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We Need to Talk About Cranks
t_atzmueller22 February 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Welcome to a parallel-universe: Here the moon-landings never took place. In fact, Neil Armstrong has never existed (and if he did, he must have been an actor). The Berlin-Wall was made of cardboard and every tragic event since 9/11 (which naturally was an "inside job"; George W. Bush has planted those bombs with his own hand – and if you don't believe it, go "educate yourself!") has been produced by the CIA and their media-cronies. For one purpose alone: to conspire against the plebs, the semi-educated and the ultimate gullible. Insidious world, is it not? In other world: welcome to the world of the crank. Technically – or rather medically - it's a form of paranoid-schizophrenia, which includes the entire spectrum, from Creationists, AIDS- / holocaust-deniers, people who believe in "chemtrails", HAARP and that doctors are in cahoots with the pharmacy-industry to cripple us all with "poisons" such as vaccines and other medications. Before the age of the internet these people generally weren't a problem, since one could always avoid the guy on the street-corner and his "the end is nigh" sign. Nowadays that's different. The real illness began when YouTube dropped it's time restriction, enabling the user to upload hours and hours of material. Water on the mills of the conspiracy nuts, who did just that. This fine example alone clocks in at roughly three hours, prattling on incessantly, never honestly asking a question but rather trying to prove the preposition with which it was produced in the first place.

The real question is: why is this even here, listed on IMDb? Culling media-snippets and videos from the internet, and assembling them until they meet the wished for end, hardly qualify as "documentary film-making". It's known by another term, which is called "propaganda".

Another fine question: Do we need to talk about this sad event that took place at the Sandy Hook Elementary School? Sure, there's plenty to talk about. A ludicrous political handling on guns and firearms, social isolation having become a social illness, mental illness, an inadequate health-system dealing with it, etc. What we do not have to (or should) talk about are crank-jobs like "We Need to Talk About Sandy Hook" and similar mental ejaculations. Just as we should ignore two-hour-plus videos on YouTube that click-bait with "MUST SEE! The TRUTH about…".

And yes, you may have guessed it: I'm a CIA-executive who has been paid handsomely by my NWO-overlords to compose this review. Any attempt to reply, send spam-links (sorry, meant to say "educational links") will immediately result in your IP-address being recorded and Men-In-Black to appear in your basements within the next 15 minutes.

Don't allow yourself to be fooled by the high rating and the glowing reviews that likewise try to hammer the same point home – you might have already guessed from which corner they ascend. 0/10 is sufficient for this hogwash and if you may see a 1/10 here, well, that one point comes from the powers-that-be.
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Worth the time. Amazing.
lathropave6 December 2014
In our society we are told we have the right of free speech. There are always many sides to any story. This side needs airing. Watch it. Ask questions. What does it say about US if true? The official report is only one side. Why are there so many unanswered questions. Ignorance won't help. There are many who would have this video removed. Why don't they want the American people to know more?Watch it ands share. I think it is disgusting that the movie keeps getting removed from many sites. I have followed Sherri for years and she is not a kook. She does enjoy studying what is wrong in America. She has shared much helpful advice free for years . You can see here featured first in the movie.
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Citizen Journalism At It's Finest!
ceetee20410 December 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Warning!! Once this amazing collaboration is viewed, you will never look at the events of Sandy Hook the same. Dr. H. Wayne Carver said it best - "I hope they, and I hope the people of Newtown, don't have it crash on their heads later..." This documentary exposes the lies, shows the players involved and will have you on the edge of your seat! There is only one conclusion that can be drawn after this - Sandy Hook was an elaborate lie! For myself, some of the most damaging evidence is contained within the police reports/police dash-cam video of children being evacuated. I'd suggest to those who view this to download and save(you can always discard after if you still don't believe)because you're going to want to share this with everyone you know. A huge THANK YOU to the many who refused to let this lie live!
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Paradigm shifting
dtweiss-178-9390365 December 2014
Everyone in the country needs to see this movie and be made aware of the high treason that has been perpetrated on the American people. Sandy Hook was a capstone drill conducted on the 13th and portrayed to the world as real on the 14th. Anyone that does not believe that it was fake hasn't done any research. The MSM lies about almost every news story to control the masses. If you believe Sandy Hook was real and that children and adults were murdered you are mistaken. 911 was a lie just like the Boston marathon bombing. If you want to see overwhelming evidence go on FaceBook and check out a page called " Exposing The Big Three". It has all the best articles and videos on 911 Sandy Hook and the Boston marathon bombing. Good luck in your awakening. The world is not what you have been told it is. Also check out "Deep Inside The Rabbit Hole"
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Excellent documentary! 10 star
grmomkw19 December 2014
I began researching this SH project in Jan 2013 after reading professor James Tracy's blog, The Memory Hole all it took to convince me something was wrong was the piece he did where he simply put up the press conference of the Chief State Medical Examiner of Connecticut. No professional unless drugged or under a gag order would act like that. I mean, really? What coroner laughs throughout a press conference involving 28 deaths including the shooter and his mother. A father who never comes forward to offer a public apology, no press anywhere in the universe wants to interview this man? That is absurd! They spoke with John Hinkley's parents, Jeffery Dalmer's Ted Bundy's every serial killer they have interviewed the parents to get insight into the mind of a serial killer but for some reason, no journalist is interested, not even Oprah. This is so unnatural it causes one to suspend their reality to believe one second of this garbage. Good job for bringing this to America's much needed attention. We are losing our country, can't this be evident to everyone by now?
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greywolf4214 December 2014
An amateur compilation by a bunch of Youtube conspiracy nuts, not one of whom I am sure spent 5 minutes of their time actually doing any research. The main goal of this video is to make a profit off the deaths of these innocent children.

The really disturbing and disgusting thing about this plea for attention is the fact people are now phoning and harassing the families of the victims of this event.

This has really gone over the line.

This video should be deleted from this database.

Enough is enough.
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Well done
sunkisd_20006 December 2014
Please watch this movie and then share it with your friends and family. What do you have to lose? This movie will wake you from your slumber and awaken you to how deep the rabbit hole goes.. but be forewarned, once you are AWAKE, you CAN NEVER GO BACK TO SLEEPING!! You will suddenly see this faux reality for what it truly is and how the media and governments of this world shape, mold & distort your perception of reality.

I also want to thank the youtube truthers for all of their hard work and dedication in making this film and helping me over the past 2 yrs to wake up.. I love ya all & YOU GUYS ROCK!!
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Documentary Of The Year!!!
chris-hatter7910 December 2014
And no - I'm not exaggerating in the summary. This is an amazing documentary of the Sandy Hook event. The work of the researchers since the beginning, many of whom appear in this documentary, is some of the greatest examples of true investigative journalism that exists today - you will not get this from the mainstream media or even most of the so-called 'alternative media'. It's the perfect movie - for not only individuals who are awake and already know what's going on, but also those not yet aware at all or on the fence.

Clocking in at just under 3 hours, depending on your availability of time, you may need to divide it up into a couple or 3 sittings. Though, I must say - I watched the full movie in one sitting and due to the professionalism used putting this movie together it doesn't feel like a near 3 hour documentary at all, to me at least. It actually left me wanting more.

I really can't say enough about how great the documentary is. I highly recommend you watch and share this it with everyone you know. I also suggest supporting those who were involved with this movie by subscribing to each and every researcher on YouTube, follow their Blogs and visit their websites on a regular basis for all of the other great work they do. They are all the very definition of true journalists.
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Painful to watch
joelcreationtechniques210 December 2014
Don't waste the 2 hours of your life. These people don't even show where they got their "information." The whole time they claim that Sandy Hook was part of some agenda but one must wonder if the makers of this documentary also have an agenda to push. The length of this garbage is absolutely absurd and the video itself is no different than any other amateur documentary done on the subject that can be found on Youtube or elsewhere. The maker of this film has a criminal record and most of the others who contributed are very shady figures who choose to remain anonymous by using online monikers. This recording is an insult to the families who lost children in the shooting. Terrible research done by a bunch of anonymous fools.
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A must see!!!!!
susan_danz716 December 2014
Sandy Hook was a hoax, plain and simple. From the smiling, laughing faces of the "grieving parents" to the non-existent "Adam Lanza" and CNN's own CIA affiliate Anderson "Where's My Nose" Cooper and the fake news. It'll go down as one of the greatest deceptions with all the millions of donations made...that's right, I said MILLIONS. Our dear gov't used this trauma-based mind control to push their agendas. People need to wake up! We need to stand together and put an end to the lies and deception. The contributors in this film did their research. They presented facts, not speculation. For me, one of the most compelling facts found was the Gene Rosen piece and his leaked footage of him fudging his lines and the cameraman correcting him. BUSTED. I urge everyone to watch this and then tell your loved ones to do the same. Spread the TRUTH, wake people up!!!!
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Very well prepared.
jakebusick6 December 2014
Very gutsy film. I am interested in hearing the answers to the questions and information proposed in the film. Very well prepared. The questions and information presented are focused on discrepancy. There is nothing wrong with asking, and the individuals that created this film ask some hard hitting questions. Before seeing this film, the issues presented would have never crossed my mind. Other Sandy Hook theory videos accuse first, then offer information. We Need to Talk About Sandy Hook, offers a look in to technical evidence of an alternative point of view. It is important to respect the opinions of all individuals and respect their right to believe. Regardless of what the TRUTH is, this film offers a well presented perspective.
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A Oscar worthy documentary that will change everything
mbrad777 December 2014
I want to thank all the producers for the time and dedication. This documentary is very well made, it contains a wealth of information and it all can be verified on the internet. There is absolutely no speculation, just facts. Just give it 2 hours of your life and you will be amazed. It may be shocking to find out that everything you knew and believed about the government is a complete lie. That we live in times where elaborate hoaxes with paid actors and complicit media is the norm. This documentary will change the perception of how people think and will start questioning the official story not only of Sandy Hook, but many other false flag events and government psychological operations such as the JFK assassination, 9/11, Boston Marathon Bombing, chem trails, Aurora theater shooting, and many others.
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The Smoking Gun of Sandy Hook research
pcgeek339 December 2014
Excellent documentary which can not be debunked.

The absolute proof of Sandy Hook being a staged event is that ALL first responders failed in their oaths' to administer first aid to any victims. CPR and other life saving techniques are an obligation and most of the victims should have been triaged and taken to area hospitals for further attempts at saving lives.

Because that did NOT happen ALL first responders at Sandy Hook that day were grossly negligent in the performance of their mandatory duties. There should have been many first responders charged with criminal negligence causing death. They can not stand down when on scene with victims.

It really is that simple and with zero parents questioning the zero attempts at immediate first aid and/or ambulance transport to life saving trauma centers is the WTC 7 of Sandy Hook.

Good Samaritan laws also require civilians to perform first aid according to any first aid training they may have.

No Trauma Helicopters or Ambulatory transfers or attempts to administer first aid = No real victims.

And considering the magnitude of donations solicited over this fraud charges of treason should be laid all the way to Washington DC.
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Infantile anonymous blogging by video
AnneWLKR4 June 2016
Warning: Spoilers
This "film" is nothing more than a childish video rant by someone with an agenda to obtain attention on himself at the expense of the feelings of the surviving family members of a shooting. The lunatic making the film hides his face with a blackout effect so that we see a shadowed head moving from side to side narrating with no facial features because the cowards making the film didn't want their faces seen. This is probably because they know there might be a law against slandering the surviving family members, none of whom are public figures.

The losers making the film should be taught the full effect of libel laws. There should be something that protects the surviving parents from this sort of endless, rambling, paranoid spew impugning their character. This is a video that shows to what depths people craving esteem and respect will go to try to profit off someone else's misery by making a two-dollar film using video software in their laptop. I have never seen a film this bad before.

The film appears like its maker found some effects in a consumer home computer video software program and strung together a few news clips to cite that they then describe completely out of context, using the argument that if anyone said anything less than perfectly in sync in the aftermath of a chaotic shooting, that meant a conspiracy occurred. Wretched, unprincipled gibbering by a group of stalkers with the maturity of a ten year old.

This is not journalism, which they keep trying to tell people they are. These are wannabes who never will work in professional journalism, and this film is an example of why not.
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Conspiracy theory drivel
mediawatch-1606526 March 2016
Anonymous 'Journalists' (youtube conspiracy theorists:) spend almost three hours revealing how utterly detached from reality they really are. Lost count of the number of times the first two contributors managed to contradict even themselves. No matter how hard they try to imagine up some vast conspiracy, these people come across as mentally ill as they sneer at images of slaughtered children and their parents. Despite how bad this 'documentary' is at the start, it achieves the impossible and manages to get worse and even worse still. Its impossible to watch all the way through, I tried but make no apology for not doing so. Only a deeply damaged mind could watch this and think its anything but a cruelly stupid exercise. Cant blame them for going anonymous, who would want to be associated with such idiocy. If this rubbish wasn't aimed at such a tragedy, it might be laughable but it is aimed at a terrible tragedy and so is anything but funny. Doubt even the gun lobby would try something as ridiculous, this has tin foil hat written all over it.
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Wish I could give it a Zero - but alas... Another Dumb Hoaxer Dump
vitalemrecords4 June 2016
There is nothing worse in the world than the current crop of "Hoaxers" or people that immediately react to every single news story as though it is a "Hoax" or a "drill" or some other nefarious and duplicitous activity. They don't actually look at the evidence - they don't even wait for the evidence to come in. They just mindlessly start making videos and essays - as SOON AS THE SHOOTING OR BOMBING OCCURS - and they call it all a hoax. They don't actually connect any dots. They always resort to "I mean it is obvious" - and "why would someone do this?" They don't make conclusions. They leave that up to the imagination of the very mentally limited viewer. They rely on confirmation bias to propel their entire narrative. When in reality - every single claim the hoaxers make are demonstrably false. And all of their big players are being properly dealt with. Halbig lost his fight - and his lawyer jumped ship. Tracy lost his job - and now he's thrashing about like a petulant child. They are mentally limited - so it is easy to prove them wrong. The problem is that they are too stupid to realize when they've been proved wrong beyond the shadow of a doubt. It is like arguing against Born Again Christians that the world is older than 6000 years. It is hard to argue against a smart person - but it is damn impossible to argue against a moronic hoaxer. How do you argue with absolute idiots? It is like arguing with a dog.
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A Hoaxermentary
ajanderman3 June 2016
Don't watch this. If you do, you're just helping contribute to the disgusting, subhuman harassment of the victims of the Sandy Hook tragedy. It's a sad fact that there are people out here in the US who are so depraved that they deny the murder of children and send death threats - yes, death threats- to the parents of those children. These people accuse the surviving family members of the Sandy Hook victims of being actors and continue to make an unimaginable tragedy even worse for these people.

This amateur video is simply more of the same perpetuation of conspiracy theories that lead sick individuals to behave in the way I mentioned above. Don't be a part of it. Be better than that. Be a human being.
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This documentary shines light on the many holes and inconsistencies revolving around the Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting that supposedly transpired on December 14, 2012.
alexcolt6513 January 2015
Everyone needs to watch this documentary, it shows the facts and exposes the many holes in the Sandy Hook 'massacre'. This is completely backed up by cold hard evidence, and I'd personally like to see hard evidence of an actual shooting that happened on that day. Every other school shooting that has transpired in the past has came with many surveillance tapes of the perpetrators, and real evidence.

This documentary shines a spotlight on the many inconsistencies that are so obvious when you actually take your time to look into this yourself. Don't only watch this, research into it for yourself- it is something that once you see simply cannot be denied.
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Ok, here's the data - and it's sad
woodlandview12 April 2018
Warning: Spoilers
There is no real research here - just internet trolling. Anyone convinced by this is hopelessly gullible.

Don't take my word for it. Here is a sample. In the first 17 minutes of the video, the YouTuber makes 10 claims. 9 of them are completely irrelevant like:
  • Nicole Hockley took acting in college
  • Jimmy Green is a musician
  • Scarlett Lewis is into new age nuttery

Wow, that's certainly damning evidence!

The 10th claim is that Veronique Posner is actually a Swiss diplomat. This completely false and debunked by documents and video available on sandyhookanalysis. The people who made this video could have determined this was false if they were actually seeking truth and bothered to do real research. But that is not their intent - their intent is to twist and distort and tell the story they want to believe, not what's actually true.

So there's a sample of what you'll get - irrelevant nonsense and outright falsehoods arranged by lazy youtubers who are counting on you to be gullible and even lazier than they are. The rest of this interminable 2 hour and 46 minute slog is equally devoid of any actual evidence of foul play.

I wasted my time watching this pathetic amateur innuendo-fest and cataloging claims so you don't have to.

If anyone tells you to watch this because they found it convincing, just shake your head in pity and walk away.
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The Beginning of the End
coleknight1977-326-36592417 January 2015
This was an amazingly well done documentary. Several people that I know and talk to regularly participated in making this Documentary. Bringing this discussion to the light of day was simply a must. In this day in age we should have learned by now Question EVERYTHING. Usually things are NOT as they seem and Organizations, People, Governments and the 1%'ers are Literally Getting away with Murder.

Such tactics have been documented throughout history by many civilizations and Governments, Armies etc, Just so that our beliefs can be manipulated in such a way to guide our Civilization on a path that does NOT have our best interest at heart. 1000 Stars for this one. A must see, watch, research, watch again and spread the word that you have learned one of the most shocking, disturbing False Flag to have taken place this Decade. Remember again- Do Not Trust the Narrative, Question Everything... Gun Control is only the beginning to Population Control. Remember Hitler's Regime? There are huge similarities to the Obama Administration.
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More than one thing I did not know.
hfa5553 February 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Spoiler- It is revealed that the State of Connecticut has enacted legislation to seal ALL public information of ALL homicides within the state under a penalty of FIVE years in prison.

Imagine, no person accused has the right to view public records even to make a defense case.

There is a lot more I learned but this ONE thing alone, rocks me to the core. The elected are able to put you away for revealing what you know and what once was available under Freedom of Information.

Watch this documentary, in segments (it takes some time) and then think about the way media is and has been going. The purposeful trajectory and demoralizing of the population. The control exerted over the youngest minds (Common Core), and deliberate changing of primary education.

Take the time to share this documentary and make sure it survives.
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Outstanding !
dmann-092935 June 2015
A model for real investigation. The smug elitists who sneer at "internet bloggers" - are in for a wake-up. We are indeed living in the greatest, most sophisticated tyranny in all History. Total psy-op, 24/7 and wall to wall lies. But with loyal efforts like this one, there is hope. It's time for each of us to shoulder up to the challenge we face. Spread this documentary far and wide - along with the Boston, Ottawa, Sydney, NYCPD officers "shot", Boston,etc, etc. It's indeed all fake. It may be a cliché, but the hour is getting late my friends. US capitalist imperialism bent on World Conquest, World War - they know the need to control the home front. That's us - rats in a psycho experiment. Choose a side.
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Eye Opening !!
tonymead27 October 2015
What really happened at Sandy Hook on December 14, 2012 ? Will we ever know ? This Documentary clearly shows that we were lied to by the Officials, the Media and even the parents !! This is perhaps the best analysis to date on what transpired at the Sandy Hook Hoax. Thousands of hours of research went into discovering how the media was complicit in the cover up. This is the type of film that must be viewed more than once to be fully understood !! Once you've seen this, your world view will never be the same !! Was Sandy Hook the vehicle used to repeal our 2nd Amendment Rights? Or was it something even more despicable ? Perhaps a way to insure that future generations will be subject to early screening for Mental Health issues. The demonization of autism and Asperger's even though there has never been an association of these with any type of violent behaviors !!
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Moronic twaddle made by gun nuts for the gullible insane
jake_fantom1 March 2018
Warning: Spoilers
The same crowd that brought you the staged moon landing, alien autopsy, the illuminati, and countless other deranged conspiracy theories now turn their feeble minds to one of the greatest tragedies of our time - the slaughter of small children by a violent misfit at a school in Connecticut. NRA money is probably behind this, but it's hard to believe anyone is low enough to support this kind of second assault on the fragile young lives that were taken that day. It reminds me of the line by Welch during the McCarthy hearings, "At lost last senator, have you no shame?"
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lalaloo-0410630 December 2015
This documentary is well thought out. It sifts through all the mumble jumbo out there and gets right to the important issues.. This is the must go to film about the subject. Please watch this and share with everyone you can. I understand there is a lot of misguided information on the subject, but should a few ridiculous claims stop you from looking into the truth? No, look into it, we do need to know what happened that day. This documentary alone is enough to make us stand together and demand justice. More and more people are starting to question the facts from that day. There must be a good reason for that. I urge you to just give this a moment of your time before judging the people that have worked so hard at bringing this to our attention.
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