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TANGO PASIÓN portrays Europe's largest and - after Buenos Aires and the region on the Rio de la Plata - the second largest Argentine tango scene in the world. Shown are the stars and makers who have shaped the tango in Germany for decades and led to worldwide recognition. Director Kordula Hildebrandt ("Spirit Berlin") creates a sensual immersion in the scene and are willingly the emotions and passions of this phenomenon back. The audience experiences this world emotionalising from the personal perspective of selected protagonists. The music in the film comes from Astor Piazolla, Klaus Gutjahr, Judith Brandenburg, Paco Liana, Rainer Volk Born, Monaka Berlin, Bassa, Julia Heller, Pablo Woizinski, Fernando Miceli, Mitsch Kohn and Flutterband Trio. The music CD of the film appears in Edition46.

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