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MPAA Rated R for strong violence throughout, some language and brief nudity.

Sex & Nudity

  • A woman is seen nude for about a second. Its not super close and it's very dark with no details shown.
  • After a woman undresses and gets into a pool of some kind. The scene is dark and although she appears naked, no details are shown.

Violence & Gore

  • Characters are often stabbed or shot during hand to hand combat.
  • A man kills two hitmen with a pencil by stabbing them in the ear and head. This scene is very bloody, graphic and painful to watch.
  • In a hall of mirrors John kills at least 5 bodyguards by gunshots to the head, blood splatters are large and clearly visible. He then has a knife fight with a woman, the knife then punctures her chest and it is implied that she will die.
  • A man hits another man with a car, and the two then engage in a long and brutal fight.
  • Two men engage in a brutal fight on a subway. One stabs the other in the leg, and the two punch, kick, and throw each other until the one who was stabbed stabs the other man in the chest and leaves.
  • John Wick always gets head shots because he's a bad-A
  • A lot more brutal and intense than the first film.
  • Lots of bloody violence throughout, everything is clearly visible. Gunshots to the head and body are shown graphically, with bloody bullet holes and graphic blood splatter, sometimes with brain matter. Hand to hand combat scenes are very intense, with violent hits and audible broken bones.
  • John is shot many times while wearing a bulletproof suit, but these shots still seem to hurt him and we see his bruises later.
  • A man is chased from a concert into tunnels beneath the concert, while shooting people the whole time, this chasing sequence is very graphic. He shoots them with a big automatic shotgun. Blood and chunks of Gore splatter everywhere after each man is shot.
  • A man fights many hitmen attempting to claim a bounty on him. They attack in public places, and he kills them all in a very brutal fashion.
  • There is a scene where John Wick stabs 3 people in the same room.
  • Two men have a shootout in public, followed by a knife fight. At one point, they are shooting silenced pistols at each other over the tops of unknowing pedestrians' heads, the fight ends with the loser having a knife pierce his aorta, one man says if he pulls it out he will bleed to death.
  • A man opens fire at a party, killing many henchmen by shooting them in the head and taking their weapons. The blood splatters are extremely graphic in this scene.


  • 7 f words. 2 uses of oh my god. A few uses of shit and bitch (less profanity than the first film).

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • John drinks several times throughout the movie, usually with other people.
  • At one point we see unidentified drugs among the goods being smuggled by a gang.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The second half of the movie feels like a single, intense chase scene.
  • The criminal world is shown to act without any interference from law enforcement because the whole universe of the movie is deep within The Mafia.
  • The whole movie is intense.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • Gianna D'Antonio slits her wrists before she is shot in the head by John Wick. Her blood oozes out into a pool she is sitting down.
  • John Wick shoots at Santino D'Antonio sitting at a table as he taunts him, blood splatters all over the floor.

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