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Sex & Nudity

  • Two brief scenes where women's breasts and sides of torso are seen at medium to long distance: a few seconds of a group bathing at seaside, and, slightly longer, one woman swimming and then administering CPR to a drowning victim. The wet dress of a woman who was diving telegraphs the details of her breasts through the fabric for a few seconds.

Violence & Gore

  • Two boys scuffle, but are quickly separated with no obvious harm. A boy fights against restraints when being gurneyed to surgery. A boy crushes one leg of a starfish with a rock, and puts it in a bowl of water to let it regrow.
  • A little blood is seen when a boy cuts his hand and we see a large needle piercing the flesh, crudely sewing up the gash, also, surgeries on boys show hypodermics piercing the skin, we see operations begin but not the actual cuts. We see wounds healing afterward. Also, a boy vomits up black sludge.
  • Nurses watch a videotape of a C-section delivery (either real, or extremely realistic); we see graphic detail of flesh and fat cut, blood wiped, the amniotic sac pierced and the extraction of a baby.


  • None (as English subtitled).

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • No alcohol or smoking at all. No drugs except for medicines provided by parents or nurses.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • There's an initial impression that Nicolas is seriously ill; he doesn't understand what's wrong. The food eaten by Nicolas and his mother is a disgusting blue-gray sludge with what looks like worms in it; this isn't perceived as odd.
  • The boys realize that adults they thought they could trust are doing horrible things to them, and they can't do anything about it.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Sex & Nudity

  • In a night-time scene lasting about ninety seconds, Nicolas sees a group of unclothed women writhing on the sand in a non-human mating process, passing a poorly seen doll-size creature, the male of their species, from one woman to the next while they hiss or groan with pleasure, coated in clear slime. Breasts are visible, but the women's groins are smooth, without sexual development, and they have large octopus-like suckers on their backs. The scene is fairly dark, and the camera shifts frequently and avoids lingering on any one view. It's a scary scene, and Nicolas runs away.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • A drowned body is seen at a distance under water. Later it is retrieved and shown in a shroud; it's the size of a boy.
  • Nicolas asks his mother if he's going to die, and later, how long he has to stay in the hospital. His mother doesn't reply either time.
  • Nicolas discovers that the women aren't human, that his "mother" isn't really his mother. Later the boys conclude that something has been implanted in their stomachs. Nicolas has bad dreams of sea slugs and other creatures erupting from his navel. The boys come to realize that their friends are disappearing, and that the women's stories that the missing boys were cured are lies. They grow more scared as they realize they are likely to die. This is depicted very matter-of-factly.
  • The sea-women's larvae are shown as slimy palm-size things on a tray, then at various stages of development in jars of water; they're somewhat disgusting. Victor is shown restrained in a birthing vat, only his head above water. Later, Nicolas wakes up in the vat and is shown delivering a sea-creature baby. This isn't gory or explicit, all we see is a humanoid figure below murky water around the boy's waist level.
  • Nicolas is taken out to sea by the nurse Stella, who has developed some connection with him. She holds him underwater and he almost drowns, but she takes him to shore and revives him.
  • Nicolas is set adrift in a boat. For a while, we're not sure whether he will be discovered, and if so, where.

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