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MPAA Rated PG for some action and mild rude humor

Sex & Nudity

  • A woman is shown wearing a sports bra and yoga pants.
  • Mrs. Brown dons a swimwear bodysuit that covers her completely.
  • The pop-up book includes circus characters in tight-fitting clothing.
  • The female angel statue referenced above (and visible a couple of times) wears a skimpy outfit.
  • A single man and woman who live in Paddington's neighborhood strike up a romance.
  • Late in the movie, we see them both looking out of window together in the morning, implying that they've spent the night together.
  • Phoenix, while dressed in a disguise as a nun, is described by a male security guard as an "unusually attractive woman."
  • We also hear a repeated joke about how he has "really nice buns."
  • An ensemble dance scene in the closing credits goes for laughs-in a nod to the likes of Mel Brooks and Red Skelton-by putting masculine prisoners in pink outfits and having them do a rather dainty performance together.
  • Paddington uses his furry rear to clean a few windows, and he uses an electric toothbrush to clean out his ears.

Violence & Gore

  • A lengthy chase scene involving two trains includes various characters moving between cars, sometimes on the train's roof, once on a ladder extended between the two trains.
  • Close encounters with tunnels require hasty ducking.
  • One train car ends up detached and crashes off a bridge into a river, necessitating the daring (and mildly tense) rescue of a character trapped inside.
  • Elsewhere, there's a bicycle chase as well that includes some mild pratfalls.
  • The fortune-teller's grandmother is murdered (though we only see her lying still on the ground in a flashback).
  • We also hear that Paddington's uncle has passed away.
  • A prisoner named Nuckles, who serves as the penitentiary's cook, deftly uses a knife to cut up an orange.
  • He tells Paddington that the bear "doesn't want to know" how he became so good at using it.
  • He also throws a sack of oranges on Paddington's face.
  • Various inmates threaten and verbally intimidate Paddington as he tries to make prison a better place, telling him to keep his head down.
  • Someone says he'll bury him "in a very deep hole" if he doesn't.
  • And Mrs. Bird uses a toy gun (with plastic darts) against Phoenix's real sword.
  • We see some mild scuffling between characters.
  • Phoenix says on the witness stand, "May my entrails be plucked out and wrapped around my neck" if he's lying (which, of course, he is).
  • Paddington's efforts at cleaning windows involve slapstick shenanigans with buckets of water and ropes.
  • Someone quips sarcastically, "Screw your courage."


  • We hear a single use of "oh my god."
  • Name-calling (generally played for humor) includes phrases such as "mushy brained," "bearded baboon," "maggot," "yellowbellies" and "weirdo."

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Champagne is served on a train ride.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Paddington is convicted of stealing the book that he's long been working to purchase.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • I watched Paddington 1 by myself and decided it to be too frightening for my children (7 and 3 years old). Paddington 2 however is much more adequate for young children - we watched the movie with both our kids and they liked the film a lot. Only one of the last scenes where Paddington is nearly drowning, but then of course rescued, is a bit intense for young children. I told my younger one to close his eyes and then it was fine. So this is a real family movie!

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