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Very Good Interview with Cundey
Michael_Elliott19 March 2015
Independents Day with Dean Cundey (2014)

*** 1/2 (out of 4)

Fun interview with cinematographer Dean Cundey who discusses his work on the 1980 cult film WITHOUT WARNING. Cundey starts off talking about how he was coming off of HALLOWEEN and originally didn't want to do the picture because he was looking at studio work but he mentions that he felt he owed director Greydon Clark who had hired him on four previous pictures. From here Cundey talks about working with a very low- budget, working with legends like Jack Palance and Martin Landau and he also talks about how much of the alien they wanted to show. Overall this is another excellent interview with Cundey who always comes across as having great knowledge and a respect for these low-budget films even though he went on to do much bigger projects. He also talks about how these types of pictures really got him prepared for the bigger stuff. Fans of Cundey or WITHOUT WARNING will really want to check this out.
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