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Season 2

30 May 2017
Heavy Sledding
As Frank dwells on his lost job, Sue plans a family sledding trip to lighten the mood - - but the outing creates more headaches.
30 May 2017
A Girl Named Sue
A very important meeting for Frank doesn't quite go down as smoothly as he had hoped. Sue begins to find that she no longer enjoys the plastic storage container parties as she used to and finds herself dreaming of other diversions.
30 May 2017
The Liar's Club
Sue finds that working in the office isn't all she hoped for, while Frank makes a memorable visit to the Unemployment Office. Meanwhile, Kevin enjoys his new space.
30 May 2017
Night Shift
Frank pulls out all the stops to prove himself to his new boss, while Kevin and his band mates resort to desperate measures to get their song played on the air.
30 May 2017
Breaking Bill
Kevin's Rock and Roll fantasies create havoc for the Murphy household. Bill experiences trouble just before hockey tryouts and ends up on thin ice. Sue prepares for a sales presentation.
30 May 2017
This Is Not Good
Frank's first trip back to the airport results in chaos. While Kevin gets ready for a big date Bill discovers he likes living outside the rules.
30 May 2017
Fight Night
The reigning queen of the Plast-a-Ware scene wants to meet with Sue. Frank and Sue spend a romantic evening together and just when things start to get steamy, a call from Maureen's school shatters the mood and the family.
30 May 2017
F Is for Fixing It
While Frank and Sue work to repair their relationship, Kevin finds himself consumed by guilt for what happened at Vic's. An old enemy from Bill's past presents a new challenge.
30 May 2017
Pray Away
Frank and Sue make some important discoveries when they confront a moment of truth at a couple's retreat. Vic's party has plenty in store for those that attend. Bill joins forces with Phillip to deal with Jimmy.
30 May 2017
Landing the Plane
Sue psyches herself up to speak to the Plast-a-Ware shareholders' meeting. Frank gathers some accomplices to take down Scoop, but in true Murphy family fashion, nothing goes according to plan.

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