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Predictable but mildly entertaining.
Greenzombidog6 March 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Last girl standing starts with the ending of a slasher film. We see the final girl of a slashers bloody aftermath dispatch the killer and escape with her life. We then pick up a few years later where the girl has become an unsociable and quite unlikeable social outcast. Distancing herself from everyone at work until the handsome new slacker guy arrives and oddly takes a liking to her. He then tries to integrate her into his circle of friends, just as things start to happen that could mean the return of the antler headed murderer from the intro.

My main problem with this film is that the lead character is so poorly written and unlikeable as well as being obviously bats**t crazy. So crazy in fact that you can guess the ending at least 20 minutes into the movie. The one member of the group of friends who points this out is ignored because she's quite obviously the bitch character, but I still liked her more than the main girl. In fact everyone in the movie is more likable than our heroine. I can't understand why they keep her around, maybe its because batsh**t crazy is the one stereotype not yet taken in the group.

The film is well made, well directed and it also has a pretty cool soundtrack. The gore scenes at the beginning and towards the end are really well done, with what looks like mostly if not all practical effects. I really wanted to like this movie more than I did. I think maybe I was just hoping for more because I liked the premise of the movie so much. Hopefully someone else can take this idea and make a better movie.
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Woman being chased by a jack-a-lope
vmalast15 October 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Oh, this movie was so very lame. As other reviewers stated, the lead actress was so boring and uninteresting that you never cared if she was killed or not. I'm not sure if this is a spoiler or not but, I should have known how horrible this film was when the killer is dressed up as an overgrown jack-a-lope. For those of you that don't know what a jack-a-lope is, it's something that a taxidermist put together buy using the head of a jackrabbit and the horns of an antelope (as a joke). Which is what this movie is.
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My Review of "Last Girl Standing"
ASouthernHorrorFan24 October 2015
Benjamin R. Moody's story is a dark, cynical next chapter in the final girl persona. Although the film starts with a strong, gory opening it soon turns to Indie driven character study with lofty amounts of solemn atmosphere. The cast get into their characters and for the most part give strong performances. They play up the quirky but familiar stereotypes nicely. "Last Girl Standing" goes into a deep drama mode after the first scenes, but it is an evenly paced, tense rise to a bloody climax.

The special effects are worth watching the film. It is bloody, and gory and brutal. It has all the elements of giallo, grindhouse, and splatter gore neatly tied up in one hell of a bloody third act. The middle moves toward atmospheric, and macabre thriller, but the story is strong, and the blood is gore is in your face. Definitely a big plus for "Last Girl Standing". I do think the suspense and intensity could have contained more power, but whateve, all in all this is a good, indie American giallo horror that most indie fans will dig.
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dlfausset2 May 2017
The other reviewers have been very generous with their scores. I really can't see anything of merit in this movie.

The plot is extremely poor, spending a long time to build to the easily predictable ending. Human interaction is very forced and unnatural. I was irritated throughout the movie by it's stupid events and ridiculous character reactions.

I've seen a lot of bad movies but generally 90% of them have some kind of redeeming element even if it's just unintentionally funny. This movie really doesn't have anything. The entire production was unimaginative and bland.
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Left me feeling underwhelmed
fairlesssam24 July 2017
This film left me completely underwhelmed. The leading character (Camryn) is bland and unengaging. Yes she has been through a lot but still there is nothing that instills any feeling about her or her mundane life. She is portrayed somewhat like a blank slab, nothing there, no personality, no relationships, just an air of utter misery.

Whilst camping her friends are murdered by a serial killer known as The Hunter. She ends up killing him. As the lone survivor she is shown living a stifled, mundane and lonely existence working as a laundry attendant. A new man (Nick) begins working at the launderette and attempts to interact with Camryn. Slowly Nick gains Camryn's trust and she begins mixing with him and his friends.

The hideous negativity that happened to Camryn in the woods has followed her into her current life and bad things happen as she tries to form new friendships.

I can see what the director was trying to achieve, to focus on the survivor and how the hideous events have affected her and her life. I didn't think it worked awfully well.
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Standing Still
scythertitus30 May 2016
I'll start off by saying that this isn't a bad movie, it is very detail orientated and the camera work is highly immersive to where you get to feel for the main character and can enjoy most of her struggle. The problem is that in this immersion we are given very little to actually identify with in the character, who is literally only defined by her one traumatic experience that the movie opens up with, we learn nothing else about her or who she is. This means that the film never really rises above a certain level and could have done with an extra few minutes in the beginning to give us some idea of who this girl was before everything happened to her.

Aside from this there are some problems in terms of pacing and story since the movie takes a painful amount of time to show the audience what it already knows, or at least highly suspects. This wouldn't be so bad if it all then paid off in some unexpected way, but it mostly goes the same way as any psychological drama in this vein and ends with the same conclusions that have been gone over many times before. I will say that the third act is executed very well despite its predictable nature and there are definite moments where this film shows that it has potential, it is just overall too basic and shallow in meaning to really get beyond a certain level.

Overall this film has some definite strengths and is worth a watch due to its camera work, acting and directing. With other eyes on the writing this concept could have been executed better, but it needs more fleshed out characters and a slightly less tired plot to have matched up with the style it possesses. I still enjoyed it but it is hard to recommend because it is not enough drama or horror to specifically appeal to fans of either genre and both will probably find it lacking unless they have very particular tastes.
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Predictable & Full of clichés
Orpheus_Unlimited5 April 2016
The movie starts with a brutal massacre a-la-Jason-Voorhees courtesy of a masked man called "The Hunter". In this sequence we receive the first batch of slasher movies clichés, last "heroine" and all. Of course, she kills the bad guy (obviously) and from there we jump 4-5 years into that last survivor's life.

Camryn is just a typical girl struggling with all the aftermath of that horrible experience. But, unlike what we see in most of these girls in other movies (the last survivor trying to go on with her life), she is a very shy and almost obnoxious kind of girl. No new friends, no nothing...except for her job.

Aside for the daily nightmares, everything is OK in her life until one day Nick arrives to her job, as the new cashier. And then, all of a sudden and without any sort of rational explanation, weird things start to happen and Camryn's life goes to hell.

At that point, we receive a new batch of clichés: now for a "is it real or not?" type of thriller.

And then...13 minutes before the movie ends we need to endure the beginning of one of the worst endings I have ever seen.

The only "redeeming value" of this movie are the practical FX for the killings. They're pretty good, especially for an indie flick.

Unfortunately, the rest of the movie is complete garbage. The movie is predictable as hell, so much that there's simply no way that anyone will not know how it will end. It's just a matter of "expertise" at these kind of movies: if you've seen a lot of them you can predict that lame ending more than an hour before it arrives. If this is the first time you see one of these then you'll see the ending coming 15-20 minutes before. And if no matter who the viewer is he/she can predict the ending from miles have a very very bad movie in your hands.

Other than the aforementioned FX dept. Writer/Director Benjamin R. Moody can't seem to do anything "right": photography is bad, the script is awful, acting is weak and it doesn't have one shred of originality. Anywhere.

The concept of "What happens to the final girl after the credits roll?" is very interesting and has the potential for greatness. Unfortunately this movie does it in an uninteresting and very dull way. Suffice to say that if you've seen a lot of slasher movies in your life then you've basically seen this one. Because although it may seem like an original idea, the way Mr. Moody did it is just...well the opposite of that.

And if you were thinking "well, at least it's a scary movie"...well no, it has nothing actually scary in it, except for maybe 60-90 seconds of mildly "scary" stuff.

Don't waste your time with this movie. It's boring as hell, as derivative as a high school project and has almost nothing to offer.
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Answers a question that nobody asked
Leofwine_draca29 August 2016
Apparently the director's reason for making this cheap, independent slasher movie was the question "what happens to the final girl after the credits roll?". He answers his own question in a no budget way in this derivative and uninteresting movie, that seems to hinge on a familiar old twist that I already saw played out - better - in previous slasher sequels and the like. It's hardly original.

Akasha Villalobos plays the sole survivor of a massacre at the hands of a bizarrely-costumed killer in the film's opening sequence. She struggles to adapt to normal life afterwards, but ends up alienating herself from her social group. The problem the viewer has is that the character is completely unlikeable and as an actress Villalobos is quite horrible, never displaying a moment of emotion despite her character's ordeal.

Of course it transpires that the bloodshed isn't over yet as LAST GIRL STANDING hinges on a major twist ending involving another killer. The cheap gore effects flow freely here but the twist itself is quite laughable and overstated. Sadly this is a film that never quite manages to overcome a lack of talent and budget and ends up being completely forgettable as a result.
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Worth watching
mjsreg15 November 2016
I don't know why others have felt this movie deserves such negativity in their reviews.

The story is good and the acting and technical aspects of the film are professional and of a high standard.

I found I was drawn into the story as each actor played their character brilliantly - especially the gorgeous Akasha Villalobos and stunning Danielle Evon Ploeger.

The film won't win any awards for flashy special effects or groundbreaking technical work - but its not that kind of film. It is a solid, well-made movie which tells a believable story.
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A Nice Change of Pace for Horror
dcarsonhagy26 December 2016
Warning: Spoilers
I caught this one On-Demand. I purchased with much trepidation, giving the synopsis of the story. Several other films have been made with this story line and most have failed...MISERABLY. Such is not the case here.

"Last Girl Standing" opens with a single female fighting for her life against a brutal killer only known as "The Hunter." Seems for whatever reason (this is never completely explained), he was preparing some sort of ritual and had already offed most of her camping party. She gets away--not before being brutalized herself-- and the story moves five years ahead.

Working at a laundry house, she is trying to get on with her life but refuses to actually live. If that's not bad enough, it seems "The Hunter" has returned to claim his only surviving victim. That is as far as I will go with the plot line.

Suffice it to say, this movie made me feel like some sort of amateur detective. I will not lie and tell you I had it all figured out (like I tend to do...), but I completely missed this boat on this one. There are several red herrings thrown out here, and I fell for every one of them! The only main problem with the film is I would have liked to known more about the survivor.

For a movie done on what I would this was a bargain-basement budget, this entertained me way more than say, oh, Zombie's latest turd (a/k/a "31"). Rated "R" for graphic violence, nudity, and language, I recommend "Last Girl Standing."
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A very interesting ensemble
mjconway124 June 2018
My rating was waffling between 6 and 7, so I rounded up because I both enjoyed it and respect what was done with a small budget. I had no idea this was a Kickstarter funded movie, until the credits rolled.

I DVR'd this movie, months ago, and like most of the things I record, they sit there, waiting to get deleted or watched later. I originally came to IMDB and saw a lot of reviews stating that this movie was boring or not that good. But, a few positive reviews kept me from deleting it, so it sat...

Last night, I was channel surfing and this movie was on. I was only going to watch a minute or two, but It was right around the part where Nick introduces Camryn to his roommates. I soon realized that I was getting drawn in and was interested in seeing more of these characters, so I loaded up the DVR'd version and started from the beginning. I'm glad I did, otherwise, I would have missed the whole setup!

I got sucked in because of Camryn's predicament and how well fleshed out all the characters were, right down to the boss and complaining customer. Nick's friends include the bitchy, elitist, Maelyn, the compassionate, but clingy, Hannah, the responsible paying roommate and undergrad student, Danielle (also played by someone named Danielle), purist and woodworking artist, Tyler, a likeable moocher, named Griffin, and of course the leads, Nick and Camryn, played by people with the same last name. Was it a brother and sister? As it turns out the onscreen couple happen to be married in real life. "Whew!"

Nick is a person who could be the killer, or who could just be an empathetic guy, who has his act together. Camryn has survivor's guilt and nightmares. The lead up to the finale was good. While I didn't really like where the story ended up, it made sense. There are some gory moments, but only during a few sequences.

If you snip off the beginning and end of the movie, there is not a lot in the way of horror or action. That's not a fault, as I found the characters and interactions to be interesting and genuine. It was that interaction which motivated me to watch the movie from the beginning. I do agree with another reviewer's point, that the beginning of this movie could have benefited from a few more introductory moments. It still works well, though.

Overall, it was decently produced. Good electronic music score and some cool background songs. The cinematography and editing (particularly some recurring transitions to images of the killer) were pretty good. Nice gore effects. Most of all, I liked the way the director and actors presented these characters.
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Slasher with a twist.
paul-ayres-6078411 September 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Not a bad slasher movie and reasonably well acted. I didn't expect the twist so that was a nice surprise.
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Good start. Predictable but decent ending. Tedious Middle.
gemandeye16 March 2017
I like independent films and don't try to compare them to Hollywood blockbusters with big budgets unless they deservedly out do the latter. I especially love horror. I enjoy independent horror sometimes way more than anything Hollywood could produce. Unfortunately, in this case it was not the result. I've been interested in seeing this film after reading about it and seeing it won some independent film awards. The movie starts off very good. Gory slasher, even if a bit cliché, but it was a nice stat. Then it just died into an abysmal tedious 45 plus minutes of drama, non sense talking, scenes that didn't fit, and could go on but like the movie I don't want to bore you here in the middle. But nothing happens. Then the last 15 minutes picks up were the beginning left off as a good gory slasher, again even if predictable and cliché. If you want t add this to horror movies that you have seen by all meas watch it. It is definitely not the worst. If you choosenot to, you are not missing anything.
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I'm not crazy
nogodnomasters15 September 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Camryn (Akasha Villalobos) is the Final Girl from a woods slasher cultist wearing a large mutant Jack-a-lope skin on his head near Austin, Texas. He is called "The Hunter" (Jason Vines) and performed rituals. Four years later she is a socially dysfunctional loner working at a cleaners doing laundry. She has reality issues, seeing and hearing things that no one else sees. She is befriended by Danielle (Danielle Evon Ploeger) who shares with Camryn her own horrific experience. She helps Camryn get closure in a rather unorthodox scene. Camryn has a mutual attraction for Nick (Brian Villalobos) the new guy at work.

The film starts out with a classic slasher scene, perhaps a bit over-the-top and settles down in a psychological character study of a PTSD trauma, until the end when we find out what is really going on. It was a fairly decent film that builds characters. Minor criticisms would be if you give a girl a name that means "bent nose" she needs to have a bent nose. How much does it cost to break and reset a nose so it is crooked? Second choice would be to change the name of the lead to Jaelyn or Caden. The main screw up was they showed us Camryn was a runner and never worked that into the ending. Why bother? Trying to get 90 into the can and print? Akasha Villalobos delivered the goods. She made the film. The shooting,direction, and sound was professional, unlike so many indies out there. Sound track was even decent. Worth a watch.

Guide: F-word. Near sex. No nudity.
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Enjoyed the movie... BUT....
sundayheaven21 March 2016
i enjoyed this movie , the concept was new and refreshing to me ... i don't normally write reviews as i enjoy ALL kinds of movies , as long as they serve their purpose of entertaining me then i tend to give a movie two thumbs up so my opinion on the quality of this movie doesn't mean a s much as someone that rates and reviews for a living, but i had one small problem with this movie....

That unmarked grave that is mentioned in the newspapers several times is WAyy too shallow ... after 4 years buried that shallow the coffin would be exposed ... other than that good movie but that bothered me sooo much i HAD to write this review about it pretty sure that this is NOT a spoiler as it has nothing to do with eh plot of the story...
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A nice original take on the style
kannibalcorpsegrinder6 March 2017
Having survived a brutal serial killer, a woman attempts to get back to her daily life and routine with a set of friends from her work to help her get through it only for her beliefs that he's still hunting her to force her into extreme actions to save her friends from the killer.

This was quite an intriguing and enjoyable take on the slasher formula. One of the film's best features is the fact that there's quite an original and intriguing storyline here that answers a rather important question not many really have answered. One of the more believable aspects here is that this one explores the idea of a tormented and traumatized survivor which makes for a really interesting storyline about her abilities to cope with the situation and how it has now impacted her life, an idea that really needed exploring and features some rather novel ideas about what happens afterward. Her paranoia and delusions about what's happened manifests in not only the extreme isolation in her life but also plenty of rather nice freak-outs about whether or not he's really come back including the scenes of her at the laundromat or hanging out with them at the bar when he appears to her which all showcase the extreme lengths she's fallen to in her current state. Aside from this, there's still plenty to enjoy here with the film's rather stylish action, which starts with the concluding moments of the chase at the beginning which signals the start of her condition out in the woods where she finds the bodies of her friends and has to deal with the killer attacking her in order to get away, the few freak-outs she has while at her work with the thought of the killer attacking her as well as the scenes of them at the art gallery where it's proved that she was psychotic all along and goes after them in the gallery which has some solid stalking and slashing that's really nice and brutal. These here are quite nice enough although it is somewhat troubled. The biggest issue is that for the most part, this one doesn't really play like a true horror film rather than anything else. This one is really more of a character drama more than a horror film so for nearly all the movies' running time it doesn't do much of anything throughout here and seems to be a character study that doesn't contain all that much action at all. This isn't a huge detriment but it's more of one for those that like more traditional fare rather than this one.

Rated R: Graphic Language and Graphic Violence.
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Spoilers follow ...
parry_na26 August 2016
Warning: Spoilers
There's something faintly disorientating about seeing the 'end' of a horror film at the beginning: already traumatised teens are dying/have died in a series of gorily extravagant ways by what appears to be a killer in a mask before he too is despatched in a moment that might have been more effective if we'd had substantial running time leading up to that point. Although incongruous, such scenes are necessary for this exploration of what happens after the horror is over for the last girl standing – in this case, Camryn (Akasha Villalobos).

The notion of someone trying to rebuild their life after a horrific sequence is usually featured in the first sequel to any slasher film, but here the adjustment provides the thrust of the story. Having awkwardness and insecurities heaped upon her could make for tedious, patience-stretching viewing, but Camryn's subsequent trials prove to be full of sufficient incident to remain interesting. Writing, acting and direction are all very much to be praised for this.

The group's murder, which made the newspaper headlines (according to the clippings Camryn keeps) would, you'd think, have led to the sole survivor being under some sort of ongoing after-care. Therapy or medical monitoring don't seem to be part of Camryn's life. When she meets friendly co-worker Nick (Brian Villalobos), she is very much isolated and on her own. But when Nick's friends become her friends, she is saved from self-pity by the revelation that one of the group, Danielle (Danielle Evon Ploeger) has also suffered her own personal traumas – and it is she who convinces Camryn to revisit the site of her friends' killings, as a form of closure.

There's a tragic inevitability about the final twist. In horror, there is no closure, and while the climactic events are not a massive surprise, they are all the more effective because of the truly persuasive warmth and closeness of the characters. 'The Last Girl Standing' becomes more of a slasher film in its own right rather than an exploration of what happens after one, and there's nothing wrong with that. Part financed by the 'Kickstarter' scheme, this is a very impressive debut for Director/Writer Benjamin R Moody.
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This Movie Lacks Action Until...
b-bro2778 July 2018
This movie is more of a Mystery. That an actual Horror movie. It lacks action. But it's still interesting enough. To watch straight through.The action significantly picks up towards the end. So it gets a 7 out of 10.
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