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Lindsay Duncan: Evelyn



  • Frank Adler : Diane instructed me very clearly... that I was only to publish it postmortem.

    Evelyn : She died six years ago.

    Frank Adler : It wasn't her death she was talking about.

  • Frank Adler : Let me guess. our lovely principal, Miss Stable.

    Evelyn : Never get on the bad side of small-minded people who have a little authority. I thought I told you that.

  • Evelyn : [testifying in court about Mary's mother]  Diane was not like regular people. She was extraordinary. And extraordinary people come with singular issues and needs. You have no idea the capability she possessed. One in a billion. And you would say: "Fine, let's throw that away, so the boy who cuts our yard can make a sexual conquest." Well, maybe before you make that decision, you stand in my shoes. I had responsibilities, which are beyond the mother-daughter relationship. The greatest discoveries, which have improved life on this planet, have come from minds rarer than radium. Without them, we'd still be crawling in mud. And, for your information, Counselor, a year after this incident with this boy, Diane thanked me for my intervention. She realized she'd made a mistake and thanked me. You see, Diane understood she was accountable for the gift she'd been given. And she didn't shy from it. And I think, if she were here today, Mr. Attorney, she would refute your baseless insinuations that she would give up her brilliant future and take her own life just because Mommy didn't giver her a little red wagon.

  • Mary Adler : [opening a present from Evelyn]  An Apple? Whoa.

    Evelyn : It's a Macbook, darling. Top of the line, with the retina display.

    Frank Adler : Hey, you know who else has a retina display?

    Mary Adler : Fred!

    Evelyn : Mary, I understand you like mathematics. So, on there, you'll find a great out-of-print book by Charles Zimmer called "Transitions in Advanced Algebra."

    Mary Adler : Yeah. Love that book.

    Evelyn : You're saying you've read it?

    Mary Adler : Yeah, I've kind of moved on to differential equations now.

    Frank Adler : Don't forget your manners. Thank your grandma.

    Mary Adler : Thank you, Grandma.

    Evelyn : Grandmother or Evelyn will do just fine. There's so much more on there. Things I know you'll find really challenging.

    Frank Adler : Yes, but sadly it's a school night, and there's homework to do. What a surprise, though, right? Say good night to Grandmother or Evelyn.

    Mary Adler : Good night.

  • Evelyn : Midlife crisis, apparently.

    Frank Adler : He's 70.

    Evelyn : I know. Must have been on time delay or something.

  • Evelyn : While I was waiting, a cockroach this big tried to steal my shoe.

    Frank Adler : Yeah. He'll take a shoe.

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