didn't happen. Although the price tag was a bit high I decided to shell out the 30 bucks (I'd have paid 50 at the movies). We both found the movie enkoyable. It was dramatic, funny in parts, touching in other parts. The scenery was amazing. I'm not sure what people were looking for in this. Apparently there is a talking dragon and singing in the carroon. I'll pass on both. This reminds me of another Disney movie people under-rated because they didn't understand the point: Tron: Legacy. Just chill out and enjoy a movie rather than getting your quarantined panties in a bunch!
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Disappoints in every way
saurabhbrahmbhatt5 September 2020
Not as expected frm Disney. Too much hype and less entertaining!
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2020 strikes again
josefandrew5 September 2020
Warning this movie is simply terrible. So much wasted potential. Having to watch the 90s version to get the bad taste out of my mouth.
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A feel good film!
fjohnson-4352312 September 2020
Not sure why this has got such a low rating. I thought it was great. A real heart warming film. Great action scenes and most of all a happy ending.
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Bland & Lifeless
teganjaird4 September 2020
Mulan is a visual feast, and nothing more. It's a bland, lifeless mess of a film with watered down stakes, poor characters, no humour, and no heart. If anything, it's shown just how masterful the 1998 animation is.

Mulan was just an ordinary girl, who went on to do extraordinary things, burdened by societal constrictions and driven by love, loyalty, and honour. But this version of Mulan is wooden and hollow. There is no weight to her decisions, no urgency, because she's the chosen one. And although Disney has proclaimed this to be an empowering film for women, applying the 'chosen one' archetype to the female lead (if you ask me) is a funny way of promoting female empowerment. If anything, it's disparaging, disheartening, and a huge step back compared to it's predecessor.
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A nice enjoyable movie
seanpaulcasey12 September 2020
I enjoyed this movie and didn't understand why it got low ratings. Perhaps people expected it exactly like the cartoon. A nice story and a nice character for women and children to look up to. Ignore the other reviews and just decide for yourself.
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It was bad
tongnemshina6 September 2020
It was bad cringey and boring at the same time. it felt like a big budget overscaled chinese film failure I dont know what the hell Disney was thinking during the production. so not much of a big disappointment because I wasn't too excited after watching the first trailer so I wasn't gonna watch it but I had to try it cause I loved the Original animation.. but still it was worst than I expected
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What's with all these bad reviews?
TheGreatGreenBadger5 December 2020
This is such a good movie! Why can't people enjoy a good movie without being so highly critical or comparing it to the original. There is so much new content and the camerawork is spectacular! Yes, there are some problems and it was rushed at first, but it ended out to be a thrill ride nonetheless! So, open your mind and enjoy this amazing Disney remake!
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Boo Disney!!!
gfjf1310 September 2020
Really? This storyline isn't the same. I had read articles before the movie came out but it really is a POS. Don't waste your time... really... laugh so you don't cry! Shame on Disney, shame on anyone that thought this live action would be a good idea and well received by the audience / true Disney fans!!!!!!!
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If you want singing and cartoon animals, just watch the cartoon.
Megan_Shida4 January 2021
This film is not the cartoon and deserves consideration as its own movie. If you prefer singing and characters like Mushu, the original is still readily available for you to consume. I am a huge fan of the original, which I watch often, and I also enjoy this new film. It is an enjoyable and action-packed reimagining of the original story. Yifei Liu is great in the title role and the addition of Xianniang, played by Li Gong- a new female villain who is also outcasted for being a strong female warrior- benefits the action narrative. The film is beautiful in 4k and the score provides a striking addition to the action. The bathing scene and the tea scene from the original cartoon also make there way into the movie for some comic relief. Considered as its own film, Mulan (2020) provides a worthwhile adventure for the viewer.
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