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Sex & Nudity

  • Dawn makes a joke that the reason Art got kicked out of the restaurant was because he was masturbating, and ejaculated all over the bathroom walls.
  • Topless Nudity in two separate scenes

Violence & Gore

  • The abandoned building Art hunts down his victims in is often drenched with blood, implying he has killed several other victims.
  • Art uses various weapons throughout the film including a gun, cleaver, scalpel, cat o' nine tails whip, knife, hacksaw, carving knife, and some others.
  • Art is seen completely drenched in blood at some points in the film.
  • The protagonists fight back by stabbing Art in the foot, back, face, punching and kicking him, and hitting him with a wooden plank several times. Mild blood.
  • Art kills his victims through mutilation. Nearly every death in the movie is insanely gory, and not at all for those with a weak stomach.


  • Uses of "fuck", "shit", "asshole", and "bitch".

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • When Tara and Dawn are first introduced, they are shown as obviously drunk and even tease the idea of driving home while intoxicated.
  • Mike is seen smoking in a few scenes.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Art the Clown is an incredibly terrifying villain. He gruesomely murders people, and seems to take joy out of it. There is almost a twisted comedic side to him, and he can be very disturbing.
  • The woman with the disfigured face could be unnerving to some viewers.
  • Several jumpscares occur throughout the film, but it also has a lingering sense of dread and anticipation, knowing it won't be long before Art's next murder.
  • An effective jumpscare occurs at the very beginning of the film. A talk show interview is playing that stars a survivor of Art the Clown's massacre, before Art suddenly kicks the TV screen with a loud shattering sound effect.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Sex & Nudity

  • A female character is hung topless upside down, wearing only panties. She is sawed in half vertically, crotch first. Art also wears a woman's breast after cutting them off.
  • The clown skins a woman and wears her skin like a suit. Naked breasts seen.

Violence & Gore

  • Monica's eyes are graphically gouged out. It is onscreen and very brutal and gross and hard to watch. Her bloody face is later seen with an eyeball popped out. Very graphic, Tons of blood squirts out of her eyes when this happens
  • Steve is decapitated offscreen. His head is later shown on a table, with a Jack-o-Lantern face carved into it with and candles gouged in the eyes.
  • Art stabs Tara's leg several times as she tries to escape.
  • Art the Clown scalps the cat lady and chops off her breasts offscreen. The woman's corpse is seen later on in excruciating detail. Art then wears the woman's scalp and breasts.
  • Believing Tara's sister to be dead, Art proceeds to eat her face. It is onscreen, but not too graphic (at least compared to other scenes).
  • Mike is stomped in the head multiple times by Art the Clown. He then squashes his face with a fumigation tank and his clown shoes, and his head bursts into bloody chunks. Very graphic and gory
  • Art stabs Will in top of his head, with thick blood oozing out. He then takes a second knife and saws into his neck, and tears it open. We see blood spewing, gore, and the bone in his neck. Art then tears his head off entirely and kicks it away.
  • Tara is shot a bunch of times in the head onscreen, with reservoirs of blood spewing out. Her corpse is later shown with a mangled face.
  • Art suddenly pops out of a body bag and strangles the Coroner to death, to the point where his eyes start to bleed.
  • Art commits suicide by shooting himself through the mouth. Lots of blood, but he survives (somehow).
  • Ramone's fingers are chopped off with a cleaver, with blood spurting. Art then takes a carving knife and stabs him in the cheek, before pushing him to the ground and stabbing him in the face over and over again and also putting tongs in his eyes. His corpse is later shown with a completely maimed face, that doesn't even look human.
  • In the film's most infamous scene, Tara is tied down and gagged. Art the Clown reveals Dawn to be hanging upside down wearing only panties. Art rips the panties off and uses a hacksaw between her legs, violently cutting down until he reaches her head while Tara is forced to watch Dawn be split in half right in front of her. The entire scene is onscreen, and is indescribably graphic, with a couple of shockingly explicit camera shots. Even her insides fall out at one point! Later, he takes a selfie with her sawed in half corpse.
  • A woman is repeatedly hit with a cat o' nine tails like device with blades on the ends. Blood is shown.
  • A woman is hit with a truck. No blood, and she survives.
  • Art the Clown takes a picture of a nude girl all chopped up and bloody

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Art injects an unknown chemical via syringe into Tara's neck to knock her out.

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