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RangiTaranga - Definitely a colorful wave!
SpikemeisterSandeep6 July 2015
There are horror movies which offer mainly jumpscares and there are some which will be haunting even after the movie. And then there's this new wave called RangiTaranga – which offers brilliant jump-scares and leaves you haunting even after you come out of the theatre. Not many movies can do that. RangiTaranga doesn't stick to one genre. Director Anup bhandari has played with the genres according to the neatly written and twisted but brilliant screenplay.

The good news is Rangitaranga satisfies all kinds of audience be it frolic seeking janata or experience seeking world cinema followers. While normal audience can soak in the brilliant BGM and the creepy scares with frequent twists, the latter who can appreciate the technicality and the writing of the movie! There are actually more than one story to this movie. The main plot is about the haunted house 'Kamaruttu' and the theories and mysteries surrounding it! Like other movies even this had a similar format but interesting thing about this is the premise. It's surely something new to our audience and there's a lot of detail involved. And the director establishes some really good things and characters in the premise that keeps you thinking. Another story is about Gautham(Nirup bhandari) and Indu(Radhika Chetan) who come to Kamaruttu for a different purpose. And they have their own dark past to worry about. And the final arc is about Sandhya(Avanthika Shetty) looking for a writer called Anashku, who also heads to the same place.

The purposes of these main characters, the mystery surrounding the place, their dark past and how these arcs connect together forms the main crux of the plot. Anup Bhandari has cautiously tried to narrate all these stories with a gripping screenplay and he has pulled it off brilliantly. Right from the first scene, the movie starts to cast its spell on the audience.The first half is mainly about introducing the characters,establishing the premise, providing clues and ending with a great twist while the Second half caters to revelations and connecting all the loose ends! Frequent twists keep the viewers intriguing till the end.

Some scenes are really spine chilling, thanks to the amazing BGM by Ajaneesh Loknath who is definitely the third hero to this movie.Technically the movie is just perfect and they have not compromised anywhere. Cinematographers Lance Kaplan and David Williams should take a bow. The light setting, the camera angles are different and it uplifts the movie to a whole new level. People often confuse rich visuals with richly spent visuals but this movie defines what rich visuals and cinematography is. And the scares wouldn't have been this extremely effective if it wasn't for the editing! It is perfectly done most of the time! The pure Kannada lyrics for all the songs by Anup Bhandari is one more plus point to this movie. They are mostly situational.

Coming to the performances, Nirup Bhandari looks good and for a debut he does a good job but should have done better in a few sequences. The two lead actresses are another great find after Nabha(Vajrakaya) & Priyanka(Ganapa). Avanthika gets to shine more than Radhika and they were great in their roles. Ananth Rao plays a good intimidating cop and other supporting actors do their job well. And there's another important character called KaaLinga Bhat played by Sai Kumar. After Kalpana he comes back with a brilliant role to play. His dialogue delivery, his presentation and his variation in acting is exceptional. There are minor negatives – Some dialogues lacked the feel and punch while a few questions are left unanswered, maybe they weren't relevant to the main plot nevertheless it's easily one of the strongest content dependent movie to come in the recent times after Krishna Leela.
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Brilliant movie. Must watch!
rags-cena85 July 2015
The movie definitely lived up to the hype. Brilliant, it was just brilliant! Acting, story, screenplay, music, scenery, and most importantly, the mystery - everything helped in making it a gripping movie that kept us at the edge of our seats throughout.

When the movie reaches the climax, and you get a hang of everything, you can almost hear that collective sigh of relief from everyone - for the mystery, that kept everyone speculate among each other for more than two hours, that was finally revealed, and for the happy realization that the money paid for the movie was pretty damn worth it.

Could have shortened the movie a little bit, and this is possibly the only thing one would find, if they dig deep to find a negative about the film.

What are you waiting for? Go watch RANGITARANGA. Here is a potential 100-150 day movie. Make it reach there. I am watching again for sure. Sakkath movie guru!
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Amazing Experience : Standing Ovation
nishanth-pandith12 July 2015
What an experience !!! A top class Kannada movie in the midst of all Big budget nonsense movies around.

A standing ovation to the Director/Story teller-Anup Bhandari , Terrifying Banckground Music- Ajaneesh, Excellent Camera work-Lance and Williams and a new breed of genuine actors.. Radhika Chetan , Avantika and Nirup. Also Saikumar playing the role of his life...

Right from the first frame until the last one, I never even turned my head .. so much glued to the screen!!! every point when the story seems to be familiar.. there you go with a twist... this keeps you on the edge of your seat... well done team and hearty congratulations.

Lucia , Ulidavaru Kandante and now Rangitaranga.... takes the Kannada film industry to totally a different level !!

As a viewer... both my time and money well spent !!!
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A great thriller movie we had been waiting for!
Srujana9 July 2015
It's been a while since I saw a Kannada thriller movie. And, this movie exceeded all my expectations. Kudos to the entire team who gave us such a brilliant movie. This is not exactly a non-linear storyline but, the way Anup Bhandari has taken it is really fantastic apart from couple of goofs. What's a movie without any goofs and continuity misses? Newcomers Nirup Bhandari, Radhika Chetan and Avantika Shetty delivered top notch acting too. And Sai kumar, a round of applause to you Sir! As a thriller, it keeps the audience engaged with every scene and guessing every moment of the movie. Instead of the two quick songs in the second half, the director could've concentrated on going easy on two different story lines. Apart from these and extra spooky effects, this movie did a great job for a thriller genre! Ajaneesh Loknath did an excellent job for the BGM(Didn't find much of UK's BGM similarity though). Stunning DOP by Lance Kaplan and William David. Overall, I'd go with 4.5 out of 5 stars. Must watch for the Kannada movie fans.
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Simply Brilliant
iamraorajesh5 July 2015
9/10..Simply Brilliant. Deserves at least an Oscar nomination. Multi talented Anup Bhandari is our Martin Scorcsee now. Got chills throughout even after leaving the theater such was its lasting impact. Multiple thriller stories including paranormal intertwined to one mind blowing mystic plot. Top-notch Hollywoodish cinematography like a painting on every frame, Hans Zimmer kind a breathtaking background score, acting, dialogues, screenplay were down to earth classic, songs will give you goose bumps. Not a single moment boring..watch every frame carefully to grasp the whole plot. I bet at the end the more you think deeper about plot you will unfold new hidden story. Go watch in theaters only.
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An Excellent Horror and Suspense Thriller
spiceboy20003 July 2015
I saw the movie First day First show. I had high expectations for this movie when i saw the trailer. I fell in love with the Cinematography in trailer itself. The film didn't let me down, There are few Horror-Suspense movies in Kannada like "Aparichita" "Shhh" and this is one of those movies. Those who would want to see a movie which doesn't has crap love story which other movies focus on so much that they go out of the story line. Love story should be a part of movie not the whole movie.

Most of the actor and director of this movie are newcomers and they have done an excellent job with this movie. I would say please go watch this movie in theater itself to get that thrilling experience and encourage them.

The best part of the whole movie is the Cinematography which was the plus point and makes you not move your eyes away from screen. Go for it guys watch it. To those guys who like movie having over-fighting where all of them fly 5 feet from ground so called as "mass" this is not for you.
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New Hope in Kannada Cinema
shreekara-199515 July 2015
''RangiTaranga'' the Magnum Opus by extremely talented crew proved that Kannada Cinema has that potentiality to go beyond those stereotypical movie formula and win the audience heart, this piece of work never seems to be as the work of the débutante where there is sheer perfectionism and the ensemble artistic elements.

RangiTaranga is one among those movies that elevate the standard of an entire cinema industry and makes its viewers feel proud of their nativity, this movie has very beautiful narrative pattern and brings its audiences into its flow without any strain, mesmerizing cinematography by Lace Kaplin and William David makes every frame as the work of an art, another plus point of this flick is the fantastic BGM by Ajaneesh Loknath that enhances the intensity of the visuals and totally elevate the experience of viewing, technically it's the best among very few movies that made its mark in 'Kannada Cinema Rang', Anup Bhandari as the captain of the team had rendered his work so precisely and had showed all the possible quality of being the tremendous director that one could rely on giving good works, such a fabulous start had also increased the responsibility of giving good movies on Mr. Director, lyrics and typical Kannada songs are truly appreciable.

Nirup Bhandari is the new charm in Sandalwood and also has all those traits of being a good actor, there are slight few things that if he mould himself to the perfection then he moves to be the best, Radhika and Avanthika makes their debut with their good elegant performance, Siddu Moolimani is the person to be appreciated for his awesome on screen presence and comedic appearance, the actual star is Sai Kumar a person endowed with tremendous acting ability had provided full justice to his assigned role, in this phase Mr. Director made the proper selection.

Portrayal of Karavali Karnataka's Bhootha Kola along with syncing music especially 'Dannana' track is the highlight; wonderful locations are other special aspects that add extra beauty to its flow, overall this Kannada thriller stands as the synonyms to the quality and excellence.
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A wonderful journey Warning: Spoilers
I was desperately waiting to watch this movie and I wanted to catch up on first day itself (managed it but 15 mins late to the cinema hall). The first half has more of thriller and the story start to unfold with the mystery at the interval. The second half starts with uncovering the mystery and lots of twists and turns in the story that keep you at the edge of the seat. The songs are rich and neatly shot, two songs almost back to back could have been avoided in second half (the pace somewhat loses there). The investigative part is good and keeps you guessing between super-natural things (guddada bhoota, angaraka, bramha rakshasa) and someone doing it for a reason. The climax is neatly shot and Sai Kumar performance is amazing especially at the climax fight! If you are looking for a neat entertainer with mystery, thriller elements then go for it!
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Everything wrong in "Rangitaranga" in 1000 words or less.
HucchaVenkat29 July 2015
Warning: Spoilers
This review is Personal opinion of a Common film Goer.

First off the good points:

Cinematography is brilliant in most places. It was let down at few places(like Harini falling into well, etc..).BGM is apt and beautifully provided.LYRICS for all the songs 10/10.Saikumar's acting and screen presence just carried the script forward and is the saving grace for the film.

This being said I would like to say few points about the movie which just drops the movies standards drastically(reverse exponential).

1) Wrong Casting - Hero somehow forgot that acting is all about emoting. Dead expression throughout the movie. Zombies in some RPG games give better expressions than the hero. It gets even more evident when co stars are doing a good job and his expression is a dud. All he did was smoke some 50 odd cigarettes in the movie. Coming up next is the first heroine(the killer).Though she was far better in emoting than the Hero, probably due to the directors request or to not make the hero look bad she was not giving the right expressions and there was a disconnect. She definitely did not act like a 8 month old pregnant lady. The second heroine(the reporter) on the other hand did give some expressions here and there and it felt she could have essayed the role of the first heroine. The directors cameo in the Heroine's flashback creates confusion as to whether it is the hero who is in the flashback.(Marriage song seq. n thereafter).He could have easily casted some other actor for this role and avoided this.

2) Unnecessary twists/turns throughout/Poor storyline - Twists and turns in the movie should be provided to fit the story. "Rangitaranga" felt like the story was revolving around these forcefully written twists and turns.

3) Heroine commits a murder and no one even cares what happened after that??!!!!

4)Hero loses memory in the accident. What happened to his family/friends? No one even tried to find out what happened to him ??Did he live/die?? Forget it. The Heroine(reporter) who was so so deeply in love with the hero does not even try searching for him?? OK just imagine she "ASSUMES" he is dead. When you meet a person after 5 years whom you so dearly loved and presumed dead, what would the reaction be?? Just a faint suspicion??She doesn't even have a drop of tear in her eye??Forget about love.Finally when Harini's dairy is read she remembers "OH S**T!!" I have to cry now. This is were the scripts weakness is openly visible.

5)Saikumar's role gets psycho only during particular month of the year and for his luck he finds pregnant ladies during this time to kill. Rest of the year he is a cool person leading a normal life.

d)Kamarottu is such a small place and even though the police cannot catch the Hero and Heroine going about freely in their car.

6)Flashback scene: Hero's bike and Heroine's Audi car meet with an accident. The Audi is in flames and the bike just has a broken rear view mirror. Worst still heroine jumps out of the Audi miraculously and saves herself. At least could have used a Nano/Maruthi 800 to make it believable to the audience.

7) Harini just assumes that Hero will lose his memory after the accident and spins a story that she is his wife. Such a huge gamble pays off well for her and she ends up escaping getting convicted for murder and lives a happy life thereafter.

8)What was the point of Hero writing novels in the name of "ANASHKU". Was it the heroines plan to avoid detection? I mean a normal author would any day want to know his readers and be famous.

9) Saikumars character clearly sees a guy(with clothes in hand) escaping the house when he comes home. Even then he assumes a skinny guy like Angara who is nowhere built like the person who escaped is the guy his wife is having an affair.

10)The doctor easily accepts and tells that he has nothing to do with death of "Anasuyya" even without the slightest of persuasion by the main lead.

11)Dialogues are a huge letdown.Heroine asking hero to get a monkey tattoo on hand as representation of father was a new down in dialogue writing.

12)Some Song sequence(Yakshagana song) felt like it was just fitted in the storyline and did not go along with the sequence.(adding to it the hero ruining Yakshagana in that song :X :X)

13) The Yakshagana makeup made for the Hero could have made for Saikumar's role as it would have added more value to the scene.(Climax scene Saikumar's forehead looked void on the big screen).

14) Records in the police station are so neatly arranged and easily accessible. Yeah they just keep all the records in order so that anyone can access it hassle free. Deaths are happening in village at the same time every year and police don't crack the pattern. While our hero does it with Élan.

Even though "Rangitaranga" brings new wave in Kannada film industry it is high time directors stepped up and avoid loopholes making cult movies which would propel the fame of Kannada films to its previous glory.

Audience also needs to be responsible enough while praising movies as this is the image it creates throughout India/World and what our films are about. Praising a movie for its attempt is completely different from calling it a cult movie. With a little bit of effort in preproduction work,this could well have been a CULT movie like Lucia, Ulidavaru Kandathe, Jatta.

PS: Have watched this movie 5 times and the audience are restless to get out of the theater due to various factors of the film. Still the movie garners 87% rating in book my show and 9.5 rating on IMDb. Mind = Blown. Just saying.
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Amazing Triple Whammy...
harishramp7 July 2015
One intriguing story itself is a rarity these days. Here we have three stories intertwined delicately in one delectable combo. With a wonderful story as the spine, the movie has some impeccable technical work. Amazing direction, crisp editing, music, songs and BGM helps the flow. Camera work is true in capturing the natural beauty of the ghats and accentuating it in places. The underwater fight scene, wow! Slick editing and mixing, the dairy script as the border of the flashback scenes are a nice touch. Very good (sometimes mature) acting by the debutant(e)s. The girls are not just oomph and acting scared, but adding value to every scene. Could have chosen more local actors like the adorable driver Rapeeqk :) for the teacher and postmaster roles. Their accents are a bit out of place. What happens to the murders might be one open question? Chance for a sequel? We would love to wait!
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A Sandalwood Masterpiece
krarjun9016 July 2015
This is a period where Kannada Audience are dying for quality movies, Quality directors are dying for screens and Distributors are dying for screening other language movies.

There Comes Anup Bhandari from US to direct a movie with one thing : Passion. Movie releases, people initially hesitate to go to theater as Rangitaranga is full of newbies. Within a Day Social Network goes for a toss with everybody checking in at theaters watching Kannada Movie and writing awesome reviews. More people start going to theaters. Houseful on weekdays and with in a week Boom gone. Bahubali releases and most of the screens are taken to screen it.

Having said this before reviewing the movie, it is necessary for the reader to initially understand how much the movie is liked in Sandalwood.

Since the beginning till climax, movie keeps you nail biting on the edge of your seat. It takes 99% of screen time to understand whether its a horror, psych, or a thriller movie. The twists in the movie will definitely encourage Abbas Mastan to try remaking this (May be Race- Taranga :P). Direction / Narration is the key. Actors have complimented the director with mind blowing performances. Back ground score is icing on the cake. Just Brilliant.

Audience will be left scratching their head at interval. And they will be wow stuck in the end. Another feather on SaiKumar's cap for his magnificent role.

Hats Off
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Highly overrated movie
nakulgowda23 September 2015
I was very much excited to watch rangitaaranga after its rating on IMDb 9.1 but all my expectation failed. Expect for the song and cinematography the entire movie is overrated i don't understand why kannada people have lost there mind there is nothing new in the movie just by giving 2 twist doesn't mean the movie is the best in the history of KFI there far better movies done in kannada... and not to mention the acting of lead actors totally worst acting by both hero and heroine except for saikumar. it don't even deserve a udaya film award nomination.. wasted my 900 rupees. none of my friends liked the movie a total waste of time.

it is better to skip or watch it in TV
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Excellent Movie and must Watch
mahantesh-6443715 July 2015
Fantastic movie, gripping storyline and screenplay. Technically the movie is very rich, the camera-work is treat to watch with beauty of Malanadu. Kudos to the director who delivered such an amazing movie in his first attempt. Songs are melodious, catchy and lyrics is fresh and meaningful. Story is so gripping it keeps you guessing you the next scene, but most of the time you will fail with unexpected twists.

All the actors justify their role with ease, no mass scenes for hero more realistic characters, In fact story is the hero in this movie.

Climax is thrilling and any description about it would ruin the suspense. So people do watch this movie in theater

Finally i would say WELL DONE RANGITARANGA TEAM. you seems promising for Kannada film industry.
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Just a hype. Not a so great movie
rizwanrz31 August 2015
Warning: Spoilers
This movie is just a hype. Nothing new in this movie. Lot of coincidences are created to suspense thriller. Bad acting by main cast especially the hero. Cinematography is good. Script is OK. Acting is bad.Overacting by the policemen. Few unwanted comical scenes & songs are added. This movie is just like normal Indian movie where a guy who looks so thin and can beat up wrestler with his fist. Also the journalist cannot recognize her lover when he grows beard. Fun part is crime keeps happening every year but nobody even investigates. Nothing more to write about this movie. Not worth watching in theater.

Overall an OK movie. Don't fall for the false Hype and publicity just like i fell.
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Good first half but second half is confused tale telling
keerthinarayan18 August 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Positives --------- 1. Cinematography mostly well done 2. Captured beautiful natural sceneries as well as some of the rich cultural heritage of Southern India through film lenses 3. Very interesting first half and the special ending at intermission made me wondered if it can surprise me similarly to the "Sixth sense" movie. 4. Good acting from - Karthi Rao kordale (Rafiq), Nirup Bhandari (Siddhartha or Gautham), Radhika Chetan (Harini or Indu), Arvind Rao (Inspector)

Negatives --------- 1. Complex ideas were mixed and made the second half of the film a potpourri masala - ideas such as bhoota (almost a equivalent to ghost) bungalow, serial killer, memory loss, change of identities, sand mafia etc. all were mixed, grinded and confused 2. Some songs were unnecessary. Some songs such as Kele Cheluve could even brought out more of the cultural heritages 3. Some actors were given a south canara roles but did not fit their character to it (including the language) - bit disappointed with Kalinga bhatta, School Master etc. played be veteran actors 4. Some dialogue errors - e.g. in the first half, hero tells the police that he lost his wife since two days and then few minutes later he says that he last saw her on the previous evening. 5. Some characters had no significance - such as Pandu & his wife. Should have brought Pandu with the journalist to Kamarottu. 6. Second half story leads to several unrealistic lines : i) After the car accident how some one can so easily change identities and survive for so many years ii) How the bhoota, apparently a one man show manages to scare people in the car like a ghost (has the ability to appear & disappear). Even for the first scene, how this one man knows a pregnant lady is traveling through these roads in the night alone, especially when she landed up in this road because she mistakenly took a different diversion. (does this criminal has super natural powers to know all this in advance?) iii) How in such a small village of Kamarottu, the hero and his journalist friend can roam around freely for many days when the police is hunting for them. iv) How one murderer of 11 people mostly pregnant women in a small village escape for 12 years when every one knows the killing screams were heard from the kalinga's ancestral property v) Not sure who tells the audience the incident of killing of Angara. Anusuya bhat and Angara were dead and Kalinga bhat does not disclose his crimes. vi) The haunted home has little to do with acts of the serial killer, so unnecessary mixing of elements leads to confusion vii) There is also a cultural error - At times it felt like yakshagaana and bhoota (or thaiyyam)concepts seems to have mixed.

All these made me feel that the story was stitched in short pieces and the overall flow and reality checks were lacked.

With respect to other Kannada films I can rate this as 4 to 5, but in the global film standards it can be rated between 2 to 3.

It is a brave effort from the director and the cast and I would be very happy to see the improved efforts in their next projects with respect to reality checks, overall flow to rectify the mistakes of the current project. It will be useful to think each character and its cultural background and psychological state while depicting it. The film may not need many characters but if the ones depicted are made real it appeals a lot (here Rafiq was so naturally played that it connected with the audience immediately).

The film made me to believe Kannada film has the capacity to go in the right direction.

Thank you
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rangitharanga reviews????
manjunath-2290528 August 2015
rangitharanga reviews wa wa wa what a reviews and marketing strategy...?

needed answers??

i have watched 12am madhyaratri kashinath sir movie directed by his student... 3 times...guys if you would have seen...1st half is same as 12am released dated 2012 ..??? 2nd half is different but i bet its same feel of 12am 1st half... but 12am rocks....

who pulled her into the well?

while entering to the village she saw a guy in the middle of the road but the hero does not see him that's fine but .. is it real or imagination?

if real how did saikumar know she is pregnant as he does not know who she is... if imagination how can she imagine herself in that costume as she is entering the village for the first time...

after viewing all the reviews posted by the members are new to IMDb who wrote a review most of them who rated i guess they are close to the group of rangitharanga as you guys can check the member joining dates is less than the released date...

but It is a brave effort from the director and the cast and I would be very happy to see the improved efforts in their next projects with respect to reality checks, overall flow to rectify the mistakes of the current project. It will be useful to think each character and its cultural background and psychological state while depicting it. The film may not need many characters but if the ones depicted are made real it appeals a lot (here Rafiq was so naturally played that it connected with the audience immediately).

The film made me to believe Kannada film has the capacity to go in the right direction.

Thank you
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Brilliant, Extraordinary, thriller and very fresh.
srikantha08715 July 2015
Cinematography and tight screenplay is the heart and soul of the film.Anoop's brilliance is seen in every frame and hard work of the entire team is reflected for 2 plus hours on screen! Newbies Nirup, Radhika and Avantika have done a neat job; they look like the people next door, which make the movie close to heart. Sai Kumar's performance too is brilliant. AjaneeshLoknath's compositions are good; Songs AkkaPakka and EeSanje are good. AkkaPakka has topped the charts from the day of the audio release. KeleCheluve- a Yakshgana redemption gives a new feel to the audience. Kareyole kareyole is well stitched with maximum letter 'ka', with strong words. Overall, a good album by AjaneeshLoknath. It's time to support and encourage this talented bunch of film-makers by watching this film. Recently added subs for the people who don't know Kannada. MUST MUST MUST watch the movie.
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Revival of cult classic Guddada Bhootha.
reachmallya3 July 2015
Rangitaranga (Kannada) is a much decent and an unusual film, probably stands out from the regular trash made in Sandalwood. The plot which draws inspiration from the cult Kannada series "Guddada bhoota" (by Sadanand Suvarna) is cleverly written and is bound to impress for folks who like to see the twists and turns. Whilst most films suffer at the execution level Rangitaranga is surprisingly neat, thanks to the cinematography of William David and Lance Kaplan and background score of Ajaneesh Loknath. The choice of bringing in the DOPs from abroad seems to have created a magical feel. The frames are pretty good and most of the shots are smooth flowing. The background score by Ajaneesh suits the mysterious feel that is much needed for the film and the climax score bit is brilliant. Radhika is brilliant and its good to see that Anup has really helped her getting her to do her best. Nirup playing the main protagonist has really taken the risk. It is a difficult role to play at least for a debut. Though he struggles with his mannerisms he reminded me much of Ajay Devgan in his earlier days. Nirup has some great eyes which he seems to have put into use. The role itself has many shades that its hard to put him under any sort of usual buckets that we have. Hope his work gets noticed and we get to see more of him. Avantika is probably the weakest when it comes to the main characters but she fits in and has performed well. But there is some strange feeling about her dialogue delivery. You will get to know when you probably watch the film. Sai Kumar plays a role which is very different from his usual forte but its hard to say if anyone else would fit that role. Out of the main characters his is the only one character which is native to the region the narrative takes place and the Dakshina Kannada accent seems to have taken a beating, something that needed some thoughts on.

The first half of Rangitaranga goes real good and during the intermission it does put you into thinking mode. However there is a drop as the second half begins, as the narrative gets into a catch up mode going onto flashbacks with back to back songs. Most narratives have this problem of the tempo going down in the beginning of the second half and probably the lengthy flashbacks could have been crisp to keep the experience graph at the same level. Though there are considerably some significant amount of continuity issues in terms of shots which come over there are many things to catch on that these nuances tend to get forgotten. the edits seem to have some issues. There is a problem when you place two scenes side by side , a scene in the night time followed by a shot during the day and again night. This creates a jarring effect and your brain does not digest such transition unless something more important is fed to fade that though out. Some of the characters really do not have much to do with the main plot could have easily be chopped off to shorten the runtime. Rangitaranga does have this shortcomings and could have gotten much better however as a whole the experience what it has to deliver is put across. Its definitely good to see in a new team pitching in the industry which is haunted by big budget boredom remakes. If you are aware of the experience of goosebumps then i got it around thrice and twice during the "Dennana Dennana"
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Brilliant concept ruined by mediocre acting and direction
sharmila-g-rao26 July 2015
Warning: Spoilers
The movie caught my attention when I saw the "Sold Out" board hung in front of DRC Cinemas counter in Mysore and oh yes, I wanted to watch this movie badly as it has been quite a while since new plots had emerged in Kannada cinema.

I let out a gasp when I saw the yellow figure peering from the rear-view mirror of the car stuck in the rain, and I knew I was all set for an amazing movie experience. It did deliver everything I had expected, till the introduction of Arvind Rao after which everything just fell apart.

What I liked:

Brilliant concept of keeping the audience guessing in the first half, definitely an edge of a seat experience. Good acting by both the female protagonists. Chilling BGS. Loved Rafiq's natural acting.

What I did not like:

The main lead was a huge letdown, I kept wishing that there should have been an experienced actor is his place for such a nice concept. The hurry to throw in a stunning climax at the end leads to many unanswered questions and irrelevant scenes related to the first half of the movie. There is no time to emotionally connect to the characters; especially the one Harini has with the guy who keeps stalking her, he is seen in one scene in a song and then he is dead, poor guy. Too many songs in the second half. The movie is over-hyped.
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Could have been better!!!
chuiku2-12 August 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Rangitaranga was a good movie but it just stopped short of being a great movie. Like most Desi movies, the first half is great; but the second half disappoints. Not that the second half is bad but it definitely doesn't match up to the first half. The first half introduces the suspense and the thriller parts of the story. The scary parts are well woven into the story. But the second half moves too fast. There is no distinction between the hero's flashback and the second heroine's flashback. It jumps from one to the other intermittently. Then suddenly the mystery is solved and the killer is identified. No explanations given to the various suspense elements introduced in the first half like the record player automatically playing, or the victims seeing stuff in the middle of the road, etc. The movie just gets over with the killer getting killed. It's left to the audience to infer that he had a mental illness reliving his wife's murder every year on the same day. But it's been one of the good Kannada movies in recent times. I would definitely give it a watch.
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Excellent Movie.. Must watch... nicely crafted
poonamkumar30014 July 2015
This is a very Nicely crafted Movie By Debutant Anoop Bhandari... the plot is completely flawless... adapting the guddada bootha Legacy.. Although having no relation to the story... Why create New ghosts when we have very own Bhoothas... Well timed Twists and turns... Its a treat to watch the movie... The lead actors did their job well.. considering it their debut... sai kumar was the main highlight of the movie...This has been one of the best movies in kannada film industry in recent years... the camera work has been excellent and the screenplay was awesome... it is a very good suspense thriller and the director is successful in keeping audience glued to the seats till the end of the movie..
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Awesome Direction,awesome storyline,mind-blowing BGM..!!
sjsrinidhi22 July 2015
RangiTaranga is by far the best movie of this year from Kannada industry.I never usually comment or vote but this movie deserves it and i would like to recommend this movie to both Kannada and Non-Kannada audience as it is released with subtitles in some multiplexes.

Coming to the movie,it is has a very interesting plot and from the very first scene you will be hooked.The movie has lot of thrilling moments and BGM really is exceptional.Songs are very nice especially 'dennana dennana' and 'kareyole' are my personal fav.

The novelist and his wife take a journey to a village called 'Kamarottu' and what happens there is what the movie is all about.

Debutant Nirup Bhandari(main character) has done excellent job as Gautam,his voice suits his personality.Radhika Chetan is also a débutant who is very talented and beautiful actress.Avantika shetty is cute and likable.saikumar is brilliant.

Cinematography is exceptional and one of the best works in recent past.

Director/musician/lyricist Anup Bhandari is undoubtedly one of the best directors of Kannada industry.This man is simply brilliant.we have always wanted one like him in industry and we will proudly support him for years to come as talent like him deserves to be recognized and appreciated.Will keep looking forward to his upcoming movies.

All in all the movie is a MUST watch in THEATRES!!
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Disastrous movie !!
aarchitj1 October 2019
I don't understand why is this movie so hyped.

1. Lame story 2. Very bad ending 3. Very poor acting
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Good screenplay with some logic holes
balajiramalingam28 June 2019
Entire movie is good and thriller upto last scene u cant find the suspense but same time lot of logic holes in that.some of scenes not explained properly and pscyco thriller movie lot of horrific happens without logic
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Awesome movie
rohitreviews16 January 2019
Must watch, because it doesn't over do the horror genre and keeps it simple
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