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Sex & Nudity

  • A girl takes off her top and we see her bra, which is covered in blood, before she puts on a shirt from one of the dead bodies.
  • We see flashes of students underwear while they are running.
  • A girl is seen being bitten repeatedly by an alligator around her skirt.
  • A man is seen in his underwear lying on a bed and urges a teenage girl to lie next to him. It is implied he wants to have sex with her although she throws him off before anything happens.

Violence & Gore

  • A girl is frequently seen covered in blood.
  • Two coaches full of teenage girls are ripped in two by a supernatural wind, cutting the girls in half and leaving only one survivor. We see the impact of the wind and blood spraying upwards from the bodies. We also see the upper halves of the girls bodies blown across the road. Three people are cut in half while walking and cyclists are cut in half by the wind. A girl stands up abruptly and is cut in half.
  • A girl runs across a road and sees many dead bodies.
  • A girl arrives at a river where there are multiple dead bodies.
  • We see a girl being attacked by an alligator, with the alligator repeatedly biting her lower half and covering her in blood, however we discover this is not actually happening.
  • A teacher suddenly opens fire on a class full of students with a machine gun. We see multiple entry wounds and the scene is very bloody. A girl is shot in the hand, which blows her arm down to her elbow completely off, she is then shot in the eye which destroys half of her head. This sequence is very graphic. A girl, while trying to escape, is shot through the chest and then again through the head. Blood is seen on the wall though this is not very particularly graphic. A girl is shot repeatedly with a machine gun and falls through a window. Students run from teachers while the teachers open fire on them with machine guns killing many of them.
  • Four girls, while running, are cut in half by a supernatural wind.
  • In a particularly fast and sudden sequence, a woman's elbow is broken by another woman and then her neck is snapped. The broken elbow is graphic as you see the bone. A woman is pushed backwards and then has her head stepped on so hard that her brains spill out. This is graphic but very quick. Two women have their necks broken. A woman is dragged by her hair before being punched in the stomach, slapped and then is thrown onto a table with enough force for the table to crash beneath the impact.
  • Someone wearing a pigs head as a mask is stabbed in the neck with a broken bottle causing blood to spurt out while it squealed. A woman stabs many other women with a broken bottle and there is an intense fight between four women. No blood is seen but this fight involves numerous kicks and punches.
  • A girl tries to kill another girl but has her neck broken before she can.
  • A girl drags cables out of another girls wrist. This eventually rips the other other girl in half. This is very graphic.
  • A girl commits suicide by stabbing herself in the stomach with a pen.
  • A woman commits suicide by stabbing herself in the stomach with a broken bottle.
  • A girl is seen dead with blood on her stomach. It is unclear how she died, though it is implied that she committed suicide.
  • A girl commits suicide by stabbing herself in the stomach with a walking stick. There is not much blood however this is rather graphic and emotional for the viewer.


Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The ending of the film is potentially upsetting due to instances of characters committing suicide.
  • The sudden nature of the wind destroying the coach, the school shoot-out and the attack at the wedding are so sudden they could be considered startling.
  • The film is not particularly graphic but is incredibly bloody. However, certain scenes are particularly gruesome including the alligator scene which may catch viewers off guard.
  • The revelation of the main character at the end of the film is unsettling.
  • The film has a very uneasy and surreal atmosphere.

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