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Season 4

8 Oct. 2022
Episode #4.1
Charlotte is called to a crime scene as Nyssen throws a huge party with Helga and makes an important announcement. Season premiere.
8 Oct. 2022
Episode #4.2
As a dead man on a park bench in the Tiergarten grabs the attention of the homicide squad, Toni gets caught and Charlotte makes a terrible decision.
14 Oct. 2022
Episode #4.3
In urgent need of money, Charlotte enters a lucrative dance marathon. Councillor Wendt pitches his plans to Nyssen. Rath visits Stennes in prison.
15 Oct. 2022
Episode #4.4
Abraham Goldstein arrives in Berlin as secret organization the 'White Hand' passes a verdict on a criminal and Rath investigates a boxing match.
22 Oct. 2022
Episode #4.5
Weintraub investigates the boxing match betting fraud. Rath makes a confession to Charlotte, who asks him to find out more about Benni's death.
22 Oct. 2022
Episode #4.6
Rath brings Moritz to the castle. Charlotte tells a lawyer about the deaths among street children and Goldstein takes drastic measures.
29 Oct. 2022
Episode #4.7
Rath takes part in a risky experiment, brutal gang war breaks out in Berlin, Widow Behnke tries to help Katelbach and Toni finds herself in danger.
29 Oct. 2022
Episode #4.8
As Widow Behnke kicks off her high stakes rescue plan, Stennes instigates a hall battle in the 'Moka Efti' and Charlotte makes a secret observation.
5 Nov. 2022
Episode #4.9
While Malu Seegers and Dr Völcker pursue a deadly plan, Charlotte makes a terrible discovery and Helga tries to escape from her kidnappers.
5 Nov. 2022
Episode #4.10
Despite Gennat's doubts, Rath organizes a meeting with all of the wrestling club bosses. Malu rethinks her plan and Esther looks for work as a musician.
12 Nov. 2022
Episode #4.11
Rath is celebrated as Charlotte meets a boxer. Stennes plots a coup against Hitler while Goldstein learns the truth about the diamond.
12 Nov. 2022
Episode #4.12
Tensions come to a head between the SA and SS. Charlotte and Gereon attend a boxing match. Spies and movie stars are US bound on a zeppelin.

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