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Almost A Modern Version Of The Outsiders
TheAnimalMother9 November 2021
Don't get me wrong, the story here is not quite as good overall as The Outsiders. Nor is it nearly as convincing in who is to blame. But of course The Outsiders is fiction, and this is based on real life. Who's to blame, and how much blame is actually deserved in reality, is so much harder to pinpoint than in most works of fiction.

While I think this film is reasonably good, and well worth a watch; I really don't think the film is nearly as effective as it thinks that it is. It also seems to show a little bias of it's own in fact. Watch it yourself and see what you think. The guy who ends up sentenced was actually given 10 years probation, a long time, and then when caught drinking which violated his probation, he wasn't treated so lightly. He actually ended up serving nearly 4 years in prison.

While sometimes I don't mind some of the points that Marilyn Manson has brought up from time to time about American culture, I really felt he didn't help this film much, if at all; As his narration at the beginning is somewhat interesting & thought provoking, but when he finishes what he has to say at the end, it really amounts to little more than stupidity. Manson also states that not one day was spent in jail by the young man portrayed here, but in fact, as I already stated due to his probation violation in connection to this event, he did eventually end up serving many, many days. But Manson rarely seems interested in truth, but rather his interests lie mostly in shocking people. To me, I understand an artists desire to stir things up, to try and provoke change. Manson however is not one to attack things in a fully authentic fashion, hence the lack of his effect on cultural change on any large scale.

Overall I think the film is a good cautionary tale. Even though it seems to think it is more than that. 7/10.
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A great story that needed to be told better.
Top_Dawg_Critic13 February 2018
Let me start by praising the outstanding cinematography in this film. The acting, especially by the leads, were all on point, particularly the punks.

Novice director, writer and editor Jameson Brooks (this was his first major film aside a handful of short films) did an impressive job for a novice director, but his writing was way too lose, and his editing was terrible.

Although only 95min length, it felt much longer with certain dragged out and slow-mo scenes that took away from the impact of those scenes. The pace needed to be faster, edited (cut) unnecessary prolonged scenes, and rid of some of the slow-mo shots that dragged the film. For the large amount of producers involved with this film, someone should have spoke up to re-write the screenplay to make it tighter.

Additionally, leaving out the fact the jock didn't get away without jail time (albeit for parole violations), detracts from the satisfaction (for karma) of some form of justice. This should have been displayed in the closing credits along with all the other factual notes: In June 2001 Camp was apprehended for underage drinking and was arrested for being a minor in the possession of alcohol. Michael Camp, father of Dustin, attempted to cover for his son's probation violations. Michael Camp was formally charged with making false statements to the police. He was sentenced to 60 days deferred adjudication (a type of probation) and a $100 fine after a plea bargain. In September 2001, Dustin Camp received an eight-year prison sentence for violating his probation.

Nevertheless, an enjoyable film worth seeing. It's no big Hollywood blockbuster, but yet pulled off quite well with B-grade actors and a novice director/writer. A well deserved 8/10 from me.
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have we progressed in 20 years?
ferguson-67 February 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Greetings again from the darkness. This feature film debut from Texas filmmaker Jameson Brooks (co-written with Sheldon Chick) was an Audience Award winner at last year's Dallas International Film Festival. It's based on the incredulous true story of a tragic crime and the subsequent trial that occurred in Amarillo in the late 1990's. It's also an introduction to a talented and exciting filmmaker with a message that is as every bit as important now for every community as it was 20 years ago in the Texas panhandle.

The courtroom scenes serve as the story structure while flashbacks are blended with the defense attorney (Glenn Morshower) commenting/mocking the evidence as it's shown to the jury. This style keeps those unfamiliar with the story uncertain as to the actual victim and the circumstances of the crime - at least until the final act when we see a re-enactment of the crime and the final day of trial. However, even if one is familiar with the specifics of the case, it is presented in such an exceptional manner that it will surely be just as impactful.

Keeping in mind that this is west Texas (remember "Friday Night Lights") and football reigns supreme, so the ongoing battle between the Punks and the Preps sets the stage for ultimate cultural battle ... especially in an area that is home to a nuclear bomb assembly plant. Volatility abounds. There is a terrific sequence with parallel cuts between the mosh pit of a local punk rock concert and the on-field violence of a local high school football game. There are more similarities than differences, well, until the kids from the two sides cross paths in the real world. Class differences are obvious, and so is the usual teen angst and rebellious nature.

Distinct differences in how the authorities handle each group's form of release are on full display. The punks are caught tagging, while the pasture party of the jocks gains frenzy. One of these ends with handcuffs, and the other with polite dismissal. The core of the story is the ongoing comparison between Brian (in a wonderful performance from Dave Davies), sporting a colorful Mohawk as he skateboards through town, and Cody (an effective Luke Shelton), a buttoned-up football player always striving to prove his mettle as he cruises around town in Daddy's Cadillac. A sense of doom-filled destiny accompanies their scenes, and of course, we know it won't end well.

Many will find the film reminiscent of Frances Ford Coppola's 1983 film THE OUTSIDERS, which featured the Greasers versus the Socs. The biting realism and grit of Mr. Brooks' film helps us better understand the similarities between the two groups who look so different. And that's the real message here: judging others by looks will never lead to understanding and peaceful coexistence. The cinematography of Jake Wilgonwski is a huge part of the emotional reaction we have to this story, and the notes provided at the end of the film leave us wondering if, 20 plus years later, we are any more advanced as a society than what occurred in that Amarillo parking lot.
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A law for the rich, and a law for the poor
deloudelouvain4 May 2018
You always watch a movie differently when it's based on a true story. This one couldn't reflect my vision on society and his morals any better. There's always been a justice for the rich and a justice for the poor, a justice for the so-called 'normal' and a justice for the 'different'. Aspecially in America, where you have to live by the rules they want you to live. There goes there so-called freedom of speech, the land of opportunity. It's all a big farce, and I don't think it will ever change there. People are just brainwashed on how you have to live your life, and anything else is concidered wrong. The movie is well made, with some great music if you like punk music. The end is just sad, even though I never heared about this story, and that I was still hoping for a correct outcome, the reality is just unjust and unfair. My condolences and biggest respect to the family Deneke.
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Nice one!
ConqueringRuler6 April 2018
I'm not gonna tell you what's happening in the film, you can read a summary if you like. but it's best you check it yourself, because this film is great in portraying the punk lifestyle and the problems that come with that, especially in Amarillo, Texas. Myself, I was a punk with age 16, and then become a Skinhead (not a fascist/bonehead, but true to the 60s Skinhead movement) and really like to see a film like "Bomb City" because there are not so many films that portray Punks and Skins properly. Right now I can only think of This Is England (2006), but that one focus more on Skinheads.

Anyway, great film, watch it, Now! 8/10
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Tells the tale of bomb city punks perfectly
alysa_gyllenband13 February 2018
I was living in Amarillo Texas when this happened, although I was only 8 I can still remember the news story's and the trial. I grew up to be a punk and have a similar life to the punks in this movie. I watched the credits in tears and thought of my youth. I knew the story and what was going to happen and I still became very emotional watching this. I personally know many people who were directly affected by Brian and his tale. The movie was brilliant, very well directed and was visually Amazing.
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Was actually very good.
jerryadlington15 February 2018
There are so many bad or highly over rated movies made now that my expectations are pretty low. I thought this was going to be the same. The way it started set a trend that you thought Just No. That was an important trend setting. The acting directing and production were that of a good A movie. The story was well told. I wish more films of this quality were available. I highly recommend it.
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kosmasp19 February 2019
Movies based on true events can go very bad. This is one of the better examples. I am not that aware of all the things that happened in real life. But the movie itself is really gripping. And while I am not in the scene the main group is a part of, you can relate to their struggle. Not to all their methods mind you, or their taste, but feel them as human beings ... we are all in this together.

At least that is what one should think, right? Well unfortunately there are people who are immediately intimated, scared and angry towards people that are different then themselves. This is gripping and also heart breaking and should stir you up quite a bit. Those feelings are normal, if you identify or rather empathize to a degree. Really well made and gripping from start to finish
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A heart pummeling, emotional rollercoaster.
Jkovacs8421 January 2020
Beautifully shot, wonderfully acted, a true love letter to the life of Brian Deneke. I've been aware of the story since 1999. As a young punk at the time, it hit close to home. I grew up in suburbia Ontario (Canada) but witnessed many similar realities. This film had my wife and I both in tears. Very heavy, realistic and an over all eye opener. A+ honored to have it in my collection. A true indie gem. Watch the film.
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In Bomb City tragedy is served
Some movies that tell real stories have a journalistic vocation. They try to shed light on a story that according to certain criteria, must be told. If they narrate what happened with the clarity due, in an honest way and without artifice, the dramatic purpose occurs in a satisfactory manner. Sometimes they are movies that stimulate debate. In other cases they are movies with a clear purpose: that we issue a judgement. This is one of those movies. Cinematographically speaking, Bomb City is a steamroller. It is solid, punchy and develops in a powerful rhythm. Its music and aesthetics match. It is clear and effective. In general it is a balanced film. It has enough elements to be considered a classic youngsters movie. The cast appropriately embodies the superficial, naive and well-meaning features of the main characters. Naive heroes who fight against hatred and stupidity. Boys with perhaps wrong intentions but who manage to soften you up and prepare you for rage and impotence to take over you. The very structure of the script presages injustice. In Bomb City tragedy is served. The hero will find his redemption through our catharsis. The injustices that end with a human sacrifice and classic tragedies have an undeniable formal affinity. But, is our perplexity at such flagrant injustice a kind of catharsis?
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This movie is a love letter to fallen heroes and fellow outcasts
randallaviks6 November 2017
I don't know if this is a good way to start a movie review, but after seeing this movie all I could think to do was message an old punk buddy of mine and warn him that the next time I saw him 'I was going to hug him and never let go.'

I have so much praise for this movie I don't even know where to begin (I would have expressed this praise to the filmmakers during their Tallgrass Film Festival Q&A, but when I was given the mic to comment, I just couldn't make ...words.) Y'see, it's a ton of bricks this movie... Not just in sad ways either, mind you, but across the board. The authenticity is overwhelming: The accuracy of the hangouts, the music blaring, the art that was happening, the bond between outcasts-if you've been there then you know the good times that are had with people who have nothing but would give you the shirt off their back if you needed it. But sadly, a part of that authenticity....the world is usually at war with us outcasts, and this movie shows that reality. Hard. Like all those bricks I mentioned earlier.

I'll quit waxing poetic and get to some movie stuff over here- The 3rd act of this film includes a scene that is still managing to shake my punk self and the film snob he grew up to be- to avoid violating the 'spoiler' criteria of this page, I will refer to this scene as the 'Truck Ride'. It may be the most haunting and true depiction of that journey I've ever seen committed to film. It's a perfectly filmed moment and- I pray I'm not out of line by saying-inspiring. Absolutely, we know the tragedy and bedlam that is looming when you take such a ride (and in no way am I trying to make light of the things that follow) but the filmmakers show that along with the fear and bloodcurdling uncertainty of that ride, there is a nobility. A quiet moment shared between the warriors who have no choice but to be on the way to somewhere they shouldn't be going. I'm not kidding, it's that powerful.

Oh yeah, movie review... (This movie made me get lost in thought again dammit!) Wonderful job done by all-Acting, Production, Cinematography, Direction. Sound. Everything is Outstanding. I will be owning this movie soon, and I WILL be owning it on DVD-it belongs on the bookshelf next to my copies of 'Another State of Mind', 'Decline of Western Civilization pt 1' and appropriately enough, 'The Outsiders'.

In the meantime I'll be raising a glass to fallen punks and fellow outcasts while I play my favorite Subhumans record-This one's for you Brian, I hope punk valhalla is treating you well my Brother.
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Excellent movie! Solid 8 Stars from me!
huggibear15 September 2018
This was a very intense and dramatic movie that just ripped my heart out and made me think how cruel one human can actually be. Do we think satisfaction comes from an intense desire to remove what's different? Wow! I don't usually sit and ponder a movie based on a true story, but this one hit me hard and made me do so. I look at the cover of this movie and see a young man who is hardly old enough to begin his life of independence. I hope we wake up and see that inside all of us is a hero, hidden from plain sight and that we are just reflections of our true selves and natures attracting our evolution unfold. Everyone should see this movie once, for sure! It is time we all freed the hero within us and not allow circumstances to keep us stuck in situations that are unpleasant.
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engaging twist
SnoopyStyle15 September 2018
It's 1997 in Christian conservative Amarillo, Texas. Football is king. Brian Deneke is a young punk rocker struggling to make his punk club work. His circle of friends are often harassed by the police. Violence escalates between them and the local high school football players as the two sides meet in a deadly clash.

First, I love the twist in the trial. I almost gave up on that part of the movie until it delivers that big surprise. I would like to have Brian's name spoken out loud more. It's a normal movie proposition to accentuate the protagonist. It's also skewed too much on the punks' side of the story. It's expected but it would be more realistic to show some of their indiscretions. It's also missing a police raid on the club which should be expected in this type of movie. Overall, this is compelling true story and the surprise reveal really got me.
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White riot
j_smith_714 April 2018
As someone who lived through the original punk era (late 1970's) as a teenager myself, I was looking forward to this reworking of punk as it appeared in the 1990's. I thought it may be reflective of this second wave of teenage nihilism and rebellion. Sadly, it wasn't.

I know the real story of what happened in Amarillo and the outcome for those involved (no spoilers from me). But, truth of the matter is, as the film progressed, it became more and more like this was just The Magnificent Seven with Mohican haircuts. Except, unlike that classic western/Japanese story, the characters herein are not developed in a way which makes the viewer care all that much about what happens to them.

For sure Dave Davis as Brian does an excellent job as the central protagonist but he's the only one with any chops in this movie. The remainder of the cast spend most of the film shouting loud obscenities, (badly) pretending to be drunk and swivel-eyed 'look at me, I'm so different' fakery. This was repeated over and over again in more or less each scene to the point where, as other reviewers here have commented, you could skip from minute 10 to minute 118 and not miss anything of any importance. It is very monochrome in that regard.

All that said, it's a 6 out of 10 film for me. This film would have worked much better had it been cut to an hour maximum. It needed to focus on Dave Davis' Brian more. It needed more of his family background, how and why he became a punk (when punk had been dead 20 years by this time anyway) and it needed to just tell the story without forcing sentimentality in our faces.
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Both Sides Now
lonetrombone11 June 2018
The two "gangs" in this movie were the Punks and Preps. If you go back to West Side Story, it would be the Jets and Sharks. Unlike most people, I won't tell you the Punks were more noble by virtue of being outsiders. Honestly, the Punks were annoying jerks and the Preps were arrogant jerks. Both sides had good and bad people, but one side went too far. It could easily have been the other side. There is still a strong message about accepting diversity. Nothing captured the emotion of the story better than watching the parents during the trial and aftermath. Great story with great intensity.
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Crime to be different
bryangary658 December 2018
Disturbing true story played out in the grim way it unfolded.

Well put together but not a film to watch If looking for a pick me up
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Needed more meat.
TheOneThatYouWanted5 January 2019
Based on a true story and shot using excellent cinematography but super, super, super lacking on story or script.. probably both.
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Well worth the watch & every award
amandagowin19 April 2019
I cried almost as hard as I did at the end of SLC Punk. I'm a Texan, born & raised, and the events depicted here sicken me & make me ashamed to be a resident in a state with such a condemnable justice system. The awful truth is that, in the south, justice is not served for people who are considered "alternative" or outside the norm. People may not consider it "discrimination" to single out those who prefer a certain genre of music, who wear black clothing, or who have piercings & tattoos. But those things neither necessitate a criminal lifestyle, nor can they be used to assume criminal intent. Yet we find the same thing tends to happen over & over when you mix youths of strong, unpopular beliefs or a "weird" disposition with the small-town mob-mentality. The West Arkamsas 3 were wrongly tried & convicted, and spent nearly 20 years in prison based on coerced confessions from a mentally handicapped youth, despite a complete lack of evidence &, in fact, despite alibis & evidence exonerating them. Even after their eventual release, they were made to plead guilty & give up their right to ever contest their wrongful conviction. Those who dole out justice are exempt, it seems, from facing it themselves. And for this reason, I find myself fearful of my state's system of justice as a unique individual, and tearful of the injustices & "singling out" that not only I have faced firsthand, but that everyone even remotely different like me has come to experience.
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Deserved better
bradleyferrier11 February 2018
This film comes together in the end, trouble is, nothing has happened for the previous 70 minutes. Lots of yelling obscenities and underwhelming scenes that do nothing to connect the viewer with any of the characters, which is a shame. If there had been more effort into establishing the character of at least one of the main players then this could have been a little masterpiece, as all the ingredients are there for it. You could probably watch the first 10 minutes, skip an hour, and watch the remaining 20 and it'd be the same as watching the whole thing. That's where this film lets itself down and that hour of film literally could have told any story it wanted, rather than the hodgepodge of comparisons between the local punk kids and the local football team that leave the viewer wondering what there is to fuss over.
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Heart wrenching
robmacom-2078315 February 2018
This could be a story of my boy and what it means to be different, This is not a Hollywood blockbuster and that is what is wrong with the system if the academy had a wider remit it would reward the innovation of the smaller movie.

This is an amazing movie but do not believe my word you will shed tears when you see it but only if your heart appreciates and embraces diversity.

Its a ten out of ten and I'm willing to fight for that
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Perspective is the Key
PhilipGHarris18 September 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Bomb City considers the case of a true-life manslaughter in Amarillo from the perspective of the victim and his friends. Identifying the problems between those who have chosen to conform to society's values and those who have chosen to reject them in the search for something new. It's a difficult task to achieve and writers Jameson Brooks (director) and Sheldon Chick almost manage to pull it off.

Whilst the interplay between Brian (Dave Davis) and his friends slowly reveals a person who still has strong family connections and a true heart, when it comes to his passion. It also cuts to a future court case and counters this with the attorney, Cameron Wilson, fighting against his actions in court. A masterfully powerful performance by Glenn Morshower. This interplay key to the developing narrative which discusses who was right and who was wrong.

As tensions rise between the punks and the jocks in the town of Amarillo you can only see the story going in one direction, and the writers ensure you know that by starting near the end, intercutting to the court and then exploring the reasons. Seeing the police act differently to the two groups and casting the punks in the more fundamentally artistic role, while the jocks are seen as the drunken louts. A side that the film fails to explore to satisfaction, especially the Dynamite Museum - which seems to be a far more intrinsic plot point at the end than it is given credit for.

Perhaps if the background of the jocks had been more fully explored there could have been some factors which would be of interest. As an alternative myself, I often found myself when younger being stopped by the police for merely walking down the street. But on leaving the theatre I still felt the film didn't address the differences to my satisfaction. Although it did lead me to research the real-life event, which perhaps was the point.

All that being said, the way the film feels and the sense of growing oppression are well handled. Acting is sensitive and tormented when it needs to be and camera work reflects the style of the story, which are all positives. Telling the tale from a perspective that certainly wasn't covered in the press.
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A full throttled examination of American hate
latinfineart28 May 2018
Warning: Spoilers
This was an astonishing little film. Powerful, deep, profound, gritty, resonant, and sad. Sad because it is a reflection of a broken nation. Sad because it is a reflection of a completely broken criminal justice system. Sad, because it is such an accurate reflection of how tilted our society is, and how much it favors the flavor vanilla.

This film also portrays the police as savage, ruthless, heartless, violent, vacuous men, hellbent on teaching the outsiders a lesson. Not far from reality. There is a reason why such a high percent of Blacks, Latinos, and outsiders have so little regard for law enforcement.

The film focuses on the preppies vs. the punks. The preppies are shown as empty headed, fairly dumb, hateful, nasty, and possessing barely a redeeming bone in their bodies. The preppies are shown as somewhat sympathetic characters. Decent relationships with their families. Definitely not as dumb as the preppies. A bit aimless, angry at society, and also hateful. But, for good reason. They have been rejected by their community, their schools, their teachers, their policemen, and the rather jaundiced, crooked, silly criminal justice system, that favors vanilla over chocolate, boring over radical, conventional over outside of the box.

Every bit of Bomb City is aware of its current resonance, how the ramifications of mistrust and shallow judgments led to a tragedy that no one seemed to learn from. Its point is made through spending time with the abrasive but good-hearted Deneke, and when the audience is allowed to extrapolate the meaning of these small moments themselves the film achieves the profundity it's aiming for. It is obvious that the filmmakers sympathies lie with the victims. But, it is hard to argue with that sympathy. The murderer is a hollow shell. A man without purpose, conviction, humanity, sympathy, sorrow, or purpose. A man who deserved to spend decades in prison, but walked free as a bird, due to his color, his class, his status as an athlete, and a system that rewards that over any sense of decency or morality. As I said before, this film is a testament to how very broken America is. There is no making America great again. That is just not going to happen.
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Every redneck hate punk
abelegatis22 September 2018
Very good movie,wish it had deeper prehistoric view tho, but well, overal it show even nowadays attitude toward different people, makes me angry cuz i was myself punker at 2k, seen it all, got beaten up for no real reason, almost got killed twice, but im still right here ;)
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Stunning. Speechless yet something that will linger for years in your mind!
Jen-longwell29 November 2019
I have seen my share of movies with a shocking twist or a devastating ending or just something absolutely great that you can't stop talking about. This isn't that movie......... well, not in the traditional sense. I want to tell everyone about it but it feels like I'm invading someone else's life so haunting that I can't and don't want to tell anyone about it. I want to TALK to someone about it that's seen it and has that feeling it leaves you with inside. It's like your one of them now. You feel every drop of humiliation, horror, injustice, rage, alone, with times of joy mixed with not just the confusion of growing up in a regular unpopular (or popular) stigma, you feel the confusion and self hate of not fitting in so you just find what little bit of joy you can whether it be the way you wear your hair, dress, talk, act out, act perfect, and so on.... THE DAMN CLICKS NEVER GO AWAY and parents do nothing but deny it's their children that's the problem! Wake up people! Someone's "ANGELS " are really well cloaked "DEMONS" and it's never the ones you thought! Well, most of the people that see the clicks on the surface. Anyway, off subject. It really brings up feelings that you can't understand until you open your mind and forget your walstreet biases and remember these kids hurt deep and bleed just like yours. I wasn't popular or an outcast. I was just there so I feel I really felt this story and I hope you watch it , give it a chance and feel it too. I feel guilty that this happened yet I wasn't part of the problem but I also haven't been part of the solution. I don't know what it is but watching this and actually UNDERSTANDING and feeling it is a step.

I love this movie! Thank you for it. I watched it months ago and I'm still thinking about it.
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You can "Judge" by the cover but you can't Conclude by the Cover
farrazmaulana23 February 2018
Great Movie,i love the story,i love the cinematography, and More important i like the moral value that i can get from this movie. Maybe someone have a bad Cover ex: Punk(by a lot people say), but in his conscience he has a good side, he real he doesn't have two personality he really good. Different with "People Tie" by the covers he smart, he good, he friendly, but by the inside he have a evil, he have a knife that will kill you, he has a position that will knock you down

i'm sorry if my english language so bad.. I'm just trying to review this film and saying my opinion
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