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Sex & Nudity

  • In Season 1 breasts are shown three times and testicles are shown. In Season 2 breasts and vagina are shown almost every episode for a moderate time and a penis is shown for a moderate time.
  • A teenager tries to use a public restroom at a ballgame and ends up traumatized. The sequence shows a lot of men's rear ends and at least one exposed scrotum.
  • A couple has sex after an argument (off screen).
  • A brief sex scene.
  • A woman and a male dwarf start having sex on the hood of an occupied car.

Violence & Gore

  • Season 1:
  • We see security footage of a man being decapitated by an airplane, bloody and disturbing.
  • There are a few scenes of kids being bullied rather violently at school.
  • A kid lights a firework that accidentally blows up a shack and sets a forest on fire.
  • Season 2:
  • Is a way more gruesome, though graphic violence is infrequent.
  • A little girl is kicked in the eye hard, wounding it greatly and causing it to bleed, some of her blood gets on others clothes. Not too graphic.
  • some people in an emergency room have graphic injuries.
  • A boy is run over by a van, causing his leg to break
  • There is still bullying in this season.
  • Cocaine users get nose bleeds sometimes.
  • A man gets shot in the arm by highjackers. some blood.
  • A man beats up highjackers.
  • A man is killed when he steps on a bomb, blowing his bottom half to bloody liquid and guts that cover those near by. His top half lands on the ground a bit later, guts exposed.
  • A man has a news paper launched in his throat, he pulls it out causing him to bleed profusely and die soon after.


  • "Fag" is used once in a derogatory and mean manner, but it is discouraged.
  • Very strong language throughout the series.
  • Frequent use of "f**k" and "s**t" are often used in front of, and by young characters as well as teenagers.
  • A few middle fingers.
  • "C**t" is used infrequently but appears in three seasons.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Teens are shown smoking weed in one scene.
  • Male characters take some unknown pills that turn out to be for "uterine lining" and comment on the adverse effects.
  • One character can be seen snorting drugs in a few scenes.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The Halloween episode can get intense or very sad at one point.
  • The young teen boy getting yelled at a lot for nothing can be emotional.
  • When graphic violence happens, it's very shocking, though there's always dark comedy to soften the impact.

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