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A mess
loritalk42 December 2017
He's a hit-man. He's suppose to be a culinary master, but his kitchen is empty. He's suppose to be Latino, but he doesn't speak Spanish. Terribly written and with a fake 70's style that is grating and laughable.

Obviously written and directed by someone who doesn't know anything about Latinos. Pathetic.
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Western meets roller-coaster Crime Drama
machucao12 November 2017
The opening scene of the film sets expectations for savage brutality at any moment. And with that tension Jon Matthews is able to insert cathartic, playful humor to great effect. The score, which channels American Westerns, is a surprisingly perfect fit for this unconventional crime drama set in LA.

Richard Cabral fills his role so completely and convincingly that it came as no surprise to learn that Cabral has roots in gang culture. The only thing not believable is that his character doesn't speak much Spanish, because he has the pronunciation of a native speaker. But his powers of sensibility and fearlessness create so much emotional authenticity that it's often easy to forget you're watching a work of fiction. A strong supporting cast and unexpectedly subtle cinematography results in some stunning storytelling for a highly relevant story.
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Almost As Funny As 'Meet the Mobsters'
twelvehousebooks7 September 2018
I'm not sure if this film glorifies homicide or just shows what life can be like as a repentant murder. Whatever the case, I became quickly empathetic toward the hit-man Khali even though I'm introduced to him while he's killing four or five Cholos who have first been tied up and gagged. There's loads of humor in this film, which keeps it buoyant and from being a real downer like so many gang films these days. Watch this one only if you like movies about L.A. or gangs, maybe. I lived just south of Melrose at Vine and Willoughby back in the late 80s. Not sure what it's like now, but back then it was a war zone.
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One step forward, two steps back.
nogodnomasters29 July 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Khali (Richard Cabral) is a hired assassin who has retired to care for his ailing grandmother. He plans on putting her in a care facility in Malibu and not one that smells like urine. However, his car, which contains his life savings, gets jacked and Kahali finds himself if a difficult spot having to perform one more hit for grandmother. The story allows us to feel empathy for Khali, in hopes that he manages to snuff someone. But then Khali is pulled by a number of forces in a different direction making the hit difficult to perform.

The film is a dark comedy. It has its moments, mostly given to us by Isaac (Adam Ryan Rennie) who plays a pathetic character who we can all laugh at.

Guide: F-word. No sex or nudity.
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Not your typical hit man film and that's a good thing!
blueknowser2 November 2017
The title was a bit misleading but I really liked where this film went. Richard Cabral played Khali beautifully and with a really convincing passion and frustration. An ex East LA gang member gone solo who doesn't speak Spanish but knows lot's of Spanish phrases as pick up lines. Corina Calderon is also very talented, beautiful and convincing in her role as the ex and current love and co-motivator. Khalis grandmother is also his motivation. There is a certain level of both humour and desperation in all of the main characters throughout the film. The male nurse and the grandmother in particular stand out for some likable absurdities. Like the title, the opening scene would lead you to expect a slightly higher level of hit man skill and less vulnerability from Khali than transpires but it all seems to work in the end. Overall while a bit slow burning the film left me smiling and wanting to see a lot more of the characters. Definitely a film worth watching
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Great Film
beckyboop-587019 November 2017
Khali Killer was a great movie. Richard Cabral fit his role and made role come to life on the screen. The plot took you into different directions. The music took me back to the days of Spaghetti Western's. Personally reminded me of a Quentin Tarantino film. What a talented cast and director.
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Quirky streetwise drama with a first-rate star
gregcapaldini19 June 2018
The creators clearly intended to defy the viewer's expectations. When we first see the hit-man title character, he is coldly executing a set of enemies, but minutes later we see him carjacked by a suburbanite teenager, still later getting mistaken for a child molester while looking for his vehicle, and not long afterwards even losing his nerve stalking a pathetically easy target. We know him to have acted ruthlessly, but he's emotionally undone by seeing his grandmother slip into dementia. He self-identifies as a Hispanic East Angelino (i.e., East L.A.), but the only complete sentences he can speak in Spanish are the corny pick-up lines he addresses to his estranged wife. Richard Cabral proves himself a viable leading man, consistently watchable and believable as a desperate but selectively compassionate man, and many of the smaller roles are resourcefully cast. There is blessedly little visual distraction, the director having chosen ready-made locations and somehow having shot a 90-minute movie in less than three weeks. Plot-wise, you could argue that that wrap-up is implausibly tidy (and that technique-wise a few film edits aren't so tidy) but, again, the performances and the uncanny balance of realism and observational comedy is what holds our interest. And after watching, you'll likely avoid tangling with anyone driving a light blue Hyundai.
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eperine21 June 2018
Jon Matthews' Khali the Killer is one of the intresting dramas of the century. It bolsters viewers through a captivating dilemma of whether to choose feelings over intentions. Ideally, this the same situation experienced by everybody in the real world though not the murderous nature. Indeed, I am tempted to believe, Mathews directed the movie as an encouragement to many disappointments experienced by people. Khali the Killer is one such movie suited for all audience with parental guidance recommended at different scenes. In the movie, the role of Khali is taken by Emmy-nominated actor Richard Cabral. Evidently, he is the acclaimed LA hitman who turns into a good guy. From the onset, the resounding background gives him the right profile for the job; however, as the scenes unfold one is tempted to have him as the favorite character. For example, I found myself rooting for him throughout the movie. Khali seemed to have his heart in the right place, but he could not get ahead in life. He wanted to do the right thing, but life kept throwing him curveballs. As a result, he decided to face what life had provided. Critically, this is a motivation for people to always turn their challenges into opportunities. Khali lives with his ailing grandmother, Sarah played by Deena Freeman. She had developed dementia and needed appropriate care. It is the motivation and love for her that drives his desire for another hit job. Khali's life changes when his last hit job forces him to focus on what he does for a living. Khali's estranged wife, Cori, played by the beautiful actress, Corina Calderon. After realizing her predicament, Cori moved on with her life by marrying a straight lace geeky type guy, a total opposite of Khali. She was searching for stability and a better life for her daughter despite being in love with him. She constructs a list of questions to see which man knows her best. Khali again shows his soft side by answering her questions correctly proving he is the one who "gets her." Overall, a great cast and the talented directing demonstrated by Jon Matthews in Khali the Killer makes it a must-see movie.
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You won't be disappointed
breighz19 June 2018
This edge of your seat, hit man turned good guy movie is a thrill ride. Richard Cabral is a very convincing killer and lover. You are rooting for him throughout the movie. It has a very engaging story line that will make you forget your watching a movie. Feels like you are part of the story. The directing is fantastic and authentic. A modern day spaghetti western with a great soundtrack to boot. Every performance is fantastic. Do yourself a favor and watch it. Great cast, and fantastic director.
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Khali the Killer
ian-nolte19 June 2018
An engaging inventive story with an outstanding lead performance from Richard Cabral.
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