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An award show with ups and downs
Warning: Spoilers
The title already says it: These slightly under 1.5 hours are the The 21st Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards, an annual awards show that celebrates the year's finest in terms of acting, on the small screen and big screen, in comedy and drama, in males and females, although they obviously emphasize every year that the term "actor" is for both genders. Maybe as a consequence, one award for both genders would be accurate. It is a bit contradictory to be honest. Anyway, I already mentioned the run-time earlier and it's certainly a bearable amount of minutes. What I liked here is that they had no host. I don't think one is needed and it's perfectly fine to follow up with one award after the other. In terms of the awards, this is the show that maybe showed that Redmayne would win the Oscar and not Keaton. In the other major categories, the winners were as predicted with Moore, Arquette and Simmons dominating the awards season mostly. Birdman at least took home the Best Ensemble category. I have not seen too many from the winning/nominated shows and films, even at this point, but I like the McDormand win. Quite a shame that Jenkins did not succeed, personal favorite of mine. The low point of the night was probably Downton Abbey winning Best Drama Ensemble Cast as I have seen many episodes of this show and it's not good at all, shallow afternoon entertainment at its best. Or worst. Simmons I like the win, Arquette is fine too, she was fine in the film even if I am not a huge fan of her in general. Another disappointment, even if expected was Viola Davis' speech that got really cringeworthy when she goes on about her telling her daughter stories at night. It all felt so fake and contrived and she is the epitome of an Oscar beggar. It looks like it will happen this year, so we will get many more cringeworthy moments I guess. The PITNB love, I am still undecided as I have only just started watching the show, but most of what I saw so far was decent. All in all, a pretty decent awards show. Worth checking out, especially if you like several of the winners. Oh yeah and I shall not forget about the most touching moment in retrospective, namely Carrie Fisher honoring her mother with the Lifetime Achievement Award, which felt like a truly authentic speech and I had no problem at all with how simple it was (in contrast to Davis') because it all felt real. They both died at the end of last year, which gives the whole thing a completely different note again.
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