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Sex & Nudity

  • A man pisses all over people at a concert. Only water is shown, genitals are not.
  • Kumari accidentally kisses Tommy it lasts for about 2 seconds.
  • 2 boys hold Kumari hostage and rape her about 2 times but is fully clothed.
  • The rape scenes last about 10 seconds. And are very strong.

Violence & Gore

  • The violence is brief but strong.
  • The ending scene is violent.
  • Sartaj is a cop and nabs Tommy to prison, and he beats him up occasionally.
  • Sartaj slaps his brother this scene is intense as well.
  • Tommy accidentally shoots his mentor in the ear blood is shown. This scene is very intense.


  • This film is full of strong language around the second half there is less but the first half is strong.
  • Around 33 uses of "fu**' used occasionally as 'motherfu**r
  • 14 uses of 'Sh**
  • 7 uses of 'bi***"
  • 2 uses of 'cu** and who**"

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • The drug use in this film is very strong since it is based around drugs.
  • People are seen snorting cocaine quite a lot.
  • A man makes 2 songs about weed.
  • A woman finds a package of drugs and runs around town trying to sell it.
  • 3 young guys are seen injecting themselves with drugs. One of them later is seen vomiting and is in a coma.
  • A cop finds drugs in the back of a man's car.
  • He later goes to factories and tries to take away all the drugs so nobody uses them.
  • At the starting of the song 'Chitta Ve" Tommy says weed and later when they're showing the start credits we see people snorting cocaine, shipping drugs, and taking LSD along with many other drugs.
  • When Tommy is sent to jail he finds people who are inspired by Tommy who are drug addicts and are found in bad shape.
  • Tommy wakes up with powder on his face, meaning he was sniffing cocaine the night before.
  • Kumari finds heroin in the field and sniffs it.
  • She later gives drugs to farmers and they start having it.
  • As the two guys try to rape Kumari they make her sniff drugs they also do drugs quite often.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Suggested Rating: R, for drug use throughout, strong language, violent imagery and a sexual assault
  • Around the Interval the film starts becoming intense and dark.
  • The scene where Tommy shoots his mentor in the ear is intense and frightening.
  • The rape scene is intense.
  • The film is dark but interesting meant for kids and teenagers but because of the drug content and language.

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