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A Few Laughs, a Few More Bikinis
wes-connors28 April 2015
A giant crocodile from "Black Lake" is captured by muscle-bound Stephen Billington (as Beach) and hook-armed Robert Englund (as Jim Bickerman). This is so a team of scientists can experiment on crocodile and snake DNA. The animals escape and begin to eat people. Six miles away, the attacks continue in "Clear Lake". Fish and wildlife officer Corin Nemec (as Will "Tull" Tully) from "Clear Lake" teams up with "Black Lake" sheriff and neighbor Yancy Butler (as Reba) to investigate...

This Syfy TV movie combines three concepts; we have the "Lake Placid" series, the "Anaconda" spin-offs and the "vs" match-ups. This story is not three times as good, however. This is average fare. "A.B. Stone" and writer Berkeley Anderson have the most fun with a couple of secondary items. First, clumsy deputy Oliver Walker (as Ferguson) is good comic relief. Second, there is a generous amount of screen time given to beautifully-proportioned young women in tight-fitting bikinis.

*** Lake Placid vs Anaconda (4/25/15) A.B. Stone ~ Corin Nemec, Yancy Butler, Robert Englund, Oliver Walker
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Let them fight, in the corniest way possible.
quincytheodore27 July 2015
I'm amazed that either of these franchises actually survived this long, and even managed to create unholy union which is far worse than any of the original titles. It knows it's bad, it revels in the awfulness. There's myriad of silly antics, you'd expect stupid bimbos and fake soldiers, you will have them in spade.

Cue the freak of nature and human arrogance to harness profit even though it's downright lethal, then like Jurassic Park had done decades ago, let it loose. What follows is typical random passerby getting mauled. It plays the stereotype in incredibly shameless dose. The girls are highly plastic to ensure there are sorority babes, practically naked victims prance about obliviously for your viewing pleasure.

The acting and visual are unsurprisingly bad. It's as though they use blunder footage and video game graphic from two generations ago. It's so bad, one can't help but laughing. Everyone knows, from the actors and audience, the movie is awful. Honestly, we're watching a movie titled Lake Placid vs. Anaconda here.

Sadly, embracing the crappy nature doesn't make it much better. If you have low expectation of this movie, it will definitely succeed in delivering such expectation. I feel I must apologize for even mentioning Jurassic Park in this review.
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zackow25 July 2015
Watching this movie made me really speechless. It is not the bad script and cheesy lines that made this movie bad. It was the terrible acting from all the actors. You will have to watch this movie for yourself and be the judge to everyone's acting in this movie. It is amateur hour on screen, very stiff acting, terrible expressions and poor chemistry. When I saw the ratings on IMDb, I thought to myself 4/10 ain't that bad. So I told to myself why not give this movie a try, I knew what I was getting myself into, but never expect it to be this bad. Anyone out there who can give this rating above 5, you are definitely not watching enough movies or actually sober to give this movie a rating, or you are a dude just giving a high rating for the boob flashes in the movie.
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Pretty Much What You'd Expect
Michael_Elliott26 April 2015
Lake Placid vs Anaconda (2015)

** (out of 4)

This made-for-TV film is the fifth film in both the LAKE PLACID and ANACONDA series and a direct continuation of LAKE PLACID: THE FINAL CHAPTER, which, as I predicted in my review of that film, wasn't really the last in the series. This film here is pretty simple as a group of scientists take the blood of a Lake Placid croc and mixes it into the body of a genetically made anaconda. Soon several people are being attacked by the creatures.

Look, if you're watching a movie called LAKE PLACID VS ANACONDA then you should know what you're getting into. If you're wanting high art, intense drama or brilliant acting then you shouldn't be checking this thing out. If you want to watch a low-budget "C" monster mash then this one here isn't all that bad. If you watch enough of these SyFy movies then you know that some of them are downright horrid but thankfully this one here never quite gets that bad. Thankfully this movie never takes itself too serious.

Both Yancy Butler and Robert Englund are back from the previous films in the LAKE PLACID series and both are a joy to watch. Butler can use that deep voice like no one else and you believe that she's tough and willing to kick your butt. Englund actually gets a few funny bits here so his comic timing works just fine. The supporting cast of players are also entertaining in their own ways. As you'd expect, the crocodiles and anacondas are being performed by some really bad CGI. When you see such effects it reminds you that you're watching a "C" movie but I will say that the effects are slightly better than what we normally get for a film like this.

I think most viewers will know whether or not a film like this is for them or not. Obviously if you prefer high art there's really no point in watching this. If you just want some cheap entertainment then there's no doubt that there are much better movies out there for that but as far as these "monster mash" movies go, this one here really isn't all that bad. Stupid for certain but mildly entertaining.
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What in the absolute hell?
NerdBat21 May 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I was a fan of the Lake Placid movies and the Anaconda movies ever since I was a young child. I absolutely adore reptiles, and I thought hey, the two are going to battle it out? What a movie this will be!

Well, I was wrong. I have never been so disgusted with the characters of a movie in my life. My absolute pet peeve for this movie though? The leader of the college girls group (whatever her name is). This woman is the definition of a b*tch. Not to mention the absolutely obsessive and narcissistic Mrs. Murdoch. I watch these movies because I love the creature action, but the characters make it that much harder to even enjoy the film at all.

So let's talk about the actual creatures themselves. The Crocodiles are no larger than perhaps 8 feet. A very small comparison to the original Lake Placid monster. The anaconda does not seem to eat any of the crocodiles, rather it simply squeezes them so hard that they explode. In one scene the snake uses its tail as a whip that cuts a crocodile in half. What on earth was that?

This is the first film I have seen that I KNEW would be a cheesy piece of junk, but I wasn't expecting it to be THIS bad!
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nxvrpqhvutmww26 July 2015
This movie is the worst kind of movie and it sucks that syfy gets to buy out 2 series and make them both unwatchable. think 2 out of the 4 reviews are probably from syfy employees and its telling that even the shill accounts wont give it a great review. This movie is unwatchable unless your the lowest kind of movie watcher. This would probably be great if you got a lobotomy before watching. really hate what this station has done with all the franchises it has purchased and the fact none of them will be able to come back in the future with a decent release. I think also that it is blatant that syfy reviews its own movies on here because the reviews are absolute bs and i find it hard to believe that any one watching this would take the time to post a review if they were that oblivious to what a decent movie is. This movie is really the lowest of the low.
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Cheesy Horror or Not, I Was Entertained
mb145610 October 2017
Lake Placid vs Anaconda clicked for me. I have lost count of the number of other lake placid & anaconda sequels I've seen but they were all so average probably because they took themselves seriously, despite their mediocre effects or script. But this one doesn't. There's lot of humor(intentionally or not) either between the characters especially between the sheriff Reba and her deputy Ferguson or in the gore(between the anaconda, crocs & the humans) which works in the movie's favor. The effects are surprisingly better at least when compared to other Syfy horror works I've seen. The story or script of course, is unbelievable which is expected as this is just for our entertainment. So there is some nudity, gore(but not too much), Robert Englund back again with his maniacal laughter, humor, some bad performances(which makes it even more funny), some dumb, pain in the a** characters that get knocked off early...everything that you need in a 90-min horror flick while you munch on your chips & soda :)
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Not too bad for a bad movie
Stevieboy6661 July 2018
The Lake Placid franchise meets the Anaconda franchise and let's be honest they are both pretty poor so no high expectations here. However, having just sat through this on TV, I actually thought it wasn't too bad - for a bad movie. Girls in bikinis, plenty of corny one-liners, cheap & silly CGI (though I have seen MUCH worse), Eastern Europe standing in for the US, Yancy Butler as the gravel voiced but sexy Sheriff and horror legend Robert Englund. Yes, it's a million miles from his Elm St stuff but I've seen him in worse than this. As Syfy movies go it's not too bad & if you want 90 minutes of simple, silly entertainment then put your brain in neutral & give it a look.
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There are few words to describe this film (but I'll try)
bowmanblue3 July 2016
Years ago, I watched both 'Lake Placid' and 'Anaconda' in the cinemas and, for all my sins, loved them both. Yes, I know a 'good' film when I see one and I knew both of these were definitely not good. They were cheesy B-movies that could only be considered 'good' in a 'so-bad-they're-good' kind of way. But, sometimes I'm in the mood for that sort of film, so that's okay.

I seem to remember seeing a sequel to Anaconda (another snake/another jungle) and I'm pretty sure I at least heard that Lake Placid (another crocodile/another lake) had another film out of video (didn't even have DVDs in that day from what I recall!). Now, from what I read online, 'Lake Placid vs Anaconda' is the fifth film in both franchises. I guess some may think that it might be difficult to pick up the story missing 3/5 of the story. Don't worry. I don't think I missed much in the way of story.

Scientists (the movie kind, therefore they're evil) are trying to do experiments on the giant anaconda snake and it gets away – right into Lake Placid. And it just so happens that there's a whole group of scantily-clad teenage girls in bikinis running around on that day. And, if you've ever seen a film before, you'll probably fill in enough of the blanks to work out what happens for the next ninety minutes.

Lake Placid vs Anaconda is basically a slasher film with monsters who occasionally fight each other in between gobbling up the next cheerleader. The acting is dire (and even the presence of Robert Englund can't elevate it that much), the special effects are about the least special as they could be (seriously, I've seen Playstation 2 cut-scenes that are better than the CGI snake and crocs) and the plot is nothing you haven't seen before. The characters are pretty unlikeable – the 'nice' ones are two dimensional and underdeveloped and the 'bad' ones are even more clichéd (although the token 'mean girl' of the story was actually quite funny!).

Therefore, the film is pretty forgettable. I'm writing this review trying to remember as much of it as I can before all traces of it slips from my mind completely. However, as dumb as it is, I didn't hate it. I was actually quite entertained while I saw it. I doubt I'll ever see it again. There are plenty of other monster movies out there that are better and new ones being filmed every day.
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I Needed A Killer Croc' Flick Fix... And I Got One...
stephenabell31 July 2019
Okay, so I unscrewed by brain jar and removed the grey cells then sat down to enjoy some good ol' creature feature movie madness. And... Enjoy it I did.

Judging by the low score on IMDb, I must be the only one.

So, the basic premise (if anybody cares in movies of this nature) is a group of scientists are still trying to make the fountain-of-youth serum from the Blood Orchid (this is the basic concept of the Anaconda film series). Well, they have a new lead on the missing ingredient that should make the magic work. You guessed it, the crocodiles from Lake Placid (Clear Lake). Enter the car full of lovely ladies... or should I say snacks... The lonely dad who works for Fish and Game and whose daughter might be on the menu. The harassed and hard-worked Sheriff who has to save the day, the town, and the snacks... oh, I mean, ladies. And the bad-guys of the tale, the evil conglomerate run by a sociopath. So what is there not to like?

Okay, the drawbacks are the lovely ladies scream way too much instead of running away. But, hey, if they ran we wouldn't have the satisfaction of watching them get munched. Tha hazing queen, Tiffani, is so stereotypical it isn't funny. The special effects range from okay to terrible. There's a nice scene when a car crushes the head of a croc' and knocks another onto its back. This is from a high viewpoint looking down and works well. Then when one of the girls is chomped you get to see it in a series of still shots, flashing backwards and forwards between dinnertime and the screaming girls. It's like they either ran out of budget or time to make the scene animated. The crocodiles and anacondas are a hodge-podge of rendering techniques.

So what works. The humour, on the whole, is above average and made me laugh a couple of times. The crocodile under the bed was a favourite scene. A few of the sarcastic lines the characters say are funny. The best for this was Ali Eagle's character, Margo. She goes on the pledging trip to study the entire routine for her psych major. The car crushing sequence is good and the punchline made me giggle. I even liked the situation between the Sheriff and her deputy when he tried to use the radio communications. Me, I would've just shot him. Robert England as the amputee tracker and pathfinder, Jim Bickerman, also adds a little humour to the events.

The direction, though mainly average does have some good points too. A B Stone, does a good job of working tension into some of the scenes, though not all of them. Stone is also good at setting the pace. The film trips along at a speedy pace and as a viewer, you're caught in the flow. Stone then ramps up the speed for the action and slows it down for the hunting scenes. However, there's a scene I don't understand. I thought it was out of sequence and should have been the mandatory cliffhanger ending. It's the father and son poachers who get attacked by a swarm of baby Crocodiles, which we never see again. It felt out of place in this cut of the movie. Nice sequence though! - shame this concept wasn't expanded upon.

The acting is above average for most of the characters. Though, Corin Nemec as Tull looked to be sleepwalking through some of his sets. A few of the lovely ladies were too air-headed for my taste. But hey, they can only do what the script and the director ask for. Yancy Butler as the Sheriff, Reba, nails it. She gives her cop the right amount of attitude to make her hard... but human.

After watching some of the other Lake Placid flicks this was a happy surprise to me. Not as good as the original, but better than most of the sequels (not watched them all yet). I found it to be an enjoyable way to waste an hour and a half while eating breakfast on a Sunday morning.

Would I recommend it? Only if you watched the original Lake Placid and you need a killer croc flick fix... or if you just like mindless fun.
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Anaconda why you don't eat them all?
n-kefala8 September 2015
This movie is hilarious. It's a horror film and it shouldn't be hilarious but yes it is. The performances are very very bad, the special effect are the worst I have ever seen, and as for the story, is something that you have also seen many times before. The most of the scenes are awful, disgusting, moreover are predictable and with many... tits - boys will really enjoy them. I have the feeling that "Lake Placid vs. Anaconda" will be continued and that is the only thing that scares me about this movie. But the silver lining is that you can have a lot of fun -because it is so bad that makes you laugh with all your heart.
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justindougherty-0095617 January 2018
Why older movies look more real is such s mystery. The first lake placid looked like a real croc. First anaconda looked like a real snake in most shots. Better tecnology years later and we get things that look like cgi and the lighting on the creatures doesnt even match the surrounding. Like its pail or looks like a paper cut out moving on screen. People getting eaten looks as fake as it actually is and acting. Modern movies should just stick to anamatronics and real special effects. Theyed lose less of the audience that way. Cant make money if everyone agrees that movies now cant even match up to the orginals in any way but the story line. Noone wants to see that its cgi. Noone wants to notice that its cgi. Noone wants to see a person get eaten or crushed and the thing biting or crushing them look like its photo shopped into the shot. How... Just how are movies so much worse these days.

Cant say its hd tvs either, jurassic park still has real looking dinosaurs on modern tvs.
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a big yawn
trashgang4 October 2016
Jesus Christ, how is it possible that people do offer money to lake this kind of worthless flicks? I only watched it for the name of Robert Englund and face it, it's a downfall for him too.

The script is really a bummer. The effects are laughable and it just doesn't work. Well, it works when the crocs are in the lake but once attacking people it becomes a bit dull and when the anaconda arrives it's both creatures against each other in full cheap CGI.

The only thing that's worth noticing is the nudity offered for the viewer but even that doesn't add a thing towards the story.

I can't say anything more except don't go to the lake because it's boring as hell. Even as they added comedy with the deputy that also didn't work out.

Gore 0/5 Nudity 1/5 Effects 1/5 Story 1/5 Comedy 0/5
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Just really, really, very bad. The epitome of bad. Bad to the power of 7.
chantebotha18 August 2016
I'll just start with a big wow. Like, the overall badness of this movie just stunned me. I was truly astonished. Mind = blown. Honestly, I didn't expect much to start with but I was just blown away by how little I should've expected. Just watch it to revel in how bad it is, soak up the glorious lack of talent and creativity. If only there was as much originality as there was gore, this would've had a much better rating.

It is horrendous. The special effects are, well, special. They're a special kind of bad. Now this would've been acceptable if the movie was made a few years back but 2015, seriously? The equipment must've been ancient. The only way this would've been slightly okay is if the creatures were actually created by a bunch of 5 year olds experimenting in graphics for the first time. As for the acting, it's mind-numbing. Honestly, it made me feel like I had a chance to be in a movie and my acting is crap. They just didn't pull it off well, at all. The tones, pitches and gestures were weak. The overall performance was lacking. It just made the already ridiculous film seem more fake. Pretty much every cliché under the sun was used in this. The only thing I'm proud of is that they didn't have one of those tiresome romances.

If you want a good laugh, watch it with a group of sarcastic friends. They're bound to have a field day with this. I feel like the story-line, although grossly unoriginal, would've been tolerable if everything else wasn't so crap. But it was, so it is. It's impressive just how bad it is. Like I was expecting it to be bad, but wow, it amazed me just how bad it was. It's one of those things you can watch on a bad day and it'll cheer you up because it'll remind you that your life still isn't as bad as the acting and special effects in this movie.
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So bad it's funny
andre-474-32619527 January 2020
So bad script, acting,effects, camera, just everything is so unbelievable idiotic, it must be on purpose. That would make it funny again. But to much for me.
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nogodnomasters16 April 2018
Warning: Spoilers
The film is what one would expect if you have seen the other features, although that isn't necessary to understand the plot. Robert Englund and Yancy Butler have survived the last feature to be in this one, in fact Yancy Butler was in at least the last two of these. It smartly combines this series with the last Anaconda film where they look for the Blood Orchid for an immortality serum which involves our genetically altered anaconda who needed genes from the croc. Sarah Murdoch (Annabel Wright) is the daughter of Murdoch (John Rhys-Davies) of the Anaconda series.

There is no Lake Placid in this film. It is Black Lake and Clear Lake and it is filmed in Bulgaria so go figure. So we have mega crocs and mega anacondas on the lake as police are out to kill them, a private corporation is out to extract them, and Delta Phi Beta sorority is holding initiations in bikinis, tops optional.

One great sex scene. 7 stars for the cheese.
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A new level of bad
greekgod4130 July 2017
Warning: Spoilers

If you don't want to read any details about this film then please don't read any further!!

I decided to watch this film just for a joke, and I'm left speechless, then I went from speechless to laugh out loud hysterical laughing. I mean this film is so bad that it had to have been made by children as a prank The acting has to be seen to be believed, it is so atrocious that no reputable film producer will ever hire anyone that stared in this film ever again. The CGI is on a level of bad that is laughable, we're talking about "Land Shark" level bad Also who wrote the script?, seriously, it is so terrible that it must have been composed by the intellectually impaired....I mean falling on the ground 2 feet away from the Croc, and saying "what do I do....then screaming at it, "nobody messes with a DJ sister" before getting eaten And omg! the head sorority sister is so vile, nasty, narcissistic, selfish, obnoxious and bitchy that she takes "entitled spoilt feminist brat" to a whole new level, you just have to see her, she's that bad....In fact her lines are the only redeeming feature of this film, you will get a chuckle every time she speaks Oh yeah, there's plenty of babes in bikini's to keep us guys interested in what's going on in this movie, that's it's second redeeming feature They confront crocs in the woods Anaconda comes does small battle with them Anaconda kills crocs Anaconda eats a guy Guy blows up Anaconda with grenade in it's belly The end....I did warn you lol
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So bad that is was actually fun to watch.
meydiana-652423 November 2020
To be honest everything about this movie was bad but that was a good thing. I had a few laughs here and there. Not because the jokes were fun but because everything was so badly stereotypical. And well the CGI... I know they don't have a big budget but c'mon showing the inside of the mouth of the crocodile isn't terrifying if it isn't modeled. By the way I liked the bikinis.

Conclusion : if you put your expectations so low as the bottom of the ocean it is entertaining.
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the best of all the lake placid sequels.
theromanempire-116 September 2020
After a decent first film all the rest of the lake placid sequels were mediorce excluding part 3 which was gory and had a lot of croc action but yet again below average. surprisingly the 5th entry in the series was the best after the first film. even better than part 3. sure it has it's flaws and laughs here and there and the same lake placid formula BUT somehow this time they managed to create a film which is not a bore like the previous sequels. Maybe the involvement of the Anaconda snake contributed to the final result and to clear things this is not a crossover between the two franchises. this is purely a lake placid sequel which just happened to involve an anaconda snake. nothing to do with the four previous anaconda films. Also known as lake placid part 5 the film is also worth by the return of the well known "freddy" who survived in the previous part 4 entry as the mad preacher this time looking like an one eye......pirate of shorts....he he.... in my book u should own the first three films plus this one and ignore parts 4 and 6 which were the worst in the series.


Lake placid

Lake placid vs Anaconda

Lake placid 3

Lake placid 2

Lake placid: the final chapter

Lake placid legacy
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No effort made
Leofwine_draca29 August 2020
Warning: Spoilers
Another year, another SyFy Channel mash-up, this time combining the defunct LAKE PLACID and ANACONDA franchises. I should note that none of the preceding films were particularly good in the first place, so this was going to have its work cut out. Unsurprisingly, it's a tawdry effort of mundane human behaviour punctuated by ridiculously bad CGI shots of cast members being munched on, either by giant snakes or giant crocodiles, take your pick. Robert Englund and Yancy Butler are the holdovers from the previous series, but this Bulgarian-shot flick is a prime example of a bad, anything-goes movie with no effort having gone into it at all. Pity the poor actresses trying to make it big and spending the whole movie being paraded around in their bikinis.
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They destroy anaconda series with this!
aastikhimta19 August 2020
A movie with no proper plotline + no proper graphics of reptiles.Don't waste your time over this.
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Enjoyable and impressive entry
kannibalcorpsegrinder27 April 2015
Attempting to harvest local crocodile genes, the release of giant anacondas forces the town sheriff and a wildlife officer to try to hunt down the deadly creatures rampaging through the local community.

Overall this one was quite the enjoyable and entertaining offering. Despite being the fifth entry in each series, the fact that this one manages to incorporate the aspects of each one is quite impressive, managing to go through the snake series with a marginal recap of what happened there and keeping the events that transpired so as not to truly forget the efforts of that franchise while keeping the location and set-up from the final crocodile effort in place so as to ensure that there's some cohesive logic between the two. This makes the meeting of the two all the more logical and enjoyable by putting them into the universe which allows for a lot of great parts here as the action between the two creatures brings in a lot of fun. The opening attempt to conduct their experiments that results in the creatures getting loose is quite fun with the croc getting loose and forcing a host of defensive tactics to free itself, the baby crocs get a really nice scene where they stalk and attack a poacher in the forest, the initial assault on the sorority initiation is quite impressive as the attack on the wake-boarder leads to the boat attack and subsequent massacre on the beach at the same time, the chase through the woods and finally the attempts to flee in their cars results in some really enjoyable and exciting suspense scenes with the attempts to break into the car to get at them and the chases once the girls are free makes this one quite the highlight. The nice gore and kills here certainly aren't that bad either, and the comic relief from the ineffectual deputy takes on some goofy charms here that manages to feel in tune with the rest of the film here which makes for it's positive points. There's a few small flaws here, namely the fact that the titular creatures only get one real battle here to come together, and it's barely worth mentioning with the majority of the time anyway taken up with the pleas between the two human parties both for killing and saving the animals. That's not all that impressive here and really could've given the snakes more time in the story with them barely appearing anyway as the crocs get more of the screen time, and with a few small re-writes could've removed them from the story altogether and made this a sole killer crocodile film. While the CGI again looks pretty bad and gives away both the inconsistent size and appearance of both creatures, the last flaw here is a slew of unresolved and unexplained encounters that are never picked up or explored again leading to question why a ton of time was spent on their inclusion. Still, for the most part this one was a lot of great fun.

Rated Unrated/R: Graphic Violence, Language and Nudity.
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poeboy_730 April 2020
So many cliches. The coroner who eats at work. Snarky goth girl. Raging b word of a pledgemaster. Angry mayor up for reelection soon. You also have Freddy Krueger, Witchblade, and Parker Lewis, and a bunch of people that wouldn't be up to snuff in a kindergarten class play. But at least the graphics are bad. In short, nothing worth watching.
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Maybe not the worst film ever made, but for sure the second worse!
ned-reed2 March 2019
The acting is nauseatingly pathetic! I don't expect much from any of these kinds of movies but this is the worst of the worst! Do NOT waste your time!
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B-movie in all its glory (kinda sarcasm?)
ArchonCinemaReviews26 October 2015
I have always had a soft spot for science fiction B-movies. And while Lake Placid vs. Anaconda fills all the requirements for terrible B-movie glory, it is not actually good in any manner.

People often forget that the original Lake Placid and Anaconda films were quite good in a campy creature kind of way. The onslaught of sequels bastardizing their originality and fun of those films have relegated the sub-genre to pure and lovely guilty pleasure filth. Lake Placid vs. Anaconda has nearly every ghastly B-movie trope we've come to expect from these films, and it's not in a good way.

The plot of the film often gets overly summarized to the point of stating the title in sentence form. Lake Placid vs. Anaconda has a super science-y organization funding crazy genetic research while searching for an elixir of youth. Of course, that means they need a super anaconda to bear love children formed from breeding the snake with the gigantic crocodile, thereby making "baby croc-a-condas." Along the way the creatures get loose and go on a killing spree, as they often do, and what do they stumble upon but a group of near- naked sorority girls during rush.

Lake Placid vs. Anaconda has all the literal makings of a B-movie without any of the self referential and irreverent humor of its more successful predecessors, such as the recent Sharknado and Piranha 3D. For some inexplicable reason, the makers behind the film chose to minimize the comedy, and without humor it is just dull.

A B-movie stuff wouldn't be true to itself if it didn't fail at some basic film making techniques, and the sound production, anaconda effects and dialogue overall are pretty terrible. And for a B-movie where gigantic creatures are constantly killing humans, it was pretty weak on the gore and creativity in the death scenes, with the only amusing part being croc on anaconda casualties.

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