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All I see are unsophisticated reviewers!
stasapfob18 February 2018
It is a really good thing that I don't implicitly trust the raw IMDb average review score of a move before deciding whether to see it or not.

This was an excellent movie, made unique specifically by the fact that it wasn't the typical feel-good, everything is explained in the end, cookie-cutter Hollywood drivel! It seems too many viewers today are looking to disengage their brain and be spoon-fed a story-line where all character arcs are complete and all questions answered - sad really. I appreciated the fact that this movie allowed us to view a complex and dynamic relationship, and afterwards do our own critical thinking and take some personal meaning away from the story.

I'm also particularly amused by the hypocritical puritan nut-jobs who lambasted the film by judging Gina's actions as a negative commentary on the entire female gender - get real people!! The intent is a realistic story setting, and in reality humans actually do have sex and are fallible (have affairs/become jealous). If you are looking for a perfect (but unrealistic) fantasy world depiction ... stick to Marvel comic movies :) However, if you like being engaged with an intense and realistic story that demands some thinking by the viewer (and beautifully set in Thailand), you won't be disappointed.
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All I see is a mediocre film
andrew-marks5929 January 2017
Marc Forster has delivered some decent big budget films in the past, like World War Z and Quantum of Solace, but All I See is You is smaller and a less epic offering. The story is an interesting one, a woman who has been blind for a long time has a procedure to get her eyesight back. The recovery period is long but ultimately successful in helping her gain her eyesight back, but she slowly starts realizing her life is not at all what it seems.

I thought the cast did a fine job, Blake Lively played a blind woman quite well and Jason Clarke played her supportive yet angry husband.

The problem with this movie is that nothing really happens, it tried to hit the viewer with a couple twists but those ultimately fell flat. Another problem was that it tried to use sex to further the narrative but that really just got in the way and felt forced. Maybe Marc was trying to distract the viewer with sex so they don't realize his movie is boring. A sort of plus was the handful of cool visuals that were scattered throughout the film, I won't tell you what they are because I don't really know how to explain them and if you choose to see it, I don't want to give anything away.

My Suggestion: See it if you like Blake Lively or Jason Clarke enough to sit through a boring movie starring them.

Seen at TIFF 2016.
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A thoughtful, well directed, beautifully shot and acted 'sort of' thriller
alex-hornby6 August 2018
Warning: Spoilers
I went into this film blind (pun intended) not really knowing much about it at all, but needing something 'romantic' from Netlix for a Saturday afternoon. Blake Lively is always interesting to me whether in engaging dramas like Age of Adeline or in engaging nonsense such as The Shallows.

It's immediately interesting and the opening images arresting: a kaleidoscope of bodies, a couple in the throes of passion, silken sheets and milky skies - beautifully blended. The images make sense when we discover that Lively's character Gina, is blind - was blinded in a car accident that killed her parents. Her husband, James, dotes on her, caters for her every need, spoils her - he seems quietly, perhaps subconsciously grateful for the position of power their situation puts him in.

The first 30 minutes knits together the confusion and frustration of Gina's everyday life perfectly sometimes taking us behind her eyes to experience the lights and the shapes that Gina can almost see as we follow her to the pool, teaching guitar, and to the doctors where she is told that a transplant is possible.

The mood shifts dramatically when Gina regains partial sight. She gets a new lease of life. She soaks everything in. She wants to experience everything she's been missing. Gina is ecstatic in her new found sense - on a trip to Spain to visit her sister, she begins to shrug off the old Gina and starts to transform, sexing up her wardrobe, starting to wear makeup, almost purposefully seeking out moments to excite and arouse her. James starts to think that he won't be enough for her and indeed the things she took for granted are not what she expected and not necessarily what she wants.

Whilst what follows is definitely psychological, and in part thrilling, this is very much a study of a relationship on the precipice and the extremes we'll go to when cornered or desperate. Gina realises that life has options, and James will do anything he can to try and limit them, to salvage what they have.

I found this film incredibly satisfying. I found the union of Gina and James, the transition to a new way of living, Gina's effervescence for her new life and James's acute anxiety that he is about to lose everything really believable. There's a real tension and it's all played beautifully and naturally. There's a moment (a millisecond) near the end where it veers towards melodrama, and even though not the romantic comedy I was looking for, was a film I'm definitely glad I've seen.
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"We don't know who me is."- more a case of rediscovery inevitably gone bad than insecurity- and how not to cope with loss.
bricslove6 August 2018
Warning: Spoilers
First off, I don't see any problems with the pacing, the visuals, or the music in the movie. All were fine and in fact, although the ending felt a bit rushed, it was not just meaningful but also artistic without being pretentious.

I agree, however, with some of the reviewers that it more falls into the drama genre than thriller. I have a brief moment of disappointment with good flicks that are categorized wrong, but that's about it.

Now... My character analysis is somewhere between the spectrum of views from the reviewers.

The movie does not clearly hint at any possibility that Clarke's character specifically went out to find someone permanently vulnerable to marry, due to a handicap. When you extrapolate the characters into the past, perhaps some of the audience would say that is very likely. Understandably so, as there are many people who actually feel so insecure as to purposely marry totally dependent partners.

The problem in the movie is, though, Lively's character doesn't waste time to confirm her husband's fears, and denies it when confronted.

It would be only natural for her to change her looks following the operation- she had to see herself first to know what she wanted to look like.

That was not what troubled the husband. It could have been, in other cases, but the movie tells us that it is not.

What critically troubled the husband was that scene on the train that he kept replaying, closing up on his wife's face as she thought no one was watching.

Also the realizations: 1. she lied about the man in the park 2. she said she was pregnant, without knowing her husband was sterile.

Whereas he could confront her and file a divorce or give her a second chance, the husband hatched a wicked plan to have her blind self back, failing to accept the fact that newly gained eyesight would make one discover more about oneself and have preferences with things one had no way of deciding before. As Gina said: "we don't know who me is." This was the problem. The husband could only get to know this new wife as fast as she could get to know more of herself. This problem was not mutually shared, as the wife had understandably welcomed the changes with delight.

Said another way, changes happen faster than the husband is able to let sink in and upon realizing that he is losing his wife, he tries to reverse the process back to when he knows she would need him, therefore would keep him, as if he can make her unsee things, rewind time. So he tries to actually blind her. That is how mentally sick he has become.

As the wife is singing this song on stage from a time when she was blind and all she saw was him, and staring straight in his eyes all the time... there's this silent conversation via exchanges of gazes of how she used to love him, how she could still see and knew what he had been up to, and how he ruined it all. He gets the messages, walks out on her and jumps in his car, and, absorbed in a very emotionally intense session of self-introspection and judgment while driving, ends up in a fatal accident.

A life ends as a new one begins. Things move on, one way or another. If he had thought about it before the operation he could prepare and therefore grant himself "the serenity to accept the things he cannot change".

I loved almost everything about the movie without the need to root for either of these two characters who had become very realistically unlikable as the movie proceeded. I respect this in a movie. A cold but sincere little flick.
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Very good Movie!
nachoc1374 February 2018
I DO NOT understand the bad reviews of this movie... It is a very interesting story from the beginning to the final moment. The development of the character of Blake Lively is impressive. Have an open mind and you will enjoy very much this movie.
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It's not really a thriller, so what's it supposed to be?
cristiandeiana2 February 2018
Warning: Spoilers
I feel like this had the potential to be a great thriller, but there's so many things that went wrong so sadly I can't say it is. The main problem is the pacing, there's just no build up of suspense for the majority of the movie, and so the final sequence of events happen so quickly so as to almost feel rushed. Also whereas the husband is clearly meant to be the antagonist in the story, and the wife is the heroine, there's just something that doesn't quite sit right with me about her, and I feel like both characters come off as quite unlikeable by the end. I mean I know it was really bad for him to change the eye drops, so sure I can accept him as the bad guy, he got it coming to him in the end. But as for the wife let's just put it this way, when she gets her vision back she becomes quite rude towards her husband, self centred, sleeps with another guy, then lies about it and even has a baby which she clearly tries to pass off as the husband's, and then pretends that she's still blind when she can actually see, and by the end after he kills himself and she has the baby it's like it was supposedly a good turn of events, like a sort of redemption. There's a feminist quality to the protagonist, and by regaining her sight it distills this power within her, and that by challenging her newfound self empowerment the husband became the villain. The funny thing is that I felt more sympathy for the husband for the most of the movie... hell maybe that's just me, but I wouldn't be surprised if the majority of people who like this movie are women, but either way it's just bad.

So to answer the initial question 'It's not really a thriller, so what's it supposed to be?', well it's kind of like a very average drama with unlikeable characters, really not a good combination. But if we could take away any real moral from the story it's that people can change, and not just from regaining eyesight, these things happen, and you just have to be careful about heavily investing your life into someone when they can completely change. And to realise when you are both no longer compatible for each other and when to walk away. Clearly this movie deals with this in a very negative way, and ultimately the ending was just downright depressing.
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Insecure man needs a handicapped women to feel justified
spacechick-5462024 June 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Seems like half of the reviewers here failed to notice, that this movie was not about the feminist propaganda or the egoistic lifestyle of a 21s century women pursuing their own dreams and desires, but about the realization that the only reason this couples relationship worked was because Gina was in a very vulnerable state, handicapped, totally relying on her husband taking care of her 24/7, and the sad realization that her husband would do anything to get her back to that vulnerable state again, by changing her eyedrops, so that she would go blind again, and by taking the dog away in a very cruel way tying her to a tree, just so that she couldn't go outside anymore to have some fun. I found this deep story of the film totally disgusting, but at the same time utterly beautiful, because this is reality, relationships and marriages are often full of egoistic desires, and oppressions, lies and manipulations...even though I sympathize with the female character Gina I found her behavior totally disgusting as well, she obviously got knocked up by that other dude, since her husband was told by the doctor that he couldn't father a child. Ally by all, wonderful movie, with a wonderful message, but I would rather call it a drama instead of a thriller.
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All I See is You (2017)
rockman18229 October 2017
Time to tell you how bad this film is. I didn't know much about it but I really like Blake Lively. Ever since the Gossip Girl days I've been interested in seeing more of her. The Shallows might be ridiculous at times but she's good in it and does show effort to her role. The same can be said for her commitment to this film, however its a shame everything else about this film lets her down. Its definitely a "what the hell did I just watch" film.

The film is about a woman who is blind and has surgery to repair her vision. Once this happens her husband starts realizing that she knows about how attractive and appealing she is and becomes concerned with their marriage falling apart and her being pulled out towards other relationships. That's really whats going on. Along the way she starts losing her sight again along with her relationship. And then there's a what the heck moment with an incredibly stupid ending.

The film does a good job of portraying eye popping visuals for what Lively's character sees when she is blind. The foggy, ever changing, and almost psychedelic visuals of her vision are quite nice to look at. As mentioned earlier Lively is good in this, but everyone in this film is unlikable. Lively's character isn't worth redeeming, Jason Clarke' s character is mysterious, like was he even good or bad? There's a lot of weird awkward moments dialogues about dicks and a very weirdly creepy brother in law. Yikes.

I want to say there was potential here but about twenty minutes in you realize that its just wasted time. I want to see Lively in something better with a good filmmaker to bat. This is just a frustratingly bad experience because we have a frustrating director at the helm. Its quite stupid at times, you may want to check it out to see if you can form a different more positive opinion about it. Honestly though, its better to not "see" this one.

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not much to see here
ferguson-626 October 2017
Greetings again from the darkness. Director Marc Forster has crafted a career of making movies that are readily watchable, though for the most part, not especially memorable. These include: FINDING NEVERLAND, STRANGER THAN FICTION, QUANTUM OF SOLACE, WORLD WAR Z, and his best film, MONSTER'S BALL (2001). His latest falls short of those, but thanks to Blake Lively and some creative visuals, we remain interested enough.

This is Ms. Lively's follow up to last year's surprise summer hit THE SHALLOWS, her nearly one-woman sea-based spectacle. This time out she does an admirable job of carrying the film in spite of script flaws. It's co-written by Sean Conway and director Forster, and despite teasing some fascinating psychological aspects, we find ourselves constantly waiting for the movie to show us what we already know is about to happen. Predictability is rarely an asset for a film, and here it acts as a ball and chain to the pacing.

The first third of the film works to establish two things: what Gina's (Lively) daily life is like as a blind person, and the type of relationship she and her husband (Jason Clarke) have. We get an abundance of distorted light flashes to simulate what she has lived with since the car accident that took away her parents and her vision during childhood. Her marriage finds her very dependent on her husband and Clarke's character thrives on this … even giving brief glimpses of his demented personality that will eventually take over the film in the final act.

Gina's doctor (Danny Huston) performs a transplant which successfully restores her vision. The bulk of the story revolves around the changes that vision brings to her life and how the marriage begins disintegrating. The best message here is what happens to a relationship as the individuals change and evolve. Specifically in this case, the wife gains an entirely new perspective, while the husband longs for the days where she was dependent on him.

At times it feels as if director Forster is working hard to create the look and feel of an experimental movie, rather than focusing on the story. There are some interesting visuals provided by locations and camera angles, although the moody atmosphere never really clicks. Ms. Lively singing "Double Dutch" provides an ending that is both odd and mesmerizing in a strange way. We are reminded that evil and self-centeredness can take on many forms, though this film never quite packs the dramatic punch it should.
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loueysmith22 August 2018
Warning: Spoilers
This is an average movie at best! It was a pleasure to see Blake Lively in another role (other than Gossip Girl) but unfortunately the storyline wasn't all that gripping. It's basically a story of which the lead gets her sight back partially, which seems to change the dynamic of her relationship with her Husband, something that still baffles me. But then his behavior baffles me as well. Getting her sight restored, gave the lead more confidence and gave her a sense of adventure...which after being blind since childhood, you can understand. But then she also became less appreciative of her Husband and less respectful toward him. Having a confidence boost I can understand, being mean to a person who's been there for you and supported you I cannot. That seemed selfish! But then of course he was selfish switching the eye drops, due to not liking the new change in his Wife. And what he did with her dog was unforgivable. I also don't get why (as she obviously knew) she pretended to not be able to see...why not just be honest, have it out with him and try figuring out what the issue is. Instead of playing mind games with each other. There's no way that a married couple who really loved each other, would actually do any of these things, just because of regained sight. Unless the only thing they loved about each other was feeling needed and being co-dependent. I found this story to be a sad/depressives one, but well acted for the most part overall
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Lovely film, but not for everyone
evalaw14 March 2018
This is a really good film. I really really loved it and I don't get all the negative reviews. I didn't get bored at all and it totally made sense from the beginning till the end. That being said, it's not for everyone. You have to be a little bit more mature and have had serious relationships in the past to understand it. It evolves more around Gina and James' marriage and its evolution after she restores her sight and tries to find her true self, now that she has the power to choose her clothes, make up, hobbies etc. You can see the characters evolve in front of your eyes in an absolutely realistic way, you can even relate to them, feel their agony, theis fears and understand their actions. Blake Lively shines in this film. She's more charming han ever. Jason's lark performance is very nice too. After all, I think James' (Jason Clarks') evolution and reactions in the film are the most interesting part of all.
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More of a travelogue for Thailand's Tourist Industry...
omendata29 January 2018
With more aerial shots of Thailand and its beautiful countryside its actually more of an advert for Thailand and Holidays than a movie.

Its slow and full of stupid dialogue about penis size and sex and very little in the way of an actual story.

Directors seem inordinately obsessed with sex these days - personally I am with Boy George on that one and would rather have a cuppa Earl Grey myself than watch simulated sex scenes in movies - I prefer the old days where a kiss was enough and disappear to the bedroom. To me it just slows the movie down and in most instances does nothing for the story.

This is not really like watching paint dry, its actually more tedious than that!
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Artsy Psychodrama About Two Nut Cases
lavatch21 February 2018
Warning: Spoilers
"All I See Is You" is a romantic-psychological-thriller with two of the most repulsive leading characters in recent memory.

The setting is Bangkok, Thailand, and the focus is on a dysfunctional marriage built around the sense of sight. Gina is visually impaired, due to a devastating automobile accent in which her parents died and she lost her sight. "Big Bad" James is the doting husband who has found his calling in life by being a caretaker to his beloved wife and relishing in her dependency.

Due to the miracle of medical science, Gina has surgery that restores her sight in one eye. The film might have been a celebration of the gift of eyesight, as clearly the film artists have some talent in the visual language of cinema. Instead, the film turned into a bizarre psychological thriller.

There is a defining moment in the film when Gina ask James whether he loved her more when she was blind. "Big Bad" James hedges on his answer, turning question back on Gina.

The couple attempts to celebrate the occasion of Gina's restored sight by traveling to Spain. But Gina and James bicker about whether or not they are staying in the same exact hotel room from their honeymoon, and they meet the strangest pair of in-laws imaginable in Gina's sister and her psychotic avant-garde artist husband.

Another bummer in the couple's relationship is that they desperately want a child, which is not forthcoming. Of course, they are convinced that having a baby will solve all of their personal problems! "Big Bad" James is shooting blanks due to low sperm count. So, do they try to solve the problem by talking about in vitro? Of course not, because talking about their problems would be the sign of a healthy relationship!

In the most improbable moment in the film, "Big Bad" James dilutes Gina's eye drops in the hope her blindness will return along with the former power structure of their relationship. He also inexplicably has the couple's lavish apartment trashed and turns loose Gina's beloved dog Ginger. But Gina outfoxes "Big Bad" James. Ginger finds a new a loving pet owner. Gina secretly takes her genuine eye drops. And for the clincher, she becomes pregnant after coupling with a potent fellow dog lover!

This slow-moving film was a train wreck in character development. With a thin script, the filmmakers attempted to drench the product in atmosphere. The result was a big-budget Lifetime Channel psychodrama about a couple of nut cases.
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Psychological marriage drama... "We don't really know who me is, do we?"
paul-allaer29 October 2017
"All I See Is You" (2017 release; 110 min.) brings the story of Gina and James, a married couple. As the movie opens, we are told it's "Bangkok, Thailand", and the couple is making love, trying to conceive. In the next few moments, we understand that Gina is legally blind, following a horrific car crash. She can't see more than a blur of light (and the camera shows us what that's like). But then, wonderful news! The eye car clinic tells her they can restore sight to her right eye. After the operation, Gina indeed gains eyesight. But now problems arise in the marriage nevertheless (or because so?). At this point we are 15 min. into the movie but to tell you more of the plot would spoil your viewing experience, you'll just have to see for yourself how it all plays out.

Couple of comments: this is the latest movie from director Mark Forster, who previously brought us "Moster's Ball" and "World War Z", among others. Here he goes in in different direction: what is life like when you unexpectedly regain your eyesight? and how does it affect personal relationships? The movie leaves us guessing for a long time how it really is unfolding, and that's fine. The first part of the movie focuses on the sensation of regaining eyesight ("I just want to see colors", says Gina), while the second part focuses on the marriage issues between Gina and James (sorry, can't say more so as not to spoil), Blake Lively, whom we saw lat year in "Cafe Society" and the far better than expected "The Shallows", takes the movie on her shoulders and is absolutely tops. Jason Clark as the husband is fine. The movie's photography is eye-candy. I've never been to Bangkok and didn't quite realize how sophisticated a metropolis it is. The scenes in southern Spain and in Barcelona are equally eye-candy.

"All I See Is You" premiered at the 2016 Toronto International Film Festival, yes, over a year ago. No idea why it has taken this long to finally get a proper theater release. The movie opened this weekend at my local art-house theater here in Cincinnati, and I couldn't wait to see it. The Saturday evening screening where I saw this at was attended so-so (about 10 people in total) and that is not a good sign. I can only speak for myself obviously, but I quite enjoyed this psychological marriage drama, even if things (or perhaps just because) aren't always quite clear. I'd suggest you check this out, be it in the theater, on VOD, or eventually on DVD/Blu-ray, and draw your own conclusion.
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Terrible script , great looking - but depressing twisted nonsensical story
filmtravel10120 January 2018
Warning: Spoilers
This is a strange film as it is well acted with high production value and some superb locations but the characters have very few redeeming qualities and it ends up being a super depressing twisted dull story that falters at every act.

I saw it with an open mind and the cool artsy directing shots that are blurry to show life through a blind woman eyes are refreshing at first but get old quickly and hit you over the head. Yes we realize she is blind but the audience is not and the story matters or at least provide more depth to the characters and story to make us sympathize with them.

Instead the story goes in a very predictable and yet bizarre sexual direction and moves from a happy dependent marriage to suddenly she recovers her eyesight and wants to explore and be sexy and tie up her husband, watch peep shows and eventually have sex with the pool guy with a huge member. What? As much as I like Blake Lively, one feels disconnected and un sympathetic for the main female character, and almost for both of these total depressing freaks. Blake's character could have gone in so many directions instead of this dark road alienating her husband...and the ending is strange and twisted. Yes we realize the husband wants his co dependent blind wife back and even willing.. spoiler.. to change her eye drops so she loses her sight again to regain his docile submissive dependent wife... but in some ways you almost feel like she was a more suitable partner as a blind woman because she was in love with him. Love is Blind.

And as a WOman with Eye Sight... she has she turned into. Yes the crazy Spanish guy that is far from funny in this film says it all. She falls for another guy. ..... it is almost like writer wanted to say.. New WOman falls for Alpha male with large member and crazy loud sex or willing to punch any man to protect his woman - is her ideal partner for Ex Blind woman. It makes one think what really inspire the writer to write this twisted story ... while one suffers through this long drawn out pathetic story. Is there a deeper meaning that got lost in the editing room or did the writer really write something this terrible.

And the worst part is that i read it was done for 30 million and the production value is def on the screen... but without a solid story/script a film always falls apart. It is still worth watching the film yet be prepared for a depressing drawn out movie. Kudos to the DP and Director/Producers for trying to make it come together and of course the actors did a wonderful job. I rate it a 4 as a 5 is too high for the painful long arse boring depressing script with even worse ending possible. Almost was hoping the husband would hit a truck and be blinded.. now that would have been stupendous ending.
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Awakening to reality of inner selves
sukrancetik511 April 2018
I am so glad that I did not fool by the imdb credits again. Misleading and being very unfair to decent viewers. Director Mark Forster made a very good job by this extraordinary movie. Deeply touched to my soul. There is much more then words in the film. Makes you being part of it. It is not easy to describe. When you start to watch you will realize you are more then a viewer. It is very a poetic film in every way. Let's you fly to inner sides but at the same time wakes you up with some shocking truths however every time you leap kindly puts you down delicately again as if you are the sensetive baby of this cruel world.

The movie photography is marvelous. One of the reviewers describe like eye-candy. I surely totally agree with him/her.

I quite enjoyed this psychological marriage drama but surely it is more then that. This is a film you can watch over and over again with same pleasure. I would like to thank the director again for such a good writing and exposing. Also cast was very successful indeed. One of the best film of last decades
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failed potential, twisted plot
mr-bryce23 January 2018
What could have been a moral fable supportive of every man and woman engaged in living together turned out to be yet another man-hating movie preaching that women better be girls that fend for themselves. torment, selfishness and cruelty, is what the plot is drawn out of, a somewhat dark an pitiful perspective on life. To achieve this, the scenarist needed to carve the male protagonist in the posture of a person that fails to enjoy life, a loser, possessive, reluctant and introvert. For the first hour you will be introduced to the life of a couple, regularly through the blurry lenses of the female protagonist. The slow pacing of the movie is not a problem there: before the story even begins, we are given a few clues about some discrete forces in society that tear couples apart: bragging and lust, obsessions and anxiety. Gina is a blind woman who lives her intimacy in a very solitary yet colorful way. Closed off from sight, every senses place her alone in her environment. Vulnerable, yet protected and lively, she channels this liveliness into her fantasies and re-immerses herself in her environment through imagination. As Gina is getting her reparative surgery, we can begin to spot other values that will be driving the plot: disappointment, disillusions, growing expectations, but more than anything: a woman's ascension to power., Just as teenage girls grow into womanhood by discovering the power of seduction that they been granted by this society's values, Gina will be living a renewed teenage-hood, in one of those unbalanced ways. The makeshift inability of her partner to follow in all this excitement can only be explained in one way: the choice was made to promote extroversion and stigmatize introversion, to promote promiscuity and stigmatize sobriety. the most unreliable male characters are glorified as consumption products which Gina will follow in avidly. in contrast, what would be her most reliable partner becomes a distrustful, manipulative and admonished dummy she systematically leaves behind in order to satisfy her desires by herself. This could have been a remarkable baseline for illustrating how the individual commonly fails to care about the couple, how people fail at sincerity and intimacy, how they fail at promotion and renunciation, how they focus on profit and aesthetics and forget to build anything deep. Unfortunately you're about an hour in to the movie, and it is all downhill from there.
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watching paint dry is more exciting
edmehrzad18 January 2018
There's nothing going on in this movie, no plot, no story , nothing, from start to finish is just boring. don't waster your time.
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What a Disappointment
BatmanFunReviews201819 January 2018
A blind woman's relationship with her husband changes when she regains her sight and discovers disturbing details about themselves. All I See Is You will get a proper release date on March 15, 2018 here but i chose to see the film sooner than that and to be honest? It was a waste of time and talent. The whole blind thing goes nowhere and when the film shows some scenes of how she "sees" people i could see certain figures popping out here and there so she wasn't 100% blind, also there's some sub plot with her cheating on her husband and some sex scenes and orgies that are thrown away with no real explanation and as a whole the film is boring and painful to sit threw and not even Jason Clarke's and Blake Lively's talents could have saved this film from being another generic Festival film. (0/10)
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Underwhelming end product as well as a misfire
samzzz-6944819 January 2018
I only came to the knowledge of this film's existence by browsing through Blake Lively's IMDB page, and was frankly shocked to see the unbelievably low number of votes (in the 600s at this time). Even more so, I was flabbergasted when I saw that this film carries a production budget of $30M and only managed less than $1M in its limited theatrical run. Usually these numbers indicate a huge bomb caused by universal dislike from the critics and the general audience, but judging by the ridiculously small amount of votes here, the complete lack of exposure of any kind it indicates, and the mediocre scores, this is also not the case. Curious, I watched this film, and now I think I can see why.

All I See Is You is an underwhelming film with a weak story and is also a creative misfire, in the sense that it does not present itself in any way as a coherent package with a clearly defined target audience. As a drama film, the film's mainstream appeal is clearly far from wide, and it isn't anywhere close to being experimental or avant-garde (not to mention no sane producer/investor would greenlight a arthouse production at even 1/10 of the budget of this one).

Narratively the story is loosely written with a slow pace (especially in the beginning) that doesn't allow the film to gather much momentum. When the screen isn't showing you a scene that's clearly a part of the main storyline, I couldn't even ascertain if what I was watching was going to be developed into a subplot, or if it's just a random scene depicting a random minutiae that fills the screen time. I did not watch this movie expecting that I'd be hugely entertained, but it should have been obvious to the filmmakers that intercutting narratively unimportant scenes with random flashbacks is clearly insufficient to keep the audience interested, when the main storyline is so thin. When moments of drama finally arrive, they lack the originality, or the creative punch that comes with a well thought-out, well executed plot point, to really surprise and satisfy viewers. There's hardly any momentum building as the story progresses, which explains the lack of tension I felt when the film reached its supposed climax.

Visually, this film simply contains too many shots where the cinematographer seems to be trying very hard to bring to the screen the blind girl's view of the world, all in a very impressionist and therefore distracting manner. In my opinion this was overkill, and it ended up creating an overall look that's more gimmicky than beautiful.

It also conveyed a sense of alienation to me, as it made me want to talk to the screen, 'hey, I'm not blind, that's why I'm watching this, so could you please stop showing me what the world may seem from the blind girl's perspective (not to mention that that perspective should be pitch blackness if she was really blind) show me something that's actually interesting, like the actual story.'

Instead, one can edit out all the shots of this type in this film, put them together, and you'd get a fine contender for "32 potentially interesting short clips for my Windows OS screensaver" or "video to play on the big screen at a Blur concert". It wears off rather quickly and becomes tedious after the initial novelty. I also find that parts of the soundtrack to be at odds to what the scenes were trying to portray.

With a medium sized budget for a drama film at $30M (which means the producers were obviously expecting a wide theatrical release and for the film to not be a flop for that kind of release, in order to stand a chance at turning a profit), some of these creative decisions are simply baffling.

In fact, you can go check the production budget for most of 2017's Oscar bait films, like 3 Billboards, Lady Bird, The Shape of Water etc, and these films all have roughly the same level of production budget as All I See Is You. It really is mind-boggling. I'm not saying the end product is too generic. In fact, I do suspect that, had the film been made in a more by-the-book standard Hollywood fashion, it likely would have gotten a better result.

Well, it can hardly get worse than the current situation, where the box office is practically negligible against the costs. I still find it really hard to believe the number of votes here, which suggests that practically nobody except those who literally came across it/stumbled upon it have seen this, which is quite ridiculous, and as a Blake Lively fan, I don't even know how she would feel about accepting this role as the follow up to 2016's surprise hit The Shallows.

I get it that the very idea of 'what if a blind girl recovers her sight somehow, and discovers that the world isn't quite as she thought it was' is a novel one and has potential, but that idea ALONE can only support a short film, granted it can be a very interesting 15 minute vignette if done well. The filmmakers simply failed to expand on the central premise here, and what we get is a feature length film that is a bore to sit through.
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Movie with a quasi ending ?
starsforeverlove2 September 2018
If you like a movie full of soft porn and characters that leave you emotionally numb then this one is for you. I truly like Blake Lively but felt this was a waste of time for her. And then the plot was so muddled you didn't know what was going on half the time. I like a good mystery and artsy films but this one just leaves you befuddled. And good luck deciphering the ending because that was the biggest mystery of all....altogether a disappointing flick.
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Nothing makes any sense!
martimus-5645919 January 2018
This Movie sounded like it would be something new and interesting, if they would use the theme they wanted to set! This Movie is more like a riddle because nothing is really clear about anything... It doesnt really want to go anywhere and just keeps on going for 1:40 hours! Im even sorry for my self that i sat through this! The recovery process is better made than in most movies to see what she sees on the eye that is recovering! but the story goes only towards recovering and than stops becoming any kind of story and you need to puzzle through what is happening! It felt more like a Childbook with no interesst in character or story, it feels just thrown togeher and in the end it doesnt even matter!
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krice2312 August 2018
Where was the advertising for this movie? It really deserved a bigger audience. I urge you to watch and pass it on word of mouth. It's a beautiful study in human dynamics - taken to the extreme. Nothing in either characters behavior is really all that surprising or unexpected, with the obvious exception to his deceitful betrayal and response to what he considers as his world unraveling. Something perhaps a bit of therapy might have avoided had the surgeon seen fit to foresee likely problems and recommend it. Not that far of a stretch. When one person has been a full time caregiver for another, and is suddenly now no longer "needed" in that capacity it can truly mess with your head, strange as that may sound. We humans are complex creatures and we find our patterns, no matter how tragic in nature or origin, to be quite comfortable especially over time. It becomes what we know, and somehow what we tend to cling to, even in the face of obvious and contrary reason. Blake Lively continues to impress. She has hidden depths which I am happy to see being portrayed in more serious subject matter. I fully expect to see even better roles for her in future. A nice HBO or Netflix limited series would place her front and center in the public's eyes and give her a place to shine. I hope she gets it. I rated this movie a 9, but I may as well have rated it a 10; I honestly don't know anything that held me back. Hindsight. Go figure. I suppose contemplating "perfection" is always daunting. I hope you enjoy this journey, for a journey it most certainly is.
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Very good and interesting movie
desislava-101307 August 2018
This movie could not be understand by everybody. There are sophisticated moments which only sensitive and empathetic people can understand. I like it very much!
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"50 Shades" for people, who want a movie to massage more than the reptile part of their brain
kaptenvideo-898753 February 2018
The pretty girl (Blake Lively), having been blind for most of her life, gets as a chance of restoring the sight.

But how does it change her and the relationship with husband (Jason Clarke) who's been supportive so far? (Also appearing, Danny Huston, Ahna O'Reilly, Miguel Fernández, Wes Chatham et al.)

American mainstream movie industry has a habit of turning every big success story into genre, wave, or at least franchise, but curiously enough, it hasn't happened with "50 Shades".

There's something about sensual and dark side of passion that they don't just 'get', or are afraid to look closer at, so more 'intelligent' projects like "All I See Is You" may be the answer to this global sensation that "Shades" built.

I am too lazy to browse the web to research and confirm Marc Forster's intentions for making "All I See Is You" exactly... But it sure does feel like an attempt to capture the same audience - in search of sensuality coupled with 'dark' themes such as passion, commitment and the fear of it, human nature's undying symbolical need to merge into one with the loved one, etc.

That's not how the promotional materials present it, but that's how I felt during watching.

An auteur like Forster is too ambitious, of course, to be interested mostly in the sensual side. "All I See Is You" is more about the psychological side of passion and how it affects us. There are some carnal (screen) pleasures to be had, but not much.

Forster - as the director and one of the writers - has aimed for suspenseful relationship drama, and the two stars (Blake Lively, Jason Clarke) are certainly up to the challenge, both able thespians as they are.

Lively is clearly the star here, with an intriguing dual role of being one girl before and quite the new one after regaining her sight. When the life situation brings major changes, it brings out major changes in us as well, so she walks around like a constant source of mystery.

It's always interesting to see her reactions to situations and how subtly Lively can express them. There's some mysterious, child-like presence in her, which only adds to the intrigue, and becomes the movie's strongest attraction.

Unfortunately, I felt that the story never finds a sure stable footing, thus moving uncomfortably between clearly focused story and series of events which feel quite loosely connected.

The last third of the 110 minutes is actually pretty enjoyable. By then, the makers have disposed subplots going nowhere and concentrated on the main line. We can understand, if not relate to, the motifs of the characters and where they come from.

The first hour, on the other hand, feels interesting but unconvincing. It adds a constant nervous energy to both situations and characters which is never explained.

Many scenes and events go nowhere fast, then end abruptly, never to be discussed again, like a pet left on the roadside.

This pretty much rounds up the first two-thirds of the movie. Scenes start in the unexplainedly nervous atmosphere, end soon, and can't well be put in the bigger perspective because it's difficult to understand the characters motifs in the first place.

They just wince, show they're stressed or uncomfortable, and move on. Asking "What?" or "Are you OK?" all the time is not a strong technique to show a developing relationship on screen.

In real life, this kind of relationship would be totally realistic and possible, with moodiness, unexplained tension just hanging around them and all.

But this kind of not-too-artsy movie can't have luxury of being too much like the real life. We need answers, or it becomes exhausting in 10-15 minutes.

All in all... some of it works, and pretty well, but big part of the movie feels underdeveloped or overcooked. Was it sloppy writing or the material did not gel together well during post-production & editing? Who knows. Those interested will find some answers online, hopefully.

Forster's career as a "serious" director has always been a hit-and-miss affair, and for the last ten years he has mostly made concentrated on mainstream action side of things.

So it's not that surprising to see "All I See Is You" being born as hit-and-miss affair as well. It's not bad, per se, and the central story is definitely intriguing, but the result is just not satisying enough.

I am not as harsh on the result as, say, most of the critics found on Metacritic and Rotten Tomatoes, but I agree that Forster has not given his best, or had a chance to do that.
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