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Unique Show, Full of Joy
lemonice19 December 2015
I'm not understanding the hate this show is getting. I get that the show probably didn't go where a lot of people thought it would, being a sort of continuation of the 2011 movie "Limitless" but honestly, the way people seem to think it should of gone is boring in my opinion. Every show out there seems to be full of heavy content and really dark, and this show, while still having some heavy themes, is like watching the show equivalent of a rainbow. And I love that! It's light, it's funny, it's well-cast (despite what people say about the lead, who, IMO, is the best part of the show) and it doesn't need to go in a darker, more intricate direction. I mean, also consider that as I write this, the season is only half done, and there's plenty time for more political intrigue or whatever people seem to think this show is lacking. But in my opinion it's a good show as it is now: it's refreshing. It's similar to a cop show, but it is unique because it's not about a cop, it's about a guy effectively functioning as a human Guinea pig for cops. It's a different perspective. It's about how his job, and the drug, affect his life.

It's not a Netflix show or an HBO show so don't go in expecting something like House of Cards... it's great for what it is, and that is a sometimes cheesy network show. I love this show and it's my favorite on TV right now, it makes me happy, and it's nice to watch after a long day. I don't know why people were expecting some sort of break out crime drama rated MA because if you recall the film that this show gets its premise from was mediocre at best. There's nothing wrong with this show that can't be summed up by saying that it's not your cup of tea. If you like happy, funny shows, with realistic and dimensional characters and quick-witted scripts, then you'll like this show.
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Really Hope They Continue This..
lopez73129 October 2015
I showed up pretty late.. I didn't even know there was a TV series until I was curious one night and looked up "Real Life NZT" I didn't find anything.. but I found out CBS has a t.v series for the actual movie.

Man.. I gave it a shot, and its actually a really good series (in my opinion) I've never written a review for a movie or for a TV show or anything before. after watching the whole first season in two nights, i had to find a forum or blog or SOMETHING that I could use to write about this TV show.

its awesome! i love it. its cheesy and corny at times but it actually makes me laugh. legitimate chuckles! great show, i would be very disappointed to see that they won't make a second season. At least a second season.. come on pleaseeee

sincerely, jacob
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Remarkable, exciting and funny.
auxjohn4 November 2015
Limitless is a show based on a movie of the same name. They both live in the same universe in which a pill called NZT-48 unlocks the full potential of a subjects mind. This show manages to make interesting characters and plots, without losing the main idea of the show. The best part about this show, has to be the protagonist, Bryan Finch, played by Jake McDorman. The protagonist has a way of looking at things and portraying them to the audience that gives us some comedy relief that the movie didn't really have. That's also one of the strongest parts of the series, the comedy. I didn't really think this series was going to make me laugh or smile at how the character looks at things. And to make the series even better, they made an episode that was a total homage to Ferris Bueller's Day Off.

This is a truly remarkable series that will, if it continues this way, become a fan favorite over the years. Must watch for anyone who likes crime TV shows and comedy, this show blends them perfectly, making it one of the best TV shows on air right now.
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Great entertainment! I loved the movie and really enjoyed the pilot.
roguecritic4227 September 2015
I don't get all these bad reviews. Anyways, I loved it. Jake McDorman I liked seeing on screen again, I remember watching him in Greek, a show I loved to watch. Jennifer Carpenter brings back all the fond memories I had of watching Dexter. Bradley Cooper, the Academy Award winning actor who stared in the original Limitless movie, come on! what more could you ask for in an acting cast?

Now to the show: If your like me and loved shows like Elementary, the Sherlock reboot, The Mentalist, Forever, etc, etc, then I think you'll like this TV show.

I can't get enough of shows like that. I've seen people criticize that type of genre, and because of that I don't think they should be commenting on this show at all. The "gimmick" of limitless has great potential. I look forward to seeing where they take it. This is not just a show about someone with genius observational skills like Elementary or Mentalist, it goes a step further. If you saw the movie you know what kind of effect NZT can have on a person, and it allows writers to take great creative liberties. I hope they really explore the limits of someone on NZT. I'm looking forward to seeing the rest of this season. I'm voting the first episode a 10 out of 10, because I couldn't have possibly enjoyed a pilot episode any more than I enjoyed this one. It felt like a genuine movie and I look forward to seeing the rest of this season.
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jujureynolds11 December 2015
I LOVE This show. It is the freshest thing on the air along with "Spotless", which is another category entirely.

What are so many of these reviewers not seeing?

The scripts are funny, clever, beautifully implemented. The characters are truly realized. It's fun and current, light and bright.

I had my doubts as to how a series would be constructed based on the movie, which I also very much enjoyed. But I could not see how the show would stretch for episodic TV. Bringing joyful Brian in lifts the darker material. The dialogue is quick and spot on. It's apparent a great deal of effort has gone into this production, and I am grateful for it.

I have relished every single episode.
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Love it!
cloggy01014 November 2015
Great series! McDorman makes it very funny and pleasant to watch. Rest of the casting is very well done too. It is not deep but wasn't be meant to be like that.

There's really nothing new that we haven't seen in other shows, but it works. The acting is good. The pacing is good. The possibilities are there for some twists.

Overall the cinematography, characters, and plot were well executed for a pilot episode, and the story itself can be interesting provided they don't fall too hard into the cliché and tropes inherent in this type of story, then this show has a promising future.
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Such a potential is wasted
satilla22 September 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I really liked the Limitless movie, both the idea and the acting was good. But this series is another "consultant detective" garbage. It started as a continuance of limitless movie but suddenly ( very illogically ) they involve cops and it becomes another case solving genius story.

I cannot understand why anyone take this story and turn it into nothing. There are so many case solving genius TV series , why would you make another one? People are really bored with the same lame stories. Charismatic con man becomes consultant and solve cases, an immortal doctor somehow becomes consultant to solve cases, an enigmatic genius know which series i am talking about. Stop this....

They still have some chance to turn the story around and make it a big success , but if they keep using the same script over and over again i will not watch it.
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Too convenient...
Dr_Sagan19 September 2015
Warning: Spoilers
This is NOT an adaptation of "Limitless" (the movie) but more like its continuance. It picks up where the movie ended.

Bradley Cooper reprises his role as the NZT addict who became a senator and researched the drug to make it better (without its deadly side-effects). As I am reading you will get at least a glimpse of him in every episode.

Jake McDorman is the new guy without limits. He's OK but nothing to write home about.

The first minutes of the pilot are filled with visual effects (including the liquid limitless zoom-in effect of the movie).

The plot seems "too convenient" though. Brian Sinclair (Jake McDorman) has all the evidents against him for 2 murders and he actually robs a bank later on, yet he walks free and he becomes a mentalist-like consultant for the FBI! I suspect, even afraid, that this might become a procedural police drama and the NZT is only an excuse to have some weird sherlock-ish deductions at the crime scenes. Don't forget other series like "Forever" where the immortality was also an excuse for a supreme deduction logic and not fully explored as a meaningful plot element.

Is it fun or entertaining? So far my answer is "meh"! Especially if I'm right and this turns to be "a case per episode for a quirky consultant of the police" kind of series like hundreds other that I'm bored to watch.

Overall: Will see...

UPDATE: After a 4-5 more serious episodes the show turned to be a weird quirky kind of comedy...I see some like it some hate it. See and decide...
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One of the better season premieres of the fall season
kendahlj-5528 September 2015
I have not seen the movie Limitless, but was aware of the premise. I wasn't really interested in the pilot for the new TV series, but I happened to catch it by luck. I was glad I did.

The show follows a man who hasn't done much with his life. In a temp job, he runs into an old band mate, who sees in him potential and gives him a super pill that unlocks the deepest recesses of his brain (makes him really, really smart). The plot follows him as he is chased by the FBI who want him for murder, while he tries to clear his name.

There's really nothing new to the show that we haven't seen in other shows in the crime procedural genre, but it works. The acting is good. The pacing is good. The possibilities are there for some twists. It sets up a good overarching mystery. Overall, if you like TV dramas like Mentalist and Chuck then you'll like this show.

As an aside, I thought it was WAY better than Minority Report, and that was one I really looked forward to when it was announced. Of the pilots I've seen, Lucifer was better. Player was okay for some silly action fun. Quantico has a better mystery. But Limitless is in the top three.
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Please Don't Become Just Another 'Cop Show', Pleeeeaaase.....?
lewilewis199728 September 2015
Warning: Spoilers
After watching the pilot:

I loved the original film and idea, Bradley Cooper nailed it (he has a cameo in the pilot as well). So I came to the TV pilot preying 'don't screw it up, don't screw it up....' and they didn't! Good start. It starts out as a 'who done it' and the main protagonist, Brian (Jake McDorman) has to work out A: How to get a supply of NZT? And B: Who killed his friend/supplier? Brian is similar to the original film character as in he has no future, is almost a bum and is going no where fast. Also similar is a chance encounter with an old friend with a little clear pill.

I liked it, although there seem to be some convenient 'allowances' on the part of the writers. But they're just lining up their ducks and laying the ground work for Brian's future with the FBI. There is an absolute avalanche of cop shows; and it doesn't look like there'll be any let up this Autumn. The amount of new cop shows cascading out of our TV sets in the next few weeks seems excessive. However I'm hoping that this one will be different? It has an original idea that could lead us to a thousand fascinating places - as long as it doesn't become 'just another cop show'.

Senator Eddie Morra (Bradley Cooper) will be back, he's said as much as he has plans for Brian. Brian will amaze and dazzle all of those around him, in fact he already has to some extent. As long as the writers can avoid the formula 'good guys vs bad guys and the good guys always win' which sucks and is far from true in the real world. Here's hoping Brian will be an insider in the FBI for Senator Eddie and spying/double cross and intrigue will prevail?

At the moment the probability of this taking off and giving us some original TV drama is 93% (yes, I have NZT) - But the moment that there is a single car chase/shoot out that prediction drops to 24%. If Brian falls for the female lead that drops to 12%; with her in peril and needing rescuing it becomes a paltry 2%.

Please don't do it, stick to the originality of the idea and do a cop show that's different. It's a big ask but I can't be the only one sick of 'the formula', can I?

After Episode 2;

A total change in 'tone' - far less serious, almost jocular, a little ridiculous and tongue in cheek (I howled at the 'gun and badge' joke).

Brian is a clown, naturally and is charming/disarming the highly trained, doubly serious FBI agents. He's amazed and bamboozled them in equal measure and has solved things in minutes that left them scratching their heads for years. All good. I was tempted to switch off at the start because of the total 180 it's done since the pilot (which was way more serious in tone). But I stuck with it, got used to the change in tempo and angle and was rewarded. I'm a little concerned by his new 'partner' FBI agent Rebecca (Jennifer Carpenter). She needs a good steak, or a good anything, I don't think she's eaten for a few months. Gotta pack away that protein if you're going to be chasing and wrestling bad guys, Reb'.

It probably is going to be 'just another cop show'; but it has redeeming features so I'm prepared to make allowances; like you would for your naughtiest but funniest kid (just don't tell your mother, Okay?!). The underlying plot of him working for Sen. Eddie Morra is still there, but it's a slow burner hidden away underneath weekly crime solving.

All in all this is light hearted relief with a sprinkling of drama so that's how I'm treating it. I was all stoked up for a serious thriller, maybe that will still come? Either way, I will continue to watch, and laugh, but this is down from 9/10 to 7.5/10.

After episode 3;

I was wrong, way wrong....... this is now a four, So I watch no more, Just find it a bore that makes me snore.........

Couldn't help that last bit. What happened Limitless Team??? How could you screw this up so badly???!!! Muppets, the lot of you.
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The writers certainly weren't on NZT
tore-janse30 September 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I've seen the first two episodes - with the second being an utter waste of time since it unfolded exactly the way you'd expect - and that's enough for me.

The major irony of this show is its narrow scope. To me, the core of what makes NZT an interesting concept is summed up in this quote from Bradley Cooper's character in the 2011 movie: "I knew what I needed to do and how to do it." Note that there's two parts in that statement, a what and a how.

The show's protagonist is entirely hung up on the how. Showing off the wacky stuff you can do while on NZT gets old really fast. In fact, it was old right from the start of the show since all of that was established in the movie. Yes, we get it, he can throw a mad guitar solo and become fluent in any language in a couple of hours. This basic premise is easy to grasp.

The truly interesting thing about a ridiculously powerful nootropic like NZT is the implications of such a drug's existence. While the movie had its flaws, it explored this theme in a way that kept you interested. It swiftly established the how and then put a heavier emphasis on the what, which quickly snowballed into an epic endeavor.

Granted, there is obviously the larger picture in the show, with Cooper's character and his mysterious motives, but that will no doubt be unraveled in an excruciatingly slow-paced fashion. What really bugs me is what the protagonist does with NZT. He's supposed to be virtually invincible and yet he is stuck with issues that should be relatively easy to handle whilst under the influence, namely that the FBI is onto him and that his family is worried. This is the what that the show is zeroing in on. He's already had plenty of time on NZT to figure things out, time that he's instead spent playing with papier-mâché dolls.

This show has trapped itself in the convenient and the mundane, precisely the things that NZT is supposed to liberate you from. Why is the show slow-rolling and teasing us with the big stuff? My answer: Because that material is challenging to write. Thinking it all the way through and imagining all the consequences of such a powerful psychoactive, especially on a global scale, and then executing it in a compelling way with good pacing, is really hard. However, I'd rather have them make a botched attempt than playing it so tediously safe, which simply leaves us with yet another detective series.
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Fine example of how TV show can evolve from average to excellent
steefan-9217 December 2015
As title says, this show was off to your average TV show, with plain plot, an average cast and you know, all other things that we had seen by now. To plot was center around NZT drug and one propagandist, while efficiently ignored other characters, their side of story.

It was washed down crime TV show with main character who is on NZT and only real plot was around NZT for good half of show, with little side tracks, that consisted of solving crime cases and throw backs to Brain story. That was for first half of first round of this season, however from episode 7, show evolved considerably.

They learned that if they are going to pull, second season or at least get full season rundown (which happened and i am so glad they pulled out), they need to grow bigger, risk more, start thinking outside of box. Oh, boy they did all of that and last episode of first round - episode 11 is result of all that.

I didn't go into any specifics , I wrote this review in general perspective, because until the season ends, there can't really be any objective based review, it's simply too early for any final thoughts . That said I really urge anyone to give it a shot because it deserves it (being #2 most watched show on CBS should speak for it self).

Edit 1: With a show one episode away from season ending and having watched part one of finale, I have to say, hands down to a team, you had done incredibly job.

TV show had become everything I hoped for, when they order full seasons, I laughed, felt sad, confused and etc. They explored multiple characters, their agenda, motives, feelings, experimented with risky directions and so on.

However, ultimate thing that really shines is how every peace of story, every peace of puzzle has fallen into place and I don't have words to express how much I recommend this show, so stop reading,go ahead and watch.
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"Limitless" potential wasted by "Brainless" imagination...
tempid-21 October 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I had such a high expectations from this show and hoping it would be beyond expectations; unfortunately the original idea became a victim of another brainless imagination and writing. First of all it is profoundly stupid to turn it into another cop drama... To top that stupidity off, showing that cops come up with an idea to keep feeding the lead with "the pill" to give his brain superhuman abilities and exploit him to use to solve crimes. Do I need to explain the idiocy of the concept here?

There are thousands of subjects where the 'limitless' idea could have been applied to/used effectively - from world politics to wall street. But the yet another lame writer/director thought of taking the easy way; turning it into another addition to list of hundreds of 'yet another lame-ass cop drama' and try to cash in from the original idea. Just how many of these cop dramas are going to be made by 'wanna be's? These guys need to stop trying to make money the easy way and need to put in some effort.

It is really disappointing to see such a great potential wasted here.
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Waste of potential: a show about intelligence that lacks any.
pauldavidtaylor23 October 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Many of us looked at this show from the "Smartest man on Earth" perspective: a person with the potential to do anything, so long as he could think a way of doing it.

Episode 1 was great. 2 was so-so... the rest is rubbish. It's dumbed-down for some reason, I really cannot explain why the studio decided to go this way...

**SPOILERS** So the hero gets his fix from the FBI and goes into the most mundane "crime-solving" spree which isn't even half-as-clever as other fictional characters like Sherlock Holmes or any other police detective on the force.

Instead of taking full advantage of his brain-power (ie: creating his own drug and cure), the main character goes on to becoming a dull, unimaginative, satirical impersonation of a genius, while being manipulated into a wider conspiracy.

Horribly, horribly gone wrong. Stay away from this rubbish. Average acting, no plot whatsoever.
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Do the producers think we are stupid?
levitskiy-a27 February 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Limitless the series picks up somewhere around the film Limitless has ended. However while the main character of the film, Eddie Morra, is an intelligent guy who just needed a little guidance in his life (which NZT offered), the main character of the TV show, Brian Finch, is a complete self entitled man child. Which is funny the first 5 episodes. But after all the novelty wears off, he just becomes a completely annoying character.

Also the way Brian Finch talks to the viewers makes me think that Mr. Finch think that viewers are complete idiots.

I would think that this show would be smart and unpredictable. Instead it's just another cop show with a lot of elements of a comedy show. And it would be alright if it was funny, but when it is just annoying, I don't see any point in watching it.

It was fun, but I'd rather watch something else.
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The movie was a tough act to follow
imdb-491216 February 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Still, you could have tried.

For a drug that makes you incredibly intelligent, Brian is doing very poorly.

I don't get it. Even I, a person of somewhat above average intelligence, can easily figure do better than Brian. Sure, I can't learn a language in a day, or analyze thousands of small pieces of information and find a pattern etc... but is that all that intelligence is?

The first thing Brian should have done is MAKE A PLAN. Make several plans! Make a plan B.

  • How to get rid of the FBI - How to get rid of Morra, I mean, he must have figured out that it won't end well? - How to secure some resources, and a safe place (where Sands can't just walk in any time he pleases) - How to secure access to NZT and the antidote

What's he doing instead? Playing games!! Being silly! Playing detective. Solving murders that no one gives cares about. You're not a detective, Brian! You're a genius! Do something, anything!! Stop being a tool! Stop being a dummy!

PS! Seriously, IMDb, I can't write the sh*t word?? Are you little babies?
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Started With Promise In Episode One & Immediately Jumped The Shark
AudioFileZ20 November 2015
This show HAD the luxury of a good premise. It has an OK cast. What is doesn't have is imaginative writers taking the premise in the best direction. Really, by episode 2 It's just another cop show with a a character who aids the cops due to that character's "gift". Yep, a original premise that was pretty fresh and original ground up into the same old cop show stew. It's a crime of the week with an arc story hinting at something involving Bradley Cooper's character and the NZT side-effect neutralizer stuff. The real crime is wasting a really good premise - this show will be found guilty in the court of indifference in short order.. I guess I'm actually a bit upset because this show could be a solid 8 or 9 and I genuinely think its getting worse with each episode and even a 5 might be too generous. I didn't want a show about unlimited brain potential to be a much less interesting redux of Person of Interest, Medium, Bones, . Disappointed is an understatement. Jennifer Carpenter is slumming by the way. If these are the TV roles she's wasting her talent on the major networks. I think she needs to go for edgier Pay TV series or, maybe, big-screen movies? Watching her here it would be hard to imagine the same person playing the character of Debra Morgan in Dexter. She helped Michael Hall make it into the instantly cult classic series it was destined to be. She's beyond boring here.
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The premise has promise
phd_travel23 September 2015
I remember the movie was a bit irritating. But a series is different. It's potentially interesting to see a high functioning brain as a super power. The premise does have quite a lot of stories that can spring from this idea for future episodes.

Jake McDorman is pleasant enough to watch as an everyday Joe stumbling upon unique gifts. Jennifer Carpenter has an interesting face though she is highly improbable as a romantic interest. Bradley Cooper does add a bit of gravitas to the show being all A list now.

The pilot at least has some well done on location NYC filming. So production values look quite high.

Worth giving it a chance to develop and see how it goes.
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Another Procedural Cop Drama
airman_labranche8 October 2015
Warning: Spoilers
This show had very high potential, based on the trailers that I saw for the show, and the fact that the movie was pretty good as well. The pilot episode was moderately decent. I did like how they continued from the movie's plot, and even threw in a cameo from Bradley Cooper.

That is where the good stuff about this show ends for me. After the pilot, we are treated to a goofy plot line about a complete idiot who is a FBI consultant to help solve crimes. He is only a consultant because he doesn't have the nasty side effects from the NZ-48 pill. What really doesn't make sense about the plot, is the fact that the main character cannot seem to remember anything he has learned while benefiting from the effects of the pill. I get that he can't learn a new language in an hour without the pill, but his brain should be able to recall this information he has learned after the effects wear off.

What aggravates me most about this show is that nothing in the show is groundbreaking, or original. We have all seen this show before.

-The Mentalist -Elementary -Sherlock -Luther -Lie to Me -Forever

All of these shows have one thing in common. A very smart main character who uses deduction to help the seemingly stupid police solve crimes. For me, it is the way in which Limitless flows that I don't like. It has a quirky dialogue like The Mentalist, which I also wasn't a fan of. It also features Debra from Dexter. She isn't allowed to drop F-bombs on CBS, but her character is very weak on Limitless.

I have given it three episodes, and I think this is where I will get off of the train. It is becoming clear that the plot won't thicken, and the show won't have a darker side like the pilot episode did. It is a shame that Person of Interest is only a 13 episode season. I would really rather that show in the time slot of Limitless.
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More idiot than savant!
michelvega30 September 2015
I liked the show at first but after the third episode I'm out. The main character is way too exuberant and attracts far too much attention to himself. He has an obnoxious desire to shine all the time which really makes him an ass. Such a disappointment. Could they improve the pill to make him more believable? Even Cinderella had enough sense to get out of Prince Charming's castle before midnight. Doesn't he realize that when midnight comes, he'll be is old self again? Imagine what a good actor, someone like Patrick McGoohan in his younger years, could have done with that role. There must be an actor out there who could have done better. The writing could be better as well but you can go so far within the concept of the show. I didn't see the movie so I can't use it as a comparison. That said, the TV show should stand on it's own and clearly fails. Jennifer Carpenter is wasted. Then again they're all wasted.
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Absolutely unwatchable (episode 2)
hermitofdhaka30 September 2015
Here is an intelligence test for you. Can you extrapolate the next number from the sequence?


Just like few others in this forum, while I found the pilot to be bearable the second episode is absolutely unwatachable. There was basically contrast and tension in the original movie. But the spin-off tends to use NZT as deux ex machina to solve basically everything.

Oh....cure cancer? No problem let me pop in a pill of NZT. Oh....Soviet nuclear disarmament or Middle-East crisis, let me pop in a pill of NZT. Oh....crash and side effects of NZT...let me po- scratch that, let me get some shot that will have no side effects.

Is this some sort of an insult to the level of audience intelligence? No plots, no subplots, no tension and there happened to be a Gengis Khan poster just when they were solving it.

Avoid. This show is killing the movie slowly. As for the number sequence, well they are gradual progression of ratings starting with the movie, pilot and then the episode.

I just found out that the geniuses behind Elementary are behind this as well. Thank God for that; will gladly avoid further episodes.
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This show could have been so so much more..
nathanpower21 November 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I registered to IMDb purely to write this review.

Limitless is one of my favourite movies of all time. At least in the top 10. So when I seen that a TV series will be coming out based on the movie, I was super excited.

The first episode looked great, apart from a major blunder. Rebecca oddly knew that Brian was shot in the leg, without him telling her. This annoyed me greatly. From here my opinion of the show worsened.

From episode 2 onwards it just went downhill. For a guy on NZT he doesn't show much intelligence at all, apart from the 'burst' of smart maybe 2 or 3 times per episode. If he has an IQ in the 4 digit range (as per the movie), what the heck is he still doing with the FBI? Does anyone remember what Eddie Morra was able to do on NZT? He made millions of dollars in the first few days. This Brian character is pathetic.

I watched up to episode 5 with a hope that the plot would change from 'episode to episode crime solving' to something that relates to the movie. If I wanted to watch a cop show I would pick one of the dozens out there still running.

An unintelligent guy writes a script about a drug which boosts intelligence into the 4 digit range. Oh the irony. Why couldn't a smarter individual be in charge of the script... :( RIP Limitless.
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Limitless, A Decent start.
snarkyphilo23 September 2015
Warning: Spoilers
This was perhaps one of the most enjoyable premieres that have been viewed this week, perhaps this month even.

The cinematography is great, the use of cool tones and warm tones for the lighting and colour filter to indicate when the main character was on and off the drug was clever, the Sherlock-esque special effects to indicate his thought patterns were a nice edition, but not too overwhelming, and the characters engagement with different parts of the city, while high for the first time were well done. The music was also well chosen, fitting well with the tone and enhancing the light hearted action as well as the tenser scenes.

The characters are engaging with just the right amount of personability, and the beginnings of an instantly interesting dynamic between them. The main character is delightful, with the "average guy" sort of feel that the show was trying to get at, and his internal monologues throughout this experience are reminiscent of Spiderman without being too overwhelming or annoying. The FBI agent Rebecca Harris seems alright, but doesn't have much going for her yet other than the usual clichés of her character type (crime related tragic past the is the only motivation of the female FBI agent) The premise itself, while coming from a film, transfers over well onto television, and you get just the right amount of mystery, action, and interactions to pull it off. The plot progression for the episode moved at a good clip, presenting story and characters in exactly the right way to engage the viewers. The only thing that could be a complaint is that the story of a super-enhanced/powered average shmuck who ends up helping to solve crimes has been quite overused (Chuck, The Invisable Man, The Listener, etc.). But as long as they work with it in an engaging and entertaining way and not fall into the inherent clichés and tropes of this trope (ex. Sexy female partner becomes love interest), it shouldn't be too much of a problem. The mysterious bearded figure (a bit of a thing in shows this week) Eddie Morra (Bradley Cooper, the original main character from the film) is just the right amount of politely sinister. Though you would need to watch the original film to get the fine-tunements of his character.

Overall the cinematography, characters, and plot were well executed for a pilot episode, and the story itself can be interesting provided they don't fall too hard into the cliché and tropes inherent in this type of story, then this show has a promising future.
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Not the best writing I've ever seen
biomark20 October 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I fail to understand the writers in and of this series. The first thing any thinking man does when granted three wishes, is to request endless wishes. Well, I would kinda assume this guy is supposed to be a thinking man, given that is what the "special power" is supposed to be. So the "fatal flaw" in this series is why the guy doesn't do the first 3 things anybody else would do in his situation - especially given the "special power".

1. Why doesn't he spend one pill to figure the biochemistry behind the pill, it's constituents, and then how to manufacture enough for himself to be consistently "special".

2. Why doesn't he figure out the antidote to the physical/mental breakdown that he has to continually take to prevent that from occurring, and stop the people holding him hostage from engaging in that exercise.

3. Finally, why doesn't he figure out a successful way to deal with his dad's issues to eliminate problem 2 completely.

These are the things even the simplest of 10 year old sit and scratch their heads about when they watch this stuff. If you want better writing, maybe get a precocious 10 year old to write. I'm sure he would have addressed these things long before the 4 episode sought to bore your audience to death.
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Infuriatingly illogical and boring
petarpetrovic-449317 October 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Hey - it's a show about a guy that can use all of his brain.

Except - apparently he can't. I mean they make it seem he can - but really, the way the character is portrayed makes it seem he was worse than a earthworm before he took the magic pill.

The one that made him into an less-then-average-intelligent clown that has the need to explain everything and inexplicably takes longer than an average person to "connect the dots".

I felt insulted more than half the time - the answer was so clear and even if it wasn't it would become so after the first sentence he would utter. And yet he would keep talking, like he was trying to explain it to a toddler.

Pathetic most of the time, insulting the rest, I think the blame is to be put on the writers - come on, he's so smart and yet he... Well, not to spoil anything, then again, nothing much to be spoiled, simply - this show is really, really dumb - a super-genius working as a FBI consultant? Come on...
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