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Not nearly as good as Part 1, but still a decent episode
Chosen Part 1 is where I started watching The Shannara Chronicles online despite not having read the books. I know fans of the series hated the show for not being as close to the books, so I might as well read them after I watch the show. That being said, the first episode wasn't anything spectacular, but at least it got me interested due to it's world introduction. Chosen Part 2, however, while a decent enough episode, isn't nearly as good as Part 1 and there are some problems that irked me.

The dialogue was really standard, there are some of the same fantasy cliches we've heard before in many other films and TV shows and the editing did feel a bit clunky at some parts. However, everything else is fine. The acting is still good with the best material coming from Manu Bennett and John Rhys-Davies who continue to shine with their separate characters Allanon and Eventine Elessedil, the ruler of the Elven Kingdom. The rest of the actors did marginally better than Part 1 and may have some potential if their characters could get compelling. The music score is still good, the pacing is very brisk, and the episode did leave a cliffhanger, hoping what would happen next.

So, overall, not nearly as good as Part 1, but the rest of the first season has a long way to go. :)
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