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Completely Hilarious and Full of Quality
kaangunderen8 October 2015
One Punch Man is one of the funniest and most entertaining anime series I've ever watched in my entire life. Even though it is a newly started anime, the first episode was highly anticipated throughout the anime community, and it was definitely golden in my eyes, with high quality animations and a hilarious story line. The main character, his enemies and the life he lives is a complete mockery of other popular anime plots, both from recent and present anime's. The lines and the dialogs in the episodes are full of puns and jokes, with a satiric sense of comedy injected into them. I highly recommend that you watch this anime, as it will definitely at least bring a smile to your face, and you won't regret the time you spent to watch it.
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Interesting Plot. Likable Characters. Amazing Animation!
newindex5 November 2015
One Punch Man follows a hero that can end all of his fights with one punch, and that makes him so frustrated. Now you might be thinking, what's so interesting about that? Don't you want to see the hero struggling to kill his enemy? Well not this time. Here, you will see a super-overpowered hero struggling to find a stronger enemy, struggling to feel the thrill and adrenaline of the fights he once felt when he was weak. Was his training to become strong not worth it after all?

This anime is so random so the plot is unpredictable, in good ways. The animation and the fight scenes are SUPERB! It has the best fight scenes I have ever seen in all of the animes I have ever watched. Go ahead and watch it! It will be worth your time.
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Definitely a must-watch anime
eerdem9211 November 2015
I didn't know about the anime when its manga existed but many people told me that "this thing is brilliant you gotta read it" and I was like "meh" and didn't bother much. However, recently I saw that the show is being animated and 6 episodes were released and I just wanted to give it a shot. And I was like.. Boom! Absolutely blown away with the first episode and watched all 6 episodes without a break and I can say this is currently the best anime out there you can watch.

The story is about a bald superhero defeating every bad-ass enemy in his way with a single blow. The animation is spectacular(better than any anime made IMO), the jokes and puns are hilarious, most importantly the plot and pacing of the story is so fast and there are definitely zero windy/exaggerated moments scenes. So, every tiny bit of second you watch has a value and NEVER boring since they packed 22 manga episodes into 6 anime episodes so far. I watched over a hundred anime but this is the first one making me impatiently wait for Sundays. Just go and watch it, NOW!
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One Punch Man a must watch
lucasdenomme19 October 2015
This anime which has released a few weeks ago is a masterpiece created by renown anime producer, Madhouse. It sat ires classical anime genre making it an extremely hilarious show which will bring many grins to those who have already watch other anime.

Perhaps the most notable accomplishment of this anime so far is the main hero Saitama who through his plain bald appearance makes us rejoice as he reveals tiny fractions of his power against formidable foes. Combine this with an epic soundtrack, amazingly drawn fight scenes and the badassery that it Saitama you get yourself an awesome anime.
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First episode and I already love it
simone-email20 October 2015
I saw this anime online once and I finally took the time to watch it. Needless to say, the first few episodes are none less than EXCELLENT! It's action packed, funny, has just the right amount of hot people for the classic anime needs. As soon as I watched the first episode I found myself watching all of them and telling all my friends to watch it; it's so amazing, something to be put to the top, next to Death Note or Fullmetal Alchemist, or Dragon Ball Z. Definitely my favorite anime currently. There's not that much to say except that it's definitely a comedy, you'll definitely laugh or have a good chuckle. It is very gory however, not that suitable for younger anime fans. Though if you've watched Neon Genesis Evangelion or Future Diary, this show is most likely in your range of comfort and you'll most likely enjoy this anime as much as I have. Again, great anime so far.
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killakan-0389911 November 2015
This show is one of the best shows I've seen in the anime section. This is a personal opinion but let me tell you why I have it. This show is different than most mainstream anime, it is unique and funny, it will make you laugh every single episode and you will not get bored of it. Moreover, it brings a different type of storyline plus there are next to no anime clichés. The show is smoothly animated and the voice acting is great, at least in my opinion. I have read the manga (aka the comic) and I know what the whole show is about. There will be many more episodes to come if they plan on following the manga. I would recommend this show to every person of every age. The only reason why I wanted to give it 9/10 initially is because the episodes are pretty short. Besides that, it's amazing, a must watch.
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One-Punch Dude
facecht15 November 2015
A new perspective in the Japanese Anime. No mainstream characters, not a cliché story or plot, it has a great potential in becoming even better, personally I didn't read the manga(the comic) and in my opinion this anime show is really watchable and I recommend it to everyone no parental advisory, call them even and watch it together.

Saitama is very interesting character you'll never know what he is going to do next or when is he going to punch the opposer.

Don't hesitate and start watch this great show you won't be disappointed, and you'll thank anyone and everyone who made you watch it.
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A sparkle of sure brilliance
Thomas_sharma25 October 2015
This series has blown me away within the first 3 episodes, it's hilarious, the action is great, the characters are interesting and not to mention its original design. The main thing that i love about this Anime is the potential it has to be something amazing due to the Manga being so excellently written. Its been a long time since i've seen an Anime that has peaked my interest so much, if you are a fan of Anime you will not be disappointed! Saitama (the main protagonist) is hilarious. Anime seems to have peaked recently due to the standard being set by shows such as Attack on Titan and I believe this show will set a new standard for Animes similar to its genre.
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First Season Is a Masterpiece
drewsterwang29 May 2019
Warning: Spoilers
One Punch Man is a send-up of anime series from the past that turns tired tropes on their head and breaks up the regular formula seen in series such as Dragonball Z. The main character, Saitama, doesn't have to struggle, level up, or learn new special attacks to defeat the villains over dozens of episodes. His difficulties are mainly interpersonal and societal as he tries to fit into a world of over-the-top heroes and monsters while remaining hilariously deadpan and clueless in contrast. Highlights are not the fights and monsters, but the depiction of bureaucracy and boring details of everyday life that Saitama goes through. Season 1. 10/10.

Season 2 (8 episodes in so far) is becoming what it used to satirize. We see far less of Saitama and focus shifts to an extremely powerful monster association and the pantheon of heroes fighting agains unbeatable odds to stop them. Saitama is conveniently removed from the action by way of a banal martial arts tournament with his only gag being that he has to keep a wig on his head while fighting. The fights surrounding the bloated cast have become front and center, robbing the series of its originality. Season 2 (so far) 5/10. It would be far funnier to see Saitama dealing with having a fan club than watching dozens of heroes engage in predictable monster fights.
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Blown away - Like Saitama the anime itself has no limit's to its awesomeness!
Alan_H49 November 2015
I am truly tempted to give One punch man a 10 but in my opinion there is no perfection. There is near perfection and one punch man is that.

The first episode that i saw, i laughed so hard that i almost fell off my chair. As it progresses to the next episodes they try to combine the comedic and the seriousness of the story together, and they manage to do that. I feel like that the writers are truly doing this with a feeling of passion and next to it they enjoy the absurd fighting sequences.

Opinion on the last two episodes of season 1:

My thoughts: The amount of awesomeness put in this two episodes is beyond imagination. It's just incredible how they build up the climax to the end and to show the endless powers Saitama has. Although it's a parody it doesn't stop me as a viewer to enjoy the anime and accept it as part of something great. When i say something great, i mean putting it next dragon ball, and other incredible animes. It's obvious to the rational thinker that a lot of elements like the characters design (boros etc) are similar to Dragon ball, and that it's influenced by them.

BUT what makes it so different one might ask himself: Just by observing the amount of details put in to the fighting sequences will tell you that 'one punch man' is a serious anime (in some ways). Dragon ball is nostalgic and has a great history and character development behind its series and one punch man will have to gain more years in order to obtain the status DB has. What i'm trying to say is that the detail put in to the fighting scenes in one punch man are far beyond what other anime have achieved or tried to... It's a masterpiece in way... And that's what gave this anime a 9 out of 10.

He destroys all of his enemies with one punch and mocks them like they were nothing. But it still does not get boring and that's the reason why this anime is a great success. Make the details look sublime and the fighting sequences beyond comprehention, mix it with a flavor of humor/comedy and you've got in my eyes the perfect anime (action fans). Just take a good look at the episode where Saitama fights Genos and you'll get the perfect picture on why this anime is amazing (there are youtube videos with that scene).

It even got me to search some more info about this anime on the internet. There are youtube videos and articles about the origin of one punch man. It's interesting to take a look.

I hope this show keeps up the quality as it is and i can't wait for more! ----> after watching the last two episodes i can only imagine where it is headed. This anime has proved (after this season) that it will not fail to entertain it's anime loving fans!
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The anime to defeat all anime, is here!
vvedhas4 October 2015
Warning: Spoilers
One-Punch Man!!!! The anime's out! About time!

But really, what can I say about this show. Saitama, a man who's WAY too strong than he wanted to be, Genos, the cyborg who won't believe Saitama's methods for becoming strong, Sonic, the Ninja who wants to outdo our beloved hero, and many more! For people finding out about this recently, this is ONE show you will NOT want to miss!

Saitama, the MC for the series, is(was?) an unemployed salary-man, who just can't find a job. After an encounter with a gigantic crab- monster, who became the way he is by eating too many crabs, he decides to train, and become-THE STRONGEST HERO EVER!!!

BUT WAIT! Is there ever a thing as TOO MUCH STRENGTH?! Apparently, for Saitama, there is, where his newfound strength destroys all his enemies, in ONE PUNCH, and, it left him bald!

Now, Saitama, armed with (Too much) power, fights monsters to protect his home, albeit ends up disappointed every time, as he has lost the thrill of fighting now.

What happens next to Saitama? Watch out to find out! :D

P.S. Licenseless Rider > Batman
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Great Anime, But Greater Manga
onezu14 October 2015
Personally this is my favorite anime of Fall.

A must watch anime

I can't wait for that "Prophecy" fight in the future.

I really hope Madhouse gets to it.

(Update - Yup Madhouse get it right!!! Yes! Yes!Yes!)

Madhouse has done justice to this anime by following 100% from manga..

The fighting is awesome, the art is good and the soundtrack is superb..!!!

For me personally I would say the art was better in manga, however it is understandable since putting it into animation it selves required a lot of workforce.

Great job Madhouse.!!

I am surely gonna get the set of DVD's and Bluray as my collection.
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James_0969 November 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I'd never heard of this manga..So,when I saw the anime getting rave reviews,I decided to give it a shot...Trust me,One Punch Man did not disappoint.

OPM tells about the life of Saitama,a guy who can defeat enemies with just one punch,OPM acts as a parody of sorts to the endless amounts of shonen action anime that Japan produces(u know,DBZ,Naruto and the like).The anime is just comic gold with Saitama frustrated that no enemy is of his caliber(Again,a parody of the classic shonen trope).Where other series show the hero training to his peak,the guy's already at his peak..

The anime is just comic gold with Saitama's expressions being the best part of it and just because it's a parody doesn't mean the action is crappy...It's the opposite actually...OPM has the best fights I've seen in ages...

All in all,You should definitely watch OPM!!
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Reasons to watch OPM
ashoksrinivasan2 January 2016
Warning: Spoilers
One Punch Man revolves around a guy named Saitama, who gains a power to kill any enemy with ONE PUNCH. Sounds boring? Believe me, I had the same view about that, but it changed.

So, what makes OPM watchable and one of the best? 1) ANIMATION: Madhouse worked their a*s off to make it exactly same as the Manga(which, if you see, is EXTREMELY detailed), with not a big budget.

2) STORY: Many critics say that OPM has no storyline, and it's just there to create a parody on mainstream anime like Dragon Ball z, One Piece etc. That's not true, at all. OPM has a very interesting storyline(One of the best, to be honest)

3) COMEDY ELEMENTS: OPM is full of comedy elements, and it has many elements of satire and puns. It makes complete joke out of anime like Dragon Ball Z(a)where the battle take place in 20-30 episodes; b) Where in between the battle, the protagonist talks to the enemy for almost half the duration of the anime). Saitama believes in getting sh*t done, without talking about it.

4) CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT: The season one of the anime, didn't show much of the character development, and it kept in a mystery on how exactly, Saitama gained power. Although, he tells his secret work out, which obviously is unbelievable. This gives a curiosity for the watchers. Saitama is just a guy, who is hero for fun. The real character development would be of other characters like Genos.

OVERALL: A must watch. :) 10/10 for sure.
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The Awaited Equivalent of the Dragon Ball Z Series
swapnilbiswas30 November 2015
This is a masterpiece (till episode 09), for a guy who has watched superhero movies his entire life, 90% have the same concept of justice and other ideals however this, this is new. This is different, and this is good. I hope they continue how they are going and not spoil the series. It basically focuses on justice in the modern era, the characters are lovable, especially the protagonist Saitama. The best thing about this character is not that he is overpowered but the fact that he is entirely different and a lot practical superhero. Even in DBZ series the only practical guy I felt was Vegeta and that's why he is my favorite. The pattern of following ideals in superhero movies has not changed much and basically our entertainment focuses on the character, here the entire perspective of justice has changed.
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Best New Show I've Seen This Year
renata_5316 November 2015
Last week I didn't know this show even existed and now I am telling all of my friends to watch it. I can't recommend this show enough. I can't say that I watch much anime, as I have only watched 2 anime series (Full Metal Alchemist and Death Note) in my whole life. So when my partner put on One Punch Man for the first time I was not convinced that it would be something I would enjoy. I was delightfully surprised within the first 5 minutes of the first episode. This show is full of dark comedy and satire which makes it really easy to watch. The story is fast paced and doesn't allow much room for filler. The jokes are well constructed and delivered perfectly. Definitely a must watch!
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There is no such thing as perfection, but there is such a thing as legendary
legendofthenight252514 January 2016
Warning: Spoilers

Reading some of the reviews, a lot of critics seem to bring up that the show doesn't have character development, or that one punch man has no competition. These reviewers watch the show without considering what this anime is.

It started out as a humorous web comic and turned into an action/comedy anime series with the best animation I've seen in recent years. Period. From both Japan and America aside from Studio Ghibli.

Now I stress again; it's a comedy. Comedies may not be for everyone, but again, IT'S A COMEDY/action anime. Do you watch Kevin Hart for the story? Do you watch Gabriel Iglacias for the story? Do you watch Saturday Night Live for the story?

Absolutely not.

We were gifted this eye candy and you want to complain about the 'story' of a bald man who did one hundred push-ups/sit-ups and ran 5 miles a day for two years and, just with that workout, got strong enough to punch a hole though a f***ing asteroid? Are you serious?

I mean, a man turned into a giant crab-man because he ate too much crab, and some kid drew nipples on him while he was sleeping causing the crab-man to go on a mass-murdering rampage. Don't judge a comedy/visual masterpiece as if it were Sherlock Holmes or some other serious story based show, a**holes.
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The Greatness of it
gokublasty5 January 2016
This show has amazing episodes, and there is many characters. The many characters thing is no problem since they don't execute it horribly though. and the fights are amazing. Finally, its story is odd at first, but when it speeds up, you will tell its good. The Main character is odd to people, but he is quite a treat with his oddly funny attitude and moments. the story may be something to take hold of, since it has multiple stories in the main one, and these mini stories are pretty funny. So you may be asking, why should you watch One Punch Man? well its because its a great experience for you to watch, and will provide you with laughs, and intensity from great action scenes. It also has great music in it, going around it. sadly, this anime is not translated to English when i write this, and im not sure if the dub voice actors will be good. So that is my review... i guess
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My favourite show this year.
loalnope20 December 2015
What I think in a nutshell:

The production values of this show are really high. Very esteemed animators have worked on this project. The fights are fluid, have great choreography and are extremely exciting to watch. The show is also very faithful to the source material and is a must-watch if you've read the comic. The comedy in this is really good, Saitama and Genos' antics are very fun to watch. The music is also really good as it has a hype OP, a calm ED and the show's soundtrack is great.

This is a show that doesn't take itself seriously and is heaps of fun to watch. I'd recommend this to anyone.
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The best Anime of my life
kakuge18 December 2015
In start i use to laugh at the jokes of Naruto and bleach, one piece but as time passed Naruto ended bleach took strange turns in story and one piece keeps on going at the point that it didn't make me laugh anymore

i always use to look for another anime and one day i encounter one punch man the more i watch one episode more i wanted to see another episode every day i wait impatiently to wait for another episode i acknowledge this anime made me laugh more then any other anime did and i am so sad that it is ending after 12 episode

i hope mad house studio acknowledge this demand and continue the anime :)
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Insanely amazing and quite touching
pikwu29 November 2015
One-Punch Man is mixture of comedy, action, and duty. I won't get into the details of the series in order to not generate any spoilers but I highly recommend it. The animation is BEYOND exquisite with very 'understandable bad guys''. It is a must watch. Also note that it has a LOT of graphic violence, so I don't think any random kid can should watch it as it could affect their thinking. But I must admit that there are few shows that could depict the honors of both duty and sacrifice as well the series. If you do have the free time, I suggest that you watch it. It is highly inspirational and just really worthwhile to watch. And not to forget the wonderful nature of the characters. From what I've watched, I don't believe that it has a 'copy-and-paste' character design method. Each character, even sub ones at that, all seem to be present for a particular purpose and not just used as a stepping stone for another one but each have their own individual story and struggles that anyone can easily relate well with. It is truly both an eye-catcher and a heart-catcher. And I honestly say that I am so happy to see it at the top of this list as I sincerely believe that it deserves this position. 😊
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Just watch and wait for next season
msaadullah18 December 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Well it is definitely at the top of my list. From first to last episode it is just best and funny series and although main character design is not so good i never lost interest in story not even once each antagonist is also interesting and hilarious(mostly). I would recommend any one who likes comedy+action genre ,no matter if he likes animation or not ,to watch this series .Believe me it will make your day. it has been long time since a series like this has released. only thing you dislike in this series is very short series(Only 12 episodes of 24 minutes).But the way ratings are series is more likely to have another season near future(I hope so). Well we will be waiting for next season.
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giacomo_cuccolini15 December 2015
I red so many manga and I watched so many anime...all I can say is that one-punch man by One, the version of Murata Yuusuke and the anime version by Madhouse are all equally incredible...this show is really entertaining, because it has the right amount of hilarity, action and PWN moments. If you think of it it's really incredible because a story based on a man who can defeat everyone with one punch could be really boring; instead is very very very fun. Speaking about the anime, the drawing and most of all the animations are gorgeous, but this isn't strange, since, in my opinion, Madhouse is the best animation company around, by far better than Pierrot or Toei Animation for example. In conclusion, I really recommend this show to all, both anime lovers like me and not.
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One of the best
dylantownsendswagatron3 December 2015
When I first watched this my expectations were low but seeing the first 9 episodes its a hidden gem worth to see. If you like anima or like action cartoons or shows or whatever just give it a try it will be worth it. I give it a 10/10 for a good reason not because of the

action but because of the characters a the humor like how he jest ends the fight because he needs to hurry to the

supper marked how funny is that. Also he is baled and yes that is a running joke. Also he has the coolest side kick. he has a cyborg side kick.

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The most entertaining show of 2015.
jackcollis11-254-87884530 December 2015
One Punch Man was originally a Japanese web-comic created by ONE, which was adapted into manga format by Yusuke Murata and now, in 2015, into an anime created by Madhouse. It follows the adventures of Saitama - a man who used to enjoy being a superhero as a hobby, until he was plagued by unbelievable power; allowing him to defeat any opponent in just one punch. Let me begin by saying that this is my first online review and nothing but the feeling of total ecstasy I found myself in after completing the first season of One Punch Man compelled me to write this piece.

The amount of hype shrouding this show is something I was unaware of when I first viewed it after being shown it by a friend; but looking back I find it impossible to argue any point other than that One Punch Man deserves all of the acclaim that it has received. At the time of my first viewing the show had already reached its eighth episode and I can safely say that watching all eight episodes in a row was one of the most entertaining sittings of television I've ever experienced (I've now watched all twelve and can confirm that the show only gets better). In my opinion, the show is perfect because it knows exactly what it is - and embraces that fact brilliantly. It is incredibly fast paced, action-packed and funny, whilst still managing to develop it's main protagonist to a point where, for me, it was impossible not to love Saitama.

When praising the show you have to begin with the animation, which is impeccable. The fight scenes look aesthetically beautiful and the landscapes appear full and perfectly detailed whilst seamlessly blending countless different animation styles together. It was however the pacing of the show that encapsulated me entirely. Although I do enjoy anime I would not call myself the greatest fan of the genre by any stretch of the imagination and even some of my favourite anime shows I found to be very drawn out at points (Hunter X Hunter and Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood being examples). One Punch Man drew me in from the get go because it began at full throttle and never even showed signs of slowing down. To me, the show seemed to know exactly what a fan of anime wanted to see and displayed it perfectly in each episode. Each episode acts as a deconstruction of the typical anime set-up, parodying the use of filler episodes by removing any living trace of even the idea of filler taking place. This doesn't mean that Saitama is the only developed character in the show, the use of side characters to forward the plot is masterfully done. A special mention has to go to Genos - Saitama's cyborg sidekick seeking to learn the secrets to his master's power; I found the character very likable and was excited every time he fought an opponent in the show due to his awesome design.

The main criticisms of the show I've seen online is that the idea of Saitama defeating any enemy with a single punch is very limited, or that there is no development in his ability. Firstly, there is no doubt that the show is aware of the stupidity of its concept, but rather than hold this against itself, uses this to create some of the best humour I've seen not only in anime, but in Western cartoons too. In terms of the development of Saitama as a character, the show plays wonderfully on the fact that most animes begin with a weaker character whom after defeating enemies across a journey eventually reaches his peak, creating a perfect parody of this concept with our impossibly powerful protagonist. The depth and of Saitama's character for me is the show's finest strength, I even found myself relating to him at points far more than I ever expected to. Saitama's passion and desperation to find a worthy opponent and once again find enjoyment in his hobby and his search for what it means to truly be human, are aspects of the show that add a layer of depth that many other shows strive for.

Before watching One Punch Man I had never read a manga before, but instantly after finishing the final episode of the first series I downloaded Manga Rock and read the entire One Punch Man manga through to its current chapter in one sitting. This alone tells me that One Punch Man is not only an amazing anime, but an inspiring story that plays on the tropes of it's genre perfectly. If the second season of One Punch Man follows the manga as closely as the first, then I can't wait to see what Madhouse have to offer for the next chapters.

Overall, I have to rate One Punch Man 10/10 because for me the show identified any issue that I've ever had with an anime and either eradicated it totally, or span it around into hilarious ironic humour. A special mention has to go from me to Yusuke Murata as when I looked at the manga I couldn't believe that frame for frame it looked even better than the outrageously beautiful anime. If you're not a fan of anime or manga I strongly suggest you try out One Punch Man because it truly deserves the hype it has received. I recommend this show to any person who is a fan of anime, action, comedy, cartoons and generally great television. Roll on season two!
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