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MPAA Rated PG-13 for intense sequences of sci-fi violence and action, language, and some thematic elements

Sex & Nudity

  • One kissing scene

Violence & Gore

  • There are multiple scenes involving the exchange of gunfire and fighting scenes throughout as the male protagonist and his friends take on their enemies. Some of the stronger scenes include one where a character is shot after exchanging blows with another man, and blood is shown oozing out of his wound. In another scene, a character is stabbed in the torso with a dagger and dies.
  • There is very frequent bloody scenes in the film meaning this one is the most intense.
  • Maze Runner: The Death Cure is, in its later stages, essentially a war movie.
  • We see very little of the grotesque cyborg monsters so familiar in the first movie, and even the zombie-like victims of the Flare are put on the back-burner (though they still have some notable scenes).
  • In return, The Death Cure gives us frenetic street battles, massive explosions and lots and lots of shooting.
  • Not every shooting victim gets pumped full of bullets
  • Some high-tech weapons fire disabling but, presumably, nonlethal electrical charges, which leave them jerking on the ground before succumbing to unconsciousness.
  • An electric grenade does the same thing to a group of guards
  • But others are indeed shot and killed, albeit mostly bloodlessly.
  • Rockets are fired into masses of protesters, sending some flying and the rest running.
  • In the aftermath, audiences see the dead lying in the streets from a distance.
  • A couple of men die in an apparent suicide attack
  • They drive their vehicle straight into something, creating a massive explosion.
  • Cars are thrown by explosives, too, and buildings catch on fire and sometimes collapse, taking whoever was still in/on them with them.
  • The zombie-like victims here (called Cranks, though it seems the word is occasionally used to reference normal folks outside WCKD's walls, too) attack on sight.
  • One man seems to be eaten alive by a couple of them (an attack mostly obscured by the ravenous creatures themselves).
  • Another one attacks someone frantically with a knife
  • He's killed in the ensuing tussle, the knife jutting out of his chest.
  • Several try to overwhelm a vehicle Thomas and his friends are in-one punching the windshield and side windows in an effort to get in.
  • The vehicle's driver steers close to some detritus, which smashes into the thing and tears him off the vehicle, but the SUV itself crashes soon after.
  • Characters hit each other and sometimes have extended fights, complete with knees to the gut and attempts at strangulation
  • Someone is shot and killed, and we see blood slowly spread underneath her white garment.
  • Another person is shot in the gut
  • When his shirt is lifted up, his bloody wound is visible.
  • Still another combatant gets stabbed in the leg with a sharp implement.
  • One person has her head slammed into a worktable, hard enough to daze her.
  • Thomas and others have tracking tags removed from the backs of their necks
  • The minor operation is bloody and painful, and we see clearly the gaping incision made on Thomas as someone pulls the chip from his neck.
  • Minho is forced into a dream-like state, where he's back in the Glade and forced to run the maze-which is filled with terrible-looking creatures-again and again.
  • Several people sport wounds
  • Sometimes they're fresh cuts and bruises on their faces; others bear old scars from previous encounters.
  • A bus filled with children is dropped from a seriously frightening height, but everyone seems to survive without serious injury.
  • A treatment for the Flare seems to be painful. "It burns!" says a little girl injected with what Teresa hopes will be a cure.
  • Someone coughs up blood. Another person gets stabbed with a syringe full of medication designed to knock someone out.
  • A guy who seemed to die in a previous movie returns.
  • "I put a spear through your chest!" Minho exclaims. "Nobody's perfect, man," the guy says.
  • Expect some violence similar to the first two movies. Some beloved characters die.


  • There is some use of coarse language such as "shit", "goddamn", "bastard", and "bitch".
  • Brief rude gesture (the finger) from Thomas to Janson, similar to the second movie.
  • For a PG-13 movie explicitly aimed at children and teens, The Death Cure spews a surprising level of profanity.
  • One indistinct f-word may be used during the course of the film.
  • But we definitely hear about 20 or so s-words, not to mention a few aborted attempts.
  • An obscene gesture is flashed as well.
  • We also hear God's name paired with "d-n" twice, along with sporadic uses of "a--," "b--ch," "b--tard," "d--n," "h---," "p-ssed" "d--k" and the British vulgarity "bloody."
  • Jesus' name is abused twice as well.
  • The main characters use their own system of swearing consisting of words such as "shuck" and "clunk".

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Experimental drugs in liquid form injected on patients to cure them from the virus. Other than that, none.
  • Eva drinks some form of liquor in her luxurious flat.
  • "Taking the edge off, I see," Janson says, watching her drink.
  • Scores of people, including several who are seemingly underage, knock down a toast to fallen comrades, though the type of beverage being quaffed is obscured by the tin mugs from which they drink.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • There are some scenes of threat, such as those depicting infected zombie-like people attacking the characters, as well as a character trying to escape from large menacing bugs chasing him through underground tunnels.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Sex & Nudity

  • One kissing scene between two characters, nothing else.
  • Thomas and Teresa kiss.

Violence & Gore

  • Teresa and Newt die. Teresa falls into an inferno of fire as she scarifies her life to save Thomas. Newt gets infected and turns into a zombie, attempting to eat Thomas, but Thomas drives a knife through his stomach in order to save himself.
  • Janson and Thomas have a throw down. Janson shoots Thomas in the stomach, and later on Thomas throws an object, cracking the glass and zombie-infected people eat/kill Janson.
  • Newt slowly rots away as a "zombie" as later in the film tommy is left with no choice but to fight him. Eventually newt is stabbed. He was earlier seen with blood coming out of his mouth.
  • Teresa has a bottle smashed on her head and also has her head smashed on a table. Blood is shown in both sequences. Later tommy is shot as she struggles to keep the blood seeping from his body. Teresa than manages to have a villain pulled apart.
  • Theresa, Newt, Janson, and Ava die.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The aforementioned death scenes in the Violence section. Ava's is sudden; Theresa's and Newt's are emotional as they are both sacrificial deaths. With Newt's, it's a form of suicide.

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