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Better AVOID SPOILERS, You'll be Glad You did
Jared_Andrews24 December 2017
Let me give you some advice: the second that you finish reading this review, get off, steer clear of any ratings or stories about this movie, don't watch any trailers, and don't ask anyone about it. Just find the movie, and watch it. Go in with a totally clean slate and enjoy.

I don't really want to say much more than that out of fear of ruining any element of the movie. I can tell you that it's part scary, part funny, largely surprising, and totally entertaining. The performances are great. I don't want to describe why they're great because that could give something away. Just know that they're superb.

Plot-wise, the most I can say is that an attractive female babysitter comes over to watch a junior high school boy while his parents go out for the night. After that, visitors arrive and stuff happens. Lots of stuff.

This is by far the shortest review I've ever written, but I've said all that I want to say. Now go watch the movie.
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Clever, Inventive Low-Budget Filmmaking - But Deeply Disturbing
gogoschka-117 January 2018
Man, what a ride! I love it when I know absolutely nothing about a low budget film and don't expect much - and then get completely surprised at how good it actually is.

This little gem is an unpredictable, often times either darkly funny or deeply disturbing thrill ride that should not be me missed by genre (or generally film) fans.

It's beautifully shot, acted and written, and I'm sure we'll hear more from filmmaker Chris Peckover in the future. This is clever, inventive low-budget filmmaking at its best, and it goes to show that a lack of money is not an obstacle that can't be overcome by sheer talent.

Good stuff: 8 stars out of 10.

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Clever and well done movie. Something different.
marlieH7 September 2019
When i started to watch this, i thought this was just gonna be your run of the mill home intrusion slasher. but this really surprised me. with an unexpected twist and cleverly written. the actors were great and this movie really kept me interested. definately worth a watch
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No horror, just a crackpot
pawanpunjabithewriter7 August 2020
It started so amazingly, probably to be one of the top horror movies of the year. Of course, it has excellent ratings and some positive reviews, so expectations were set! Without spoilers, what I'd just like to tell you is that the astonishing start of first 25 minutes was so amazing, that the movie seems to be dull right after that. Nothing special, nothing horror, just shot late night which is the reason it tries to scare with it's BGM. The kid is a psycopath. Which kid, in the whole world, is a .... Leave it. It will create spoilers. It was an Average / below average movie for me, and most of the others who I know. Also, it's a little overrated. 6.0 should be the correct rating on IMdB for it.
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Absolutely love this clever horror experience!
UniqueParticle13 December 2019
My 680th review damn IMDb got rid of the number so I have to do it myself anyway I really enjoy Better Watch Out for what it is! Levi Miller and Ed Oxenbould are very fun to watch; I love how everything plays out. Definitely would wanna avoid spoilers I agree with who says that, I am very satisfied with the epilogue. Better Watch Out is not for everyone which is understandable because it has some outrageous stuff regardless I think the film is spectacular!!
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Interesting Dynamic
jamesanderer16 August 2017
I saw this film at 0 Cinema in Miami and my fiancé and I were so surprised how original and unpredictable it was. I watch a lot of films and not since Apocalypto was I so clueless as to what direction the story was going. There's a great dynamic with the main characters that makes you wonder what are they up to and what's going to happen next. The pace is a tad slow, but it helps build suspense and acting is top notch. I usually hate kid actors because they're stupid kids with their stupid kid faces but every actor in this is good.
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Better not seen
LiveYoLifeLikeYouMeanIt19 October 2017
This is what happens when the entirety of your movie is based off of a gimmick; it's one thing to give an engaging new spin to a genre concept and quite another to play your forced contrivances for supposed shock value.

There are fine home invasion thrillers like Don't Breathe(2016) that while engaging in a different take on the genre trope, still manage to stay true to the spirit of the genre, delivering the much needed thrills in good measure. This misfire of a movie, Better Watch Out however, is one that is so pleased with it's little twist that it forgets to invest in anything that is remotely honest or earnest to make it a worthwhile viewing experience.

The lacklustre start does not do the movie any favours but just as things seem to be settling in, it's all thrown out for a plot twist that from the very moment of inception robs the story of any suspense or thrill whatsoever. From this great twist onwards, the movie becomes an exercise in stringing together one implausible scenario to another, each one trying vying for that highly sought after shock value.

When movies of this genre work, they work because they successfully manage to place the viewer in the protagonist's shoes, and in doing so generate the dread and suspense that drew audiences to it in the first place. Better Watch Out throws that all out the window, failing to invest in atmosphere, juxtaposing jarring scenes with cheery, melodious Christmas carols that much like the film itself, elicits a chuckle at first but soon runs out of steam. In the handful of scenes that the movie tries to humanize any of it's characters, it only feigns poignancy.

The acting by everyone involved is commendable and the pacing is fine as well.

At the end however, not only does the story resort to a plethora of plot conveniences, in all it's showyness it forgets to let the viewer in on the fun. Having your maniacal lead jive to jovial music, is no fun; it just propagates the tonal mishmash of genres and tricks. For a movie that is supposedly a comedy, horror, thriller feature, this one trick pony was far from funny or thrilling, just endlessly nihilistic, a repugnant mess with a sour after taste that you'll want to wash off as quickly as possible.
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Disturbing, yet so amazing to watch
HorrorFanatic4Life6 March 2020
This is, by far, the most unsuspecting movie I've ever seen. Do not read any spoilers or this movie will be ruined! You have been warned!

Though this movie was pretty disturbing, it did have some humour to it. Also had plenty of suspense! Want a movie with tons of unsuspecting turns? This is your movie!

I also loved that two of the main characters in this movie also both play main characters in another favorite movie of mine (The Visit). Those two are pretty great. The main kid though... Frighteningly fantastic at pulling off someone who's gone off the deep end. You'll see why.

All in all, the major surprising twist made me really enjoy this movie. Recommend to all!!
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very different
jimvandemoter-5023614 December 2019
I really don't understand the really bad reviews. Yes, this isn't the best horror movie, but I liked the different take on the slasher theme. All in all a nice and weird take on the slasher genre.
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Expected the worst
hoxyhax3 December 2019
Unexpectedly for me, the film turned out great, with unpredictable twists, I expected something more banal. The main character played well, the film recalled its crazy atmosphere - the house that Jack built. A little disappointed with the ending.
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Not accurately advertised, not fun, not scary
bluefim8 November 2017
10 stars? Are you kidding me?! Thinking this was a ridiculous horror comedy that would be entertaining, instead I ended up being stuck sitting through an implausible, idiotic movie that takes itself way too seriously.

The most glaring and irredeemable flaw was the big bad who, without spoiling anything, is depicted as some criminal mastermind. I cannot even finish this mess.
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Damn creepy yet damn funny
Psy-Ko8 October 2017
It's called a horror comedy but I'd say more of a dark thriller with some comedic parts. This is a fun movie! Took me back to the "horror" movies I grew up with. Silly horror. It makes you laugh in the right places and say eeewwww in the right places. Even after watching the trailer I was surprised by what it turned out to be. I don't want to give anything away because it's done really well and I don't want to spoil it. The kid is amazing, reminds me of a young Christian Slater, anyone remember him in Twisted?), I'll be expecting to see more of him in years to come. Suspense is there, originality is there and surprise is there. If you get a chance to see it do so! Sat through credits at the end and I should have known ..... it's Australian! They know how to make some good movies!
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Not for me But It Is Still a Good Film
Christmas-Reviewer15 October 2017

This film is a twisted take on Christmas. It is not for family's and the evilness in every frame of this film is not for me. However I recommend this to people that like inventive horror films and horror fans in general. This is not a film I am a fan of but I did not let that cloud my judgment. It is "Original & Well made". On top of that it is scary!

In this story a household is being attacked but the enemy is very unexpected and by the end of the night who will survive?
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Worse than you may have been led to believe
Kendich8928 October 2017
Recently I'd thought up a game for myself: Can you guess the movie/book's ending or twists? It's a fun game, actually. I've come to realize how much I can predict and intuit just by employing some imagination. With this movie I hit the bull's eye. All I had to do was look at the inappropriate behavior of the actors to know what was coming. This was partly due to the reviews I'd read prior to seeing this movie, which pointed out the 'original' plot twist involved. So I said to myself, 'What do you think the creators would have thought of in this case, that would seem like an original thing?' And there you go, you end up with something not only banal but downright embarrassing.

I don't know what to make of this movie as a whole, for I found it uninteresting and unfocused. Without revealing any key points in the plot I can only say that it might have worked half better if it concerned a bit older characters. It's not that the film itself it a complete waste, no. It has its value of entertainment, whatever that means, and sue it's going to be appreciated by a lot of people, especially the millennial generation.

We've already seen such nihilistic approach with intention of evoking horror in the viewer, because, after all, what's more disturbing that the complete disregard for life and morals? Why does seem so utterly appalling when someone just commits murder and all they do is act like 'Oops! Well that's interesting,' and then shrug it off forget about it as if nothing happened? No frustration, no delayed regret or even painful satisfaction...

The problem here is that I was just left pi$$ed off and not a bit scared or wiser.
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ramon-8712121 December 2020
Not what the trailer says. Very disturbing movie. I would not recommend to anyone. Bad movie.
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Had a good premise but fell apart 20 minutes in....
MinistryofDoom14 December 2017
I had high hopes for this film. The trailer set it up as a home invasion thriller, and while it technically was, the writers revealed their cards much too early and thus ruined what could have been an otherwise great film. The writing, in fact, although attempting to be clever is juvenile and ridiculous. When you find out what's really going on, it implores you to roll your eyes and groan at the fact that you've invested any time at all into such a dumb plot. And though it claims to be a "horror/thriller", it was either dumbed down for younger audiences or chopped to death in editing because much of the violence, in fact, occurs OFF CAMERA.

If you're looking for a good holiday thriller, this is not the one. If you have an hour and a half to waste, give it a chance but don't expect too much.
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The trailer fools big time
lacerda-tomas1 December 2017
I was really enthused to see the movie, but it's a joke. The level of unrealistic things happening for the sake of bad entertainment is just idiotic. The character development is utterly pathetic. It's a really childish movie, don't waste your time. The ending is a predictable as the typical Sunday movie.
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complete waste
fjames-229412 December 2017
Watched this at a boring party, and believe me had I had any other option I'd be so mad I wasted two hours of my life that I'll never get back. Now if I would've paid to see this in a theater I'd be livid. One of those movies u watch hoping it'll get better and never does. Slow paced with no payoff and how it's getting a 7.1 IMDb rating is completely beyond me. Awful awful movie. Moves at a snails pace and the characters you just don't care what happens to them. Hate is such a strong word but this movie is pretty close.
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Black comedy
elenamich21 August 2019
Don't watch it if you want to watch a thriller. It's really a black comedy plot. Good acting from the kids though..
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slick twisted spin on home-invasion thriller
lowgunberry1316 November 2017
This holiday season, you may be home, but you're not alone... In this fresh and ingeniously twisted spin on home-invasion horror, babysitter Ashley (Olivia DeJonge "The Visit") must defend her young charges (Levi Miller "Pan", Ed Oxenbould "The Visit") when intruders break into the house one snowy night--or so she thinks.

"Better Watch Out" is a hard R movie; I defiantly recommend watching it through VidAngel. It soon turns in to a slick home-invasion thriller that flips at the 35-minute mark into something totally surprising. In its long disgusting history of the "Christmas horror" sub-genre, there's never been a movie quite like "Better Watch Out," an unusually well-acted thriller, which plays with relevant things about suburbia, holiday entertainment and toxic masculinity. A cast of expert Australian child actors convincingly evoke upper- middle-class Americana, with Olivia DeJonge playing Ashley, a teenage babysitter who takes a last-minute gig to look after 12- year-old Luke (Levi Miller). What Ashley doesn't anticipate is that Luke who's long had a crush on her has enlisted his nerdy friend Garrett (Ed Oxenbould) to help him win her over. The plan almost immediately takes some unexpected turns, as other guests drop by. Gradually, Ashley figures out what's going on, and has to protect herself and the household she's been hired to safeguard.

"Better Watch Out" will likely become an enduring cult favorite with how attuned Chris Peckover in his 1st directorial movie and his co-writer, Zack Kahn, are to the nonsense of Christmas movies and the perverse fantasies of adolescent boys. From the shockingly raunchy dialogue to the ironic yuletide pop songs that are just perfect, this movie is a fun kind of nasty. They do a great job providing a firm hold of what were used to seeing in horror, quickly setting us up to take the bait.
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Don't watch this
dorsahbibi27 June 2019
It was one the worst movies that I've ever seen. I mean what the ...?? A kid can do all of this. This kid was crazy. And nobody just did something to stoped him. You know it doesn't make sense that a 12 years old kid can kill 3 human and nobody find out. It really doesn't worth to see this awful movie,seriously.
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Good idea but not very well seized.
ythecreator-614013 January 2018
It's not a bad movie but it could be better. It has an original concept, the drama is well-built in the beginning and it's not predictable. But all of it is wasted by inconsistencies changes in the atmosphere throughout the film. It doesn't allow you to immerse in the atmosphere in order to make the psychological drama it's supposed to have. Also, some non-sense and cliché moments aren't helpful, although those are details. So, I wouldn't recommend it, at least as a thriller or horror movie.
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unexpected and disturbing but still fun to watch
easyasiali15 March 2018
Without giving spoilers: don't babysit teenagers!

this movie is different from what the trailer makes it seem, I didn't see the plot twist coming. the main kid does a great job. disturbing yet fun, if you like Christmas themed horror.
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Wow! Fun ride!
giorgosstefanidis5 November 2019
So..... First of all this is not horror . It may have some blood but it wasn't as much to make it a horror movie . Ok the head splashing scene had A LOT blood but let's be honest the blood look like cetchup !

First part of the film : The prank What a great opening for a movie! I am not gonna analyse the scenes i want to keep it spoiler free . It was a fun start but 35 minutes through the film and we didn't get to the point YET PART 1 : 8/10

Second part : The torture Ok ..... Ummm this was the point of the film it was good not great fun but it was just to the point to get bored! That kids acting saved it! 7/10

Last part : Time to act ! Now there is some action! Pretty fun ! When i was to the last part of the film and killed (someone) *Spoiler free i was about to turn off the tv and hit my head on the wall! But the last minute OH that last min ! Put i smile on my face! 9/10

8+7+9=24 24:3=8 My rating for this movie is 8

(All the titles from the parts were created from me not from the movie)
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Great movie, other than this review go into this blind
Narcissist0020 March 2019
Go into this blind, you'll be glad you did. The acting from the young cast is very good considering and the film is entertaining throughout. I won't spoil so ahead and watch, you won't be disappointed. 7.5/10
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