Batman Unlimited: Animal Instincts (Video 2015) Poster

Laura Bailey: Cheetah, Newscaster


  • Cheetah : [Nightwing has discovered Cheetah robbing a jewelry store]  What's the problem, Nightwing? Gotham only big enough for one cat lady? You'll make me insecure.

    Nightwing : Why? You should know by now that nobody likes a cheetah.

    Cheetah : Aw, come over here and we can hiss and make up.

    Nightwing : Alright, since you're new in town, I'll make this fast.

    Cheetah : Boy, you don't know fast.

    [starts fighting him] 

  • Cheetah : [Cheetah has tackled Nightwing to ground]  What pretty eyes you have. Perhaps I'll keep them.

    [moves her claws toward his eyes, but Nightwing grabs his rod and shocks Cheetah off him] 

    Nightwing : Shocking, right? You know it's okay if you just want to surrender now.

  • [Batman has chased Cheetah into the panther exhibit of the zoo] 

    Cheetah : How's your night vision, Batman? We cats see in the dark, you know. You dress as one of us, but secretly you fear your animal nature. You bury your animal instincts beneath layers of duty and order. Allow me to carve it out for you!

    [leaps out of the shadows and attacks Batman] 

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