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Sex & Nudity

  • One of the villains, a hybrid between a woman and an insect, has large breasts, and is unclothed. However, she has very inhuman skin, and he nipples don't protrude through it.
  • A giant man is seen naked, though his crotch is covered by clouds
  • A man has all his clothes burned off on accident. His buttocks are briefly seen a couple times but his crotch is comically censored by a stream of smoke and a falling sign.
  • A man has his armor destroyed by One Punch Man, leaving him naked with his buttocks seen a few times.
  • One Punch Man accidentally touches another mans (clothed) crotch during a fight. The man is unharmed and this scene is played for laughs.
  • A man named Puri Puri Prisoner is openly gay as he often talks about "seeing men" (his attraction to certain characters). He then fights an enemy naked with his buttocks seen, though this isn't sexual and is meant to be comical.
  • A man is seen naked while running away from a monster. This is not sexual, but his buttocks are seen a few times.
  • There is never any sex.

Violence & Gore

  • 8/10
  • The entire series is about a superhero that can defeat any living being, no matter how strong or powerful, in a single punch, despite this the majority of the show is lighthearted & violence is used in humorous ways, usually when the villains die. This show is NOT for suitable for children but it's important to emphasis the violence is not intended to be disturbing, compared to other shows which have less strong visual violence and more psychologically disturbing scenes.
  • The show has a lot of guts and gore but very little visual blood (so far). Monsters are sometimes killed in an explosion of guts however humans are rarely seen killed. The show is very careful to show little to no gore regarding human characters. The show is easy to watch for adults and is rarely if ever, difficult to stomach.
  • A monster destroys several entire city blocks with his fists, presumably killing hundreds of people.
  • A monster has its eye-stock ripped out, which leads to its intestines and entrails flooding out of the eye socket. Yellow blood is seen pouring out.
  • A monster accidentally crushes a man with his palm. Blood and tattered clothing can be seen on his hand. One of the few disturbing scenes, The death is portrayed to be funny.
  • A monster is punched into a building, killing her instantly. Blood is shown splattered across the entire building.
  • A monster is punched once, killing it. Its intestines and guts fly through the air and a character later picks up the monster's eyeball in a nonchalant fashion.
  • A man is shown training his body using extreme methods, to the point that he is described as vomiting blood and having his bones crack.
  • A cyborg man is slashed, punched and has his limbs sliced off in battle throughout the series. No blood is shown, just robotic parts and electricity. He is rebuilt by the end of the episodes.
  • Two monsters are accidentally sliced into pieces by their comrade. No blood is shown, but you can see the insides of their bodies and the intestines as well.
  • A monster kills a clone, not seen but blood is shown on the floor after.
  • A monster is punched and killed in a single hit. Neon-green blood is seen flying out along with green entrails.
  • A giant monster is shown only the bottom half standing, the rest of his body gone, not shown how but explained later.
  • A monster is hit in the chest and has a large hole in their body with there eye popping out of the socket from impact.


  • Not a lot of cussing.
  • A few uses of "damn" and "hell", there's never any strong language.
  • Some uses of words like "jerk-off", "jackass" and other stronger profanity, though very rarely.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • 2/10
  • Characters drink sake (a type of Japanese wine) in a few scenes.
  • A scientist is shown injecting his brother with a serum that makes him stronger.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • 5/10
  • The entire series is about heroes that battle against monsters and other villains that attack the Earth. As such, there are several battle sequences throughout the series that can be pretty intense.
  • Many of the monsters and villains in the series have creepy or frightening designs. This is balanced though with goofier-looking monsters that are clearly made to be funny.
  • A thief is attacked by a swarm consisting of thousands of mosquitoes. They cover his entire body and drain him of his blood within mere seconds as he screams. His eyeball can be seen shriveling up as this happens. The mosquitoes fly away, revealing the man's mummified corpse. This scene is very disturbing.
  • The "House of Evolution" looks very creepy, as it's filled with test subjects and other mutations. Biological experiments are shown floating in large tanks.
  • The overall violence in this series is shown in an exaggerated and avoids being realistic, and the worst of this always happens to monsters. So it avoids being put in the category of anime such as Hellsing or Elfen Lied.
  • Although this show is rated TV-PG, it's certainly NOT for kids due to the violence and nudity. It should be rated TV-14
  • Age Rating: 14+


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • An evil ninja decapitates several henchmen serving another villain. Their heads are shown flying off in several directions with one man having his head vertically sliced into three pieces. Despite how graphic this sounds, no blood is shown whatsoever and the wounds are covered with black shadows. One quick splash of darkened-out blood is shown at the end of the attack, although it's quick and hard to see.
  • A monster fights two heroes and smashes one into a wall and on the ground, he appears dead, the other hero fights until they collapse. It is shown later they both survived .
  • A monster systematically fights a group of heroes defeating them one by one. The heros are shown on the floor, implied to be dead but some are shown alive at the end of the episode..
  • A cyborg has his arms torn off & is hit by acid, dissolving the external parts of his body. He lives

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • There is a very tense scene where a character attempts to fight a powerful monster knowing he can't win, the monster gives several punches & slowly beats the character down until he is unable to fight. The character lives

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