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A box-office dud destined for cult status
eddie_baggins13 March 2019
At one stage thought to be some form of Cloverfield sequel/prequel, thanks to the association with wonder producer J.J Abrams and his production company Bad Robot, Overlord is very much a film set in its own universe that takes us on a gore filled World War 2 set adventure to occupied France, as a small collection of American soldiers discover that German run labs are not the ideal place to spend time in.

Directed by upcoming Australian filmmaker Julius Avery whose previous film Son of a Gun showed much promise, Overlord does a lot with its relatively small budget of $38 million as we are thrust into the D-Day invasion and follow a collection of paratroopers on a mission to destroy a German radio bunker set up at the base of an old church building.

It's not being over the top when you say the first 10 - 20 minutes of Avery's film are some of the most thrilling and dazzling of the last 12 months, with the audience given barely a moment to breathe as the films stunning opening set-piece takes place and we launch out of an under fire carrier plane with Jovan Adepo's Boyce and his fellow soldiers.

If Overlord had somehow managed to keep this pace, intensity and style up, Avery's film would be a dead-set undeniable gem but sadly the film unleashes its best too early as the film around it, whilst often entertaining and gloriously over the top, just never quite delivers the thrills, spills and chills like you'd wished it had done.

Truly becoming the cinematic equivalent of the famous Wolfenstein video game series (which must've been a direct inspiration for this tale), Overlord's mix of war time action, sci-fi, straight up visceral horror (found within the Nazi's underground labs) and thriller doesn't always hold up, even if it's great to see a film of this ilk play it completely straight with Overlord forgoing laughs as there's no winking to the camera as the nefarious goings on begin to take hold.

It's a gore-filled and claret flowing exercise, with Avery clearly at home with the action side of things and a little less so at character building, with side players like Wyatt Russell's knuckle-duster loving Ford, John Magaro's stereotypical Italian solider and Mathilde Ollivier's token French female tomboy Chloe having fun but remaining fairly forgettable with Game of Thrones star Pilou Asbæk stealing the acting show with his turn as evil Nazi Wafner.

You never regret going along for this ride with enough imagination, impressive make-up and special effects and darkly imagined horrors such a soldiers traumatic return from death keeping things moving and ever watchable, you just can't help but feel like Overlord had the potential to become a genuine classic of its genre mash-up.

Final Say -

There's a lot to like about Overlord (an unfortunate box-office dud) that's likely to find a much a larger audience on home release but despite its many strengths and standout individual scenes, this Wolfenstein come to life is a mostly enjoyable but mostly forgettable affair.

3 bullet wounds out of 5
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Going to turn into a Cult Classic
jrugg199 November 2018
Overlord is essentially a B-movie with a Hollywood budget, great action, and a TON of gore. I really enjoyed this movie quite a bit, especially in the opening scene, which was shot very well. This movie is an action-horror set during World War II when a bunch of American Soldiers discover that the Germans are up to something sinister in one of their bases, and that is all I will say about the plot. It's awesome to watch. The films cast doesn't consist of any A-Listers or Superstars, but has a lot of recognizable faces such as Wyatt Russell, (who's performance reminded me a lot of his dad Kurt in The Thing), Pilous Asbaek and Jacob Anderson of Game of Thrones fame, John Magaro and Bokeem Woodbine, and newcomers Jovan Adepo and Mathilde Olliver as the leads. To sum it up, Overlord is the type of movie that is going to develop a fanbase years from now, it is very fun and will satisfy those both looking for intense action and gory horror, and I can easily recommend this. We can all thank Julius Avery for directing such a fun movie and J.J Abrhams for deciding to NOT turn this film into a Cloverfield movie.
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Why, why, why?
aramsdale20 November 2018
Brilliant aeroplane opening scene then really good 30 min then turns into a ridiculous, stupid choice making farce. Ruined with pathetic sentiment.
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If you can't make it historical then go away
digitalbeachbum5 September 2020
In the first five minutes of the movie I found that the director and writers completely blew the opportunity to make a half way decent movie. There were no blacks in forward units during WW2 and they were selected for minor detail work such as truck drivers and food services. They weren't even allowed to attend church services with the white troops.

If you are going to make a movie about D-day then make it about D-day and not some stupid political statement, trying to be politically correct. It is an insult to the troops of that period not to have the truth told.
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Overlord = overhyped
peeedeee-9428115 November 2018
I don't know if the critics watched the same movie I did. This was a mediocre action movie, a mediocre horror movie, and a poor war movie. They went all out with the historical inaccuracies, so why not do it with a little humor? This movie took itself way too seriously. Watch it as a download.
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A great blend of genres (each done well) - shame about the final 30 mins
GoldenBlunderbuss6 November 2018
If you want to go in to watching this film without seeing the trailer, then don't read any reviews - including this one. There are no spoilers beyond what the trailer shows.

I make that opening claim because if you hadn't seen the trailer, you wouldn't know of the dual-genre nature of Overlord. The genre shift to full-blown 'zombies-but-not-quite' action comes after 75 minutes of truly brilliant wartime drama with some moderate scares. The opening scenes of the paratroopers entrance to the war-torn French countryside is a particular highlight for its chaotic, intense and disorientating depiction of what it must've been like for those who did the deed for real in WW2.

The horror element begins to build early on but is never an indication of the upcoming genre shift (if you've not seen the trailer, at least) until the point (From Dusk to Dawn style) where it's made clear that we're not in Kansas anymore. The only bummer I can think of is the film falls into the trap of a predictable final 30 minutes. With all the enjoyment had before then, it's so disappointing to feel let down at the last hurdle.

The soundtrack is immense, the cinematography is brooding without being dark (a style which works for both of the film's genres), and the CGI special effects are affectingly convincing. Don't expect great things from the script (which includes several awful one-liner comebacks), but I think this film will go down as one of the great zombie films of recent years, and may even be noted for its even better turn as a war film.

Best quote: "What is this?!" - "Our greatest achievement. With it, we create super-Nazis; a thousand year army and it's thousand year soldiers."
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well made B-movie
SnoopyStyle5 August 2019
It's D-day. A squad of paratroopers are tasked with destroying a radio tower on top of a church. Their plane is shot down. After their leader gets shot by the Nazis and one steps on a landmine, four survivors remain. They find refuge with a scavenger named Chloe. The Nazis are experimenting on the locals at the church.

It's a horror story within a historical event. It has a good amount of action and thrills. The characters are compelling. It's always nice to have Nazi villains. It may not be completely new. It is not trying to be break new ground. It's a well-made B-movie and that's commendable.
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High expectations cus of reviews and i love a good b-movie but this turned out to be a boring one.
benj-2083916 November 2018
I really felt conned by the halfway point of this, from then on i kept thinking that i'd rather have waited for it to come to TV instead of wasting time and money on it.

From what i just watched, its not the "fun, original, scary, gory, inventive thrill-ride, maximum shock value, insane" film its been reviewed to be. Definitely NOT scary or gore filled, and with the $38 million budget you'd have expected A LOT more!

The opening 5-10 minutes the reviews have been raving about was ok, its not an opening that would warrant a cinema visit, it ain't no Saving Private Ryan, Edge Of Tomorrow, etc battle scene, as it's over in a flash, roughly 1 or 2 minutes of action, pretty much whats in the trailer and the rest is characters chatting! Then it quickly slows to its meandering pace, with been-there-done-that scenes with added cheese and cliche characters, which start to wear your hopes for a fun big budget B-movie way he f down. I just became bored and just hoped for an outstanding action filled and creative finale to win me over. But NO, the ending is just standard gun play, explosions and one fight that's over way too soon and that's your lot! I would have been satisfied if it had maybe matched an exciting Expendable's type finaly as it was a similar premise.

It's a film that never takes its idea's far enough, never too crazy or too gory but just a very controlled and safe 18 certificate B-movie. And it's a movie that mostly relies on the stupidity/naivety of its lead character to make the plot move forward. If you're after a subtle b-movie then this may be for you

I was really looking forward to this because i'd read really good things, and i missed Slaughterhouse Rulez cus of this.

An episode of the Walking Dead is more exciting, gripping, tense and fun.

Check it out and make up your own mind up but i've given you a heads up. I didn't expect the grindhouse style of Planet Terror with Overlord but Planet Terror was a great fun big budget B-movie!!
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Coulda done with more horror, but, it is still good!
Amthermandes31 March 2019
Entertaining movie that plays out the more fictional side of the Nazi experimentation. We all know it's fact the Nazis during WWII were up to no good, including many extreme experiments using humans as lab rats, this movie takes it and runs with it into an entertaining horror/action flick about what strange discoveries the Germans may have had. It's not as gory or as scary as one would hope for, I personally was hoping for something along the lines of John Carpenter's "The Thing," and while they did use mostly practical special effects, and while it is action packed, with a good story, decent characters, and some good horror moments, it definitely lacks enough to classify it mostly as an action thriller and not a horror. Take "Band of Brothers" and mix it with either "Blood Creek" or "Outpost" (both 2008). Crazy lab experiments, great action and intense scenes, some decent horror moments, but it was mostly just an action flick focused on getting the job done, could have been a lot more scary and effective, but still a decent and worth-while watch!

Definitely a few plot holes, like, what's up with the Aunt? And plenty more, but if you're just looking for a good popcorn flick, involving Nazis, experiments-gone-wrong, and WWII action, it's an effective and fun movie.
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Fun and Action
snt04300511 November 2018
Perfect blend of WW2 action, zombies and gore. Don't go into this expecting Oscar nominations, and you'll enjoy the ride. It was exactly what I expected- I was entertained for close to 2 hrs. Got my money's worth.
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WW2 Was Not Politcally Correct
chas43718 August 2019
The decision to include African American soldiers in what were all white units is a filthy lie. It discredits both African American vets of WW2 and the Airborne units who landed in Normandy. This alone is enough to discredit this film out of hand.

Lying to our children about history doesn't do anyone any good. No wonder we're creating generation of snowflakes. I believe its always better to tell young people the truth and the truth is that the United States Armed forces practiced institutional racism against African Americans. They always got the worst jobs, lived and trained in segregation. They weren't even allowed inside restaurants where German and Italian prisoners were welcome.

PC is killing American cinema.
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Total Trash
tbridges-5155731 January 2019
Stupid premise, awful special effects, insane acting. Waste of time.
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Intense from Start to Finish
kjproulx15 November 2018
It's a rarity that movies like this are made today. Original concepts are either tampered with by a studio or forced to change in order to fit a franchise or set up an entire universe of movies. It's rare that filmmakers in Hollywood (these days) are given complete freedom to create the movie they want to create, or so it seems. Happily, after watching Overlord, I noticed none of that. While the subject matter may not interest a large audience, I believe this movie can be enjoyed by fans of many genres. If you have an open mind, whether you're a fan of war films, sci-fi films, or a good old fashion slasher/horror, I think Overlord may impress you as much as it impressed me. From start to finish, here's why I believe it's very hard for audience members to get bored with this one.

Nearing D-Day, American soldiers are being flown into the battlefield. After their plane is shot down, they form an unlikely ally, while one of them begins to discover that the Nazis have been kidnapping Americans and experimenting on them in bizarre ways. This movie asks a lot of you throughout the second and third acts, as it sets it up as a war film, but pulls the rug out from under you as the movie progresses. As I mentioned, this film is part war, part sci-fi, and part horror, and those genres surprisingly blend together very well and this movie never keeps you waiting. The pacing of this film is easily the aspect that stood out the most to me.

A premise like this can easily be chuckled at, but the fact that it begins as a war film, turns into a sci-fi film, and ends up being a horror movie, makes for a very interesting experience. From the second this film started, I felt riveted. Whether you're into an action sequence, a comedy bit, or on the edge of your seat to see who will make it out alive, there's absolutely no downtime. I'm not saying some movies don't need or deserve to be three hours long, but this is a perfect example of a film that utilizes the perfect amount of time needed to tell its story. Giving just the right amount of characters development to most of the crew, just the right amount of horror to not turn off the action junkies who just came for that, and hardly any drawn-out scenes of characters conversing, at 105 minutes, there isn't a single moment where you can take a break and then come back, not having missed something.

Although Julius Avery does a very solid job in terms of direction, it's the combination of a tight script by Billy Ray and Mark L. Smith and the frenetic editing by Matt Evans that truly shine here. To me, the overall outcome of the pacing of this film originated with those two elements. On top of that, you have a great cast to keep your audience engaged. While I haven't heard of many of these performers in the past, I can see them receiving quite a few jobs in the near future. For what this film was trying to be, I really can't find many things to complain about here.

In the end, Overlord shocked me with how much I actually enjoyed it. The premise itself should make for a bad On Demand release that most people would forget about, but there's a lot of effort put into this movie. The overall story itself may be its biggest issue, due to the fact that there are flaws within the plans of what the Nazis are plotting, but that was a minor nitpick in the grand scheme of things. Personally, I was on the edge of my seat from start to finish and I highly recommend this movie to those who can handle the three genres of war, sci-fi, and horror. Overlord is tightly paced and full of energy.
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A mashup of worn out plot points
Metaflix11 November 2018
I heard good things about 'Overlord.' I wish I hadn't. It would've saved me fifteen bucks.

The writing is lame and while I enjoyed Wyatt Russell's performance in 'Ingrid Goes West,' I think this role exposes him as a poor man's Jason Clarke. Furthermore, 'Overlord' uses a dozen different tropes that have already been used a thousand different times before, so the film feels more like a mashup of worn out plot points than anything innovative or original.
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Ridiculous. Ludicrous. Preposterous.
CinemaClown9 February 2019
It is always difficult to give a damn about characters who sideline basic common sense for impulsive & mind-numbingly stupid action, and then find themselves in all sorts of trouble for which they are solely responsible. The premise of zombies in World War II setting may sound outlandish but it was also feasible, that is until the writers decided to fill the story with characters as brainless as the undead.

The story of Overlord follows a small group of American soldiers behind enemy lines whose mission is to destroy a radio tower in order to ensure the success of Allied invasion the next day. But their mission turns into a horrifying nightmare when they learn about the secret human experiments that the Nazis have been carrying out on the town's residents, and must act before the pandemic spreads.

Directed by Julius Avery, the film isn't subtle at all in telling the viewers where the inspiration for numerous moments come from, and is an unabashedly silly, pulpy & gleeful gorefest that may delight B-movie fanatics. Not one character is penned down properly, the rookie protagonist being the worst scripted of them all, and so we are never invested in them and keep a safe distance from the horror they later find themselves in.

And with terrible characters come terrible performances. Wyatt Russell's character is the only one with any presence of mind but even he discards it later so as to not feel being left out. The incompetent rookie keeps making moronic choices for the entirety of the story, and his idiocy rubs off on everyone around him. The crimson violence, gore & bloodshed is present in good amount yet the film never goes full tilt with it the way zombie films tend to.

Maybe every single complaint I have regarding Overlord is a deliberate choice by the filmmakers. Maybe it's supposed to be this absurd, outrageous & preposterous war horror parody filled with witless characters that just throws everything at the wall, hoping that audience will find some of it interesting & amusing. Either way, I have low tolerance for these shtick treatments, and even more so when within the laughable premise lies a potentially intense, gripping & solid horror flick.
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I liked this better when it was a movie called Frankenstein's Army
csj12316 February 2020
I guess this is what we do nowadays. We see a piece of work someone else has created, rework it, then call it our own all the while pretending we knew nothing about that original piece of artwork. For example: 'The Hunger Games' is a total rip-off of a Japanese movie called 'Battle Royale' but the author pretended she knew nothing about the original movie. Overlord is completely ripped off from a movie called, 'Frankenstein's Army' that was far more interesting and far more scary movie. 'FA' didn't have a huge budget like Overlord, but managed to be a far better movie. And the plot is nearly the same...but Overlord made additions to be a deeper film that made no sense. The 'FA' filmmakers didn't waste time trying to make social statements or worry about their characters unnecessary development and backstory like Overlord attempts to do.

First off...Overlord is full of historical inaccuracies. A mixed race platoon in the Second World War simply didn't exist. Does it matter? Yes and no. It is a stupid throw away horror movie but we should be accurate about period pieces. A simple change to the story could have had the unit be an all black unit and then It makes more sense. That was only the start of slopping writing though. This also included terrible dialogue, unrealistic fight scenes, and even unrealistic non-fighting scenes. There are several scenes where characters are yelling at each other while hiding in woods crawling with Nazis and an attic in a house where nazis are wandering the streets. But... no one ever seems to hear a thing. It is laughably bad.

The direction is fine...the cinematography is fine...the costume design is fine. But that isn't enough. At least have the movie make sense. It is woefully predictable and when it isn't you have characters doing things they never would do. The Germans seem bumbling...not creating a scary foe. While the Americans, upon seeing monsters, seem barely scared at all.

I can forgive the historical inaccuracies like we all must do in Tarantino films. But what we really want to see is the monsters...and they are boring. The creations in 'FA' are terrifying bits of man, animal, and machine where you cannot tell where one ends and the others begin. I expected to see a low budget B movie and found a truly unique terrifying film. This Overlord rip-off relies on basic make-up and computer effects to come up very short.

One cliche after another...you know who will live and who will die. You know what characters will say before they say it...and it is always awful dialogue. If any review is more than a 4 on here...ignore it.

And to really stomp on the historical accuracy of the film we end with a rock and roll song followed by a hip hop song. It is 1944 people...come on. You are not even trying to make a good film.

Find Frankenstein's Army and watch that instead. It is a better plot, better dialogue, better acted, better special effects, better atmosphere, and a much better movie. It is will give you nightmares...and that is why you watch horror movies...isn't it?
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s32761695 February 2019
They should have called this thing Over-board. It has an A-grade budget but quickly sinks beneath a sea of B-grade horror mediocrity.

There's not a heck of a lot to like here. The lead in to the story is far far too long, pointlessly underlining again and again in clumsy, brutal style, how evil the Nazi's are.

When the horror finally does arrive, its weirdly camp and at times, downright silly. So much so, its simply not frightening but more bemusing and a little irritating, at the same time.

Regrettably the "hero's" of the piece are almost as unlikable as the Nazi's themselves. Torturing anyone isn't heroic. One character stands out as decent but the general feel of his comrades is pretty dismal. Who really cares what horrors this bunch face?

The only real upside is the quality of cinematic's, especially in the opening scenes of the film but this consideration, on its own, does not a quality movie make.

In my estimation a lot spent, yet again, on very little. A uninspired 4/10 from me.
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Play Wolfenstein instead.
jadavix7 February 2019
"Overlord" is a tedious and overlong world war 2 fantasy that makes a turn into sci-fi horror territory much later than it should have.

To get to that part you have to sit through tiresome scenes of the usual ragtag group of American soldiers sneaking around a Nazi occupied French city where, whaddayaknow, they meet your typical superpowered badass heroine, who is only a civilian, but at one point, shoots a man in the head with a service pistol, in one shot. Where did she learn to shoot like that? Oh, that's right: she has a vagina, which makes her automatically great at everything.

I shouldn't complain about the female unicorn too much, though, at least it gave me something to think about. Over an hour of this movie is just a dead zone. I was so tempted to turn it off and do something else, but I sat it out because I knew the movie was going to make a u-turn into sci fi territory.

I wish I could say that that was worth the wait, but it really wasn't.

Play Wolfenstein instead.
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pleasant surprise
the_real_smile10 February 2019
What a surprise, action in combination with dark Nazi experiments. Well shot, well acted, good effects, what can one want more? Sometimes you drive in your car and suddenly realize you've covered several miles without knowing how, well this movie gets you in a comparable way, it is so intense you hardly notice anything else but the movie, so gripping. What this also movie sets aside from 90% of the other movies nowadays is that is is not predictable, in some scenes you are at the edge of your seat from suspense. Want to have a good time for 110 minutes? See this movie!!! You will not regret it.
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What was that?
labng22 May 2019
Gory action movie with lots of special effects and a sci-fi twist. Not horror. This would probably go over well with preteen boys, I think.
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Way better than you'd ever expect & not what you'd think from the trailer
bridgetbreland15 November 2018
Wow color me impressed:) I went in with low expectations but from the adrenaline filled, edge of your seat opening I was hooked. I thought it would be schlock horror. What I got was a well acted, well scripted action/drama/horror film that actually had me caring about the characters. Very unique and I agree with other reviewers that it should be a cult classic. I hope more people go to see it in theaters as it deserves a much wider audience.
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The preview looked promising but the movie itself felt flat with a huge thud
bradinhanson14 November 2018
The character is dull and doesn't want to hurt a fly even though it's a war movie. He was easily the worst part of the movie and was hard to engage in the film all because of him. His team is hysterically 2-dimensional and comedic during intense moments asking yourself if this is a comedy or a war movie. There were parts that left me squirmish because of intended rape. But probably the worst combo came from a dull movie with plenty of jump scares. No build up just jump scares out of the blue. Of course the movie often relied on the stupidity of characters to make the plot moving forward. I get that corporations are trying to recruit for their privitized armies and all but they went a little to hard on "you can be the insignificant guy and still be a hero." How cute.
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Outstanding mish·mash of the horror, zombie, war, action and adventure genre!
Top_Dawg_Critic5 February 2019
Wow this was much better than I expected! I am not a fan of zombie movies (except for the originals, Night of the Living Dead (1968) and Dawn of the Dead (1978), but this combination of horror, action, war and adventure nailed it!

Great writing by J.J. Abrams and Billy Ray, although the ending could have been a little tighter, but Julius Avery's 2nd full length feature film as a director was nearly perfect! I was glued to the screen in anticipation of the next scene from start to finish.

All the visuals and S/VFX were outstanding. The cinematography was on point. All the C & B grade actors performed like seasoned professionals.

For a B-grade film, this showed like an A-grade big budget Hollywood flick. This film will certainly become a cult classic!

Ignore the negative reviews from the wannabe critics citing cliches etc... this is 100% entertainment at its best. A well deserved 9/10 from me, and hoping somehow a part 2 will be produced.
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No segregation?
bsant5411 August 2019
Watched the very good Ken Burns The War on Netflix. The Armed Services were segregated back then. The War explained very well what it was like.

In this movie, the first few minutes have a black man in the Airborne on a plane on D-Day, this is beyond fantasy, never happened. Then a minute later you have a black platoon leader come out. This goes beyond fantasy.

Yes, the show is fiction but then again, it acts as if segregation never happened. You cannot erase the prejudice of the past even in a fantasy fiction film.

Some respect for the past has to shown and what black Americans had to go thru just to serve their country. This movie does not give a damn about that. Seems their viewing audience demographic more important to them

Greed rewrites history.

After watching The War, I was totally turned off by this movie within the first 10 minutes.
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Boo hiss boring predictable
digitalbeachbum6 September 2020
I get it, Hollowood is trying to be more diverse and make movies with actors who aren't just white male, but WW2 battles in the European theater. Why not make a movie about white males living in Africa, who are captured and enslaved by black plantation owners in the southern states? Be cause it would be stupid to make a movie like that and none would like it except a few morons

There other thing I didn't like from the movie is the same tired cliche sorry about Nazis making super soldiers who are like vampires. YAWN!

THE MOVIE SUCKS! I thought it was boring, predictable and slow. The writing, direction and casting was horrible.

The only thing which would have made this movie better is if it had Bruce Campbell in it along with The Evil Dead.
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