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You can see the money on screen, but it is messy and ultimately feels unnecessary
bob the moo16 August 2020
Six years is not a particularly long time to wait for a sequel, but in the case of Frozen it is hard not to feel that the decision to return was totally motivated by money-making potential and not much else. Of course it is naïve to think that any sequel is made out of love for the audience etc and without money in mind, but usually it doesn't feel so brazen as this; and that impression is not helped by Disney digging up its own back catalogue to remake and resell them. In the meantime Frozen made over a billion dollars, with hit records, merchandise, stage shows etc, so the sequel was not a great surprise - but it is a bit of a disappointment.

The plot is the aspect that hurts it. It feels like it was written by a committee, and puts too much effort into keeping all the characters busy by giving them something to do. As a result the plot feels convoluted due to the number of threads that don't have direct relationship to one another. In addition, the threads themselves have a lot going on that is hard to translate for children - the link to past generations, the origin of powers; all sorts of things like this rob it of impact because it feels less smooth - you can hear the gears grinding as it moves along. There are several strong songs, not quite the strength of the first film but that was a high bar to clear. There are funny moments, but the whole thing does feel less 'fun'.

At the same time my reduced investment in the film meant it had less emotional impact; it doesn't take much for me to get choked up but nothing did anything for me in this one. It wasn't awful of course, just disappointing. It still offers the songs, the laughs, the spectacle but it does it in such a heavy-set way that it doesn't spark or feel organic as it does it - and as a result the feeling gets stronger that this is only really about squeezing more money from the audience.
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A little disappointing
breadandhammers7 September 2020
The visuals were stunning. But despite how promising the trailer was, the movie itself was a let down. The story was a little meandering and disconnected, with some parts not making much sense.
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While the first Frozen was a classic, I barely recommend watching this. This just doesn't have the magic of the original and falls on the sword of so many Disney sequels.
kevin_robbins2 June 2021
Frozen 2 (2019) is a movie we went and saw as a family in theatres as soon as it came out. The storyline involves Anna, Elsa, Kristoff, Olaf and Sven getting back together again when Elsa's power get a little quirky and she needs help mastering them to save the community. They set out to find the origin of Elsa's powers deep into the woods to work with the trolls. A series of adventures ensue and are needed to save their home and Elsa. This movie is codirected by Chris Buck and Jennifer who both also created Frozen. This movie includes voices by Josh Gad (21), Kristen Bell (Veronica Mars), Idina Menzel (RENT), Alfred Molina (Frida) and Jeremy Sisto (May). The animation was outstanding and as you would expect from Disney; however, the storyline, songs and sub plots were much weaker than the original. While the first Frozen was a classic, I barely recommend watching this. This just doesn't have the magic of the original and falls on the sword of so many Disney sequels. Unfortunately this Disney picture disappoints and I would score it a 5/10.
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One of Disney's Saddest Disappointments
nasdagoodshepherd18 September 2020
I enjoyed the first Frozen film, I enjoyed other original animated Disney films as well. For example, Meet The Robinsons, Chicken Little, Tangled, Zootopia, Wreck-it-Ralph, Mulan, Lilo & Stitch, Moana, Home on The Range, etc. Ralph Breaks The Internet was average at best, but on the other hand with Frozen was a painful experience of my life. I'm telling the truth I was not impressed with this movie at all. I don't actually hate this movie but I'll share my thoughts on this film. The story is pretty weak and kinda subpar, it could've been a lot better. The story for Frozen 2 should've been about a fierce war happening and a dreaded force came and threatened the kingdom of Arendelle and it's up to Elsa, Anna and her friends to end the war and stop the dreaded force. That could be a great sequel with some mature tone to it, but nope. It's about the secrets of family, seasons changing, blah blah blah. No war, no dreaded threat, nothing. Not even the characters are perfect, I mean look at Olaf. In the first film, he was entertaining but in this one, he was flanderized and he felt like a dry piece of toast. Yet, the animation, lighting and rendering is amazing to look at. Frozen 2 maybe a painful disappointment but hey, it's a lot better than other Disney sequels. Man, it seems like Disney is running out of ideas like for example look at the 2020 remake of Milan. Yeah, that film was a absolute mess. Watch Frozen 2 all you want and like it all you want but to me, I'm gonna stick to other movies please. I give Frozen 2 a 5.3/10
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A Change From The First
AustinOswald14 November 2019
It's not hard to imagine how big this movie will be. I, as well as many others, am a huge fan of the first film and the short films that followed it. Frozen II has a different feel to it. While the first film was brimming with quirky moments, the follow up feels a little more mature in its plot and themes. This story heavily centers around the importance of change, even if that means letting go. Throughout the film, I found myself dazzled with the quality and beauty of the visuals that the animation team laid out. The story, for me, felt a little flat, however. I think the writing team missed the mark when trying to achieve the same quirkiness from the original. With the more dramatic path the writers chose to take, also came more epic musical numbers and effects. Sure there were still plenty of humorous moments, but I personally felt myself longing for more. I also find irony in the fact that this film centers around change and the overall feel of the film felt like a major shift from the first. I do think this film will still appeal to many others and I, myself, am still very excited to watch it a second time. Overall, I'd say this film found success in what it was trying to achieve and the message it was trying to send to its viewers, but couldn't quite live up to the whimsicality of the original. While not as good as the first, it's still a film you will want to take your family to and is a great addition to the Frozen franchise. 7/10
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Confusing or boring
WatchedAllMovies27 July 2020
I had a hard time following the plot. Either because it was too boring or it made too little sense. There was no memorable song. It's as if they know (assume) that the movie would be a hit even if they don't put an effort into the plot and the music. It reminds me of Mary Poppins 2. It seems Disney just don't have what it takes to produce a good sequel.
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Over half of the movie is singing awful songs
deexsocalygal16 April 2021
I couldn't believe how much singing is in this. Every single time I started to get into the story someone would erupt into a dumb song and I can't emphasis this enough - NONE of the songs are catchy, cute, funny, or sung by a good singer. All of the songs go on WAY TOO LONG & you'll never remember any of the words. I'm a big fan of Disney animated movies but I hated this. The bucktooth snowman is so dorky & annoying. He talks like he's a sidekick off the Mr Rogers show. I mean think about it this movie wasn't made for a bunch of 5 year olds! All the songs would never hold a little kids attention. The bucktooth snowman is very very dorky. He talks baby nerd talk saying ridiculous things nobody in real life would ever think or say. He grinded on my nerves. Think elmo or Seseme Street. For example in babytalk he says: "I'm sensing someone is getting angry. I think that someone is me." He's constantly annoying the other characters, spoiling their plans & getting in the way. The man with the reindeer doesn't do ANYTHING in this movie but hang his head & mope & whine whine whine whine & mope & whine to his reindeer that he can't find the right time or get up the nerve to ask her to marry him. Borrring. I hated this movie & wasted my money renting it. Worst Disney movie ever. I will never watch this again.
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Not Worth The Six-Year Wait
CinemaClown2 December 2019
Disney's Frozen was truly a delightful surprise. It was an extravagant celebration of the studios' own legacy and its musical traditions from across the eras but no one expected it to be the phenomenon that it became & it left a cultural impact that was undeniably unforeseen. Six years later, Frozen II surfaces with hopes of repeating the same feat yet nearly everything about it is inferior to the original.

A visually breathtaking yet narratively hollow sequel that lacks the freshness of the first film and is a step down in storytelling quality too, Frozen II does have a few things working in its favour but it is not the follow-up chapter that's able to validate its existence. The film is a passable effort at best that manages to mask its shortcomings with spellbinding animation but the effect doesn't last for long this time around.

Unlike its predecessor, a lot of its musical numbers end up affecting the narrative flow and aren't that catchy either. Anna & Elsa's arc remains captivating, plus the sisterhood bond is strong as ever but the other characters, both new & returning, are a letdown. Even the humour goes downhill, diving into silliness at times, and the only aspect that keeps its afloat is the photorealistic animation that provides the film its mesmerising beauty.

Devoid of the enchanting flavour & invigorating aura that made Frozen a classic for the new generation, Frozen II does steer into darker territory as it should and even had an interesting premise about mending the cracks left by forefathers in addition to Elsa's search for her origins but it fails to balance it all in a fascinating fashion and doesn't dig enough to strike a heartfelt chord. A rather safe attempt if anything, Walt Disney Animation's latest isn't worth the 6-year wait.
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Frozen - The Disney cash-in
alexstathopoulos11 May 2020
Not a patch on the first one, no memorable songs, weak and forced storyline. Clearly the writers took what was best from the first and amped it up to the max but forgot that a good film is based on a good story not on a good message.
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Predictable and lacking
AngelHonesty23 October 2020
I was a big fan of the first movie, it had lots of plot twists, with funny and heartfelt moments that moved you. But this movie was seriously lacking. The visuals were great, the snowman as always was funny, but the plot was empty and predictable. Where was the mystery and twists? Where were the heartfelt moments that made you cry? It felt like the movie was down graded to touch more of a younger audience then all ages.
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If you can't make a good sequel, then don't make it! Frozen 2 shouldn't have been made! Poor writing, disappointed movie!
mollyjanssen13 January 2022
This movie is a chaos and a mess. It looks very much like they ran out of time making this movie. Because there is too much in it that isn't right or that really doesn't make sense. Which makes this movie undoable. One of those things that will really annoy you is the backgroudstory of their parents. It's irritating that they want us to believe that Elsa and Anna assume that their mother is from the 'forest' when there is no proof at all! She don't even looks like those native people! Elsa and Anna have been framed by the forest villains! And because of the parents are dead they can't warn them about those Northuldra villians. And the end of the film makes no sense at all, I don't know who came up with this but what a heavy disappointment!
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Only a Few Sequels Top the Original...
damon5032 January 2022
Sadly, this isn't one of them. The continuation of the story was not a good one. Also, the songs aren't as catchy as the first movie too. It's never easy to top the original. I give the movie makers respect for a valiant effort. But they didn't quite catch that magic like they did in the original.
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Amazing Visuals, Convoluted Story
hlahorner30 November 2019
The animation in Frozen II is stunning. The level of detail and flow is a triumph. The story, however, is preachy and forced. Anna is annoyingly controlling and overprotective. All of the songs are overwrought and not really memorable, and the characters sing a lot. No need to buy this one, one viewing is enough.
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Disney, you failed big time!
bluespanterz4 February 2022
I remember how excited I was when it came out that there was a sequel to Frozen in 2019. But after seeing this movie, everyone was very disappointed. Did we have to wait 6 years for such a huge boring, boring, boring, boring cheap movie that has absolutely nothing to do with Frozen?! I'm still disappointed and wish this sequel was never made. A true disappointment for young and old! Even the animation is not progress.
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I'm still not sure what I watched, or why I even watched it. Yes, the animation is pretty, but there is no cohesive plot, and no lessons learned. You have to do better than pretty animation, folks. This one is just excessively dull, like everything Disney and Pixar have dished out in the last couple of years.
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Worst movie ever made
soniccpown20 December 2021
Terrible boring movie. With no story and a disgrace towards the first part. This movie is very sleep-inducing. Disney has gone downhill in quality. You can clearly see that they saved a lot of money on the writers and that this movie was made to make a quick money because the first movie is very popular. Shame on you Disney!
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A shame of Disney.
emily-5433516 November 2021
There's a lot going on in this movie, but it doesn't mean anything at all. A lot of characters were useless. Those snogies were already annoying now we get an ice horse, useless Northulda people, a dam that never existed but suddenly does. It would have been nice if we had gotten to know Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, Hans, their parents, the staff and the people of Arendelle better, now everyone is drifting even further away from us. Because the background story of Iduna and adgar was very disappointing, they were not saints who had anything to do with magic or knew anything about it or else they would never have closed the gates of Arendelle and tried to hide Elsa's powers from everyone. It was just parents/king and queen who panicked after the incident and therefore acted how they did they didn't know how to get Elsa to control her powers and get ripped off by that troll. The real villians. The animation itself is nice but not good enough for me to give it more than 1 star.
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Born To Fail
Neon_Gold4 July 2020
This movie was unfortunately set up to fail. When a movie is stupidly successful like the first movie was a sequel will really struggle and I think this one does.

This movies plot is more complex than the originals and I don't think it does it any favours. It adds elements that are so unnecessary like a forbidden love for characters that we haven't really met or care about.

It also really leaves most of its characters out to dry. Everyone apart from Elsa is completely useless in this movie they could literally have been cut and nothing would have mattered and it's a shame that they didn't find anything to do with them apart from them dealing with their own issues that are strange and trivial and nothing to do with the original plot and don't really have a resolution.

The songs are really nothing to write home about. They are really boring and charmless. The original movies songs had such character and life and these songs are just like "well I guess we have to sing now". They had one ace and they blew it in the first 15-20 minutes which I don't understand as they must have knew it was the only song as they got a big name to cover it for the credits.

Also it doesn't shock me but Disney had an opportunity to make a statement with this movie and they let it flop. Everyone wanted them to make Elsa not straight and they didn't. It was just basic.

I will say it looked pretty and I liked one song but would I ever watch it again absolutely not.
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A big disappointment
johannafoon25 December 2021
You can clearly see that in this animation they mainly listened to whiners on social media, and that makes this film a chaos and a mess. There is a lot going on in the film but it all makes no sense. Dinsey has tried to do everything "correct" with the thought on the vinegar whiners on the internet and that is a shame because that is the reason that this film has no story and that a lot of characters come across as very annoying or just superfluous so it was better not to make this sequel because this is just a big disappointment, not a worthy sequel. This has nothing to do with Frozen!
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totally disappointing
iffatmeem9 July 2020
Very disappointing. If you have watched frozen's first part, you know your expectation will be a little high. But this movie disappointed me so much from start to end,it's full of nothing but songs & songs,I had to be so patient & tell myself constantly that " probably the ending is better,just wait a bit" & guess what? When I finished this movie, I felt like I just wasted my time.
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Well they tried.
ac-763756 September 2020
Unlike most sequels Disney make, this one tried. I saw the document series and everyone wanted to make this a great film but it ultimately misses the mark. The plot is a mess, new characters are barely used, and the songs aren't as catchy as let it go. Although I still have respect to everyone who had passion making this maybe Disney should consider letting people have more time to fix story problems.
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Boring, weird, and uninspired
myers-551685 January 2021
Boring, weird, and uninspired. Words you'd never think would apply to Disney, but there you go.
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Only a Frozen 3 if is a sequel to Frozen not Frozen 2!
youghh1 January 2022
Worst movie ever made. Instead of coming up with a good story they went on the politically correct route with one exception, Arendelle should have to get a King and Queen so our solo Queen Elsa had to go! Instead of picking up where Frozen left off, they came up with loose pieces that have nothing to do with Frozen. At the end of Frozen Elsa found peace and control over her powers and in Frozen 2 suddenly not anymore. Then there is a "voice" calling Elsa(who was never there like ever before) but who has remained silent all these years and should have remained silent! Queen Elsa always is a human with ice powers in this movie she was just a thing/robot and only her powers. Then there seems to be an 'enchanted forest' out of nowhere that never existed and NOBODY can really remember in all of Frozen and the shorts, but in Frozen 2 suddenly the parents know how to tell stories about it. Does their mother come from there but nobody ever ask that woman where she came from or was she already a lyer back then and then supposedly came to Arendelle without someone looking for her or missing her. Kristoff who grew up with the evil trolls for years but dumped them to life as Anna's lap dog. A grandpa who was 'bad' to that oh-so "good' forgettable Northuldra who were also magically conjured up from somewhere. Oh yeah that grandfather of theirs also magically passed away before his grandchildren were born and nothing about a grandma uhu. Black guard who appeared out of nowhere not seen in Frozen or the shorts how woke do you want it. Even guards who have been locked up for years in that cheaply made-up magical forest, but who have never been missed or wanted by anyone. Spirits that do not exist but where very small children and stupid woke people let their theories loose. Really Disney an ice horse, lizzard and I don't know what else they've tried to use. The evil trolls who used to be all the villians in Frozen without anyone finding out and can just keep going in this movie?! Elsa who can see whole events through water to see that her lying abusive parents secretly went looking for her powers, which they seemed to know all these years but still closed the gates, the staff halved, Elsa gloves have done to conceal it, don't feel it and ensured that Elsa and Anna grew up alone without contact with each other for years. While their 'are mother saved their father from the made-up spirits' Disney tries to end abuse by turning them into loving parents. And the 'Arendelle very bad, Northuldra good' message to cry what dummy came up with this! To also come up with the stupidest piece ever to come up with a bridge to "unite" something well just so they get rid of her and make Queen Elsa disappear and put away as garbage because she no longer fits the Disney picture because there are a few whiners that stalked Disney to get her a girlfriend, so that Queen Elsa cannot be a solo queen or have a boyfriend (her king in her life) for example Prince Hans. So Queen Elsa has to go away and make way for Anna and Kristoff while Anna isn't a Queen (she would just sacrifice Arendelle and the citizens all for herself through big moving stones that came out of nowhere and a dam built by Grandpa (no one ever saw before) but never stood there before in Frozen and the shorts came up badly again), this is really disgusting! If anyone in this movie should have left Arendelle, it was Anna and Kristoff. Queen Elsa should finally build something up after the end of Frozen finally no more fear of hurting anyone with her powers she should have had a new coronation party she loves her people and i can't imagine Arendelle would just accept that their queen would just go away to a non-existent forest of stupid ugly Honeymarens (who, by the way, should have been kept locked up, are really not missed). Nothing you see in this film has anything to do with Frozen everything you see here is made up and makes absolutely no sense at all. It's like an incomplete puzzel with way to many missing pieces. The only thing they had done right for a few minutes was let Olaf die but yeah woke movie so he just came back. With this film Disney completely misses the point and that makes me angry because Frozen is a fantastic film that just deserves a great sequel! One with Queen Elsa, Princess Anna, Sven, Prince Hans, staff of Arendelle, people of Arendelle, the Duke of Wesselton, kristoff, and with a real background and not a woke story about their parents because Frozen 2 makes them abusers! That white ghost dress and hair loose doesn't fit Elsa at all.
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Boring and uninteresting!
miwnter31 December 2021
I just saw this movie on Disney+ and find it the most boring and uninteresting movie ever. If you watch this movie than it's an hour and a half of your life that you'll never get back and you gonna be very confused. I have a strong feeling that the positive reviews here are paid by Disney to make the movie look a bit better because I can't imagine anyone liking this garbadge!
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Weak story & wrong message
ga-6208214 November 2021
What this movie is saying is that if you're "different" then you have to leave to an unknown place in the middle of nowhere even if you're the queen of a country!! The story is just very weak and empty with no character development, changed personality's and a lot of things that made absolutely no sence at all. I felt very confused and left with no answer to Frozen only with more questions. This whole movie sucks with a depressing a end. I don't think the makers understand the message of the first movie😢.
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