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steveevans-3515428 April 2019
This is decent movie . The boy is exceptional and gives a very scary performance at times. I do think it's hard to make a decent horror now and obviously you think of Damian. It's not that good but the suspense is good with plenty of jumpy bits. It's well worth a watch.
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As a viewer, the Prodigy givess a lot of information too early, making the film quickly predictable and long-lasting.
movieman6-413-92951010 February 2019
Warning: Spoilers
The Prodigy is a new horror film directed by Nicholas McCarthy, the director of The Pact, Home and Holidays. In the film, Sarah (Taylor Schilling) has just received her first child. Her son Miles (Jackson Robert Scott) seems to be a special child from a young age with a clever intelligence and a high pain threshold. Furthermore, Miles also shows strange disturbing behavior. When she has Miles tested, nothing special comes out of the research results. Only a spiritual researcher assumes that two different souls live in Miles. Miles his own soul and the soul of a reincarnated person who has not yet finished his life on earth. This soul belongs to a malicious man who tries to find and kill his escaped victim. Sarah is faced with a choice to help the evil soul and get her son back or to have her son locked up in a special institution so that the evil soul can not do any damage to the world. This film is quickly told in a predictable way thanks to the information you get as a viewer at the beginning of the film. They could have left this information better from the beginning and could only tell later in the film. So the only question you can have as a viewer while watching the movie is which soul has control of the body of Miles. Usually the events and actions of the characters quickly give away who has the control. Due to the predictability of the film, the film soon becomes a bit tedious, because as a viewer you know what to expect. For example, the horror moments in the film are not really scary anymore. It is not clearly explained how reincarnation has happened in the film. It is simply stated that it is reincarnation without further explanation. The same type of horror story about reincarnation has been used in other horror films as in the Child's Play films. In these films, the soul of a murderer has entered an innocent doll by using a voodoo ritual, in order to create further chaos in the world. The acting is well done by the protagonists. Jackson Robert Scott delivers good acting in this horror film for a young actor. In the remake of the horror film It also provided good acting as the young Georgie. Taylor Schilling also provides good assault as the mother, who is confronted with the two souls in the body of her son and the choices she is faced with. The acting of the two carries the film. The rest of the cast is not very special in the film. This is mainly because their characters have little more to do.
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Quite disapointing to me
pvamerongen8 February 2019
After seeing the trailer a couple of time I was quite excited for this movie. When I heard they had to edit some scenes because they were to scary for the test-audience I thought I would finally be seeing an actual horror movie. Unfortunately, this movie did not deliver for me. There were only two scary shots, one which was in the trailer. Furthermore, the movie explained way too much, way too soon for me, following a standard formula without any true twist. There wasn't anything to second guess, no 'did he or didn't he?', no other explanations or roads explored. A very straightforward movie that wasn't all that scary. Disappointing.
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A watered down 'Orphan'
Marc227228 February 2019
It was interesting. I liked the acting and the plot twist was a nice/new one. Reminded me a lot of orphan
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Ya Know What...I Really Dug This!
dominickvanderlinden9 February 2019
Right up front i wanna say i've glanced at the mixed reviews so far on R.T. & Metacritic, so here we have another case of "Man of Steel-Itis", and i'm on the positive sign. For one the actors here do a great job, Taylor from "Orange Is The New Black" does a great job with ehr looks of concern, doubt & fear and for her first horror film, wouldn't mind seeing her do more. Course it's a great sign when you have young Georgie from "IT" in your film, and i'll say the whole theme the plot goes for i REEEEEALLY dug, especially some interactions between two specific characters, and that ending...well let's just say the kinda person I am, i really dig endings like this. Overall i would highly recommend seeing this year
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Need another writers strike!
amufan24 February 2019
Another movie with potential ruined by horrible writing.
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Ridiculous ;
duckboy-9417124 April 2019
Who in the hell would be frightened of a 7 year old boy ? He's 4 feet tall and 60 pounds, pick him up and throw him around like a bloody rag doll !!! Then we'll see how freaking scary he his. Lol
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Still undecided...
chanin-546168 February 2019
Let me just say that they tried REALLY hard with this one. Trying to put a new spin on an old story, Which sure, they did. But it was still predictable around every turn. Every little "twist" I saw coming from a mile away. At one point the main character makes a "realization" and I actually thought, you just NOW figured that out??? ha. I was intrigued through most of it, but got a little bored at the end as I had already figured out where they were going. So I will give it a five for a solid effort.
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gyoung-3249610 February 2019
It was a predictable mediocre movie, with average editing and shot composition. My only gripe is that you get a face full of baby peen in the first five minutes, it is way bigger than mine and completely ruined the mood turning a 5/10 movie into a 3/10 movie. I hope that in the dvd release they change the scene so that I can get back what little dignity I have left.
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Poor unbelievable writing and Too many holes in the plot
ladolemorris28 April 2019
Warning: Spoilers
This movie started out with real potential...but then became so unbelievably horridness....The unbelievable factor of this film was too much for me take...There are just way too many holes in the plot to make it a believable movie....Yes I know it's a movie and writing a movie is definitely not an easy task....But a writer should be able to look at what is written and being out on film and just simply say"Jesus, this is💩"....Then offer and make suggestions....And most likely the director was pulled in different directions to suit the desires of the producers and the input from others.... But come on man... Driving your child to the survivors house....or the Psychiatrist not videoing the session with the minor...Just the unbelievable factor was way too much for me to handle....
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One word, Mayonnaise.
jpompa-3413110 February 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Trash, compete trash.

**Warning Spoilers**

He's a reincarnated serial killer who's looking to finish one last victim who got away.

His parents (of course) have plenty of warning signs and far enough time to deal with their "possessed" son. This movie makes reincarnation look like a joke, more like a possession movie. The mother and father are insufferable throughout the entire movie, both making the dumbest decisions. The endings terrible. This movie is definitely Redbox worthy, not worth a movie ticket. Again, complete trash.
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Wasted Potential
kjproulx10 February 2019
I've never been a huge fan of the horror genre, aside from a few gems that stand out to me. It takes a lot for a horror film to impress me, as the genre has become somewhat of the butt of many jokes these days. The Prodigy wasn't ever going to be the best horror film to come along in decades or anything like that, so I had no expectations when going into this one. With that said, this is the definition of a film that has a lot of promising elements, but ultimately fails to capitalize on them. I can't get myself to recommend this movie, but I also don't feel the need to rip it apart either. The Prodigy is a middle of the road experience at best, but there is some good in it.

After failing to conceive a child for many years, a couple gains the happiness they've been seeking when it finally becomes possible. After just months of being born, Miles shows signs of being a genius, hence the title, The Prodigy. When mysterious things begin to occur due to his behaviour, religious beliefs and myths come to light and this film becomes incredibly intriguing. Without ruining what powers are really at work here, I'll just say the twist of this story had me hooked. It's a little silly an overly convoluted, but it worked in the context of the film.

Sadly, that's where most of my praise ends. With a solid cast including Taylor Schilling, Colm Feore, and young Jackson Robert Scott, they're able to sell this material and make it very believable. The third act, however, is one of the dumbest conclusions to a film I've seen a while. To even get into it would be a spoiler, but it felt like the climax to a completely different film and it felt mean-spirited to me. It's like a unique idea was building to something cool, but ultimately takes a super easy route out of the story and the fact that it's a child playing this certain role was slightly disturbing (in a bad way).

In the end, The Prodigy is a horror film that benefits from a few great jump-scares that had me jumping out of my seat and some very devoted performances, but the movie truly does unravel by the time the credits roll. This is the worst kind of film to watch because it's not terrible by any means, but it doesn't fully embrace its premise. This movie was like watching a superhero film where the hero of the story tells you everything they can do, but never showcases much of that power. The Prodigy may please some viewers, but I found it to be a waste of potential and mean-spirited from start to finish. Even though I wasn't excited for this movie in any way, I was still disappointed.
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What a mess
jtkirk1619 February 2019
Mix one part Child's Play with any generic ghost story, add a dash of reincarnation and you get this predictable,boring mess. Wait for Netflix.
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The Prodigy (2019)
rockman18210 February 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Always down for a horror film no matter what. The trailer for The Prodigy was intriguing though its one of those cases where it should have shown less, less is more for this one. That jump scare that ends the trailer would have been fantastic if we didn't know it was coming in the theater. Anyways, this film has things going for it in the beginning and starts off intriguing before degenerating into a mess.

The film is about an eight year old boy named Miles. Initially, his parents believe him to be gifted but they soon realize that something is off about their son. His actions become bizarre and border on psychopathy. It turns out Miles is possessed with the reincarnated spirit of a deranged serial killer who died at the same moment that Miles was born. His parents must figure out what to do to set their son free from the evil that has embodied him.

There's an intriguing premise here. The kid actor on display as Miles is good, and Taylor Schilling is as well. The film doesn't offer so many jump scares as I thought it would from the trailer and is driven in its plot. The mood and tone set up at first really works. I'd say the last quarter of the film is where it goes to hell. When the endgame and the progression towards it is revealed, I really lost interest.

The character motivations and actions are also extremely idiotic. To the point where I wanted to curse at the screen in the cinema. The film needed to arrive at its conclusion in a way that kind of respected the build up and quality of the beginning. Still for horror seekers who aren't too critical, this could be something to enjoy.

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Dude! This is what a thriller is supposed to be like!
phdee24 April 2019
Flawless...perfect acting, great story, tense and completely riveting movie. If you want to watch a thriller, this is the one you want to see. My bet is on a 'The prodigy 2', and my wife and I will go and watch it the minute it comes out. Superb movie with everything you want in a suspenseful thriller!
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Predictable and silly
ethantallison9 February 2019
The Prodigy is predictable as all Hell, over-acted and filled with jump scares. The sound was nice and loud though, just what you want in a horror film. The plot is dumb and laughable so if you're looking to laugh and make fun of a movie with some friends it's good for that.
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the_nephilim7123 April 2019
This is one of the most boring movies I've ever seen.
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So Disappointing..
gtenalokes24 April 2019
Started off great, with so much potential and then turned into pure nonsense and ended up as trash...

If you looking for entertainment please look somewhere else, nothing to see here!
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The Prodigy loses its intelligent setup by succumbing to generic jump scares.
TheMovieDiorama19 March 2019
Think 'Orphan' with a dash of every other generic possession film you can think of. Just another "evil child" flick with minimal thrills, scares and one heck of a predictable story. A newborn child rapidly develops his brain quicker than most, to which he soon starts acting strangely and violently when he turns eight.

McCarthy is not the most well-known horror director, however he certainty does have an eye for atmospheric shots and suitably dim lighting. A young Robert Scott played the prodigy son brilliantly, by simply changing facial expression he was able to convey a murderous twinge to his character. Oh, and a few sentences about phallic organs that made me laugh out loud (although somewhat conniving...). There were one or two ominous moments, particularly when the son runs towards the camera in the dark, and I did jump out of my chair twice. Not because it was scary.

No, unfortunately this film graces us with the loudest, most obnoxious jump scares possible. Boy turns to mirror? Loud piercing noise! Light doesn't turn on? Block your ears! Boy says "I love you"? Well, you get the idea. As a horror, it's not scary. The themes of reincarnation and rebirthing have been executed before countless times, consequently making this experience a rather dull affair. Schilling and Feore's parental performances were mediocre at best and the film concludes unsatisfactorily in an attempt to open up for a sequel. A few plot decisions, such as the mother's choice to visit a victim's house, was just diabolically stupid and selfish. I mean really? These characters just didn't think like rational human beings, and that's what made the film worse. They all conformed to typical horror tropes, making this a highly unmemorable flick. Best to use your brain cells somewhere else.
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Another supernatural child killer movie with it's ups and downs
theromanempire-18 February 2019
This was an interesting effort from the supernatural genre and most specific from the child killer genre which u can place in the category of films like the omen trilogy and stuff like that. the movie started well then it had a few scenario flaws in the middle of the movie u may be bored kinda and then like 30 last minuted the movie finally explained things and those last minutes were the best part of the movie including a few disturbing scenes with the child killer. those scenario flaws here and there (like the mother should realize what's really happening a lot sooner than when she did) were important cause those kind of movies need to be as realistic as can be to be...real scary movies. Anyways it could have been a lot better but still it gets easily the average grade and then some.

from me it's a C+ // 6 out of 10

u can check this out and judge for yourselves. the ending leaves the door open for a sequel.
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Waste of time
dyonkuhl9 February 2019
If you want enjoy a movie which is thrilling, go watch another movie. Everything that happens is predictable.
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Fresh from the horror movie conveyor belt
cgearheart10 February 2019
Warning: Spoilers
The Prodigy is a weak, mediocre, and virtually frightless horror movie that replaces scares with infrequent ugly violence, weird imagery (wow, an old baby!), obvious symbolism, and disgusting dialogue. The movie forgot to be scary, tried to be disturbing, but just ended up being kind of icky and angsty. There were a few good ideas but there was no logic to back it up, and the idea itself of possession of something innocent, especially the soul of a serial killer, has already been done a few times (Child's Play and My Soul To Take). It's not a horrible movie, but it certainly isn't a good one either. If you're showing interest in seeing it, either go see at the dollar theater or rent it when it comes out.
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What movie did you guys watch?!
dam-2442127 February 2019
Okay listen, me and my friend are horror movie lovers, and we don't know anything about how they should he made. BUT we seriously loved this movie, I don't scare easily, but I was seriously sitting on the edge of my seat throughout the entire film. Usually im not very impressed by children's acting skills, but this kid played it of pretty darn well if you ask me. Dont listen to all the people saying its bad, because its not.. <333
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Not bad at all, almost Omen remake
mageh10 February 2019
I liked it. Yes, it is not great but definitely not bad movie. If you into creepy kids style suspense movies, this is it. I love Omen (the old version), this movie took a lot of elements from it with addition of Chucky the doll (don't remember this one very well). Also, the acting was good by Taylor and the kid. In overall, nice flick. I enjoyed it but don't expect too much. Very solid 6.5 Would love to have sequel.
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Just too much, shock valued over story
boltbass9 February 2019
Warning: Spoilers
My wife and I enjoy horror movies. Slasher, supernatural, thriller, suspense, whatever. We liked SAW which fell more into tourture porn but that's about as far as it goes. Didn't see Hostile 2, human centipede, or the Eli Roth in the jungle one. Still enjoy some smart storytelling. This went almost that direction but more mental tourture porn. They just went too far. No need to really go into a dog murder. Having a kid graphically explain the child rape that he was going to accuse a doctor of was also unneeded. Felt like I needed a shower for my soul after watching this movie. Just too far past the point of entertaining.
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