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MPAA Rated PG-13 for some sexuality and brief strong language.

Sex & Nudity

  • A couple have rigorous sex but no nudity is shown. The woman then lifts her dress, pushes a handkerchief into her crotch, wipes herself, and then tosses the spoiled cloth into the grass.
  • Nude paintings and nude sculptures.
  • Philip and Rachel kiss several times.
  • Eventually, they consummate their relationship (with Philip seeing her willingness to sleep with him as tantamount to accepting an as-yet-unspoken marriage proposal).
  • She beckons him into bed as the camera lens drifts out of focus.
  • He's shirtless and her bare shoulders are visible in bed the next morning.
  • Shortly thereafter, the couple has sex in a forest; the camera watches her face (with its disturbingly complete lack of expression or emotion) and we see movements from the shoulders up.
  • A fever dream that Philip has may very briefly imagine the couple having sex again (though both are fully clothed).
  • Philip thinks he sees Rachel kissing another man.
  • He also swims naked in the ocean, and the camera spies his bare backside.
  • Another scene pictures him shirtless.
  • We see a room full of nude classical sculptures.
  • An adult male is said to be "Greek" in that he prefers boys to women.
  • Someone suggestively says that Rachel is a woman of strong, passionate appetites (and it's clear what he's trying to communicate).

Violence & Gore

  • A man throws a table aside and violently grabs a man by his short and pushes him against the wall.
  • A horse falls and is mortally injured; we see men (at a distance) shoot the animal to put it down.
  • We see someone's dead body.
  • An official statement of death regarding Ambrose says that he had a tumor that was affecting his brain and judgment.
  • In anger, a man flips over a lawyer's desk.
  • Philip grabs Rachel's neck and chokes her in a rage-filled moment.
  • We very briefly glimpse a dead, probably beheaded, chicken in a market.
  • Philip is convinced in the end that Rachel has been slowly poisoning him.
  • So when she goes out for a horse ride, he tells her to ride along a cliff-side trail that he knows from recent experience is crumbling dangerously.
  • She does, with disastrous results, just as Philip finds two letters of hers that potentially exonerate her.


  • 1 S word and 1 F word
  • One f-word, two s-words.
  • God's name is misused five times.
  • We hear "d--n" once, as well as one of the British vulgarity "bloody."

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Characters consume wine and ale at various social events.
  • Philip, despondent and increasingly distrusting of Rachel, drinks wine directly from a bottle.
  • Philip also smokes a pipe in one scene.
  • It's possible, perhaps even likely, that Rachel is using the same toxic plant to poison Philip that she perhaps did with her former husband as well.

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