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Watch out world, a new film master is coming!
DAS k1ishEe9 November 2015
Disclaimer: I am part of the crowd funding community of this movie.

"Beyond the Bridge" is the first feature movie of Daniel P. Schenk. He is mostly known for his legendary short movie "A Gamer's Day" in nerd culture. By his 2nd movie, I saw great potential in this talented young filmmaker and when he needed money for his first feature film, I crowd funded his project immediately. Sadly, after filming took place, the project got into development hell and for 2 years. I almost heard nothing about this movie at all. Still disappointed, I watched the movie when it came out nonetheless.

Holy Christ, what a great movie.

It is a psycho-thriller with horror elements. Please watch this movie without any more information.

The way the director creates atmosphere is already very unique. He got style, creative ideas and the temptation to film making to create his own visions. In the best moments of this movie, it doesn't need to hide behind it's great role models, it works on the same level as them.

Due to the low budget the film can't create a coherent immerse experience from start to finish, but that's something even most movies with bigger budgets can't create. This, and some issues with the dialogues are the only reasons what keeps this movie separate from a masterpiece. But it is only a matter of time and money until Daniel P. Schenk solves these Problems and might become one of the masters of our generation.
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A captivating journey into a very intimate kind of personal hell
Shalashaska12 November 2015
Filmed in 2010 in Fribourg, Switzerland, the very release of this first feature-length film by young writer- director Daniel P. Schenk already is a clear testament to the project's remarkable staying power and the dedication of those involved, especially when taking into consideration the harsh realities that independent film crews have to face on a daily basis. Fortunately, however, this story behind the story has by now become a mere side note without further relevance since the result does by no means fail to deliver.

Beyond the Bridge is a grim yet captivating journey into a very intimate kind of personal hell combining exotic locales, fresh faces, a delightfully haunting score and a markedly dark reading of a well-established genre tradition that at the same time does not shy away from a self-confident exploration of new ways to confront the viewer with a lingering, lasting sense of unease or outright fright throughout the length of the movie.

Go watch it.
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Beyond the bridge, and beyond excellency
Diego Prado Riestra17 November 2015
I am not used to write reviews, so I will start with WOW.

Movie plot is basic, yet powerful, an it is delivered with an excellent rhythm that doesn't keep you hanging or going running after the protagonist.

All the scenarios are heavily realistic, yet are well transformed into surreality with easiness and without notice. This combination generates (in a supernatural suspense film as this) an incredible "it can happen to me tomorrow" effect.

Although it relies heavily on the music for setting the pace of the scenes it flows smoothly and literally "brings you in".

Actors are mostly solid and the performance is almost seamless. Keeping in mind that this project is practically a family production and the short curriculum of the actors they were well above my expectations.

About the plot itself is too hard to talk without giving away some spoilers, so I will refrain myself. Suffice to say that the suspense of the movie is very well played, with clues of the mystery coming all the time and keeping the viewer stirring in all directions trying to get ahead of the movie (in my case, gladly, I was unable to succeed, and it is always a pleasure getting surprised by a movie). The supernatural gets delivered effectively, without relying too much on it, and helps in keeping the viewer baffled about the mystery.

It is a must see and I am hoping to see a lot more from this director.
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Beyond the bridge - an (indie) psycho-thriller that will surprise you
Andreas Sommer19 November 2015
"Beyond the bridge" is an excellent psycho-thriller which really is able to turn your world upside down.

DoP Robert Staffl did a great job. By using unusual and "silent-hill-like" camera angles, the audience is pulled deep into the story. The author, producer and director Daniel P. Schenk did a fantastic job as well. He knows exactly how to create a coherent, thrilling and powerful mood at once. Whereas there are smooth and suspenseful scenes alternating, even the peacefullest shots are still filled up with the young protagonists outcry for help, which increases the pressure that permeates the whole film. Additionally, the usage of great symbols and optimally sophisticated details makes the movie telling more than one only story. Yet you watch the film twice or even more often, there's still something left to discover. Thus you can enjoy Beyond the bridge as a crime thriller, psycho-thriller and as a film containing socio-critical elements.

Starting as an usual psycho-thriller, the movie deals with all the genre-typical clichés, twisting them and ending in a way that no one would ever expect.

I can really recommend Beyond the bridge as I enjoyed it in a deep and mysterious way.
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First Experiences Should be at First Thought
PureLombardi6 February 2017
Once in a while, you will stumble across a film that needs a second watch. Not only because you really liked that film, but also because it has deep plot points and layers that need to be understood fully. On the other hand, there is another kind of film that focuses on setting up a second viewing without concern for the quality of the first viewing, and Beyond the Bridge (directed by Daniel P. Schenk) is one of those films.

This psycho-horror thriller follows student Marla (Maya Schenk) as she returns to her family's empty house in order to sell it. She has been away for 2 years and the past is mentally affecting Marla. Her parents' death in a car accident, as well as other troubles, still haunt her most of the time. One day she decides to throw a party at the house, but a drug takes the character down a dark and disturbing road, launching the plot.

During the opening, the first thing you notice from this indie film is the atmospheric soundtrack. It is synth-filled; taking inspiration from recent horror offerings such as It Follows and The Guest, and blends in a weird tone that is quite fitting to the style of the film. The score would have been enough for the introduction, but this film throws subtly out of the window for another running technique. That other technique is the film's superfluously used cutaways. They focus on imagery that no viewers will understand on a first-time viewing as those are from later scenes. Mysteries such as Memento have used this method effectively while also being understandable afterwards, while Beyond the Bridge does not. One cutaway is simply a still image that is used over 5 times and does not represent the film's budget greatly.

There are a few strengths of this film, however, worth mentioning. Schenk plays Maya with believability and modesty (albeit amongst an uncompelling cast of supporting characters), displaying emotions of fear and realisation with raw power. What is poignant as well is the twist towards the end and its execution. It ties the otherwise seemingly messy structure into an understandable directorial decision as well as being superbly heart-rending and frightening. The film's disturbing images also serve as profound analogies that parallel the main character, giving the film a little sophistication. Most of the time, though, the purposefully "scary" scenes make you feel like you are watching a video game, with the protagonist gallivanting as she walks through empty corridors, all with a high-angle tracking shot from the back, resulting in stone-faced reactions.

With all its messiness and off-putting techniques, this is an admirable showcase of Lynchian horror and includes a great performance by the main actress Maya Schenk. Perhaps giving Beyond the Bridge the second viewing it is vying for may be worth it, but most likely it will not.
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