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I seriously thought a 5th grade drama class put this film together 🤦 or...
TheTopDawgCritic17 January 2020
...a bunch of biker strip-club owners and their dancers. Then after the movie, I see the writer and director was an experienced filmmaker, Thomas J. Churchill. Seriously? A 5th grade drama class could've done a better job.

The directing was atrocious... terrible camera work, even worse directing his cast. I mean how could you miss that nasty strand from the fake wig Bruce Dern was wearing? Don't get me started on the lame and terrible 1970's quality action sequences. Does anyone know how to hold and shoot a gun lol? Editing was just as bad, like someone shredded the film and taped it back together randomly. The screenplay I know for sure a 5th grader could've done a better job... did anyone else proofread it? It's a real shame though, as the story-line certainly had its merits, and actually was the only reason I saw the film to the end, never minding the various plot and technical issues. But the long dragged out scenes and slow pacing made the 86 min run-time feel like 2+ hours. I will say though that some of the gore scenes were actually decent and well put together. But the the constant, annoying and overbearing score, non stop... uhhhg! Sound was also off, like no one has ever heard of boom mics. Then the acting... I get Bruce Dern and Chuck Liddell are known for b-grade films, but next to the rest of the terrible acting, they just dropped themselves in being cast in a c-grade movie. I'm being very generous with my 3/10 for this one.
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wow, lot of non genuine reviews on this steamer
redwolf28386-893-9026223 February 2020
Warning: Spoilers
Bad acting, the worst southern accent ever, sloppy bad camera work,crappy effects, crappy stunts, crappy directing, crappy writing, crappy storyline and that horrible excuse for a Marine uniform!..I will give them credit that thay made a movie, albeit not all movies are gonna be great and lots are gonna to be bad, but you have to start some where right? But there is good news! The next time we see any of these guys in a film it's gonna be ten times better kinda hard to get any worse.
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More FAKE Reviews
arfdawg-12 February 2020
Does Bruce Dern need the money? He's in his 80s and showing up in every piece of garbage there is.

This is one of the worst movies ever made. It fails on every level. Not worth your time and shame on the three clowns who give this garbage a 10. They are fake reviews.
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Nation's Fire is one of the greatest movies I've ever seen! The acting, directing, and gore scenes are absolutely fantastic!
hkprado20 January 2020
I rated this movie a #10 because everything about it was absolutely great! I fell in love with the wonderful brilliant cast and story line, it was very well written! The talented Director, Thomas J. Churchill, Executive Director/Leading Actress, Krista Grotte Saxon, and The Amazing Cast & Crew did an outstanding job with the directing and acting! I congratulate each one for an amazing job well done! Bravo!!! The gore scenes were absolutely fantastic and well put together by Special Effects Artist, Director, and Producer, Joe Castro! I love Joe's awesome and outstanding gore work! He's definitely the best of the best! I cried various times while feeling deep emotional mixed feelings of happiness, sadness, and satisfaction. I definitely recommend this excellent movie! Please don't listen to any bad and malicious reviews, especially coming from ignorant, bitter, unprofessional haters, with no talent or taste for great wonderful movies! Respect! Don't hate! Buy the movie! See for yourself! Then you can judge!
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An Action Packed Tale of Justice & Revenge that works on All Levels !
timodo3 February 2020
Krista Grotte Saxon Shines as The Star , 'Gloria Nation' , the Justice Seeking Mother of Her Wronged Son ! Her Acting , Her Athleticism , & Her Adrenaline are All Top-Shelf ; as is Paul Sloan as the returning Veteran , 'Bailey' , just trying to find himself & do what's Right . Gloria's Parents are portrayed by two Absolute Legends of Filmdom & Among the Finest Actors of All Time . Ever-Lovely Laurene Landon gives an Amazingly Powerful Performance as the Mother 'Myra' , the Alcoholic but Truly Loving Matriach of the 'Nation' Clan . Whether She's Consoling Her Daughter or Spouting Abuse in a Drunken Haze , Ms. Landon brings Her Character to True Fruition , with Emotional Excellence ! Bruce Dern Glistens as Gloria's Father , 'Charles' , known affectionally as 'Pop Pop' to Gloria's Extended Family ! Gloria's Incarcerated Husband 'Vito' is Manned by Power-Packed Chuck Liddell & Her Loving Son 'Thomas' is More than ably brought to life by Young Wyatt Walter . The Beyond Beautiful Female Bikers are led by Ravishing Kristen Renton , who Sparkles as 'Rita' , the Leader ; & the Exquisite Kelly Lynn Reiter Kicks-Ass as the Ass-Kicking 'j-Girl' , who doesn't Need a Weapon to do All that Kicking ! Gorgeous Vida Ghaffari plays the Heroic School Security Guard 'Joan' , who makes the Wrong Split-Second Decision ; & the Brave Young Waif , 'Georgia' is the Remarkably Young & Talented Cleo Fraser . Another Lovely , Young , & Talented Actress , Cece Kelly portrays the Mixed-Up Student who began All the Trouble & Confusion ! In Fact , The Whole Cast exhibits an Outstanding Performance ! Special Kudos to Joe Castro for his Make-Up & FX work ; & to Thomas J. Churchill for Such a Superb Action/Heart-Tugging Film ! I Couldn't Recommend a Film More Highly ! Well Done ALL !
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Unity of "family" and honor
msbadd24 January 2020
CJ Badd and I jus finished watching it on Amazon Prime loved it everything about it was spot on intense and truly worth watching again and again so many true spot on points and "feels" truly awesome and sincere. It carries the heart n strength of family and the unity of brotherhood that extends outside the realm of the bike and open road. the cast was perfectly picked for the part they portrayed and embraced. The story was well written the directing and whole production was intensely spot on and cameras were pleasantly placed in the best spot to carry out each intended shot and the impact of the shot intended behind it. Every emotion you want a person to experience or feel during this movie was obtained to the depth it was intended for them to feel ranging from happiness, sadness, and satisfaction of justice well served.. I definitely recommend this movie. BRAVO to all involved whether on the screen or behind absolutely amazing..
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Has my Heart and Soul!!!
omisstiger29 January 2020
I just watched this movie and I had to grab the tissues, not once but a few times. I watched it twice. I felt compelled to leave a review because this is an empowering movie. I have lost my whole family to tragedy and I am struggling to cope with the reality of this unbearable heartbreak. Some days I am so consumed with physical anxiety, that I dont want to leave my house. I cracked up at the mom, yup, I know a few people just like her! I felt that Gloria made me stronger. During Nation's Fire, I was on the edge of my seat, then I had tears, then it made me feel like I had power as a woman This really opened my eyes to alot, it made me realize that I'm not alone and that I got this. This movie has given me strength at my lowest point in life. With that said, I am a fan for life.
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