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Relatable, Twisted, mentally stimulating, unique, flawless wood art.
EvaJames26 October 2017
Warning: Spoilers
3rd November the upcoming encore premiere with live nude models in the theatre will be unbelievable! Please join us there! This film was a roller-coaster of emotions.

I found myself twisting uncomfortably in my seat during moments where my perception of my line between acceptable & unacceptable behavior was definitely being crossed (knowing this was no doubt the desired effect made me stubbornly try to fight that feeling of being slightly outraged at what was happening on the screen- but it was too hard to do that! She did too good a job! & I have a very messed up moral compass so it's no easy task to shock me)

& then I was laughing at inappropriate moments (then feeling guilty that I had just laughed when others would cry... Because I have a broken brain) & feeling joy & laughing at the deliberate humor that's sandwiched seconds apart between the mentally deranged actions of Tuuli.

I felt pain at the sick/poisonous romances & the things she does to hurt them & in her delusional attempt to teach them. Partially because of real life experiences. & partially because the pain (for instance brendan after her "play") felt so achingly real. The hurt layered on by watching his friends feeling helpless beside him.

I cried when I saw the statue being altered. I had tried to prepare myself anticipating it was too beautiful to be allowed to stay so lovely in the darkness of her heart - but it still was so hard to imagine something made with love being destroyed - then the statue he makes to replace it - & knowing who he was giving it to- ahhh- needles to the heart!

The subtle artsy shots (cars moving / houses) made it feel easier to connect with the film- it felt personal - it was easy to feel like a fly on the wall- as if I were actually in the room in her parties etc.

The most awkward moment was feeling aroused during the sex scene she walks in on (due to the fact that I was sitting next to my mother- who was not told much about what to expect regarding the films themes haha) but was very tastefully done as was any other of the adults sexual experience throughout the movie.

Having worked with her and a few other cast members (on her upcoming film westermarck effect) seeing this film has only made the already unbearable excitement to see her new one,even stronger.

The fact that she is so down to earth & kind to all those she works with, she's so open to people - it only makes me admire her even more- & makes her ability to play a psychopath more amazing. I love that her character is always is a little disheveled - that at first glance she seems like she has it together but you look closer & she's kind of a mess. She's not a stereotypical lead in the way that she embraces her unique style - but is always looking a little off centre. Her flaws in her hair / makeup / clothes make her believable & eerily relatable (which also relating to her on many levels made me slightly uneasy - but I'm used to finding similarities to characters that push the envelope)

Her film makes you wonder - can forcing perfection on those we love really cause more pain in the long run? Can relying on people to the point where we lose ourselves in them - be dangerous if not kept in check ? Can we lose our sense of right and wrong if we get lost in someone else's state of mind and forget to form our own conclusions. Is religion to blame here ? Or was the breakdown caused only by forcing her to be someone she couldn't maintain?

The chainsaw art was something I had seen photos of- but on the big screen my jaw dropped at its beauty.

I have so much affection for saara who even had dinner with my mum & I afterwards - (how bout that seasoned vegetable - that one piece of broccoli with our chicken :p ) she was so tired & yet she gave us all her attention. She also gave me an innuendo cup as a thank you for giving her a gift to say congratulations. which I will treasure & therefore will be too scared to use it. So now I'll need to buy one when I go see it again on the third of November - so I will have one to use & one to keep on my special dresser.

She is even encouraging networking at her premiere - allowing her fans to share business cards and flyers to support each other. She cares about everyone & wants to help everyone succeed. She brings people up to her level & never looks down on anyone. Congratulations on your success! & congrats to all the great actors who helped it to feel like I was really in those moments with you - watching from nearby!
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Innundo review
dusan-dobrilovic22 October 2017
This is my first review of a film, so bear with me. I had the pleasure of viewing an Australian production by Finnish-Australian producer/director/screenwriter/actress Saara Lamberg. Lamberg's feature debut is a Scandi-style art-house thriller that is rarely, if ever made in Australia. This was an ambitious project made in Finland and Australia on a tight budget; I have been told. It follows the story of twins Tulli and Suvi (both played by Lamberg herself) raised in a religious and oppressive Finnish family. Tulli was the more neglected and abused of the two, while Suvi was the parent's "Angel", as Tulli would refer to her sister. Most of the story takes place on Tulli's trip in Australia, interwoven with flashbacks of the twin's childhood in Finland. Tulli is hell-bent on wreaking havoc on anyone who comes in contact with her, especially the people she befriends. She explains to us her motivations for all her atrocities by the end of the film, but I will not reveal those, as it will spoil it for the viewer. The film provides us with numerous memorable scenes, a lot of them shocking and some unexpectedly humorous. The latter are interspersed randomly but perfectly throughout this gloomy film. The ambiguous ending leaves the audience pondering; what happened? I would recommend this film to anyone who is interested in art-house cinema. It is not a popcorn movie but a thought-provoking film beautifully written, directed, produced and most importantly starring the extraordinarily talented and hardworking Saara Lamberg.

  • Dusan Dobrilovic
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jodowling-1602221 October 2017
An amazing talent which had me constantly thinking! Looking forward to her future work. The entire cast was excellent and the story line was so engaging. Just when you think you are on track with the story a new twist emerges! Saara is a fantastic talent and I wish her the best of luck!
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Dark and funny
mlleemily27 February 2018
Imagine a 90s sex murder thriller with Matt Dillon if Matt Dillon never got near the thing and the manic-pixie-nightmare leading lady was treated with a psychological insight and a twisted sympathy that creeps into you and stays to unsettle you for a week. It's hilarious, and shocking. It's set in sharehouses you're sure you've been to a party at, that life drawing class you took in 2015, and features that play your housemate's girlfriend was in that you couldn't escape, and then never wanted to end. The settings are idiosyncratic, familiar, yet you have not seen anything this original in a long time.
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Great Indie cinema flick
dalealford-073993 November 2017
I loved it . Quirky , original , well written and acted and shot as Indie flicks are in a style that doesn't pretend to be anything else . Loved the vividness and lighting in the pier scene, perfect direction and time of day . Congratulations to all . Look forward to the next one , 2 years is too long
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Australian Film to be Proud Of
stephfrobose31 October 2017
I had no idea what to expect, but was completely engaged with Innuendo - The Bad Twin from start to finish! Amazing acting, particularly from the leads Saara Lamberg & Brendan Bacon. A thought-provoking and suspenseful story, with a wicked sense of humour shining through. Amazing work, so impressed.
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cinematic orgasm
fertilecelluloid27 October 2017
Director Saara Lamberg has created a film that resists easy categorization, so I'll go with psycho-sexual drama.

Tulli and Suvi (both played by the deliciously off-kilter Lamberg) grew up in Finland, and were subjected to contrary parenting whose legacy is now being visited on Tulli, who has relocated to Australia (as Lamberg herself did).

Like its uncertain genre, it's also uncertain here what is autobiographical and what is fiction –– ultimately, it matters not, but the drama possesses a strong scent of earthy authenticity. What the audience gets is a whirlwind odyssey to Toxic-Town as Tulli emotionally and physically rampages through the lives of everybody she meets and annihilates.

As it skilfully sets up its premise, it skilfully fulfills its promise also with a conclusion that intelligently wraps up its many open sores.

With its stark and perverse humour, tangy eroticism, and detours into surrealism blended with kitchen sink drama, INNUENDO is the orgasm Aussie cinema has been begging for.
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