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Stuck in the shadow of the original
bennyroemer29 June 2020
Having seen both the first Frozen and Frozen 2 as an adult, my perspective might be different from others, but I have to say I actually like the second one better. The music is more interesting, the message is less simple and cheesy, and the effects are stunning. Granted, the story is a little complicated, but only enough to make it interesting. And let me say it again, the music is definitely better! Into the Unknown, Lost in the Woods, Show Yourself, and even the lullaby are moving, humorous, or epic pieces, and even the songs not mentioned by name here are at the very least good as well. Expectations were high for this movie after the first and I think some people expected something a little lighter and more fun, but this sequel certainly still has moments of humor and is a truly beautiful story.
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Anti climactic.
olivejeanblair21 November 2019
Frozen II felt unsatisfying. There was lots of build up to a very short climax that felt way too easy and simple. I kept expecting another adventure which never came. The film feels short and unfinished. That said, the animation is absolutely gorgeous and I did find the film quite funny. If you go into this with low expectations I think you'll enjoy yourself.
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A Glorified, Animated Outline
phoenixnslick8 December 2019
Your kids will love it, there's no doubt about that. There is serious talent behind the song writers and performers and animation team. The plotline itself is very well done, the issue was it's execution. For a film almost two hours long, everything was rushed. The film can only be described as an outline on paper that was made into film without the flesh between. Frozen 2 hardly gave the audience time to process one scene before we were thrown into another. Character motivations and emotions were traded for comedy relief in the form of Olaf, the sentient equivalent of "exposition".

This film fails to narrate how a character got to a certain point, why this and that transpired, and the motivations behind each party, however overly narrates the message of the film quite literally through Olaf exposition as mentioned above.

After being such a strong character in the first installment, Anna fell short and her emotions were conflicting (and not in the good way). Kristoff's only purpose in the film was to find a way to ask Anna a very serious question, Olaf had no other purpose or journey and while Elsa's journey was the saving grace, the film portrayed itself as if it had cut out 30 minutes of important back story and character decision making. This film lacked the emotion of the first, a sense of thrill, dread, traded in for series of beautiful visuals and fluid animation.

The score was good but not memorable. The animation was absolutely stunning. From a child's perspective, the film would be given a 10/10, but from a film review standpoint, Frozen 2 failed to deliver.
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Amazing visually but weak storywise
mukul190421 November 2019
Before I say anything, let me tell you that some girls were crying around my seats, so I think movie hits its demograhy.

I liked the visuals of the movie, it looks amazing, better than first one. There's lot more going on happening in the movie and it's just 1hour 50 mins long, so a lot of arcs are very rushed and convenient. There are scenea where one character tells the other that this is what they have to do, to get something, with no explanation or reasons. There's lot of, I mean lots of, exposition. Characters tell the stories, tell something they just know or feel and flashbacks or hallucinations kind-of stuff.

But this is a movie aimed to kids, and it's okay if the story wasn't technically sound. But for adults, this movie might be too silly at times.

About the songs, this time expectations were high, and I didn't like a single song from movie. There were times when I felt they just ripped off their own song from previous movie, let it go. Like last time, no song connected emotiolly with the character, but they're well performed.

Kudos to animation team, voice actors, art-designers. Not so much for writers and screen play writers.
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Great animations, poor story
lodewijkmdv22 December 2019
The animations where great, the story very poor. It is better to have a great story and poor animations than the other way around. The story was needlessly complicated for children and not able to catch the audience.
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The story is very weak...
john_amend_all29 December 2019
This movie is filled with songs all over the place because it has almost no story - same crap as Beauty and the beast 2.
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Performance and visuals were decent, but writing problems made it pretty poor overall.
kristophergrows2 December 2019
Wooden dialogue was otherwise we'll delivered. An excessive number of outright bad songs (with only one exception) were none the less well sung.

Character arcs and motivations were rudimentary, though at least they were not out-of-character. Yet the overall narrative barely held together as a coherent story, from its entirely literal call to adventure then through one contrived conflict and convenient solution after another, ending a series of underwhelming climaxes.

Poor writing was the problem, the screenwriting and the songwriting. There were decent ideas throughout the film that consistently failed in their implementation. It made for a film trying but failing to punch well above it's weight, more like a direct-to-video Aladdin sequel with higher production values then the unexpected breakout success of Frozen.
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It's all about change. If you think the teasers are somewhat dark, Frozen 2 will deliver that,. And a good sequel I would say.
SomeDisneyGuy20 November 2019
(This has a post-credit scene in case you're wondering)

The songs are great. Especially Kristoff's song, an 80's jam as Jonathan Groff would say it. Even the animation looks like an 80's music video which I find funny. Olaf's comedic skits are even funnier. For Into the Unknown, not as catchy as Let it Go but time will tell. The animation, the best. Elsa got even beautifuller. If you saw the water animation you would see *much* more of that. The story is bigger, questions are answered, but there are some points that look silly. The plot is predictable but personally I enjoyed it.

The only thing I'm having a hard time agreeing with is the ending.
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Atrocious, became like torture watching it.
MovieNinjaGuy22 December 2019
One incoherent nonsense mess that felt like the story was being made up as it went along. The end credits with about 6-8 different writers perhaps explained the reason for that.

Nothing like the first movie based on Hans Christian Anderson's Snow Queen. No charm and characters such as Olaf were simply irritating and I couldn't care if any of them would have lived or died except for Kristoff. When the movie was trying to produce drama and characters were crying I felt nothing.

Kristoff's song "Lost in the woods" and sequence were pretty good, the rest of the movie consisted of completely irritating songs that lacked rhyming where necessary. A character will start singing and I was thinking "oh no, not another song". How long is this going on for?

Gets a 2 from me, literally one point above minimum for Kristoff's song.

Totally doesn't deserve the success it's had. Patronising nonsense. 6 years in the making and this is just a complete disgrace.
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I want to see the movie that was portrayed in the trailer...
joeygrigorian22 November 2019
Warning: Spoilers
As much as I hate to say this, aside from the gorgeous visuals, the plot; third act, was VERY poor. Nothing really happens. There is no threat, no villain, no obstacle...Elsa wanders off to a 'fortress of solitude' type place where she dies? or freezes? Anna sings about her grief, the song itself was great but I couldn't feel anything for her because Elsa's outcome was very ambiguous? Anna is set out to do something that could set Elsa free but....there are no consequences which was mentioned about a hundred times..."the water will destroy Arendelle..." and all of a sudden Elsa comes out of nowhere and stops the flood. It was too rushed, and the plot itself was not fulfilling, AT ALL.
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Absolutely brilliant!
christener-leigh8 March 2020
Those who stated it doesn't have a storyline couldn't have watched the same film I did. Olaf struggling with growing-up is huge deal for kids and adults too. It's about loving each other and respecting what we have. It also teaches us to not let fear take over and create darkness. It teaches us to not judge! My god I could go on for ages! I'm in my 20s and loved this sequel, there was so much to take from it. All you have to do is listen
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Worth it for the Visuals, but plot wise all over the place.
tmd-643-82781823 November 2019
This is a beautiful movie, and Elsa's journey is a powerful one to watch. But outside of this it's narrative is completely unfocused and none of the character moments are given the time they deserve on screen. It seems that it's trying to be more adult with more lore and a darker tone, but also still gives Olaf an unnecessary about of screen time doing things that the little kids would laugh at. The pacing also feels quite rushed, even by kids movie standards. You could have cut 20 minutes out of this movie and it would have been just as good.
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A Change From The First
AustinOswald14 November 2019
It's not hard to imagine how big this movie will be. I, as well as many others, am a huge fan of the first film and the short films that followed it. Frozen II has a different feel to it. While the first film was brimming with quirky moments, the follow up feels a little more mature in its plot and themes. This story heavily centers around the importance of change, even if that means letting go. Throughout the film, I found myself dazzled with the quality and beauty of the visuals that the animation team laid out. The story, for me, felt a little flat, however. I think the writing team missed the mark when trying to achieve the same quirkiness from the original. With the more dramatic path the writers chose to take, also came more epic musical numbers and effects. Sure there were still plenty of humorous moments, but I personally felt myself longing for more. I also find irony in the fact that this film centers around change and the overall feel of the film felt like a major shift from the first. I do think this film will still appeal to many others and I, myself, am still very excited to watch it a second time. Overall, I'd say this film found success in what it was trying to achieve and the message it was trying to send to its viewers, but couldn't quite live up to the whimsicality of the original. While not as good as the first, it's still a film you will want to take your family to and is a great addition to the Frozen franchise. 7/10
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Nothing Original
mgentalen24 November 2019
Let me state before I go further, I loved the original. The original had heart, warmth, re playable songs. Maybe I saw the original too much and expected the same? Maybe between Frozen and Frozen 2 there were one too many shorts?

I can't even tell you what the plot for Frozen 2 is about, and I just SAW it. The plot is literally all over the place. As everyone states, the only great thing about Frozen 2 is the superb animation,, but the story is dry.

The songs are not memorable or catchy as the original. I didn't feel any love in Frozen 2, this definitely feels another quick " let's make a fast Billion dollars again!" Even the new actors feel "miscasted".Sterling K Brown, great actor, felt off in this. It felt there was poor direction.
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Feels like a fever dream
nose_ffd_po24 November 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Way too many songs, none of them were catchy like let it go The water horse didn't make sense and was unexplained The secondary characters are so forgettable you probably already forgot they existed The Olaf dying scene was unnecessary, even kids knew he would come back The most memorable moment of this movie was when it ended I saw like 20 people in the cinema waking up, more than half of the cinema room fall asleep YES ITS THAT BAD.
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It Was Like the Writer Was Another Person if You Think the First Movie
eleftheriaxatzhgeorgiou15 December 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Well i think this is the worst movie sequel, this movie destroyed the first one. If you see the trailer you think that the movie will be awesome. NOT EVEN CLOSE MY FRIEND. All the main characters apart from Olaf are changed, what i mean...Well Anna is so annoying, all the time she is complaining and Christoffer is not brave and active in this movie the only thing he's thinking is how to ask Anna to marry him. Elsa is so... sensitive and not independent at all. Also the plot isn't exist, all the time they're singing and the end is a trash. I'll try to forget this movie and keep in my mind only the first movie. If they had tried more maybe the movie was nice.
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Stunning Visuals, Wonderful Songs, Hilarious and Emotional
psykosean23 November 2019
This. This was the sequel I was HOPING for. I was in tears of every variety for the majority of the film. The animation was flawless, the songs were abundant and wonderful (nothing quite as earwormy as Let It Go, though) and the laughter was non-stop.

The character growth was also a treat. I didn't expect that, especially from a character like Olaf.

All the negative reviews I see complain about it either being too dark or all over the place. It was neither. Sure, it had some darkness to it, but so does life, and like most moments in life, their is a shining bright light waiting on the other side, even if it's not the ending I would have expected.

And to those saying it was all over the place? It wasn't, if you bothered to pay attention. But most of you are adults who write off every animated feature as children's fare and don't really care to pay attention. And that is because you've lost the child inside. You've forgotten how to feel joy and excitement and embrace it like you did as a child. You confuse your contentedness with your children's happiness with actual joy and live vicariously through them than embracing what's inside of you and living your own happiness yourself. And for that, I pity you all.
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Not as expected
lixinyue-6515926 November 2019
Frozen I was a great movie Frozen II was a grandiose movie. The story literally lead my friend and I into the unknown; both of us didn't understand it at all.

Music is okay but not that impressive. No story line at all. It's a good movie for anyone who only want to watch Elsa sing for 100 minutes.
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agirlisinspired1 December 2019
Warning: Spoilers
I had high hopes for this movie to be honest. I'm not the biggest fan of the first movie but that one seems like a masterpiece compared to this. What was the point of Elsa accepting her role as the Queen in the first movie if she was just going to live in a magical forest at the end? I get that they tried to give her powers a backstory but it just feels so forced and off, the worldbuilding they tried to do doesn't feel natural. It felt like there were so many things missing, there was no evil that had to be defeated, no big character arc, nothing. Everything happened so fast and then it was just over. The entire movie acts like there's gonna be this big climax that's gonna make everything worthwhile but that doesn't happen.
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Money making, significantly forgettable and boring.
dagallop28 December 2019
The first movie was memorable, this one should be lost into the trail of time, please.

I was impressed with the animators attention to detail but that isn't enough. When you pay four times as much for concessions in a movie theater than you would pay in a store for candy, I would like to feel as if the level of entertainment was higher in the theater, but frankly I feel that people watching in a supermarket would be more stimulating than this lame story.

What happened to the music? The first was truly great for the music, scores, themes and vocals, this one; "pity that didn't have a song like the first one" was a comment from someone leaving the theater. I feel the same.

Synopsis: It doesn't have an original story, it's piecemeal of all sorts of others, it doesn't have a great music score, it doesn't even have any of the humor of the first. If you are impressed by attention to detail and animators, go watch it.
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A tasteless cash grab
owenpdjohnson30 December 2019
Warning: Spoilers
In a nutshell, Elsa becomes an airbender. The first 10 minutes, which are incredibly rushed, reveal far too much, leaving the audience in disappointment as to the build up. Were given our mission, and our characters.

The four main obstacles occur to about 20 minutes of the run time total, with the rest of the film being (for a lack of better description) 'nothingy.' there was a big missed opportunity for else and Anna to explore the kingdom, but instead Disney decided to make it all the same. Granted, there was a cool shipwreck and some nice features such as the bridge, but the world was rather disappointingly plain.

The final battle (although looking stunning) was nothing special. The build up and the soundtrack truly big it up too much. Not to mention the songs, so forgettable and do many of them. Whilst "let it go" was never my thing, it was catchy, and easy to sing along to. With the sequels "into the unknown" being (questionably) the main song, it's surprisingly drab.

And finally theres the cliche ending of them all living happily ever after, but with the proposal added in as another unnecessary event to make the audience scream "awh!"

There were some good things however, being the overall pleasant nature-esque aesthetic. and the animation does look brilliant as well. Even Olaf had a few comedic moments too. Other than that, it was a huge mess if a plot, with wrong priorities, an over the top story, and possibly the most disappointing movie of the year.
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Not Worth The Six-Year Wait
CinemaClown2 December 2019
Disney's Frozen was truly a delightful surprise. It was an extravagant celebration of the studios' own legacy and its musical traditions from across the eras but no one expected it to be the phenomenon that it became & it left a cultural impact that was undeniably unforeseen. Six years later, Frozen II surfaces with hopes of repeating the same feat yet nearly everything about it is inferior to the original.

A visually breathtaking yet narratively hollow sequel that lacks the freshness of the first film and is a step down in storytelling quality too, Frozen II does have a few things working in its favour but it is not the follow-up chapter that's able to validate its existence. The film is a passable effort at best that manages to mask its shortcomings with spellbinding animation but the effect doesn't last for long this time around.

Unlike its predecessor, a lot of its musical numbers end up affecting the narrative flow and aren't that catchy either. Anna & Elsa's arc remains captivating, plus the sisterhood bond is strong as ever but the other characters, both new & returning, are a letdown. Even the humour goes downhill, diving into silliness at times, and the only aspect that keeps its afloat is the photorealistic animation that provides the film its mesmerising beauty.

Devoid of the enchanting flavour & invigorating aura that made Frozen a classic for the new generation, Frozen II does steer into darker territory as it should and even had an interesting premise about mending the cracks left by forefathers in addition to Elsa's search for her origins but it fails to balance it all in a fascinating fashion and doesn't dig enough to strike a heartfelt chord. A rather safe attempt if anything, Walt Disney Animation's latest isn't worth the 6-year wait.
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Disney What Have You Done ?
ymyuseda27 November 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Rating 2.6/10 I will admit, I am not a fan of animated films, but this movie was not very entertaining even considering that. The story was silly and the progression of the story was very lazy. This movie had no magic, no emotion & no soul. The songs were atrocious !! I wouldn't watch it again, but a lot of people will probably like it.
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Amazing Visuals, Convoluted Story
hlahorner30 November 2019
The animation in Frozen II is stunning. The level of detail and flow is a triumph. The story, however, is preachy and forced. Anna is annoyingly controlling and overprotective. All of the songs are overwrought and not really memorable, and the characters sing a lot. No need to buy this one, one viewing is enough.
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I don't usually post reviews but felt the need to because of some people bashing this movie. I thought it was as great as the first. It just leaves you with so many emotions.
MovieWatcherGuy162 December 2019
I'm not sure why some people say it sucked. I went with my nephew and I thought the story was good and kept me intrigued throughout and had so many emotions, great visuals and was as good if not better than the first. I would def. Recommend this movie if you liked the 1st one! The characters from Frozen are awesome!
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