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Can you dig it?
lorddrewsus15 March 2019
Warning: Spoilers
This was clearly made with "Jaws" like cinematic suspense in mind, but it has a "Sy Fy" made for television movie feel. Maybe over there in the U,K, that's just a trend they're turning out. The story is interesting enough to keep you watching, and the acting is television soap opera quality which isn't necessarily lacking, in any department. Worth a watch for any reason as it is also a throw back to 70's slasher films, with a modern update.
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KenAdamFan7 April 2018
Nothing to redeem this catastrophe. The reason why extremely-low-budget British films are generally avoided and laughed at.
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My Review Of "Soldier Of War"
ASouthernHorrorFan12 March 2019
"Soldier Of War" is a great microbudget fright flick that embraces all the familiar tropes and thrills British horror has always provided. The story is too original, but it is creative, and intriguing. Instead of the unknown furry beast in the woods, the film brings in an undead killer still locked into the war that created him. It is both zombie and slasher.

The cast offer above par, sometimes compelling performances. Some scenes trip up a bit and the dialog gets clunky, but most of the time the delivery and chemistry is spot on. The story becomes exciting due to the presence of some talented actors and one lethal killing machine. Even with the overall product seeming formulaic and familiar, Adams offers a great semi-indie fright flick.

Overall I recommend "Soldier Of War". It isn't your typical zombie movie. It rests comfortably between classic and contemporary horror. The special effects, for the most part, is practical bloody awesomeness. Now there are elements that are recognizable in other films, but none of that encombers this flick, which starts of with bloodletting and maintains that level of carnage till the bloody end.
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Interesting military horror
BandSAboutMovies14 March 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Deep in the forest, two teenage boys accidentally discover the entrance to a secret military bunker hidden since World War II. They awaken an undead soldier who soon wipes out everyone he comes in contact with, including the police who are trying to solve the crime. Only a World War II vet with dementia (John Rhys-Davies!) knows how to stop the killing.

I really enjoyed this British horror film that has high production values despite its low budget. There's more than enough gore on display and the actual practical effects of the zombie soldier are pretty impressive.

Usually, most films suffer when they leap genre. Here, the film effortlessly moves from police procedural to slasher film to supernatural zombie film. There are also elements of rural horror here.

This is one of the better independent releases I've seen in awhile. I'd compare its look and kills to a favorite 80's slasher, The Prowler, but with a modern edge. The story of the soldier never stopping in his mission gives this film's antagonist plenty of reason to be and the old soldier that must conquer age and doubt to stop him is just as well-formed.
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War is not over
TheLittleSongbird22 August 2018
The concept for 'Aux' was a sort of interesting one, if in the danger of being silly. The cover and advertising was quite advertising. And although John Rhys Davies has been in his fair share of bad projects, he also has been in his fair share of good stuff too and he is a reliable actor and my main reason for seeing it.

'Aux' for me was not a bad film, much better than has been said already (and certainly don't have bias against low-budget British films, there are bad ones definitely but not all) and does have its pros. It is far from great and has a lot of big problems that outweigh the pros, but there are far worse films out there that are much more cheaply made, worse acted, less atmosphere, more intelligence insulting and made with much less effort.

Best thing about 'Aux' is Davies, cast against type and giving a haunted performance that is different from the usual authority figure or characters with a blustery nature. Actually generally found the adult cast better than average.

Production values could have been worse, it at least looks coherent and there is slickness and atmosphere. Parts do compel and unsettle, though they don't come consistently, the car crash and bunker scene particularly as well as the gruesomeness of the killings.

However, 'Aux' does get off to a weak start. It is rather dull, inexperience does show in the acting and the dialogue is particularly off in a script that feels awkward and underwritten. While the production values as said above could have been worse, it can feel on the confined and too compact side even if the bleak look does fit the concept. Effects are somewhat ropy.

Story does pick up a little after the shaky start, but does lack generally creepiness, tension and suspense, let down by a pace that needed a tighten and too much talk. A few parts, like the out of place picnic scene, come over as unintentionally funny and while 'Aux' does try to provide a reason for the killings it was for me not an original or compelling one, and some of it veers towards being too silly. The direction is uneven and other than Davies' character the characters are flimsily developed.

Overall, not particularly good but could have been much worse. 4/10 Bethany Cox
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Great Britush horror film
danieleghan7 March 2019
Great acting and interesting plot keeps you gripped.
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Terrible, so bad it might become a classic
kmcmac20 March 2019
This has no redeeming features at all, from first couple minutes you know how bad this is going to be. Two boys in forest one tries to shoot rabbit from 4 yards and misses target hitting metal post 2/3 foot higher up. Gun didn't appear to be shaped like a banana ! Next they go down a secret trapdoor with a torch, hold on there are two paraffin lamps alight but nobody mentions them or appears to see them. It goes on like this getting worse and worse. Whom ever directed this has too much money and not enough ability
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