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A review from an actual former FBI Agent - UPDATED
ramair35030 September 2015
I am a former FBI Agent; I went through the FBI Academy, and even have written a nonfiction book about my experience ("Eyes Pried Open: Rookie FBI Agent"). I am also a frequent TV watcher, although my tastes definitely gravitate towards the more edgy cable offerings than the big network shows (that quite frankly are usually somewhat "dumbed down" to be appropriate for the masses). Due to my former profession, I felt compelled to watch this show, although I assumed I would be completely disappointed and would find flaws throughout.

Well, the pilot exceeded my expectations. No, the depiction of the Academy is not perfect, but some of the scenes were eerily similar to what I experienced. While most viewers would assume that surely the romances and flings in the show are purely silly fantasy fluff, I can assure you that those types of behaviors did occur at the FBI Academy (infrequently, yes, and with much more average looking people, yes). Funny enough, my biggest gripe was how "nice" the instructors are in the show; I cannot begin to imagine what would have happened if someone was talking on a cell phone at the firing range. FBI Academy instructors in reality are incredibly tough; I still have scars on my knuckles to prove it (but they are some of the best and most dedicated individuals on the planet). But minor gripes aside, the feeling of being back in college in a dorm but with the structure (physically and mentally) of boot camp is what it was really like.

Sure, the storyline is far-fetched, but this is a fictional TV show. It is not the next Homeland; I do not expect it to clean house at the next Emmy Awards show. But for what it is, it is well done, and feels like the show writers at least had enough input to keep the story in line with the "real" side of the FBI.

In summary, this is an admirable effort, especially for a major network; the pilot gets a nice 8 out of 10 from me. If the show goes downhill (which is definitely possible; it seems like one of those shows that might be best as a one-season-only run), I will update my review accordingly. But for now, I will continue to be entertained for an hour each week with the escapism that the show offers.

*** UPDATE ***

It saddens me to have to update the review, but I feel it is my responsibility to do so since I have elected to stop watching the show. Bottom line, it feels like this was written by somebody who is paid by the plot twist, and at some point it cheapens the show to not being watchable. Also, I have to agree with another commenter who felt like the show must be a Shonda Rhimes production (nothing against her, but the show looks and feels much more like Grey's Anatomy than Homeland). I finally had to stop watching because of the gross inaccuracies about the lives of the NATs at the FBI Academy. The show still has entertaining moments, but with so many great shows out there, I am having to pull the plug on this one to make room for others. I suspect that will be the fate of this show; it started strong and has a full season 1 order, but I would be surprised if it made through a 2nd season. But then again, Grey's Anatomy is still on ...
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So that's why FBI sucks...
Dr_Sagan19 October 2015
Warning: Spoilers
--I'm writing this review after seeing 4 episodes--

This is a soap opera about some young recruits/students at the FBI Academy in Quantico. It strongly reminds me of "Fame". Especially after the end of the 4th episode where Aunjanue Ellis (who shares a strong resemblance with Debbie Allen in this. Mannerism, way of speaking, even haircut) gives a "You want Fame? Well fame costs!" speech for her students.

NO ONE of the recruits is who it seems. (So here goes the 1st part of realism). For instance one of them is an agent already in an undercover mission. Another one is actually ...twins (!) in another (different) undercover mission. A gay guy wearing glasses is ...not gay and doesn't need glasses. And so on. Everyone has a secret agenda. No one is a regular college graduate who wanted to join the FBI.

Also anyone has very serious psychological problems (one of them committed suicide in front of the others first day at the school) including teachers. I guess that's why FBI sucks! Anyway. IT IS a TV show, but you have to have a very strong suspension of disbelief to swallow this one.

The series is presented with continuous intercuts, between the weeks at Quantico and a 9/11 event that takes place 6 months afterwards. 3 minutes the one "plot" arc 3 minutes the other. It tries to mislead you many times and ends up with the usual cliffhanger/surprise at the end of the episode BUT the plot is pretty straight forward.

To tell you the truth it is pretty similar with the current episodes of The Blacklist where Agent Keen is considered public enemy nbr.1 and runs as fugitive while the whole FBI force hunts her.

Is it worth watching? Well. There are many questions, but you don't actually feel any mystery, and the dialogs are soap opera boring. IMO watch Blindspot instead.
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Pretty to look at characters, not much else
Tcarts7616 April 2017
The characters are pretentious, the story lines ridiculously out of touch with reality, and the acting is pretty poor.

First, the lead character, is definitely easy on the eyes, but acting abilities...not so much. The show itself, seems to have zero fact base in what the FBI does and mixes it up with NSA/CIA type operations, and on top of it they would like you to believe that FBI recruits come out of the academy, with super human abilities, super human intelligence, and are immediately given positions above all those serving in the field for many years. Not to mention everyone in the academy is a terrorist, has terrorist ties, is a suspected terrorist, or has some desire to act as a terrorist. Apparently the TV FBI is worse at vetting than a potato.Apparently Quantico is just a college dorm full of annoying but cute children, the only thing missing is STD's. Or maybe the pretty is all that matters...

The show focuses around one agent and it is as though she is the complete center of the world. At first this fits because hey, every show has a star but this show does it in such overblown annoying way that you just scream "WTF!" every 2 mins.

Excessive dialogue is used to cover shoddy acting but that actually makes it worse. The only thing this show has going for it is pretty actors, and a fast pace. Other than those 2 things...it's crap.
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Poor Writing
hari-866211 May 2016
Writers are the worst. The episodes are written in the simplest possible way. The writers only believe the terrorist anonymity is the central piece of the story and misses how boring each episodes are. Apart from that, every episode shows their training at quantico to prepare for their role in the future in that very same episode. So it just looks like filler content for the episode. Second thing, the whole idea of bringing in new NATS was just poor reason to not develop story with just old NATS and required more characters to build up a complex plot(!??!) and add lot of curiosity in the story. This series requires some series good writers. The writing is very linear and episodes are insanely boring to watch. Most of the training scenes are purely fillers and has less significance for the story. That just means to me to kill time you show the training required. Sorry I started this series with so much curiosity about how they gonna write and twist the plots. It is a huge disappointment.
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The Flashbacks alone drive one Insane!
sgdptech17 April 2017
I was only able to withstand 3 episodes of this wholly unrealistic and crappy drivel of a show. The constantly irritating and confusing flashbacks do absolutely nothing to help this series, and the mindless & ludicrous plot make it even worse. Not even Alex's gorgeous face along with her hot, puffy and juicy lips can save this. The show is more reminiscent of a Bollywood backyard production than anything else! I'll be toddling off now to look for something else to watch.
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Terrible mess coz of the wannabe Priyanka. She is a horrible actor.
Takethispunch16 July 2017
Alex Parrish, a former FBI recruit, becomes a prime suspect following a terrorist attack on Grand Central Terminal, and is taken into custody for treason. Various flashbacks show her and fellow agents, each having their secrets to join the FBI, training at the FBI Academy. The current timeline focuses on the restrained relationship of Parrish with her friends, while she is on the run to prove her innocence. The second season follows Parrish, who has been seemingly fired from the FBI. Flashbacks reveal that she is working undercover for the FBI as a CIA recruit.
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No realism, terrible dialog, extreme pandering
brianwilli29 September 2015
Warning: Spoilers
The plot is incredibly forced and the characters feel like the result of a college campus focus group.

A perfectly diverse group of FBI recruits come together for training. Each embodies their pop culture stereotype to a tee. In their first week, they're tasked with finding a secret about a classmate. Shockingly each candidate has made a secret trip to the middle east or killed someone.

Before the end of the episode both religious characters are shown to be too good to be true, the big-mouthed show- off shows his heart of gold and the gay guy proves to be an ultra- insightful niceguy.

Then something vaguely catastrophic happens. The main suspect is surprisingly rescued at the last moment for overly ambiguous reasons. Oh, and shocker, one of the recruits is working a shady covert operation.

It's Glee in the FBI.
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User Rating of 7.4 how can this awful show get such a high rating?
customax-17 December 2015
Warning: Spoilers
IMDb User Rating is broken, unless a show or a movies scores 9-10 or 1-2 the rating is not telling you much.

This show is "The Bold and the Beautiful" with a high school cast trying to be an action/drama. Lets hope it will not last as long, "The Bold and the Beautiful" has a rating of 3.5 and are soon in its 3800 episode! I think this show's goal is to showcase and try to sell makeup for both men and women. Cast have not been picked for their acting skills and the dialog is et best "bad". Trendy MTV style clipping and mixing adds to the frustration of this show.

I forced myself through 3 episodes to see if the show improved at all, t was a waste of time.

In the movie "Starship troopers" they pick similar kind of cast, good looking soap actors as a joke and it works. In Quantico they are serious and they fail badly, none of the leading actors are credible as FBI Agents.

If your goal is to look at 1-2 pretty women, paint a wall and hang photos av the ones like. Take in their beauty while the paint drys, this will give you better entertainment value than watching Quantico!
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What a colossal disappointment
markfranh2 October 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I'd been so looking forward to this series but what a disappointment the first episode turned out to be. As one other reviewer said, we deserve better than this. A lot better.

To begin with, we have an early scene with one mysterious female having sex with an unknown man in his car. Mysterious? Not really and how stupid do the writers think we are? Of course, they are new recruits and would meet again at Quantico a couple of scenes later. Well, duh! What a surprise that was.

Does any of that sound familiar? Think back to the pilot of Grey's Anatomy many years ago. Meredith and Derek meet and have a one night stand before Meredith meets Derek again the following day when she starts work at the hospital. Would a little originality from the writers be asking too much?

Having started badly, it went downhill from there. These people are supposed to be the elite recruits to one of the toughest jobs in the States. God save us all if these are the best of the best. They come across as high school students on their way to some sort of summer camp for gifted students. If the purpose of new recruits is to impress those that make the decision, none of them have what it takes. What a joke.

The challenge they are put through on their first day is just silly. If they succeed, great, if not, they are out. Seriously? Again, would writers give viewers credit for a modicum of intelligence.

Having started with Grey's Anatomy, we continued to steal concepts from other shows. We have the back and forward scenes right out of last year's hit, How to Get Away with Murder. We end the episode with the star behaving exactly the same way as both Harrison Ford and the original start David Janssen, walking away with hat tucked down low in The Fugitive as they each made their escape from the crash. I guess it worked for them so why not just use it again.

Another reviewer thought the acting terrible. I'm not sure I'd say that. Giving the rubbish they were supposed to work with from the writers, they probably did the best they can with what they were given. Let's put the blame in the proper place.

There are so many holes in the ridiculous plot that I could point out but I'll trust others to find them as well rather than risk including any 'spoilers' ... though how I could spoil anyone's viewing of this is beyond me given the writers have done their own worst in spoiling it themselves.

Have I missed anything? Probably, but then I'm trying to forget the painful experience of having viewed the hour long pilot so won't be making an further effort to dredge up any more memories from watching it last night.
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Beautiful Girls, but not much else to recommend it
starwolf14 October 2015
I wanted to like this show. I saw the trailer/teaser for it and I was intrigued.

Sadly, the real show doesn't stand up to the excitement generated in the trailer.

The good thing - the show is technically well made. The photography for the most part is well done, the sound is good, etc. The women are beautiful to look. They are trying to create lots of mystery to draw the viewer in for the long haul.

The bad - the story is just stupid. The premise and the way the characters interact to keep her on the run even though they know she is innocent is silly. The acting is so-so to pretty poor. It's hard to really believe any of these people are FBI trainees. And the actual classes at Quantico are unbelievable - in a bad way.

I have lasted 2 and half episodes and I am done. I have given up.

I don't think it's worth the time to watch the entire season to solve the "mysteries" they generated,
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Worst of the new programs
markwayland29 September 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Quantico,Horrible. From a law enforcement viewpoint, this program should come with a disclaimer, " nothing you are about to view is based in reality, thankfully". Lets start with the rifle range. Camera is showing a number of recruits firing AR15's, behind the firing line, all good, then you have one recruit talking on a cell phone, with the AR15's ( they are loud, no way someone is on a cell phone) in the background, and this guy is wondering all over the range, in FRONT of the firing line. Real life, he would have never made it to that point, range master would have jerked this guy off the line, sent home never to return. Then you have everyone turning in all of their firearms, but one cadet. He decides to keep his firearm and not take the red one he is supposed to carry. So we are to believe the range master never notices ONE red firearm that was never picked up. Are you kidding me. Then this guy takes a loaded firearm into the interview room, kills one person, and eventually kills himself, really???. In real life, a complete background and polygraph is done way before the agency wastes a dime on these applicants. His "secret" would have been found out very early because they ask you one very important question, "have you ever knowingly committed a felony?" . Do you really think he could have lied his way through this question? Bottom line, good idea, horrible program, or at least, the worst technical adviser every used. There is more, but don't have the space or time.
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Quantico...what a mess.
pagangod23 October 2015
Like many others, I had hopes for Quantico...they were ill-founded.

I enjoy cleverly conceived procedural dramas with intelligently constructed narratives and well-developed, fully rounded characters.

Oh, and good acting helps too.

Sadly, I found Quantico to possess none of these qualities.

There is zero attempt made to create believable situations and characters, this show is clumsily thrown together in a haphazard manner, that defeats any internal logic and stretches credulity beyond belief.

It is superficial, insipid, pointlessly convoluted - NOT complex, there is a vacuous, slick feel to the show that fits in perfectly with the overall tone of Quantico - all style, no substance.

The characters are merely sketches of what they should be - which doesn't help the actors at all, who are left floundering.

It's fast paced, glossy, populated by some extraordinary pretty people, who have been clearly cast for their looks rather than any overt thespian skill set.

Some of the cast just about manage to overcome the virtually non-existent characterisations, the lesser talented actors simply fail, epically.

Quantico had plenty of potential, and it would have worked - in more capable hands.

But ultimately, this is a massively dumb show - and not in a fun way, what should have been a compelling, fascinating, insightful and dynamic look at the individuals of and the organisation that is the FBI, is sabotaged by it's own wilfully shallow and tedious mission to throw intelligent story-telling out of the window.

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Watchable until the end of Episode 2...Dumbest script ever!
Stanislas Adam27 October 2015
Warning: Spoilers
The show is quite enjoyable until the end of the second episode where the dumbest plot in the history of modern television appears before your eyes! Basically, this makes the show unwatchable going forward granted that you have a minimum of two functioning neurons.

Spoiler Alert (end of S01E02):

Alex, the FBI recruit/terrorist calls Ryan (the FBI agent she supposedly shot) who tells her he knows she didn't shot him. He offers to help her by GUESS WHAT... telling the FBI that she did shot him and that she is guilty. A completely useless manhunt for Alex ensues instead of an investigation (that Alex will need to conduct herself while escaping every law enforcement agent in the country). Ryan's way of helping moved me so much that i couldn't watch the show any longer :)
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Who writes these scripts?
lethe6728 September 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Just saw the pilot and was constantly thinking, what the hell. Plot holes abound. So you're at an FBI facility, but your twin can get in easily. Nobody notices. You get a real gun for your fake one for practice, but hey, nobody is worried if one fake gun is left at the deposit meaning somebody is walking around with a real one! The FBI researches you, but you are dead worried about a rookie finding out your secret that you completely flip. The FBI finds in your apartment explosives but only one of them thinks that's a bit too convenient so decides the best thing for you is to run because ooh you will be dead if you go to prison? And so it goes on. Decent cast, decent tempo but don't you dare to start thinking to much.
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Lamest TV show I've ever seen
Warning: Spoilers
This show had so much potential, SO MUCH. It's so annoying I can go on and on but will simply outline the MAJOR flaws point form, in order of annoyance.

1) Priyanka - tone it down already!

  • Perfect hair and luscious lips after training (and every time the camera is on her)? - tight shirts with undone buttons? (as if this would be allowed in the FBI) - revealing tights? Is this a teen show about summer camp?

  • tone down the dramatics already, we get it.

Seriously people? It gets worse as the series progresses. Is this a show about seduction or drama? It's like I'm watching a beauty pageant. Don't get me wrong, she's hot in her own way but all this 'look at me' attention pointing at her is taking away from the story line. Sure, have some sexual tension every now and then but I just can't take her character serious at all. I want to see her get dirty, WORK her way up the FBI ranks, not get in by your fabulous hair. She's just the wrong character for this show.

2) In general:

  • this back and forth past/current scenes is the most annoying of any TV show. It's boring and makes me lose interest in the current episode as it goes back and forth so much and not much is revealed, and whatever is, is mainly insignificant or confusing.

  • since when do trainees talk back and disrespect their superiors? This is so pathetic, this may as well be how it goes down in Girl Scout camps.. little spoiled brats talking back to their camp counsellors.

What gets me the most about this show is that is really had SO MUCH potential as being something new and fresh... we've seen enough of wolves, zombies, hospital dramas, cop shows etc. I was hoping this would be as good or at least closer to How To Get Away with Murder, the best newest concept in a long time or the still strong Blue Bloods which has realism in every aspect of the show. But sadly, all we have here is a teen level interest wannabee drama with sad realism and characters that are stale and boring.
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At best, pitiful tripe
casteaway12 October 2015
Warning: Spoilers
What promised to be a interesting insight into FBI training, quickly devolved into predictable PC fiction and typecasting. The story of a trainee falsely accused of terrorism and subsequently responsible for finding the truth is a pitifully thin attempt to convince the public that the real FBI are a bunch of incompetent boobs.

I cannot believe that anyone really believes real agents are this clueless and in love with juvenile drama!

A reviewer called this a Saved By the Bell knock off ... I think that is giving the writers of this show way too much credit!

What a complete waste of time!
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Fell off a cliff after the first season
mysterv9 May 2017
The first season was somewhat interesting with a large cast of characters and a hook of some traitor among them. Even then it was somewhat convoluted in the writing and inconsistency with the character development. Stayed around to get some resolution which turned out to be poorly done. What a waste but hoped for a better season 2. The second season has been worse... much worse. I am not surprised that this show is unlikely to be renewed. The ratings are in the basement. I don't walk away from many shows but I almost walked away during the past couple of episode where the writers have outdone themselves with their idiotic rhetoric. My wife and I are definitely done with this show but will watch the final episode coming up. AND I will not support any of the sponsors on this show.
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Lacks realism, poor acting
mimosa28 September 2015
I understand that network TV dramas need a certain type of charisma from their actors, but the selected crew here are just not believable as FBI trainees. They are too pretty and the group lacks realism as an entry Quantico class.

The contrived tragedy that happens to one of the trainees during a class is totally unbelievable. Assuming that there might be some later connection down the line is the best I can excuse the screen writers. If there is no call back to this "surprise" in the first act, then it really is inexcusable.

One of the reviews I have read, makes a comparison to Homeland. This show is no where near the quality of Homeland in script writing, acting, or production. Unfortunately I will not likely take the time to see this one further.
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Terribly cheesy, terribly disappointing
onyourbikemate28 September 2015
Warning: Spoilers
The first 5 minutes were OK - some intrigue, some guessing, but it really didn't take long to frame this as a weak waste of time. Everyone is a suspect? Really? The set up for this was so poor, that it was scary. By the way - 10 lines for a review is a terrible idea. The jumping forward and backward in time 9 months and so many characters roles have changed is too much to deal with. And the escape? total BS.... This is another example of weak TV - no wonder people rave about a science teacher making meth or a mass murderer working for the police - this story is garbage. I for one, won't waste another second on it - it was, as my vote says - awful.
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Poorly orchestrated soap opera with predictable storyline
movies-514176 January 2016
The premise sounded attractive as it followed on the heels of Americans, Homeland etc., but there are three major problems with this one. First, the plots are rather phony and go through rather predictable loops of shifting suspicion from one person to another just to stretch out the episodes. Second, the show - both in terms of acting and directing feels more like a daytime soap opera rather than a suspense/spy thriller. Third, there are too many characters - most of them rather poorly developed. Yet, if you are bored while waiting for the next season of Americans/Homeland/etc., this can be a filler that you can glance at occasionally while reading a book (you wont miss much - coz the storyline is pretty slow).
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Way Too Politically Correct...
jmcd20073 October 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I gave into the hype for this show and gave it a try. In short, I came off extremely disappointed.

It's rare for me to not like a show right off the bat, but "Quantico" unfortunately succeeded in that area for me. No more than five minutes into the show, we find the main character having random sex with another man in his car, something in which ABC seems to be a huge fan of these days. Add to the fact that this show has so much political correctness that it just makes you want to either change the channel or turn it off. I was also puzzled as to why the writers had a gay character randomly come up to someone on the street and kiss them. I know ABC loves pleasing everyone, but that's just not my thing. Moreover, making everyone a suspect for what appears to be a major terrorist attack on New York's Union Station just doesn't make any sense either. After being accused of the attack, Alex's "escape" from the feds at the end of the episode seemed just as head scratching as everything else. In summary, if you like political correctness with a weak plot, give this show a try. If not, then do your best to pass this one up. I know I will.
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jorge-3167023 November 2015
Warning: Spoilers
This was awful dammit . Plot is weak , actors and actresses are weak. Wth the lead actress is easy on the eyes but you can tell has had more plastic surgery than acting classes .. when did fake looks take the place of real talent , damn I was hoping for a good story or at least good acting . There is neither here to be had . If you haven't seen it and have any sort of good taste or IQ you wont like it ...

I am surprised since I was under the impression that the woman who wrote how to get away with murder wrote this too, so I thought for sure this would be quick and brilliant like "How to get away with"... but nope this was slow and simple .
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What a disappointment
Marie Morgan18 August 2017
This is Shonda Rhimes Goes To The FBI. Watching Rhimes programs always feels like a blind date who's too pushy too early. That's what this show does. We're supposed to care about characters we don't know yet. The "not who you think they are" twists are meaningless - because we don't care about either version. And I started noticing the lead starlet (with an annoying Rosie Perez accent) wears costumes different than the other recruits or agents. Everyone else has t-shirts - she has little tight Hooters-style tops with plunging necklines. How dumb do they think viewers are? Well, yeah - on their 4th season, right?
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Plot lost in all the soap box suds.
Dusty Old Duster11 July 2017
The sole redeeming event in Quantico (first season at least), is the Feist song 'Cicadas and Gulls' (that's why I gave it one star). The rest of that season...well...it has the feel of fingernails scraping endlessly down a chalkboard...or...perhaps male cicadas themselves screeching their desires to the world around them. Oh, I've no plans to check out the other seasons due to a fear that it's going to be more mish-mashed moon-mush.
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An attempt to appeal to hatred and lecture us on how we should think
johndan-572461 May 2017
TThey took this show down fast. As has been said before, the acting is terrible and the storyline is nonexistent. The purpose of the story has devolved to stating how racist and hated all republicans are. There is nothing redeeming as all the women are presented as the superior to men intellectually and morally. Funny since the characters have no morals and are all rather stupid. The young guns are to save the country from the evil conservatives who are all racist and fascists. This show has no redeeming value and has been removed from my record list. If I could, I'd give it a 0.
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