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Murry Christmas everyone
juliankennedy2313 January 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I can't quite put my finger on it. This special starts out bad, possibly purposely so, with Amy Poehler hamming it up something awful. But it grows on you with memories of Christmas's past. By the time Murray is singing a surprising non-rapey version of Baby it's Cold Outside we are in full Christmas swing. Capped off with a blast of nostalgia for Christmas Specials past with a surprisingly talented Miley Cyrus and a ridiculously charming George Clooney.

I used to be a Love Actually Christmas Eve traditionalist. This however has been my go to Christmas special the last two years and I see no reason not to continue that tradition again next year.
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Enjoy it for what it is...
waynebunch16 December 2015
Anyone looking at a Christmas special written by/for Bill Murray and expecting a plot and story line is either too young or too dumb to just enjoy it. It is Bill at his best. Calm, collected and one hell of a showman. It's dark and bright in the best of ways. Great sound quality, good people being people.

The progression of the movie was very well done. I was content with it initially; but as it went on I loved it more and more. I watched the musical scenes twice (Silent Night maybe more) in one sitting.

In 10 years everyone will be calling this a Christmas must watch. If you know Bill Murray and enjoy him, you can't lose.
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Made Me Laugh
gslegra24 December 2015
A BIG thank you to Bill Murray, Chris Rock, George Clooney, Miley Cyrus, et al. for making me laugh (and cry...Miley Cyrus's rendition of Silent Night brought tears to my eyes.) when I needed it most. Bravo to those who bravely took the mike while they obviously cannot carry a tune,(eh Chris and George?) Have been watching Bill Murray since his debut on SNL. And who would ever guessed that Clooney would be where he is today after watching him on Roseann?! Despite the negative reviews here, this little gem created some much needed Christmas cheer. I hope to see another Murray Christmas next year! And for all of you who were disappointed...bah humbug!
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This was O.K. - why do people dislike it so much?
tomrfbook8 January 2017
Just saw this on DVD, a little more than a year after it came out. Sure, it is not that "funny" if you are expecting SNL level comedy, but I really enjoyed it. First, I had never heard the song "Christmas Blues" before. Not bad at all. And the later group performance of "Fairytale of New York" (originally by The Pogues from the late 1980's) was just great. (I guess I have to write a little more - right now my review is not long enough for IMDb.) It was interesting to see David Johansen (aka Buster Poindexter) of the New York Dolls. I see that he was also in the 1988 Bill Murray film "Scrooged". And I was not familiar with Jenny Lewis, but she is a very good singer. I got this on a whim, but am really glad that I saw it.
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Saccharine-Free Holiday TV
flapdoodle649 December 2015
In the USA, where Consumerism is the true national religion, the mass media represent a cruel myth that life is like a Hallmark greeting card or a Joel Osteen fantasy, which inevitably leads most of us to feel something like Charlie Brown or George Bailey.

Paradoxically, the Charlie Browns and George Baileys of the world might like to spend an hour sitting on the sofa, listening to Xmas music, imagining a warm fireplace and snow outside the window, maybe tossing back a couple drinks or taking a little toke. Perhaps to indulge in a little nostalgia, or perhaps to pause and be grateful for food in the belly, a warm place to stay, and whatever friends or companions one actually has in this complex and difficult world.

Before the merchants and the religious fanatics seized upon it, the Winter Soltice was the pagan season of Yule, a time of song, feasting, alcohol and socializing. (Look it up if you don't believe me!)

This is a show of song, and of actors pretending to eat, drink and performing lightly comedic dialogue so as to simulate socializing. Additionally, this show takes pains to acknowledge the fact that real life is nothing like the saccharine shopping-mall mega-church fantasies which propel most Xmas season programming.

The banter and music are mostly amusing, sometimes even quite good, and there is even a hint of genuine sentiment at one point, but thankfully not overdone.

Sometimes you want a TV show that is not heavy or demanding, a kind of electronic fireplace to keep you (and hopefully a companion) company for the better part of an hour, and sometimes you need a little help getting through the holiday season. Some people find the videotronic images of Bill Murray and Paul Shaffer to be an amiable presence. If you are such a person and have a nominal appreciation for irony, this is a good show to watch.
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Extremely Disappointing
frankvii5 December 2015
The description on IMDb is "Comedy, Music, Musical" and that is not correct. It would be better titled "Musical With No Real Plot". The plot that is given here is extremely misleading (Bill Murray worries no one will show up to his T.V. show due to a terrible snow-storm in New York City.). This is only how the show starts. It quickly degrades into one song after another with essentially no plot. It is the only movie (show) that I can remember turning off before it was over (I got about 3/4 of the way through). The only enjoyable thing (for me) was the opening song where Bill Murray sings. I was surprised that his voice was that good. After that, it down-slid from a story with songs into just songs (and the Bill Murray songs were nowhere as good as the opening).

It has also been described (on other sites) as a tribute/re-do of old time variety shows. It is not even close. I'm old and have seen them all (from the 1950's and on). This isn't even close.

I am a Bill Murray admirer (short of a fan). I can't recommend this to anyone unless you want to hear Bill Murray sing (which is why I gave it a 3 of 10.
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So much potential completely undermined into a generic ho-hum Christmas special
Robert_duder22 March 2016
Warning: Spoilers
I think A Very Murray Christmas could have been spectacular period. I mean he managed to get together some very big stars, have a fun silly little plot, sing some songs, have a throwback to old variety shows and there were some good performances and some fun moments but if this had been me I would have made it longer, more skits and more comedy and more Murray in general. I feel like someone wrote this and said "Hey Bill come and do this for an hour" and he did instead of giving it real thought and care and concern. It just isn't the type of thing I would watch every year. There are so many celebrities and they are underused and too quickly passed over. Bill Murray has such avid fans that he could have made this memorable and it's just very rushed. Still being so short and simple and fun, you can't really "dislike it" either. He interacts with lots of different stars, sings some songs, has some fun and it's lovable because of that. I just think the idea behind it could have been a ten and instead its run of the mill and okay at best.

You'll see a ton of SNL alum (mostly modern not from Murray's own time on there) and one of my bizarrely favourite numbers is involving Bill Murray and Miley Cyrus following a George Clooney gag. I also find it extremely odd that Sofia Coppola directed and co-wrote this and while Bill Murray also supposedly co-wrote this I think they either didn't have a lot of time to do it or a lot was cut (which I doubt because it seems Netflix gives a lot of creative green lights) The point is that it is fun. If you don't go in with the expectations that the idea gives you as Murray fans and just look for something simple then you will enjoy it a lot more. 7/10
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A Waste of Talent
jrodway8 December 2015
This is painfully bad and boring. I'm a big Bill Murray fan and will remain so only by not ever watching this again.

It's basically a number of musical performances with a thin plot. I assume some were purposefully bad to be funny. Nothing was very funny. I will say that a few of the performances are okay (sparing a 1 for a review) but mostly it just feels awkward without any real Christmas feeling or humor.

I suspect they had a lot of fun making this. I just wished they had kept it as a home movie to show their friends and not their fans.

With all those stars, what a shame.
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If you like Scrooged and Lost in Translation then you will probably like this
DocIndy13 December 2015
So this has the same star and it was co-written by one of the writers of Scrooged. (Murray and Coppala co-wrote this with Mitch Glazer who co-wrote Scrooged with Michael O'Donoghue) It is directed by Sophia Copala who directed Lost In Translation. So if you want a slightly dark holiday special with irony that stars Bill Murray and includes a fair amount of singing and pop up guest stars like TV Christmas specials did in the 60's and 70's then you should like this show. I found it entertaining and so did those who watched it with me. (FYI-We ranged in ages of 57 to 23 years old.)

I read all these reviews that this was not what they were expecting. Well people look at who created and star in the product to get an idea of what to expect.
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Intimate, Boozy, Grown Up Christmas Special
boomboomvondoom14 December 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Frank Cross grew up to be sad Bill Murray singing carols. Sophia Coppolla, though an overall uneven film maker, knows how to set tone and mood and she's especially adept at creating lots of runway for Bill Murray's singular blend of melancholy, humanity, and bemused humor. Lots of little homages here to Scrooged with the ghost of Christmas Past showing up and a writing credit from Scrooged writer Brian Glazer -- I feel like it's almost a sequel. Also, music selections are fantastic, and the undisciplined singing is intentional, of course, to lend an air of intimacy that happens when people get too much to drink on a Christmas Eve. Honestly wouldn't be mad if this was my Christmas Eve.
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Not At All What I Was Expecting
gavin69426 December 2015
Bill Murray worries no one will show up to his T.V. show due to a terrible snow-storm in New York City.

I may be rating this special a little low. It is hard to say, because I did not know going in to it what this would be, and I was somewhat disappointed that it was not funnier or more silly. It basically amounts to a series of special guests singing Christmas songs. Which is nice, but really nothing all too different from any other special, and seems like a waste of Murray's talent.

One thing I found the most confusing was that some people were themselves (Murray, Chris Rock, George Clooney) while others (Jason Schwartzman, Amy Poehler, Rashida Jones) were not. Why not just have everyone be themselves?
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If you're expecting any sort of story, or comedy for that matter, "A Very Murray Christmas" is not for you.
Hank_Melluish5 December 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I am not giving this movie a one, because while I found it terrible, it's not the worst thing EVER. This film is simply a bewildering waste of your time. It's not funny, and it lacks any sort of narrative. It boasts several cameos from actors in the comedy field, but the film is essentially just Bill Murray dreaming of singing carols with them.

Murray stands in what I initially believed to be his apartment, and sings a song for two minutes, is greeted by Amy Poehler, who wants him to film a Christmas special, which he begrudgingly does, and sings another song with Chris Rock. He then loses power, no longer has to do the show, and is snowed in. He subsequently sings 15 more carols, passes out drunk, meets George Clooney and Miley Cyrus, and for 15 minutes, I sh*t you not, sings Christmas carols uninterrupted. He then wakes up in his apartment, sings "We Wish You A Merry Christmas", and left me in shock as the credits rolled. My middle finger slowly extended.

By the time I was finished, I was just left confused. Confused as to who wanted this, and why. I swear, it borders on being an opera. Knowing this, I'll allow YOU to decide whether or not this is your cup of tea.
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The latest in the ongoing line of pointless vanity projects making us laugh because we recognize actors
StevePulaski13 December 2015
In September 2015, HBO gave us the special Ferrell Takes the Field, an hour-long documentary following actor/comedian Will Ferrell joining ten different MLB teams in one day for a game of preseason baseball. The purpose of the event was to raise money for Ferrell's friend's charity that helped give terminally ill kids an opportunity at college education, but instead of making a meaningful contribution that would go unnoticed like many would, Ferrell had to embellish it and make it all about him. This, in turn, led to a purposeless publicity stunt and a film that screamed nothing but vanity and ego for Ferrell himself.

With that, just in time for the holidays, Bill Murray, enough universally loved and respected actor, has decided to hop aboard the train of mindless projects that assume we, the audience, is just going to bust a gut throughout because the titular actor is the lead in the film. Sofia Coppola's A Very Murray Christmas is pointless Christmas special, never quite making the stride towards self-referential humor but never acting like a straight-forward comedy either. As a result, we get fifty-six minutes of Christmas carols from recognizable faces punctuated by a sulking and brooding Murray and banter between him and other celebrities.

The film revolves around a lonely Bill Murray, who has lost his holiday spirit after a vicious blizzard in New York City prevents guests like Pope Francis and Brad Pitt from showing up to his one-man-show "A Very Murray Christmas," where he was set to perform various Christmas songs. The venue he was scheduled to play at, New York's famous Carlyle Hotel, is nothing but an empty auditorium, and Murray's crushed sentiments can't even be curbed by the encouragement of a perky Amy Poehler. In the midst of this mess, Murray runs into Chris Rock, who agrees to perform a song with him in the meantime, and over the course of the day, Murray helps liven up a couple's (Jason Schwartzman and Rashida Jones) postponed wedding and finds the gall to sing alongside George Clooney and Miley Cyrus.

The end result shouldn't be as cheerless as it is. To begin with, the Christmas songs move at a snail's pace and are never played for the absurdity of circumstance. It also doesn't help that writers Coppola, Murray, and Mitch Glazer can't find a consistent tone for the project and don't really know how to handle the sardonic and often bleak humor of Bill Murray's character. Secondly, the scenes interjected in between the musical numbers aren't very funny or interesting either. They're more along the lines of nudging the audience at how allegedly funny it is that Clooney, Cyrus, and Murray, at one point, all share the same on-screen space. Most of these scenes are clear that Coppola and company just assumed that the presence of many actors at once would hopefully take over and, in turn, produce comedic results, but time again shows that this notion is just an excuse for lazy/minimal screen writing.

Finally, what's the takeaway from this project? By the end of it, the characters don't seem to learn anything they didn't already know, the glacially paced musical numbers have mostly faded from the mind, there's not a single quotable line in the film, and Murray's attitude has made the audience exhale comfortably knowing that this special doesn't even last an hour. A Very Murray Christmas is about as perplexing as it gets, if you try to discern its themes and content in a literal sense, but it's pretty easy to understand the soulless attempt to make the audience laugh solely based on actor recognition as a result of lazy screen writing and conceptual ideas.

Starring: Bill Murray, George Clooney, Miley Cyrus, Chris Rock, Amy Poehler, Paul Shaffer, Jason Schwartzman, and Rashida Jones. Directed by: Sofia Coppola.
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Don't Listen to the Bad!
davi-2093626 December 2015
Was concerned after reading all the bad reviews on here! So glad they are all taking crap! All I can say is this is Bill Murray and is excellent if you appreciate him and good music. If you are just expecting Peter Venkman or Phil Connors you will be disappointed.

So don't build it up as the main event for a Christmas evening, more like get yourself a couple of scotches, and save yourself an hour to indulge in some feel good seasonal songs in a very Murray style.

When Bill starts to give a f$%! , that's when the world will have problems.

Merry Christmas Bill !
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nieliniowy4 January 2016
Pretentious, boring, unfunny insult for everyone who loves music, Bill Murray's great acting creations, and most of all, Christmas special atmosphere and all good what comes with this time. So question is: why is Bill Murray doing this? Is this a quick buck action? Or is this more like a: I am a Bill Murray so, whatever I do, even if it is not funny, even if I can't properly sing one note, even if the whole plot has 0 substance and I have perfect knowledge about that, it is good enough, because it's me, Bill Murray? I got information for Mr Murray: don't do it again man! It can be danger for your health, not to mention other things like a loosing whole credibility. There are other interesting things worth of few words, e.g. Miley Cyrus as an Icon of almost Marian virginity singing Silent Night wearing playboy bunny Christmas costume, but let's just forget it. That was dedicated to those who like Christmas backwards and was even more emphasizing main question of whole undertaking: why Bill? Why?!
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guess I'm in the minority here
MisterWhiplash24 December 2016
It's a strange thing: I don't think I would have taken so much of a liking to A Very Murray Christmas had I not avoided most of the Christmas music this season. Sometimes it's shoved in your ears in such a way that you can possibly feel blood running out (it may depend how much time you're stuck or need to go for some reason to the mall or certain stores where there's some madman's idea of a joke to keep Christmas music going, some of it recorded before your grandparents could walk). But I think by mostly not hearing too much of it this time - also I didn't see it last year when it premiered, and it'd be too hipster-ironic-dumb of me to see it during the summer - I quite enjoyed it. I might even go so far as to say it's one of the better things Sofia Coppola's directed... maybe ever?

That may speak to me not being a huge admirer of her films since Lost in Translation. But here, I liked that she was cutting loose and trying her hand at more improvisational comedy (if it was improv, some of it certainly feels that way and Murray gets a co-writing credit with Coppola) and at filming musical sequences. Except for the last few numbers near the end, when it turns into "dream sequence" time, she keeps her camera and cutting simple, not too showy, letting the performers take center stage. Does that mean all of these people sing well? Maybe not, but since I went in with somewhat low expectations, I was delighted to see the actors who I never thought could sing much - Maya Rudolph especially with a cover of 'Christmas Baby Please Come Home', and also Rashida Jones and whoever played the one waitress at the bar - so that made up for duds like Jason Schwartzman (and holy god that IS David Johansen!)

This has been fairly low rated, and I think I can understand what might be high expectations for such a thing; Bill Murray has been elevated to the status of a cultural icon over time (by hipsters, sure, and there's even a nod to that with the whole 'want your picture with me?' bit where Murray offers to the Jones character, a bride, that he does that sometimes, but also the general public), and so one might expect a lot of hilarity. I found myself laughing a lot through this because the tone is so loose and not really caring about pleasing anyone except themselves. I think I was hooked once Chris Rock showed up as the most reluctant 'No, I'm NOT singing' performer here, and while some numbers are stronger than others, the energy and fun is always there.

This all said, I don't know if I'd watch it more than once, at least for a while, and it certainly gets an extra point for including the Pogues 'Fairytale of New York' (if only it included Tom Waits's 'Christmas Card from a Hooker in Minnesota'!) and a surprisingly great turn from Miley Cyrus (the first time I connected with a performance of 'Silent Night' in as long as I can remember). But I wasn't going in expecting a whole lot, which may have been part of it, and yet at the same time I was impressed by what Coppola and Murray were able to pull off with a silly premise that everyone acknowledges is silly, and all led by Paul Shaffer who, come on, who doesn't like Paul? If you're in the right frame of mind (and not too burnt out) for Christmas covers and some bits of self-referential comedy, this is a nice slice.
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Another disappointed Bill Murray fan
kapotts115 December 2015
Several of Bill Murray's films are at the top of my movie list. This one, not so much. It was really disappointing as a fan. I agree with several other reviewers that Bill Murray's talent was underutilized. I expected it to have a bit more of a plot and a bit more of his usual quick wit humor. It's not so much a movie with a plot as it is a celebrity karaoke night with Bill Murray as a host and also a bit of a therapist to some of the characters in the bar.

I feel like they phoned a few celebrity friends, got together for a slumber party in a warehouse, sang songs and filmed it, used the first takes on all of the scenes and hurriedly put it together to get it on Netflix in time.

Some songs were decent enough, but others were a disaster. Possibly on purpose, but didn't cut it humor wise. If you are someone who enjoys celebrity cameos, perhaps you'll enjoy this. It just wasn't funny for us to watch a bunch of celebrities we know are not singers fail (miserably) at singing and a bunch of celebrities we already know are decent singers be decent or mediocre at singing.

If you're going to watch this, be prepared with something else in front of you to do while it's on, like wrapping Christmas presents, so you don't have to feel like it was a total waste of your time.
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Typical Bill Murray style
caneclark12 December 2015
I love the parody. A musical parody at that. I enjoy how they incorporate the songs into the "story." Mr. Murry has a great voice--too bad we don't hear more of his singing voice. Funny though that this is supposed to be a hotel and there aren't any guests. Especially since there is supposed a snow storm outside. Of course Paul Shaffer does a wonderful job at the piano. Then the band members of Phoenix playing as chefs end up playing with Mr. Shaffer. Maya Rudolph is wonderful of course. Eventually Bill seems to have had too much to drink and passes out. The next thing you know he's dreaming of the Christmas Special he was supposed to have been televising with Mr. Shaffer, Miss. Cyrus, and Mr. Clooney. I must say, it was refreshing to see Miss. Cyrus not behave obnoxiously. I am reminded of the Dean Martin's shows. It's too bad this is just on Netflix. It could become a new classic Christmas show. The show ends with him being awakened by his friend Mr. Shaffer and his butler on Christmas morning with the last scene of Miss Rudolph sitting alone in the bar. Which leaves one to wonder. Yet this is Mr. Murray's style...
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Perhaps the zenith of Modern Civilization
terence_j_morrissey11 December 2015
This is, quite possibly the greatest working collaboration of Celebrity Superstars with Bill "freakin" Murray ever. It is a varied collection of Bill and some of his friends putting together 55 minutes of distracting songs and dance numbers that will keep you from remembering just how quickly it will all come to a screeching halt when you die. Finally, Bill Freakin' Murray.I enjoyed it thoroughly but now must produce 1o lines of text. I will accomplishing by speaking about my favorite song of the Fantastic vocals of the Clooney-Murray Uber- Mensch, Santa Needs Love because, you know, Santa does need love. Bill Freaking Murray love. Get some Santa.
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If you didn't get it, then don't watch it
adamray1015 December 2015
Warning: Spoilers
If you're into Sofia Coppola and just want to enjoy Christmas without the bells, whistles or morals and rather enjoy a nice martini with George Clooney or a brandy with Bill and the waitress, then this is solid.

Don't expect a Groundhog Day comedy, don't expect a sophisticated Wes Anderson film, just enjoy Murray and the atmosphere he brings.

Set in a cold storm in Queens, New York, built around great cameos and laid back performances, Murray must figure out how to run his show after everyone's left him, including the electricity.

Don't miss this Sofia Coppola gem for the season. You won't regret it. Make sure you have your favorite poison in hand.

-Adam Ray
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Instant Classic
nickquesenberry29 November 2018
I don't understand the low reviews. It wasn't what I expected, but I loved it. It's fun. It's funny. Chris Rock raps. Jason Schwartzman sings. Phoenix. Jenny Freakin Lewis! Miley Cyrus scream sings like only Miley can. I loved it & will watch every Christmas from now on. Murray Christmas to all & to all a goodnight.
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Terrible...Just Terrible
dhpersonal-5247821 December 2015
Show has no social or artistic redeeming virtues. How Sofia convinces the backers to actually put up cash to finance such a pointless, silly, egocentric hour of supposed entertainment is a total mystery! The only surprising aspect is that Bill Murray is a fairly good singer. Otherwise, the show should be an embarrassment to the other participants...particularly George Clooney. Except for Miley Cyrus who was scripted to sing a song without any story background, the other contrived musical situations were ridiculously contrived situations about which one cringed, hoping they would end quickly. Hopefully, this will not become an annual event...once was one time too many already!!!
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A very enjoyable Christmas special, without the magic of Christmas.
zigracoon4 December 2015
A Very Murray Christmas is a really fun Christmas special. It stars Bill Murray as himself, Chris Rock, George Clooney, Miley Cyrus and so many talented stars, playing themselves. You can watch this film as a cranky and stubborn 6 year old and still enjoy this film. It has a good amount of stupid humor but also smarter jokes in the movie that balance the humor out so it isn't just dumb, which I particularly like. However despite what I said above, this movie isn't all that special. I've seen better Christmas movies because they were iconic and memorable, but this special felt like a big setup for a bunch of jokes with Murray. If your sole reason is to watch this movie because it is a Christmas film, you will be a little disappointed.

But regardless what I've said above, this movie is full of songs to occupy the younger viewers, enough jokes to satisfy the teen viewers, and enough Bill Murray for everyone else. The cast is brilliant and the songs were not irritating to the point I tore out my hair. This movie seems very natural, but isn't very magical. As a comedy, a solid 9.5 out of ten. As a Christmas film, 7.3/10. Overall, 8.4/10
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An Ego Trip Special From Bill Murray
Christmas-Reviewer9 September 2017

If it wasn't bad enough that Bill Murray made a so-so version of "A Christmas Carol" he had to sink lower and make a terrible Christmas Special that only he would love or watch! Even hardcore fans of Murray's will be hard pressed to say something great about this!

The plot of this On Christmas Eve, Bill Murray waits in his suite at the Carlyle Hotel, gradually realizing that a massive snowstorm has caused most of the guests for his live Christmas special to cancel. As time runs out, his two producers, Liz (Amy Poehler), and Bev (Julie White), coerce him into going on with the show, as he is financially on the hook if he cancels. With minimal crew, Murray goes live; but in the middle of singing a song, he begins to weep and then flees the studio. While trying to leave the hotel, he sees Chris Rock, whom he forces into performing "Do You Hear What I Hear?" with him. During a power outage, Rock flees, and the producers inform Murray that as the power outage Rock flees, and the outage is considered an Act of God the special can now be cancelled.

Now other things happen and what should be heart warming becomes stupid and boring. Talent-less Hollywood Hack Sofia Coppola help co-write and directed this mess.

This special is like getting socks for Christmas!
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Good way to contribute Bill Murray!
Irishchatter5 December 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I honestly enjoyed this regardless if it's only just a television special. I didn't know Bill Murray could actually sing and it was surprising because I never in my life heard him breaking into a song in his movies! He is pretty good but seeing him now, it makes me feel so old! He is must certainly a part of my childhood, such a legend!

I loved the scene where himself and Chris Rock were singing a Christmas song(don't remember what it is called exactly). I wouldn't imagine Chris Rock as a good singer, although he nearly had me in stitches laughing at him for getting up there and sing with the well-known Bill Murray. I would definitely die if I had that opportunity singing with a celebrity haha!

I have to say, the best scene was seeing Miley Cyrus singing Christmas songs. She is always the best singer as usual. I finally got to see Maya Rudolph singing her heart was honestly great to hear because being a comedian actor wouldn't make you have time for singing songs in projects like this but at least she had the opportunity. I swear, they have picked the best cast with famous faces including George Clooney. It was great to see them all perform.

This special would definitely be the best to watch before going to bed! :)
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