Frozen II (2019) Poster


Jonathan Groff: Kristoff



  • [from trailer] 

    Anna : Has Elsa seemed weird to you?

    Kristoff : She... seems like Elsa.

  • Elsa : Anna, now I have my powers to protect me, you don't.

    Anna : Excuse me, I climbed the North Mountain, survived a frozen heart, and saved you from my ex-boyfriend. And I did it all without powers. So, you know, I'm coming.

    Kristoff : Me too. I'll drive.

    Olaf : I'll bring the snacks!

  • Anna : I'm sorry I left you behind. I was just so desperate to protect her.

    Kristoff : I know, I know. It's okay. My love is not fragile.

  • Kristoff : Anna, you are the most extraordinary person I've ever known. I love you with all that I am. Will you marry me?

  • Kristoff : [Immediately after Kristoff saves Anna from being crushed by the Earth Giants]  I'm here. What do you need?

  • Kristoff : [sung]  Reindeers are better than people. Sven why is love so hard?

    Sven : [sung]  You feel what you feel, and those feelings are real. Come on Kristoff, let down your guard.

  • Olaf : [Excited for a chance to play a game]  Who's into trivia?

    Olaf : [When no one else answers]  I am!

    Olaf : [to Anna]  Did you know that water has memory? True fact.

    [Turns to Elsa] 

    Olaf : It's disputed by many, but it's true.

    Olaf : [to Kristoff]  Did you know that men are six times more likely to be struck by lightning?

    Olaf : [to Anna and Elsa as they pass more mountains]  Did you know gorillas burp when they're happy?

    Olaf : [to Kristoff as they round a narrow cliff]  Did you know we blink four million times a day?

    Olaf : [to Sven]  Did you know that wombats poop squares?

    Kristoff : [Turning around exasperated, as dusk falls]  Did you know that sleeping on long journeys prevents insanity?

    Olaf : [laughing hysterically]  Yeah, that's not true.

    Kristoff : It is.

    Elsa : [Quickly chiming in]  Definitely true.

    Anna : [Hurriedly]  It's the truth.

    Olaf : [Subdued after Sven also moans in agreement]  Well, that was unanimous--but I will look it up when we get home.

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