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Sex & Nudity

  • Not very sexual.
  • Some kissing scenes but no nudity throughout the whole series.Homosexuality is discussed and two women kiss in season 1.
  • The main character "Jane Doe" seen supposedly naked (non sexual) - she is wearing a tattoed body suit. Camera angles and lighting are further employed to ensure even the form of 'private parts' are not presented.

Violence & Gore

  • Some episodes are more bloddier than others and also some are more explicit. Some have blood splatter when someone is shot and others have some graphic stabbing.
  • 90% of episodes have fight scenes and shootouts; some episodes have more blood than 3x22 and 4x21 two different characters are shot down rapidly by FBI Agents, these scenes lasted for 5-10s and the charcters were shot 4+ times by a handgun. Blood is seen coming out of dominic's mouth in 4x21.
  • A man waves a gun around and yells at a pregnant woman, as well as a couple of woman chained to walls with crying babies on the floor. It's implied that they are possible kidnap and rape victims. The man is soon apprehended after his leg is broken. Not graphic.
  • There is a fight between a woman and two men. It's not particularly graphic just intense. A small amount of blood is shown.
  • A man is shot after a brief fight, not graphic. A small amount of blood can be seen.
  • A man is killed by implied poisoning in his hospital bed.


  • NO uses of the f--- and it's friends.
  • Words such as bi**h, dam, piss are used: especially in prison scenes. This isn't very frequent.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Season 2 shows a character drink more often and take certain substances as he deals with his past. There is sometimes an occational reference to drinking - like for example - someone might say lets grab a drink. The team sometimes have drinks at Weller's house or a bar.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Most episodes have a standard case such as a murder, ect... there have been 2-3 episodes with female traficking cases, in which an FBI agent goes undercover in the ring; though nothing bad happenes to the agent or the females while at the residence, the FBI agent fights one of the guards and is then tied up when she is surrounded.

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