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Sex & Nudity

Violence & Gore

  • The Violence is Bloody and Extremely Graphic.


  • There are 24 uses of f**k 6 uses of s**t, 2 uses of b**ch, 2 uses of a**, 1 use of p**s, and 2 religious exclamations.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The Clown can be very frightening at times, but there are a few humorous parts throughout.
  • Alot of Disturbing Graphic Images Throughout.
  • If the film was rated, this is what I think the rating should be NC-17 or Extensive graphic depiction of sadistic bloody violence/torture, terror, language and graphic nudity.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Sex & Nudity

  • A woman chained by her ankles upside down has her Breasts shown while being sawed in half from her Vagina.
  • The clown wears a womans breasts that he had removed from her body.
  • A woman is shown hanging upside down, braless, and only wearing her panties.
    • Woman shown upside down wearing only panties. Breasts are shown. Her panties are torn off by the clown before he begins using a hacksaw in between her legs and kills her.

Violence & Gore

  • A Woman gets her eyes Gouged out (on-screen)
  • A man gets decapitated (Off-Screen) and his head is later shown carved open like a Jack O'Lantern.
  • A man gets stabbed numerous times in the Face and Chest (Briefly On-Screen)
  • A Woman gets her leg stabbed numerous times
  • A Woman gets the top of her head Scalped and her Breasts are removed and then all worn by the clown. (The removal is Off-Screen but the aftermath is disturbing and brutal).
  • A Woman gets her face eaten off by the clown. (The eating of her face is briefly shown but the aftermath of her face is Disturbing Looking)
  • A man gets hit in the head with a hammer and then later gets his face Stomped on by the clown. (ON screen)
  • The Clown uses Numerous weapons In this film.
  • A Man gets stabbed on the top of his head with a knife and then Gets his head Sliced off halfway and then we see the bloody details of his half decapitated head. (ON SCREEN AND BRUTAL)
  • A Woman gets shot numerous times in the head/face. (Onscreen) her corpse is later shown with a mangled up face.
  • The Clown strangles a man to death. (ON screen)
  • The Clown shoots himself in the head from his mouth.
  • A man gets four fingers chopped off with a cleaver and then stabbed in the cheek with a knife. (On-screen)
  • There is a ton of blood and gore in this movie. The most noteworthy scene is when the clown saws a naked woman hanging from the ceiling in half from between her legs to her head (VERY DISTURBING)
    • Woman shown upside down wearing only panties with her breasts showing. Her panties are torn off by the clown before he begins using a hacksaw in between her legs, violently cutting down until he splits her in half.
    • Later in film, clown takes selfie with the woman who was sawn in half earlier.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Art uses a Needle to put his victims unconscious.

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