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Sex & Nudity

  • In the pilot a man and a woman begin to make out and take each others clothes off before getting in a shower bare shoulders shown. They make out again and are later shown waking up with the guy in just his underwear. He then fights another man in just his boxers and runs through the city like that. In episode 2 a man has a flashback of him and a girl swimming together, bathing suits. Later a man is shown making out with a woman in lace bra and panties. 4: A woman is shown wearing a man's white shirt and kissing a shirtless man, she walks around and it is short but nothing shown. Episode 6 shows a woman taking off her dress and in front of a guy and is standing in a bra and panties. In a later scene women are shown in scantily clad costumes dancing. Episode 8 a couple is shown presumably naked in bed kissing, only bare shoulders seen. A man goes to a party where women are walking around in lingerie or dresses that reveal a lot of cleavage. A woman walks close to the camera with most of her bare buttocks shown from skimpy panties. In episode 9 a woman is interrogated and her dress is ripped off of her body and she is shown in her underwear throughout several scenes where she is being held.

Violence & Gore

  • Pilot shows a lot of fighting and a character gets killed. The man fighting in his boxers gets hurt and ends up in the hospital. Episode two had a lot of fighting and shooting. Two men fight as they jump out of a plane. episode four: people are shown being shot and a man is shown in a hospital bed after being hurt. Episode 6 a shooting happens at a party.


Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

Frightening & Intense Scenes

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