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MPAA Rated R for strong violence and language throughout

Sex & Nudity

  • On a couple of occasions, women are seen exiting a shower. Skin and side-breast is shown.
  • Seven minute section of a man in his underwear.

Violence & Gore

  • A group of soldiers ambush a house filled with spies. At first only a couple people are shot, but eventually, people are executed one by one by gun shot to the head. One persons head shot is closely shown and graphic.
  • A badly burned person is shot at close range in the head. Not graphic.
  • A car explodes, killing everyone in the car except for one. The survivor is shown very badly wounded and heavily bleeding.
  • In one sequence of brutal hand to hand combat, men are repeatedly beaten, some have their limbs visibly broken. Two are brutally killed by medical instruments, moderate amount of blood.
  • In an extended gun fight, more than ten people are shot onscreen in various levels of violence. Some just fall, others are visibly shot and bleed. Grenades and other explosions. Civilians are caught in the crossfire. A few people are shown being shot in the legs and then killed with a bullet to the head with plenty of blood.
  • A person commits suicide using grenades when surrounded by gunmen.
  • In a quick but brutal scene of hand to hand fighting. Several men have their limbs visibly broken and are shot in the head at close range with plenty of blood.
  • After a car window is broken, a man murders another man by sliding his neck back and forth on the bottom of the broken window.
  • A young girl, possibly 6 to 8, is in peril during another extended gunfight involving dozens of people. Grenades are used as booby traps, people are yet again shot and killed in brutal fashion (gun-fu).
  • A man is shot multiple times while holding back armed attackers, he slips around in his own blood and eventually dies.
  • A man is stabbed multiple times by a broken piece of glass.
  • In a crowded bakery, a large fight breaks out, with yet again, several people being shot and beaten, with civilians in the crossfire, eventually a grenade is thrown into the building which still contains civilians including children.
  • A car full of people is destroyed by a missile.
  • A room full of unarmed people are shot to pieces by a hail of gunfire.


  • 59 F-words, several said in extreme anger. Plenty of other lesser words.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Discussion of prescription medication.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Some intense shootouts and battle scenes.

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