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John Oliver Cannot Believe What He’s Seeing on NRA TV: ‘Holy S—‘ (Video)

The Oscars weren’t the only thing that aired on television last night: HBO’s “Last Week Tonight” was new, and John Oliver dissecting NRA TV is worth watching. The “Daily Show” alum was rather disturbed by the streaming network’s slate, which includes the female-targeting “Love at First Shot.” The host of that show called the Ar-15’s firing and kickback “a nice, light poof of happiness,” for example. “It’s a little weird to describe a semi-automatic rifle the way Bob Ross describes a f—ing cloud,” Oliver said. Also Read: 'SNL': Charles Barkley Dunks on NRA by Giving Guns to Cockroaches (Video) That’s not the only...
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The Bad Education Movie trailer: Jack Whitehall makes movie debut

The Bad Education Movie trailer: Jack Whitehall takes the class to Cornwall in movie version of hit TV Series. The Bad Education Movie trailer

Jack Whitehall is creating quite the comedy following in the UK with his witty TV shows and comedy specials. As well as the hugely popular Cockroaches, Psychobitches and the chat show Backchat, Whitehall played the role of Alfie Wickers in Bad Education, a property that will make its way to the big screen in 2015. The Bad Education Movie will be released in cinemas on 21st August 2015 (UK), in a spot usually reserved for similar prime British comedy.

Films like The Inbetweeners Movie and its sequel have been released in the same slot over the past few years, and The Bad Education Movie looks like it will deliver similar comedic high-jinks as the class hit the road for a trip to Cornwall.

The Bad Education Movie trailer
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Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: Ellie Kemper stars in Tina Fey's sunny sitcom

After lighting up the Us Office and Bridesmaids, Kemper is bringing her trademark cheeriness to a new Netflix series about a religious cult survivor

In 2015, it seems that few things are quite as beloved by TV execs as the apocalypse. From relentlessly grim fare such as zombie saga The Walking Dead and post-Rapture drama The Leftovers, to more knockabout stuff like ITV2’s Cockroaches (think The Road, but with the added misery of having to spend the end of days with Jack Whitehall) and Fox’s forthcoming Will Forte comedy The Last Man On Earth, you can scarcely move for charcoal-grey skies and burning piles of rubbish. And that’s without factoring in the real-world gloom over on the news channels.

It’s oddly refreshing, then, to come upon a show where the end of the world isn’t actually upon us. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, a new Netflix sitcom, opens with its titular character,
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