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Sex & Nudity

  • There is a rape scene in an episode. It is graphic and repeated thrusting is shown with the male on top of, and pinning down, the female. No nudity but it is an intense scene and used as a plot point later so it will be discussed or referenced repeatedly in the 2nd season as well.
  • We see a close up of a girls butt in short shorts that reveal butt cheeks and she is dancing.
  • A guy tells a girl, yes until you pass out and then again when you wake up. She says, did you just read my mind? He says no just a guess. Soon after scene goes to them having sex. We see the girl on top. We see movements and hear the female moaning loudly. No nudity as only the man's chest can be seen.
  • A girl is in a shabby club bathroom and a button falls off her shirt and then another. The girl's shirt is magically ripped off (telekinesis) revealing her bra and her arms are bound to a radiator with the shirt.
  • Two books having sex but it is considered more comical that anything.
  • A male and female has a rough kiss
  • Girl slaps another girls butt
  • A female kiss heavily to a male then offer him sex by taking off her shirt. Male starts taking off females panties and screen cuts there (no nudity)
  • Deep cleavage is shown
  • Male and female are shown on bed under the sheet suggesting that they had sex. No nudity.
  • Two pair of male and female starts getting ready to get naked in front of their partner as a part of a ritual. A females Side boob and top boob can be seen. Her back up to waist can be seen. Both Male Bare chest and back up to waist can be seen. Another female's little top boob can be seen and her partner is staring at her boobs. She gets up and you can see her boobs outline you can't really see her boobs as it is dark. Little top part of her butt can be seen. Bare back can be seen.
  • A female dress into a bikini in front of a Homosexual Guy.
  • Male and female Kiss each other
  • Can hear Voice of two male Suggesting that they are having sex
  • Male and female can be seen on bed under the sheets suggesting that they had sex.
  • Male and Female are forced to take off their clothes in front of each other and they are sent out in cold they later the had sex outside in cold and again (Sex is kind of implied. No actually nudity is shown).
  • Male and female starts kissing each other then they start undressing each other. Female can be seen on top of the male with still undergarment on. Scene cuts. Sex is implied.
  • Two males are show sleeping together suggesting that they had sex.
  • A male tries to seduce a female.
  • Male and female starts kissing sex is implied.
  • A female is show siting on the bed it is implied they had sex few minutes ago. she is covered in sheets.
  • Sex party is going on. (Sexual acts can be see although no nudity is shown).
  • Talk about sex magic.
  • Threesome is implied.

Violence & Gore

  • Characters attack each other with magic, some can be violent and result in some blood or death
  • A dead character reanimated and attacked the other characters.
  • A character gets killed by having the head crushed, but the scene is moved away to end with blood splatter on another character. As the character exited the room covered in blood, he attacks another man and was about to perform an execution only to be killed by someone else by snapping the man's neck.
  • A character had his eyes violently removed and they are seen laid on the desk


  • The word cunt is used a few times in the series
  • Shit, asshole, twat, bitch, pussy are used. F*ck is used in many episodes.
  • F*ck is censored but it's easy to understand what is being said.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Several characters drink alcohol
  • Several characters perform magic that can have the same effect as real drugs such as cocaine
  • A character is implied to be using the drugs

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • A rape scene is graphic, intense, and unexpected.
  • The appearance of 'The Beast' can be frightening, as he can be quite powerful and unpredictable


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The scenes with heavy implication that children were being molested and tortured can be disturbing and unsettling.

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