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18 Aug. 2015
Einstein to Breast Implants
Take a journey with the Fine Brothers as they connect Albert Einstein to breast implants in just six short degrees. Along the way, Benny and Rafi discover that Einstein's brain was actually stolen.
25 Aug. 2015
Neanderthals to Smartphones
The segment uses song to share the many euphemisms created by Benjamin Franklin (Michael Q. Schmidt) to describe the state of being drunk.
1 Sep. 2015
Adam and Eve to the Atom Bomb
The segment explores sideshow tricks and treats through history.
8 Sep. 2015
Cannibals to Cannabis
The segment explores Napoleon's penis through history, and how its size (or lack) affected our history in many ways.
15 Sep. 2015
Girl Scouts to Game of Thrones
Tonight, take a journey with the Fine Brothers as they learn that rice was used as mortar in the Great Wall of China, and in 2012, there were 21 babies named Daenerys as a nod to the Mother of Dragons.
22 Sep. 2015
Shakespeare to the Harlem Shake
The Fine Brothers learn there are 25 moons named after Shakespearean characters, it rains diamonds on Uranus, and the biggest Harlem Shake video consisted of 70,000 participants.
29 Sep. 2015
Pyramid of Giza to Personal Pizza
Take a journey with the Fine Brothers as they find out jazz can reduce chronic migraines, one man used Craigslist to trade a cell phone for a Porsche Boxter, and penguins practice prostitution to build better nests!
6 Oct. 2015
Hamburgers to Hard Drives
Take a journey with the Fine Brothers as they learn that Oprah once caused beef prices to plummet, there's an eerie pattern of presidential assassinations, and gunpowder was invented by the Chinese as an immortality potion!
13 Oct. 2015
Hitler to Hip-Hop
The Fine Brothers connect Adolf Hitler to hip-hop.
20 Oct. 2015
Mother Teresa to Machine Guns
The Fine Brothers connect Mother Teresa to machine guns tracing through demonic possession and exorcism, to the intelligence of pigs, to ancient Macedonia and Alexander the Great, to coffee and computer nerds and a gun called the Agar Coffee Mill to finally arrive at machine guns.

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