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Yennai Arindhaal (2015)
santhosh-102907 April 2018
The movie was superb. Ajith acted very well in the movie. Arun Vijay also acted very well as villain. Songs and BGM was also superb. But some scenes are boring.
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Cops R'Us
sesht8 February 2015
Warning: Spoilers
The 3rd one in Gautam Vasudev Menon's honest cop-saga, after 'Kaaka Kaaka' and 'Vettaiyaadu Villaiyaadu', this one treads the same path, without bringing anything new to the table, unlike 'Vetai...', which upped the stakes somewhat, and made the main cop a grizzled veteran, while this one goes backwards, in a manner of speaking.

First, the good.

  • Ajit's sincerity. He has never had any shortage of that particular talent, and one can appreciate that in all his works since 'Valli' put him solidly on the map. His anchoring performances, even in confusing characterizations that inhabited 'Mankatha' and 'Amarkalaam' make it easier to sit through certain leaps in logic within the mainstream thriller milieu (however, it has to be acknowledged that even his presence, and Arya's, could not save the mess that was 'Aarambham', never mind its box-office).

  • The endearing parent-child dynamic that becomes the focus of the movie as it progresses.

  • The grounded action set-pieces. Almost reminding me of the great stuff from Jason Statham's 'Safe' and 'Wild card' (the latter though, just referencing the action, not anything else).

  • Some of the background score.

  • Most of the cinematography, production design, and camera-work.

  • The attempt to focus on the despicable side of humanity that trades illegally in human organs.

Now, the bad.

  • Poor characterization of many supporting characters. More on this later as well.

  • Startling leaps in logic (so...he travels to the US, just to board the next flight back - perhaps, US immigration didn't let him in? I kid, but you get the gist), requiring a little more suspension-of-disbelief than one associates with a GV Menon flick.

-One of the crappiest performances by one of my favorite actresses, Anushka Shetty (contrast her work here with the fabulous performance she gave in 'Vedam'). And her characterization, hero-worshiping the lead to such an uncomfortable extent for no solid reason whatsoever, outlining (nee, highlighting) the shallowness of her situation, almost does not belong in a flick that purportedly mature.

  • Weak characterization of the main baddie, which is tremendously cliché-ridden, makes me wonder what all those additionally credited screenplay writers actually did on the first draft. Sridhar Raghavan is one of those doctors, and I have no inkling of what new he brought to the game. Writing-wise, this is perhaps one of the most blandly written works from Menon in a while. Surprising, nee, disappointing.

  • Once again, a typical GVM strength, is a major let-down here. The music.

  • Scenes drag on interminably long, leading me to conclude that this one was a major vanity project for the helmer, just used to house his self-indulgent whims.

  • Though the choice of subject is appreciable, the surprising lack-of-depth makes for very bland viewing. The criss-crossing between the domestic tale of parental care, and the crime thread, don't meld into one another seamlessly, like they ought to. Anushka's profession is also treated shabbily, with her never using the tech at her disposal (supposed to be an Agile PM?) to play smart, and is just Ajit's groupie from the moment she sets her eyes on him.

An average watch. Still better appreciated on the big screen, as opposed to TV, but I will forget the experience soon. I know Ajit has made better movies, but he has made worse too.
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Yennai Arindhaal (U/A) TAMIL ---------- my Rating: ★★★½ FULFILLED
yunusitboss4 February 2015
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Yennai Arindhaal (U/A) TAMIL ---------- my Rating: ★★★½ FULFILLED

STRENGTHS :- * Screenplay: Last 30 minutes was gripping and racy..... * Dan Marcuthur's camera-work was crystal clear.... * Music: songs were romantic contains soulful melodies.... * Casting and Performances: especially by Arun Vijay, Trisha looks beautiful.

WEAKNESSES :- * First Half * Few Scenes recalls Gautam's previous ventures. * Many unwanted scenes drags the movie to 189 mins....

FINAL VERDICT :- * Overall, movie is a good family entertainer, Ajith does his job well. It is just a simple movie. The links between the characters in the movie was very good. This movie will not disappoint Thala fans....

A man is haunted by the death of his wife and pursues the person responsible.

Director: Gautam Vasudev Menon Writers: Thiagarajan Kumararaja, Shridhar Raghavan Stars: Ajith Kumar, Trisha Krishnan, Anushka Shetty | See full cast and crew »
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Ajith in Gautham Menon style = a beautiful film that will make you cry and CLAP!!!
jmoneyjohal7 February 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Satyadev (ajith) is an undercover cop who is not only ruthless but has the licence to kill when the opportunity comes. He deals with all the rough gangsters on his work front. But at a personal level, he is a caring and responsible single father because his past is associated with Hemanika (trisha), his wife and a heartbreaking tragedy. At this point comes Victor (arun vijay) whose sole aim is to beat Satyadev at his game. What happens after that forms the rest.

The director has come up with a romantic and action packed storyline and while the presentation was rich, the narrative was quite absorbing. The dialogues were excellent especially during the last twenty minutes. The script was familiar but the screenplay made the whole difference. The background score was good and songs were worth watching but not really worth humming. Cinematography was the main strength to this film. Editing was crisp. Costumes were well designed and stylish while the art department was majestic. Ajith Kumar came up with a power packed performance and he scored the brownie points. Trisha leaves an unforgettable impact with her presence. Anushka was brief but made her presence felt. Arun Vijay was a revelation. Parvathy Nair was apt. Vivekh was hilarious. Daniel Balaji was good. Baby Ankitha was cute. The others did their bit as required and added value.

What happens when a class director joins hands with a mass hero? It results in a very fine blend of entertainment to the audience. That is exactly what happened in this movie. The first half is somewhat slow but it focuses on building the character of the protagonist which is filled with elements of drama, action, romance and emotion. The interval bang was superb and it is the second half which really pumps the adrenaline into the film. The last twenty minutes were engrossing and leaves the audience with an impact. Overall, this film is a Gautam Menon film that is a perfect mix of mass and class. You will cry and clap. The only minus of film is the slow pace, and the film needs be trimmed by 10-15 min, those are minor blemishes though. But its a must watch for the Ajith and Gautam Menon both need take a bow.

4/5* or 8/10
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Over clichéd story line
SivakumarBalachandran6 February 2015
Yennai arindhal (YA) was one of the awaited films of the year as it has got Thala Ajith kumar and Gautam Vasudev menon (GVM) together which automatically raised the audience expectations. I went to the movie honestly without any high hopes or dis likeness. We all know from the posters and trailers that this is a story about a cop dealing gangsters. Not a quite new storyline to Tamil cinema even this is third movie in the same storyline for GVM.

The film was totally lifted by Ajith's performance as a cop, as a father, as a lover. He was ultimate in fitting the character.

The huge let down was GVM's story, direction, screenplay and even dialogues. None of these four pillars were taken care properly. Story age old one, the screenplay was slow and ultimately predictable. Even I felt the dialogues were unnecessarily lengthy. Direction I didn't that GVM did something new here. He literally did cut copy paste from his previous ventures Vetaiyadu and Kakha Kakha. The characterisation of Ajith was the same as Raghavan and Anbuchelvan with their designations essayed by Kamal and Suriya respectively in GVM's previous scripts.

Trisha and Anushka play the female leads in the movie. Both of their characterisation had resemblance of JO's character in VV and KK. Even the way Trisha was portrayed and they way she uttered dialogues was exactly similar to Jo in VV. Trisha was ultimately fitting and ravishingly beautiful on the role of Hemanika. Anushka as Thenmozhi she did fairly well except some fault with her hair do looked somewhat elderly. But both the lead ladies had very limited screen space.

Arun Vijay as the villain again imitated the villains of KK and VV. Nothing new in his characterization as well. But he did justice to the role. Vivek as the assistant to the hero had limited scope to comedy but where ever he had chance he tried well to make jokes.

Harris it real time for you to work hard and bring in fresh tunes in songs and BGM.

When we see particular scenes repeat from some movies we call it cliché but YA was one over clichéd attempt making us restless sometimes but one time watch for our Thala. My rating would be 2.5/5 for the whole movie considering Ajith it would be 3/5. -Reviewed by Balachandran Sivakumar
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Yennai Arindhaal is an unusual Ajith film that works for its brilliant performances and soundtrack
kumarankulam6 February 2021
What happens when a big star comes out of his comfort zone to work with a filmmaker who has his own style of filmmaking? Well, the answer is Yennai Arindhaal. After a while, Ajith is stepping out of his comfort zone and converts himself as the typical Gautham Menon hero. He has done a role that has strong sensibilities. More than just bashing the bad guys, Ajith acts and reacts in every situation in his life. I feel that he had a strong scope to perform in this film, unlike his usual action entertainers. On the opposite side, we have Arun Vijay who has a brilliant role to play in this film. He had made justice to the role perfectly and delivers one of his best performances of his career so far. We could see the hard work and dedication of Arun Vijay through the output of his character in the film. There are scenes where Arun Vijay overshadows Ajith with his terrifying performance which is definitely an interesting play to watch. Gautham Menon made a film that doesn't only depend on Ajith's star value but instead, on the content that he wrote for him. Even though Ajith seems to give space for others and perform in a director's film, Yennai Arindhaal ends up as an Ajith film because the film travels around him. It revolves around the ups and downs faced by Sathya Dev in his life. We get to stick with him throughout his journey and we come across several fine performances of the supporting cast like Trisha and Anikha. Well, Trisha is playing an unconventional role which is quite fresh in a so-called Ajith film but a very common thing in a Gautham Menon film. Her limited screen time can be justified by her necessity in the plot. Anikha who plays Ajith's foster child adds so much color to this purely intense action thriller. She plays a key role in Sathya Dev's life. Coming to Yennai Arindhaal, Gautham Menon has made a film that carries very good performances but he lets down the overall pace of the film. Well, Yennai Arindhaal has a very slow narrative which doesn't feel good for an action film. Due to that, the engagement factor seems to be heavily affected. We are not proportionately engaged in this film. There are several dull moments that distract our focus on the main plot. Harris Jayaraj has delivered feel-good album and an intensity-increasing background score which works in favor of the film. Overall, Yennai Arindhaal is an unusual Ajith film that works for its brilliant performances and soundtrack.
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Great emotional action flick !
SatiagoManez7 February 2015
Yennai Arindhaal - Perfect start in 2015 with the action and emotions..

With a hero like Ajith, GVM has given a clean cop story without any ingredient for the image of hero. A part of the credit goes to Ajith himself for giving the freedom do that.

It was a good decision to have the flash back in one complete stretch. The power packed flash back helps actually to keep up the pace of movie without any lag. Harris has given a very powerful BGM and apt songs though one or two remembers some old tunes.

There are three relationship tracks in the movie. The light touched Anushka's track, a matured Trisha's part and very lively emotion sequence with the daughter. All three handled so well.

The performance of Ajith is remarkable in the character. The very care taken for every frame is visible on the screen. Both the cop sequence as well as the romantic part is very well portrayed.

Arun Vijay's character is a great scope for exploiting his acting skills that was under-seen for a long time in limelight. This might be a turning point for him.

One thing which can be improvised is the character of Arun Vijay's wife. It's given more importance in the script but not enough exposition.

Yennai Arindhaal - watch worthy emotional cop entertainer !
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Yennai Arindhal - Class
Waseefullah_S19 May 2020
Mostly I won't watch Ajith movies but i watched because of my friend he is Ajith fan but unfortunately i love this movie because of Arun Vijay Acting, I became Arun Vijay fan fan after watching this movie each and every scene performance awesome,, especially at climax running scene with slow motion whole theatre whistle, because of Arun Vijay this movie become block buster not for Ajith, But director tried to show mass for Ajith but capably it's not happening.
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Good movie.
scorpiosunil-8191216 August 2021
GVM with Ajith,so super. Arun vijay nailed in villain. Super movie.
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Yennai Arindhaal - A Treat for Action Movie Lovers
crazyraju5 February 2015
The film is simply about Sathyadev - his ambitions, love and his take over gangsters.

The major loophole of the film is its pre-interval portions. The pre-interval portions of the film are narrated too slow with a sluggish screenplay. But the film takes over in the post-interval portions at a good pace.

The film has a strong cast, where Ajith Kumar & Arun Vijay had a good scope to perform in the film and they are perfect in their roles. The scenes involving Ajith & Arun Vijay are a treat for the audience. Action scenes are well choreographed by Stunt Silva.

Overall this is the movie which is a treat for action movie lovers. The film definitely worth your money.
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Thala Ajith Steals the Show!
adithyasivas-234-4717689 February 2015
When you have Ajith, Gautham Vasudev Menon, and Harris Jayaraj working together in a film, you can expect only one thing. Exuberant class. This film brings an end to GVM's police trilogy, and what an amazing piece of work to do so! From his moment of entry, Thala Ajith oozes charisma. Hats off to GVM for mixing a few commercial elements of classic Ajith as well as giving him a few intense acting scenes.

The few English dialogues in between, and the muted foul language add more to the excitement of this film. The script is fast-paced, and, in my opinion, not draggy for even one second. Dan Macarthur's ravishing camera work is pure bliss and Harris's background score is insane! Compared to Harris Jayaraj's previous few films, this has got to be his best soundtrack in recent times.

The film is all about the life of a man named Satyadev and the events that happen in his life from the time he is thirteen years of age, till the time he is 39. Trisha looks wonderful and this is one of her best performances till date. The transition is shown perfectly, and the chemistry between Satyadev and his adopted daughter works perfectly. Arun Vijay provides full justice to his character, as does Vivek, Trisha, Anushka and others. Vivek's portions in the film provide a much needed relief for a rather dark and intriguing screenplay.

Two sides of Ajith are shown through this film. His natural acting talent, and his tremendous screen presence. The fight sequences and the sound engineering accompanying it is so well done. The final twist in the climax, and the final fight sequence are done brilliantly well.

Do not leave immediately after the roll of credits! I think it would be fair to say that out of the three movies in the police trilogy of GVM, this has got to be the best.

Ajith, Gautham Vasudev Menon, Harris Jayaraj, and Dan Macarthur have come up with a brilliant film that is sure to stay in our hearts forever.
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an overall coverage of good entertainment.
krazzy_aldfo5 February 2015
I rarely post reviews for movies mainly because I don't feel the necessity to do so. Everyone has their own opinions. But this particular movie even though I'm not a tamilian has made me crazy over the well placed script and characters. The movie is filled with suspense and action making it one of a kind in a particular manner. The movie has a simple story yet it makes the audience clap during every scene. Contains good set of songs but sometime I felt the songs just dragged the movie longer but it surely does add essence to the movie. Ajith as always has done a perfect job while the actresses has perfectly done their part. The villain is exceptional and truly one of the best villains in my eyes after Joker in batman :). If you love watching movies with action and suspense,this one is a must watch. I have rated this 10/10 which is not the perfect rating but for me the movie did exactly what I wanted it to do. In view of a critic,i would rate it 8.7/10. Amazing songs and amazing action. Theatre is tour best choice rather than other options. a good entertainer and must watch. Thank you for your patience to read my review. Feel free to contact me through Facebook or IMDb. One again Thank you. - Suraj Sunil
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Lengthy and Loud- Only for Ajith Fans
chanmad8 February 2015
This film is about Ajith Kumar (Sathyadev IPS) and his life in various roles as a lover, husband and a Dad. He faces opposition from Arun Vijay(Victor). His love interests are Trisha and Anushka.

Pros Trisha is just gorgeous in every frame while Ajith and Arun are the most handsome people you could come across for their roles. Ajith's screen presence is just unbelievable. No wonder, the movie is screening to full houses and even multiplex audience cant resist whistling and howling to their "Thala". Arun Vijay has visibly put in a lot of hard work and his stylist has given him a very apt look for a negative shade. Anushka has not got much of a role except to drool over Ajith's looks and she fits into it quite easily. Gautham Menon's plot is wafer thin, but his cinematographer has got him well covered here. Some of the scenes, especially the song, Unakenna Venum, has been shot in some of the best locales in India.

Cons The movie, like other cop movies from Gautham Menon's filmography follows a pretty predictable plot with a small twist. But the by the time twist is revealed, the movie almost gives you a headache with it's yelling over phone calls and BGMs. The climax, it seems, comes a bit too late in the movie.
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thala mass
rurmohamed15 March 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Fantastic movie.... Thala acting awesome.... Superb songs
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Fantastic film
sruthik-5990522 September 2020
Great crop movie director by gautham menon great performance by ajith kumar as crop and also good story
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Boring , Disappointment , very Lengthy and usual cop story
aloysiusjoshi7 February 2015
for some people this can be a class film , but actually this movie is so boring and lengthy. Very Lengthy movie. this is a mix of previous gvm films like kaaka kaaka, vaarnam aayiram and especially vetaiyadu vilaydu. better do something else instead of seeing crao movies like this. The Background score for the movie was nice but the songs wasn't that bad and that good , just average songs . there are many censoered dialogues bad dialogues in the movie .director GVM made all of us disappointed . lot of content is there in the movie which is not actually required. this movie is making us think a lot rationally instead of making the movie enjoyable and entertainment . movies like this cant be hit at Indian markets.
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Cop story beautifully ornamented with human emotions.
shafeb8 February 2015
Warning: Spoilers
This movie was talked a lot during its development. The reason is, for the first time Thale Ajith and director Goutham Vasudeva menom have come together and this is the movie which brought back the combo of Goutham and Harris Jayaraj which delivered hit movies with an amazing music scores previously. The movie starts with the introduction of major characters like Ajith, Arun Vijay and Anushka and it also reveals a portion of the play in the beginning. From their its all about our protagonist journey between the age 13 and 39. The best part about this journey is it looked disconnected right from the looks, story, emotions etc.. During this journey Ajith meets Trisha the other main character. The chemistry between Ajith and Trisha simply sparks on the screen. Anushka looks pretty and has done justice to the role given, even though both female leads have a considerable screen space, they have shined in it. The other main character played by baby Ankitha who delivers a matured expressions and has done a great job. Arun Vijay is seen as Victor (terrifying baddie) all throughout the movie, the best performance of his till date. Thale Ajith, all knows about him. The way he carried him self throughout the movie is amazing. He has lived the character Satyadev. Arun and Thale are 2 important reasons of many why this movie to be watched. Cinematography done by Dan who has shown a different dimension of Chennai and its very evident that his work has elevated the movie. Harris music is good, songs are more enjoyable seeing than hearing. BGM looked similar and typical to what this combo delivered previously.Stunts is an important factor which adds more value to the movie. Gautham Vasudeva menon has written and directed the movie, this flick of his is written for Thale but in his style. I was able to sense his presence in each and every scene. Screen play in some places in first half lags but it will keep u seated. The last 30min is the best part of the screen play which is explained clearly. Other best thing is the way the antagonist character has been penned with other character which stand strong. Over all its a interesting fusion of crime thriller and emotional elements. If u r an Thale fan u r expectations will be redefined after this movie.
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A Good one time watch - but best song for thala "Unakenna venum sollu" lifted the movie to next level
sree_thala31 March 2015
A Good one time watch - but best song for thala "Unakenna venum sollu" lifted the movie to next level..

i would say that the 9 stars that i gave for the movie is just for that one song "Unakenna Venum sollu"...

simply amazing. The director has brought the Mugavari Ajith in front of our eyes.

LOVEDDDDDD this song.

other than this, Arun Vijays performance was amazing too...

The climax portions, specially the last 30 minutes keeps us guessed and has a tight screenplay.

it may be a one time watch for neutral fans, but as a thala fan, i would say that this is the best plot for him and the songs are amazing...

Harris - the music director has to be lauded for his humming melodies in the movie...
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A GVM Repetitive -- But entertaining
praveenok-praveen29 April 2015
Yennai Arindhaal, a good movie with excellent acting from Ajith Kumar and Arunvijay as well. There are very few scenes which is boring (might not boring some others) otherwise the flick is much entertaining throughout. Nice BGM and songs are the plus point.

Even though its an another cop story from the director, will not feel repetitive and very well handled screenplay as well.The director well mixed with action and romance carefully as the outcome got good product. The movie making sure Ajith market is going high and really great. Just saying simply a police story, director tried deliver lot more...

Watch with your family....!
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Classic cop movie
raj-splash0511 December 2018
Asusual gvm movie which with mixture of action sentiment emotion thrill!!
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It's Gautham's movie with Ajith adding colour admirably
saravanandba-k6 February 2015
Movie is good. Screenplay is racy and pacy. Specially second half is more enjoyable. As usual Tamil movie, no logic and story but the performance of all stars is solid. Specially Ajith and Arun.V is really very good. Ajith did his best. There are some similarities in scenes with GVM previous movies. But over all enjoyable movie.

Ajith Kumar seems to have put his heart and soul into the role of Sathyadev, a character that goes through several physical transitions through the course of narrative, from being a fit young cop to a demoralised middle-aged man to a person who finds his way back to doing what comes naturally. He stands out in the sequence where he is faced with the urge to go back to cracking crime but is inhibited by his fears of consequences. He does make the return when his daughter fetches him the police boots.

The biggest gainer of Yennai Arindhaal could be Arun Vijay, an actor with potential who seems to have gotten lost in all the noise in the Tamil film industry.
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Awesome movie, MUST SEE if this is your first GVM Movie.
techydevil5 February 2015
To be really honest, I'm a big fan of Ajith, so according to me, however the film is: I'm going to enjoy with Thala Nadu.

This is my first GVM movie, I'm watching in a theater. As you can see, the plot is very easy to understand with some of the twists here and there - but no big twists.

This is one of the best films of Ajith, in which he has acted up to his potential as he does in most of his movies.

After seeing the movie at 6 AM, I felt like I had to see it again, so I did so! Only the second time, I could hear the dialogues clearly and we all loved it!

GVM has done an awesome job with his movie. I believe the movie is worth for Ajith and Ajith alone. However, the role of Arun Vijay, Trisha and the little girl was really awesome.

The only thing I'd like to conclude as a con for the movie is that, I'm seeing the same type of cop stories from GVM again and again. I'd love him to take a movie that doesn't involve the protagonist in a cop role.

But Yennai Arindhaal? You MUST see it, at least once :)
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A must watch
mannatilmonish7 February 2015
The usual mix of love, action and police uniforms which you can expect in a Gautham Vasudev Menon movie. Still he maintains the magical touch which makes a good movie an awesome movie.

Ajith as usual has given his best. Really an entertainer at his best. #Thala is always Thala.

Arun Vijay, an actor who never made his ground, this will surely be a game changer for him. The first notable work I have seen from him. Very good performance.

Movie is a 10/10 with everything which is required to make the audience more than satisfied.

Cheers to the YA Team!
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Average movie.
siva38558 February 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Ajith kumar does not suite the romantic drama of GVM. The storyline is good and the acting of Ajith,Trisha,Anuskha,Vivek are good. But it is not a kind of Ajith's movie. The movie totally, is not upto the expected level. But the racy second half makes the movie watchable. The romantic first half shows Ajith in a different angle. But he is not a romantic star to deliver romance in GVM style. Arun Vijay acting is superb and he makes the second half pretty racy. The role portrayed by Arun Vijay and the look he comes before the screen gets glued. There is no place for comedy and the stunts are not good. The unwanted scenes between Ajith and Thrisha may be trimmed and the flight scene should be trimmed.
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A Mass Thala Film With Menon's Touch.
gngokul3 February 2021
Generally thala movies is taken in a more commercial way. This is also something similar to that but it has one special ingredient - Menon Touch.
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